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Pols on Trial: Boyland, Seabrook, Liu?

Corruption Trial Opens for Lawmaker From Brooklyn Political Family(NYT)

Mr. Boyland’s trial is the second stemming from a corruption indictment returned in March that charged eight defendants, including two state politicians, a lobbyist, health care executives and others. The case has been seen as offering a window on the cozy relationship between lawmakers and hospitals, and more broadly on an apparent culture of corruption in Albany. “Boyland did no meaningful hospital work,”  the prosecutor said, adding that what the hospital, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, got for its money was “a paid advocate in Albany, a politician on the take.”  The U.S. Attorney said Boyland wrote letters to Assembly leaders seeking millions of dollars in funding for Brookdale and Jamaica Hospital. The two hospitals are part of the same network.* Corruption Trial Opens(WSJ) * Assemblyman William Boyland did political favors for hospital in exchange for bribes: prosecutors (NYDN)*  Jurors hear openings in corruption trial of NY pol(WSJ)

Mr. Rosen was tried this summer by Judge Jed S. Rakoff — in a nonjury trial, at Mr. Rosen’s request. In September, Judge Rakoff issued a ruling finding Mr. Rosen guilty of seeking to bribe Mr. Boyland and two other Democratic officials — Assemblyman Anthony S. Seminerio of Queens and Senator Carl Kruger of Brooklyn — in return for favorable treatment for MediSys. Mr. Seminerio, who pleaded guilty to fraud in an earlier case, has since died; Mr. Kruger and his codefendants are to be tried in January.

Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. had an attendance problem in the years he was officially working for Brookdale Hospital, government witnesses testified yesterday at the start of the Brooklyn legislator's trial. Boyland, who got a job doing community outreach at Brookdale in 1999, had trouble remembering to come into the office. Instead, to verify his work, he turned in a box-style calendar, in which he'd hand-written names and occasionally phone numbers, to show he'd had meetings. Boyland's attendance became a problem "almost as soon as he was hired," said Philip Vasquez, who was Boyland's supervisor at the time. By the time Boyland was elected to the Assembly, his reported work had dwindled from three or four hand-written meetings a week, to none. The defendant is not expected to testify in the case, but in court yesterday he sat attentively, chewing a piece of gum and occasionally taking notes. (CHN) * Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. plays Facebook games on his phone during legislative sessions (CHN)

In another, unrelated corruption case next week, a city politician, Councilman Larry B. Seabrook, a Bronx Democrat, goes on trial in the same court on charges of money laundering, extortion and fraud.

NYP says the investigation of Liu should be conducted by a district attorney with full subpoena power

The NYT report raised serious questions of possible violations of campaign-finance law

The Post says an audit of city comptroller John Liu’s campaign contributions by former state attorney general Bob Abrams is not transparent enough, and recommends an investigation by a district attorney with subpoena power  Comes the Liu cover-up?  (NYP Ed)  It’s not clear how much leeway Abrams, now a lawyer in private practice, is being given. 

Nor do we know how much he’s being paid for this service. (Neither Liu nor Abrams is talking.)  But Abrams wouldn’t be the first highly regarded New Yorker to be hired as a reputation-cleanser by a person or institution under fire. (Think former Chief Judge Judith Kaye.)  Which is why an “independent” audit contracted and paid for by John Liu -- whose conduct in office has proven him manifestly unfit for the job -- can never be truly independent.* Asian candidates could see real gains at the ballot box thanks to redistricting.



NYPD Scandal Snitch Cop Get Promoted in Secret

NYPD Promotes Undercover Cop in Ticket-Fixing Case  The undercover officer whose work led to the investigation into the wide-ranging ticket-fixing scandal was promoted in a secret ceremony Tuesday. (WSJ) * Undercover cop who helped build ticket-fixing case is promoted(NYDN)

 Ticket Fixing Cop Guilty of A Cowboy Beatdown

Ticket-fixing cop covered up 'near deadly beating' for friend: sources(NYDN)  A Bronx man severely beaten by a paint store manager whose NYPD pals then allegedly covered up his crime is now suing his attackers.(NYDN)* Trial judge slams corrupt narco cop (NYP) * N.Y. Detective Found Guilty of Planting Drugs(NYT) * Brooklyn judge 'shocked' by 'cowboy culture' of narcotics cops(NYDN) * 'Protect' & offend  Disgust over cops’ beat ‘coverup’(NYP)


Is Ray Kelly’s NYPD Spinning Out of Control? (NYO)




The Daily News says New York should hurry up and move its primary election date to June to save taxpayer money

 3 Primaries $$$ Waste

Holding three separate 2012 primaries in New York? It’s another half-baked Albany idea(NYDN Ed) * A legislative/DOJ dispute could result in three different 2012 primary days in NYS – one for president, another for Congress and a third for state races. * The DN endorses a June primary, which is what the Assembly Democrats are pushing. (The Senate GOP prefer August) * There could be as many as four election days in New York next year.


Mayoral Talk

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)

. said admin "turned a blind eye" to manufacturing. * . said "every rooftop" could spur food development & manufacturing jobs. . * . wants more federal government help on transportation.   * Stringer finds way to attack stop & frisk but support NYPD: Ending it will save $75M/yr in payouts (?); put that into new police class.  * . notes he "served in city hall" at one point, referring to his time in Dinkins administration.   * . criticizes admin for not creating jobs in NYC with Taxi of Tomorrow competition . said economic strategy is rooted in "another time" when worl thought financial mrkt was still healthy  

Possible Mayoral Candidates Gather For Future Of New York Forum (NY1)

* answers manufacturing question by talking, in part, about education.    * . talks about needing to "jolt" the Port Authority into spurring economic development in ny area. * Wonder if would agree. said commuter tax needs to be reinstated.   .: "we need an albany strategy for NY" & "never understood" how to do that. Wonder if would agree. said commuter tax needs to be reinstated.   *. echoes call for commuter tax. * . says housing plan can't just be for "the 1%." ., again, refers to admin as having a mind-set from "another time." This time, on housing. : "we need an albany strategy for NY" & "never understood" how to do that. Cutting field trips to cultural institutions doesn't make sense, said . On q about developing art, talks about need to "protect artist community" in terms of housing. On question about income inequality, said nyc "has been an agent" on the problem. NYU expansion by Washingto Square = "Israel-Palestine moment" said .
Courtney Gross (Twitter) says has failed to keep manufacturing in , lost opportunity with * says we need federal govt to step in to create "fair transportation" in * Seems like and are weighing in more at breakfast forum says navigating NYU and Greenwich Village debate is his "israeli-palestinian moment."
David W. Chen (Twitter)  . stresses housing and crime. "People are again scared to come out of their homes." . echoes call for commuter tax . also criticizes , but says nyc doesn't have a strategy that understands albany or port authority* . criticizes for rejecting ARC tunnel, says there should be more regional cooperation . says nyc needs to invest more in arts (tho presumably not in way that does) , continuing criticism of bloomberg admin, questions food stamp fingerprinting policy

Adam Lisberg (Twitter) Scott Stringer sounds strong this morning at mayoral forum with Thompson and de Blasio. Maybe just cuz I haven't heard his lines before?

On Commuter Tax
Craig Johnson(Twitter) Sorry but that isn't going to happen w/ Skelos. Try coming up with real solutions, not unrealistic notions

de Blasio Staff Up
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is staffing up for his expected mayoral run, and is poised to bring aboard Nicholas Baldick as senior campaign advisor. Baldick, founder of the D.C.-based Hilltop Public Solutions, has been involved in every presidential campaign since 1992, serving as a top aide for Al Gore’s run in 2000 and John Edwards' in 2004. "Nick Baldick and Bill de Blasio have a relationship that dates back to the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign," confirmed de Blasio finance director Rafi Jafri. "Nick expects to play a senior role advising Bill in 2013." Another source close to de Blasio said former top Clinton administration aide Harold Ickes, a longtime de Blasio mentor, and Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the Democratic National Committee, are expected to serve as advisers to de Blasio's campaign, though not in a formal paid capacity. * Former Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion reportedly wants to run for NYC mayor, not comptroller, in 2013. 

47 schools being eyed for potential closure(NYP)




We Get It the NYP Does Not Like the OWS Protesters 

Protesters force cafe layoffs as biz drops(NYP) *Man arrested in sex assaults at Occupy Wall Street Today

Fiend attacks 'Occupy' protester in her tent - New York Post(10/30/2011 *   Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters - (10/27/2011) * Occupy Wall Street's descent from utopia to “Lord of ... - New York Post(10/30, 2011) * Occupy ‘ball’ street Rush for STD tests (NYP) (11/1/2011) * New York Post Declares Occupy Wall Street New “Druggy” Hangout(10/10/2011)* NYPost Caught Lying About Occupy Wall Street (Food Edition * New York Post Smears Occupy Wall Street Mom | Workbench



Bloomberg and Koch Deeply Split Over Blame on Fiscal Ills(NYT) * Occupy Oakland Regroups, Calling for a Strike(NYT) * Manifesto of demands is bunk, Occupy Wall St. protesters say (NYDN) * NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Most City Voters Support Occupy Wall Street, Think Tea Party Will Influence 2012 * Protests Mitt Romney in Midtown(NYO) * A look at what Occupy Wall Street protesters can expect in court.* Occupy Movement Can Help Restore Hope - Noam Chomsky, In These Times * Cuomo and the Curfew (NYT) * Bloomberg strikes tougher tone on Occupy Wall Street  - NY Daily News * NYPD gates removed from Wall St. protest after store owners complained* Firefighters toured Occupy Albany today, but the protestors – and their gear – remain in Academy Park.* Bloomberg administration Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson did his part to improve the business climate for a cafe impaced by Occupy Wall Street. His lunch: Roast chicken and tomato salad. His dining companion: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s chief of staff Judy Rapfogel and NYC lobbyist Micah Lasher.* South Park' Tackling Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post) * Occupy Wall Street Protester Charged With Sexual Abuse(NY1) *In New York, “The 99%” is actually more like 44%.

Silver: I Support Millionaires Tax But OWS Stinks

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Congressman Jerry Nadler are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to enforce quality of life rules at Zuccotti Park.  Pols have had enough of peeing, pooping at Zuccotti Park(NYDN)Lords of flies(NYDN Ed) * Local Elected Officials To Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Clean Up Your Act (And Quiet Down)(WCBS) * Silver plans to start the push for the so-called millionaire’s tax right out of the box in January, and believes he will succeed in changing Cuomo’s mind. * Silver Ready To Fire Up "Millionaire Tax" Debate(NY1)




New York’s public payrolls are declining as the state cuts its workforce and baby boomers retire early under special incentive programs (AP) * Union: NYC School budget cuts hurting kids(NYDN) * Under Bloomberg, NYC has continued to give tax breaks and other financial incentives to businesses, but he has spread them more widely around the city than his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, according to a new study by the Independent Budget Office. * More Retirements by State Workers, Teachers in NY(NBC) *

Cuomo Calls for 2.5% Gov’t Spending Cut(YNN)


The New York Labor Department’s new state jobs online database fielded more than 20,000 hits in its first day of operation (AP)


 Education Officials Pledge . . .

Education Officials Pledge Changes After "National Report Card" Finds NY Students Do Poorly



City Reports More Suspensions, But Serious Crimes Declined(NYT) * DOE: 2,000 Students At Failing Bronx High School Received Suspensions(NY1)



Medicaid Problems and Crimes

Medicaid Redesign Team member Steven Berger (of the hospital-closing Berger commission) criticized the lack of specifics in the state’s Medicaid reform plan, saying it’s “irresponsible” not to spell out how it’ll be paid for. * FBI Arrests Nearly a Dozen in $95M Medicare Fraud Probe (NBC) * The whistle-blower who brought a Medicaid lawsuit against the city and is set to receive millions in payment, said he was inspired by Frank Capra movie.* Assemblyman Dick Gottfried expressed disappointment that consideration of a proposal to let Medicaid cover sexual reassignment surgery and other transgender healthcare costs was quashed by the Cuomo administration.

Three Mayors Share Stage, Reminisce(WSJ) * Bloomberg and one of his predecessors, Ed Koch, disagreed deeply – and publicly – over who caused the financial crisis that sparked the Occupy movement and what should be done about it. * Occupiers should be directing their ire at Congress, which caused the mortgage crisis “plain and simple,” Bloomberg said, while Koch wants to see a CFO or CEO “punished criminally.” * Bloomberg is still licking his congestion pricing wounds, saying his biggest regret to date is failing to get the pay-to-drive plan approved in Albany. * Ed Koch and Mike Bloomberg disagree about the origins of the financial crisis. "I'm Jewish, not Catholic, but I believe in punishment," Koch told an ABNY crowd, explaining fraudulent bankers should be held to account.


 Oddo Tries To Take City Council of Street Name Game (NYO) Staten Island Councilman Jimmy Oddo plans to introduce a bill at the next City Council stated meeting which would take the power to ceremonially rename streets out of the Council’s power.




 Library Fines? NYPL Users Can Now Pay With Plastic (WSJ)






City Rethinks Its Stickiest Parking Issue The neon stickers slapped on cars that violate alternate-side parking rules—a much-loathed and nearly impossible-to-remove badge of shame for those who flout the law, or just sleep in a little too long—may be getting a little tough love themselves. (WSJ)




Cuomo Taxi Summit Slated For Friday(NYDN)





Tenant Is Suing to Stay Off List of Tenants Who Get Sued(NYT)


U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is suing national mortgage firm Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corp. for fraudulent practices. More than 30 percent of the firm’s mortgages have defaulted over the past decade, the AP notes:


Lawyers reach tentative deal in $16M Mets-Madoff suit (NYP)

Hot-dog war no museum peace(NYP)





GE Says Steps Reduce PCBs in the Hudson(WSJ)



 Law and Order

Mortgage firm is Mafia Inc: feds (NYP) * Robbery raps loom for ‘nun slay’ duo(NYP) *Wife-slay grisly find(NYP) * Ex-PTA treasurer pleads guilty in NYC(WSJ) * Killer leads cops to wife's remains in park(NYDN)* New GPS Device To Help Warn Domestic Violence Victims About Abusers(WCBS) * Queens teen arrested for alleged botched iPhone robbery, stabbing(NYP)


A Fateful Stop for Candy for a Helper to So Many(NYT) * Woman 'devoted life to helping kids like ones who did this'(NYDN) * Lives collide: Manhattan mom hit by Target shopping cart(NYDN) * Manhattan Woman Injured In Shopping Cart Drop Receives Support From Community(NY1) * Exclusive: Husband Of Shopping Cart Victim Marion Hedges: Her Health’s ‘In Fate’s Hands’

NYPD Releases Surveillance Of Queens Armed Robbery Suspect (WCBS)




NY1 Exclusive: Brooklyn Sexual Assault Victim Shares Video Of Her Alleged Attacker


On trial in parking spot pummeling(NYP)



Closing Arguments Expected In NYPD's Sean Bell Shooting Trial(NY1) * NYPD attorneys: Officer in Sean Bell shooting should be fired(NYP) * NYPD Weighs Firing Of Two Officers In Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)




Herman Cain Worried About China ‘Develop[ing] Nuclear Capability,’ Despite 50-Year Nuclear ProgramTeflon Herm pulls in a fresh 250G(NYP) *Was Perry Drunk When He Gave Bizarre Speech?(Huff Post) * Cain's Waffling Answers Gave Story Legs - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune * Cain's Shifting Story Raises Doubts - USA Today * Cain believes he’s the victim of a hit job orchestrated by Rick Perry’s campaign.* Update Associated Press Reports A Third Herman Cain Accuser Alleging Sexual Harassment * Cain's Noxious Racial Politics - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Cain Not Able - Maureen Dowd, New York Times

Rivals Move to Make Romney Earn NH Win - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Forget Hope & Change: '12 Will Be Slugfest - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post * The Most Transparent WH in History? Sorry - Jacob Sullum, Reason * Quinnipiac (GOP '12): Cain 30, Romney 23, Gingrich 10, Perry 8, Paul 7 * Webb's Blunt Challenge to Obama, Dem Leaders - Manu Raju, Politico * Obama Could Bring Down Entire Dem Ticket - David Hill, The Hill *GOP Field Is No Dem Field of 2008 - Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post

Nate Silver (Twitter) [new article] Harassment Allegations Could Cut At Core of Cain's Appeal


 So much for Jon Corzine's plan to turn MF Global into a "mini Goldman

 Did Cozine Mislead the Market?

 Sticky fingersThe FBI is now on Jon Corzine’s case.(NYP) FBI probing MF Global’s ‘missing’ $700mil * Under Corzine, Big Risks and Steep Fall(NYT) * Mr. Corzine’s Big Bet(NYT Ed)*Others Pay Price for Corzine's Revenge - William Cohan, Bloomberg* MF Global Was Small Enough to Fail - The Economist* Jon Corzine’s remarkable descent - The Washington Post * Could former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine end up in jail?



Republican Senator Calls on Obama to Cancel Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bonuses (Fox News)


Sarkozy scrambles to salvage Cannes summit(Yahoo)


Why We Can't Escape the Eurocrisis - Gerald O'Driscoll Jr., Wall St Journal






The Biggest Newspapers In America (huff post)