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A Wise Man Once Said: If your going to take the 1% pension investments away from them and expose corrupt corporate contracts whose owners include Murdoch and ex CIA agents.  Make sure your ass is clean, young master Liu

Caught Red Handed By the FBI

NYP  "he’s either too dumb [to be comptroller] or he’s lying"

Bye-Bye, Liu Liu (NYP) Liu campaign operative Pan under arrest after an FBI sting caught him red handed.   Xing Wu Pan took $16,000 from an undercover FBI agent and concocted a scheme to donate it to Liu’s presumed 2013 mayoral campaign, using a network of “straw donors” who took the money and then gave Liu the cash under their own names.  Pan allegedly told an undercover FBI agent he had previously engaged in the straw man maneuver to help finance Liu’s campaign Fund-Raiser for Liu Is Accused of Role in Illegal Donations(NYT)

A Times investigation found that Mr. Liu had failed to comply with a city requirement that he disclose the names of so-called bundlers. The NYT also found  numerous individuals who Liu listed as contributors have said they gave no money, suggesting their names were used to conceal illegal donations, or they wrote checks to the campaign and were reimbursed by the true, hidden giver.  Liu at first promised to release the names of his bundlers but rescinded that offer when word came down about a federal investigation. The Daily News says Liu is wrong to renege on promised accounting.  A campaign donor told The Wall Street Journal she had donated to Liu’s campaign at the behest of now-imprisoned Democratic moneyman Norman Hsu, who had clandestinely provided the funds. * Abrams called Liu’s request “untenable” because it would “compromise my independence,” and he quit.

Would You Believe: No Speak English
Liu questioned how The Times approached people whose names were on the donor list, many of whom do not speak English well. He suggested that perhaps they were intimidated by the experience, and may have denied donating when they actually did. Many of the interviews were conducted in Mandarin. 

Daily News Says Liu Career Probably Dead

Analysis: Liu’s career may’ve run its course(NYDN) The real question that had the city’s political world buzzing Wednesday is whether city Controller John Liu can get reelected to the job he has — or even keep his hide out of prison. * John's Water-Liu(NYDN Ed)

More Illegal Liu Bundlers?  
  Timothy Chuang, who has been active in a Taiwanese merchants association, on Wednesday told The World Journal, a Chinese-language newspaper, that he had helped the owner of Dynasty Stainless Steel — whose records were subpoenaed by federal authorities last week in connection with the Liu inquiry — find 10 people to give to Mr. Liu’s campaign. * Federal Probe Of Liu Donations Yields Indictment (NY1) * Fund-Raiser for Liu Faces Charges(WSJ) * Top fund-raiser for Comptroller Liu charged with funneling sham donations (NYP) * Comptroller Liu Hit With Fundraising Scandal(NY1) * The Post also slams the 2013 mayoral contenders for “enabling” Occupy Wall Street protesters in their effort to shut down the financial district and snarl the subway * UPDATED: Did John Liu announce his candidacy for Mayor last night?(WNYC)

Chung Seto Using the Race Card to Cover Corrupt Contribution?
Was Chung one of the Two Liu Campaign Operatives with Mr. Pan?

The allegations in the Times report are similar to irregularities found by the Los Angeles Times at a Chinatown fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2007 report. The newspaper said it couldn't find a third of the donors using property, phone or business records.  One link between the two cases is political consultant Chung Seto. She organized the fund-raiser that prompted questions about Mrs. Clinton's disclosure reports, and she currently serves as a consultant to Mr. Liu's campaign.  When questions surfaced about the donations to Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Seto called the allegations "outrageous" and "racist." Mr. Liu said on Wednesday he doesn't consider the allegations raised about his donors to be "racist." He called Ms. Seto a "friend," "mentor" and "partner," and described her as having the "utmost character." * Bundler Charged In Liu Fundraising Probe (Updatedx2)(YNN)

Coup d'état Attempt on America

Hot Buzz High Level Source
The Overseas Money to Liu and other Asian candidates Was An Attempt to Buy Influence by a foreign government in America

DOI Is Finally Shocked That There is Corruption in Vito Lopez Non Profit Political Machine Empire 
 After Getting Vito Lopez Support in 3 Different Mayoral Election for Bloomberg, Now DOI Finds Corruption in the Brooklyn Bosses Non Profit Political Machine  Perhaps they should have read this NY Times Story in 1993 before the city funded them 100's of millions of dollars Growth of a New-Age Political Machine (NYT 1993)

Lopez's Nonprofit Faces Increasing Scrutiny(WSJ) Did the Brooklyn Boss's Non Profit falsified documents to justify a huge salary increase * Vito’s two doctor$ (NYP) Top executives at the scandal-plagued Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council — one of whom earned $782,000 in 2009

Will Former Majority Leader Bruno Be Retried in Court For An Old Horse He Sold For Secretariat $$$

A federal appeals court vacated former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s conviction on theft of honest services charges, but decided that Bruno still can face trial on charges that he accepted $240,000 in bribes or kickbacks Appeals Court Allows New Trial for Bruno(NYT) * Retrial Possible for Ex-Senate Majority Leader(WSJ) * Feds get a do-over on Joe Bruno(NYDN) * 

'Mr. Bruno bought two mares from Mr. Mack in 2005 for $50,000, and that after spending $74,000 to breed them with stud horses, he sold three of their foals at auction for $425,000. Mr. Mack bought one of the foals for $105,000, the newspaper reported. Mr. Mack once served on the board of the New York Racing Association as a Bruno appointee. The association oversees thoroughbred racetracks at Saratoga, Belmont and Aqueduct and is bidding to keep the franchise, which expires at the end of the year.


Seabrook Staring In "All in His Family"

Haul in the family Seabrook $hared with mistress & kin: feds (NYP) * Seabrook Corruption Trial Continues As Former Employee Speaks Out On Forged Documents (NY1)

Mayor Said Less Than a 1000 Protesters All Day Yea Sure  2:00 PM NYPD officer has been stabbed in the hand in Zuccotti Park * 3:30PM Mayor to do 3:40 news conference at Bellevue to talk about injured officer. At least 175 people have been arrested so far in Thursday's Occupy Wall Street protests, the NYPD says. * RT : news helicopter estimates Foley Sq has 10,000 demonstrators - if not more. 

Councilmembers Arrested

Jumaane D. Williams (Twitter)  I have just been & by the , practicing with & the .* Jumaane Williams, Melissa Mark Viverito Arrested (NRO)

Hundreds of Protesters March Toward Wall Street on Day of Action * NY’s Fox5 Airs Live ‘Sh*theads’ During Awesome Interview With Anti-Occupy ProtestersWatch Live ReutersDaily News Live Blogging  

Police Use Blockade as Weapon On Occupy Wall Street (Video)


Protesters to start citywide demonstration by shutting down NYSE(NYP) * Protesters To Move Beyond The Park In "Day Of Action"(NY1)

Security personnel outnumbered protesters around a quiet Zuccotti Park

The eviction from Zuccotti Park has boosted Occupy Wall Street’s fundraising efforts, brining in almost $18,000 in one day

Where Protesters Camped, a Placid Scene, for Now(NYT) * Sleeping vs. Lying Down, and Other Murky Issues(NYT) * Protesters Find Their Belongings in 'Chaos' at a City Garage(NYT) * Widespread Protests Planned(WSJ) * Quiet in Zuccotti Park as Protesters Emerge From Detention(WSJ) * Democrats see minefield in Occupy protests(WSJ) 

Occupy Wall Street protesters kicked out of Zuccotti Park but movement stays alive on social media (NYDN) * Molloy: Surreal scene after OWS sweep(NYDN) * Off the Wall(NYDN Ed) * Some Officials Call For Investigation Into "Occupy" Raid As Bloomberg Remains Mum * The DN does not approve, saying that shutting down NY’s cash cow might be the “dumbest thing any New Yorker could want to do.”* Expect to see more State Troopers at the Occupy Albany site.* Law enforcement officials from about 40 different cities held conference calls to trade tips on how to deal with Occupy Wall street.* Paul Newell: My Night In The #OWS Lock-Up | PolitickerNY * Michael Grimm to OWS: ‘Pack Up, Buy a Bar of Soap, and Get Out of NYC’  * Bloomberg Targeting Media Who Cover OWS(Nation) * Breaking: Police Clash With Protesters, Reporters Injured in Zuccotti Park (Mother Jones) * 84-year-old pepper sprayed at ‘Occupy’ Seattle(MSNBC) * Zuke kook held on $25K bail on Molotov threat; insists didn't mean it(NYP)


QUINN’S EFFORTS FOR JAILED COUNCILMAN QUESTIONED: With tensions simmering in the City Council yesterday about the arrest of one of their own, Speaker Christine Quinn said she was “troubled” about Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez’s treatment during the police raid of Zuccotti Park — but several Council members blamed her for not doing more to help him


Lewis Show Some Balls Like in His Newfield Days Protesting NYPD Arrests of Journalists

NY1 Online: Deputy Mayors Defend Zuccotti Park Raid(NY1) Beats the crap out of Wolfson and the other flunky Rules of the City of New York -Press Card * Occupy Wall Street November 17: Journalists Arrested, Beaten By Police(Huff Post) * 13ers Respond (Sorta) To Wolfson (NYO)* The Bloomberg administration made a concerted effort to go into “War Room mode” after the Zuccotti Park raid.* in case you didn't see the statement from the Mayor's office, they're saying only 5 of 26 reporters arrested were credentialed * Reporter Julie Walker was swept up in the NYPD's dragnet of Zuccotti Park

Mayors Flunky Wolfson No Regrets   Does Howard Wolfson Have Any Regrets Over Zuccotti Raid? [Video](NYO) * Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson On OWS Press Coverage: This Is Not An Episode Of 'Cops'(NYDN)

Gail Robinson (Twitter) When NYPD issued new press pass rules, some journos worried protections for street reporting were not adequate. Were they right?* ON NY1 last night Wolfson seemed to say reporters had no right to be at the site of ... news!

At Protest, a Rebuke Each Night for Cuomo(NYT) Appearance tickets given to an Occupy Albany protester Occupy Albany protestors are violating curfew and flouting the law, in a nightly rebuke to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the New York Times says

WATCH: 'Daily Show' Exposes Class Warfare At Occupy Wall Street

Herman Badillo has returned to the Democratic fold.  

Looks Like A June or Summer Primary- Comptroller Badillo?

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) 1 sign of tricky politics surrounding : no nyc 2013 mayoral candidate is tweeting about it today, Unlike ppl in CH, like

Democratic Party Follows Orders

Jacobs Told Tabled Resolutions Could ‘Embarrass Governor’(YNN) In a rebuke to the progressive wing of the state’s Democratic Party, resolutions calling the continuation of a tax on those making $1 million and more, plus a measure supporting a ban on hydraulic fracturing were set aside at the party’s fall meeting this afternoon.* Occupy Albany Occupies The Capitol (YNN) * Hints of Tension Chip at a Hero's Welcome for Cuomo(NYT)

Capital Tonight (Twitter) Crowd chanting in "mic check" calling for state to "ban hydrofracking" and "tax the rich."* OH at protest: Demostrator asks trooper: "Does Fred Dicker broadcast out of here? Huh! How about that!" 

City’s Jobless Rate Climbs to 8.8%'

Assembly economic forecast predicts lower-than-expected revenues, slow growth (Albany Watch) * Assembly Mid Year Projections Worse Than Gov(YNN)

Looks Like A June or Summer Primary
Pentagon Blasts New York's Absentee-Ballot Plan for Troops (WSJ)


 Apartment tower at Atlantic Yards will be built in a factory(NYDN) .“This is the greatest bait and switch in history,” said Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Prospect Heights). “He promised union jobs and jobs for community residents and he’s reneged on both.

New MTA Boss Supports Raising Fares(WSJ) * MTA tries to derail pay hikes(NYP) * The MTA’s financial plan requires no new raises for three years, a move heavily opposed by the Transit Workers Union * The MTA and TWU are headed toward a fight over pay hikes.

Brooklyn's Trash
Williamsburg And Greenpoint The Most Garbagey Neighborhoods(Huff Post)

Police Investigate Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found On Brooklyn Subway Sign(NY1)



Brooklyn's Bicycle War Continues

Bicyclists and pedestrians spar at Prospect Park community meeting after road accidents(NYDN)

NYC Councilman Unashamed After Being Recorded Swearing, Yelling (WPIX)

Taxi boss David Yassky’s wheelchair  cab plan comes too late (NYDN Ed)

RIP Irwin Schneiderman, “friend of public radio,” and father of AG Eric Schneiderman. More here.

Newt Gets His 15 Minutes As the Long Knives Against Him Comes Out

Professor of Profits(NYT) The latest Newt Gingrich story encapsulates why Washington is broken * Gingrich defends $1.6M pay from Freddie Mac(NYDN) * Like Nixon, Can Newt Stage Comeback? - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times * Conservatives Look to Unite Against Romney - Milton Wolf, Wash Times * GOP Power Brokers Will Destroy Newt - Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo * OX News (GOP 2012): Gingrich Surges Into First, Cain Drops 10 Points * Newt Gingrich: MSNBC Essentially Acts As 'The Obama Re-Election Team' (video) CH * Gingrich applauds 'Occupy' crackdowns as protesters disrupt campaign event(The Hill) *Gingrich Faces More Scrutiny Over Corporate Clients (NYT) * Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry (Wash Post)

Cain's latest campaign gaffe: 'How do you say delicious in Cuban?'(NYDN) * Fundraising Cain: A Small Cadre of Faithful Supporters Call Pizzaman Only True Conservative(NRO) Breaking WASHINGTON (AP) _ Herman Cain is first GOP presidential contender to get Secret Service protection, agency says

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  What the polls really show: GOP voters are trying on candidates the way shoppers try on hats. Take these numbers seriously at your own risk. * All comedy writers, take the day off: Herman Cain is musing about his Presidential library.This is a slam--dunk Top Ten List-DailyShow hit.

MF Global Is Said to Have Used Customer Cash Improperly(NYT)

Lobbying Felon Jack Abramoff Calls Out Newt Gingrich’s Corrupt Freddie Mac Deal

Jon Stewart Blasts Congress: Only Thing You’ve Done Is Declare Pizza Is A Vegetable

The ‘beat’ goes on Cowardly subway riders film assault(NYP)

 Law and Order  

3 Accused of Theft Using a Device at A.T.M.’s(NYT) *  Witness Says He Gave Defendant a Match, Then Left as 5 Died in a ’78 Fire(NYT) * Bullet wound from '98 turns into slay rap(NYDN) * Feds take down violent street gang(NYDN) * Said her baby vanished, now charged in slay(NYDN) * ‘Sex fiend’ held(NYP)

NY1 Exclusive: Homeland Security Officials Bust Alleged Mexican Gang Members In East Harlem