Friday, November 4, 2011

NYP and Cuomo Pressure Bloomberg to Remove OWS Protesters

Mayor Boxed In Searches for End Game
Occupy Wall Street protests are now a daily part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s schedule, and have become a full-time job for deputy mayor Howard Wolfson 
Demonstrators Test Mayor, a Backer of Wall St. and Free Speech(NYT)

Occupy Wall Street protesters at odds with Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD over crime in Zuccotti Park(NYDN)

NYP Continues It War On OWS, Still Downplaying Corzine's MF Missing $$$

Today's NYP Editorial Call the cops, Mike

Deranged homeless man goes on violent rampage in Zuccotti Park(NYP)

 Wall Street Protests, Person by Person(NYT) MTV’s occasional documentary series “True Life” portrays the scene in Zuccotti Park as summer camp with protest signs * Gonzalez: Bloomberg, Cuomo deaf to suffering(NYDN)  * Uptown pols plan march 11 miles south to OWS * Bloomberg Blasts Occupy Wall Street Protesters Over "Outrageous" Approach To Crime(NY1) *Bloomberg says city won’t tolerate Occupy Wall Street violence (NYP) *Bloomberg's Patience with Occupy Wall Street Wears Thin as Eviction Rumors Swirl (Village Voice) * Cuomo: I Don't Need The Occupy Movement To Tell Me People Are Scared (UPDATED X2) *Bloomberg: City Won't Tolerate Oakland-Style "Occupy"(NY1) * New York City Pols ‘Appreciate’ Port-A-Potties(YNN) *  Occupied: Portable Bathrooms for Protesters (NYT) * How to Strike Back Against the One Percent - Robert Reich, Huffington Post) *  How People of Color Occupy Wall Street(Nation) on Saturday, protesters to march to Foley Sq to protest 50-state mortgage settlement with the banks. * Tmrw at noon, and minority lawmakers will be at Zuccotti to talk about civil rights, police issues


Bloomberg Flip-Flopping On OWS?; Protesters Arrested In Sept. Go To Court(WCBS) The drums were beating on Wall Street on Thursday, but they definitely weren’t in tune with Bloomberg’s latest thinking on the protest. He’s upset that the protesters don’t report crimes, like sex-related incidents, in Zuccotti Park to the police. * Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors | MTR * NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio called Bloomberg’s response to Occupy Wall Street “schizophrenic.” * Bloomberg and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt drew Occupy protestors to a discussion about the economy at Columbia *University. * N.Y.C. mayor's take on Occupy "evolving"? (CBS)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  what happened in Oakland w/ protesters "not going to happen here" said .

Murdoch Using the NYP, Fox News and WSJ to Pressure Bloomberg to Remove Protesters

Bill O’Reilly: The OWS Movement Has Been Hijacked By Extremists, More Violence Is On The Way(Fox News)

'Vendetta' mask becomes symbol of Occupy protests(WSJ) * 16 Arrested in March on Goldman Sachs (WSJ) * Bloomberg: Protesters' Self-Policing Is 'Despicable'(WSJ) * A New Front In The Millionaire’s Tax Fight(YNN)


Mayor $$$ For His Image

Bloomberg Shells Out $5.6M On Himself(YNN)The mayor, who is not running for another term, used the money to fund Bloomberg-centric commercials and other advertisements to tout his administration’s record as his own popularity in the city has waned. *

Mike Bloomberg's Marie Antoinette Moment (Rolling Stone)



What Corrupt Contract

Mayor Vetoes Contract Bill(Gothamist) As expected, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed the Outsourcing Accountability Act. The measure, passed by the City Council last month, would subject city contracts to a kind of cost-benefit analysis and require agencies to publicly disclose what services they plan to contract out in the coming year. : hmm ... for 2nd time in one day, criticizes , this time for vetoing outsourcing bill


 OWS Protesters Opting for Trials

A Parade of Protesters, in a Court Just for Them(NYT) * Wall Street Protesters Are Opting for Trials(WSJ) * For NYC judge, handling protest cases nothing new(WSJ) * A senior prosecutor at the Manhattan DA’s office has been assigned to “coordinate and supervise the flow” of arrested Occupiers coming through the court.* About 85 percent of the protesters said they wanted to take their cases to trial; only 9 of the 65 defendants accepted the prosecution’s offer to dismiss their charges after six months if they did not get rearrested


Economy generates 80,000 jobs in October, unemployment rate falls to 9 pct. *  NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Majority Of New Yorkers Have Bleak Outlook On Economy * "In 2007, less than 1% of NYC households had incomes of more $1 million"* Bloomberg: ING NYC Marathon has biggest economic impact on BIg Apple of any event held there. * NYC doesn't have concentrated centers of poverty the way it used to, says * Black unemployment fell from 16 percent to 15.1 percent in October.


Predictions of Millionaire's Tax Democratic Civil War

The Post urges Cuomo to “stand firm” against pressure from the WFP (and others) to extend the so-called millionaire’s tax. 

Millionaire's tax war could get bloody in NY(NYDN) The Post also backs up Cuomo in his opposition to renewing the millionaire’s tax, despite increasing pressure and bad optics a showdown could create The fight over a millionaire’s tax promises to pit Gov. Cuomo against many of his fellow Democrats in what could be the first major spat in his gubernatorial honeymoon. * In arguing for the millionaire's tax, a columnist notes only 23,000 NYC households make more than $1 million. (The tax applies to people making about $200,000 annually.) [Juan GonzalezThree reasons Cuomo won’t back down on the millionaires’ tax (and one reason he might) (WNYC)




Taxi Summit Goal Taxi Service in the Outer Boroughs

Mayor's Plan Sputters Into Taxi Summit (WSJ) Dubbed the "taxi summit," a meeting Friday of the New York City cab industry's factions and top aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the most visible attempt yet to salvage a stalled proposal to let livery drivers outside Manhattan accept street hails. A “taxi summit” today between representatives for Bloomberg, Cuomo and cab industry factions on whether the city should allow street hails for livery cabs is expected to result in a deal far different from legislation’s current form.  * Cuomo warned there won’t likely be a deal at today’s taxi summit.

Capital Tonight (Twitter)  Bloomberg on faltering taxi plan: "I haven't talked to the governor in weeks about it." Mayor won't be at summit today, Commish Yassky will.
Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  "he used the word minor a couple of times" said of his conversation w/ re: taxi bill


Powerful Taxi Lobbyist First Use Lack of Handicapped Caps Now Push Drivers Gone Wild Approach

Opponents of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to allow outer-borough street hails are playing up opposition by Graham Hodges, a oft-quoted professor and historian of the taxi industry, who is also a former driver and considered an expert in the field. He says having 30,000 new cabs on the streets would create overly fierce competition among drivers, leading to reckless driving and wrecked livelihoods. “It would crush medallion values, and force drivers to undercut one another for fares just to stay afloat — leading to reckless driving, unsafe roads, and all around worse service for passengers,” Hodges said.  Pol urges Gov. Cuomo to veto livery cab bill until better measures for handicapped riders added (NYDN) *  Taxi Summit Brings Expanded Street-Hail Supporters, Opponents Together(NY1)


A Ticket Fixing NYPD Culture?

Ticket-Fixing Officers Say They Just Followed Supervisors' Example (WNYC)



What Do You Do When You Run A Corrupt Party and Don't Get Indicted for Acting As A Bagman for Haggerty or Your Wife Gets Away With A Pay to Loan Contract? 

State Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay has a TV show. (!?) Guests: Dina Lohan, Bernie Goetz, former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, Rep. Pete King, Eddie Money. Yes, Eddie Money. 

DA probing Bloomberg $750K donation - * Independence Party big still toes DA's line in Haggerty case ...

Indy Party chief in jam over wife loan -





Carrion eyeing a run for Mayor El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes)








Brian McLaughlin’s wife Eva Wants To Keep the Money Her Husband Stole Fair and Square
Jailed former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin’s wife Eva is fighting the federal government for $1.2 million in revenue from the sale of the couple’s Long Island home, the New York Post says: 


Pre-gaming the remaining redistricting process (WNYC)


City Council Passes Controversial Bike Lane Legislation(NY1)




NY1 Online: Candidates For Staten Island District Attorney Debate(NY1)


Detention for ‘rowdy’ teacher(NYP)






From A Mall That Created 2200 Jobs and Served the Community to A Bike Track For Out of Towners?

The site of the Kingsbridge Armory could be turned into a BMX park, a plan that has yet to be endorsed by either Bloomberg or Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.(NYDN)





Residential Parking Bill Dead in Albany

"I'm told it has no chance of passing" in Albany said of residential parking permits.

Council greenlights resident parking permits(NYDN)

Union Reversal on Givebacks Averts 3,500 Layoffs by State(NYT) * Public Union Accepts Deal(WSJ) * Cooler heads prevail (NYDN Ed) * A jubilant Cuomo attributed passage of the second PEF contract to a change in “tonality” and the fact that “cooler heads” prevailed. * Or maybe it was the “layoff gun” Cuomo held to PEF members’ heads that caused them to change their minds.





DA Johnson Winner for Putting the Other City's DA's on the Spot

City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: This week saw Occupy Albany hit its stride, while its older brother in Zuccotti Park discovered bumps in the road. The recession took a toll on Michael Bloomberg’s Halloween offerings, and Democratic candidates across the state felt the love from Andrew Cuomo. Here's how the rest of the week shook out for Winners & Losers:


Muslim Kosher Bialy and Bagels

. "wish[ed] the new proprietors mazel tov and salaam aleikum!"

Bagels on the brink! Muslim cabbies rescue kosher bakery(NYDN) City's oldest Jewish bagel shop is being taken over by pair of cab drivers who plan to keep shop kosher.*  The ‘Ali’ in ‘bialy’ Kosher city icon saved -- by Muslims(NYP)


Looks Like Genting Using the Media to Get Rid of the Competition

Queens Lawmaker Organizes Gambling Trips for Elderly (NBC) A Queens lawmaker has been organizing out-of-state gambling trips for hundreds of seniors citizens, which has raised eyebrows among good government groups because the trips are funded by corporate donations.State Assemblyman William Scarborough



Mets lay off 10 percent of non-player staff (NYP)





A Star Turn in Housing Court, Then a Bit of a Letdown(NYT) Since August, Faye Dunaway has been involved in a lawsuit with her landlord, Henry Moses, who has been trying to evict her from a $1,048.72-a-month apartment.


A Crown Heights School's Fall From Grace(NYT)

For Perry, Private Jets Have Been Key to Public Job(NYT) * Aide to Herman Cain Sees Scrutiny on Two Fronts(NYT) * Herman Cain supporters compare scandal to 'high-tech lynching' of Clarence Thomas(NYDN) * Why the pizza man is getting burned(NYDN) * Rick Perry on his New Hampshire speech:  I wasn’t drunk, it was ‘typical’ banter(NYDN) * President Obama slams GOP decision to vote on ‘In God We Trust’ motto instead of his job creation bill (NYDN) * New TV Ad for Cain: ‘A High-Tech Lynching’(video) The ad explicitly compares Cain and his recent controversy to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. * Herman Cain is scheduled to raise campaign cash in NYC next week.* The Cain campaign is considering legal action against POLITICO, which broke the sexual harassment story.*  Cain's Political Demise - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post * Cain's Unbelievably Amateurish Campaign - Peter Wehner, Commentary * The Cain Bonfire - Wall Street Journal
Right Wing Suppressing Poor, Minority Voters - Herman Schwartz, Politico * Can Obama's Populism Energize Dems? - Ronald Brownstein, National Jrnl * From Perry, a Growing Anti-Washington Theme - Richard Oppel, NY Times * From Perry, a Growing Anti-Washington Theme - Richard Oppel, NY Times * How I'll Tackle Spending, Debt - Mitt Romney, USA Today * Would Romney Be Another Schwarzenegger? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air * Right Wing Suppressing Poor, Minority Voters - Herman Schwartz, Politico * Rudy Giuliani said President Obama “owns” the Occupy movement, and predicted it will “bring his presidency down.”* Rep. Steve Israel, DCCC chairman, says the Democrats’ path to 25 seats – and taking back the majority – runs through Florida, which has an unresolved redistricting battle.

Colbert Defends Rush, Cain Against Stereotypes



BREAKING: Former NJ governor Jon Corzine steps down from collapsed MF Global, rejects $12M severance package (AP)

Regulators Pushed for Changes, and Corzine Resisted(NYT) * MF Global Investors Seek Clarity, as Questions Persist About Accounts(WNYC) * GOP wants O to return 500G in Corzine dough(NYP)


Shopping Cart Toss Suspects Due In Court; Case May Prompt Building Code Revision (NY1)



Murderous Bronx muggers caught on video near murder scene(NYDN) Livery car driver beaten for $15 * Two Suspects Sought In Deadly Bronx Robbery As Community Holds Vigil(NY1)

Law and Order

Convicted in brutal slay of pregnant girlfrien...(NYDN) * Woman confronts alleged attacker nine years after raped at age 12(NYDN) * Narcs just see no(NYP)* Queens woman pleads guilty to killing her sister - on victim's birthday(NYDN) * Deadly Bronx Assault Was Hate Crime: Family(NBC) * DA: Central Harlem Gang Kept Guns In Storm Drains, Mailboxes(WCBS) * Security guard foils armored truck robbery in Williamsburg(NYP) * New Sex Scandal Attaches Itself to Strauss-Kahn's Name(NYT) * Harlem Street Gang Tackled By NYPD And FBI; 19 Suspects Indicted As Authorities Seize Guns (NY1)

Queens Officials To Stand Against Swastika Graffiti(NY1)


Terrorism Arms Dealer’s Own Words Convicted Him, Juror Says (NYT)


 Murdoch Empire Watch

Close associate of James Murdoch steps down at News Corp.(LA Times) * News Corp's top HR exec, Beryl Cook, to step down * NotW May Have Phone Hacked 5,795 People: Police (Newser)



Washington Post Co. Has Yet Another Bleak Quarter(Huff Post)