Friday, November 18, 2011

NYP and Daily News Disconnects OWS Protesters Mission

NYP's Podhoretz Blames the Victims

Yesterday we learned that 21,000 of the 99% lost their jobs last month as City's Jobless Rate Climbs to 8.8%.   The Protesters who are marching because they have been cut out of the American Dream of a better life that has been the right of every American until now are called "hooligans" by the NYP.  Their columnist Podhoretz a proud conservative which is easy to be when your born into a wealthy famous writing family. Podhoretz wrote today the marchers are suffer from 'collective narcissism'. Mr. Podhoretz should leave his Manhattan co-op one day and visit a City Harvest food Center where working family increasing count on to feed their children.  You want to bet that Podhoretz's kids don't owe large student loans or are unemployed like the protesters.  How else can a bum like Podhoretz call people fighting for their future narcissists. More NYC job loss: New Bloomberg Budget Proposal Slashes Jobs(NYDN)

 Zuckerman: Bloomberg's Wall Street Cheerleader
Mort Zuckerman the billionaire who uses the Daily News as a cheerleader for Bloomberg and the supper rich is trying to use his paper to disconnect the public support of the protesters who in reality are suffering from lagging Job Prospects in City.  Mr. Zuckerman who uses the 99% pension funds to build his skyscrapers is using his paper to crush OWS. It is sad that Daily News founder Joseph Medill Patterson promised when he started the paper in 1919 that he would never use one class to attack another. It seem that Zuckerman never bothered to read the quote which is still chiseled in stone at the old Daily News building on 42nd Street. Today's Zuckerman Attack  With expulsion from Zuccotti Park and numbers dwindling, Occupy Wall Street movement looks old(NYDN) * Bloomberg declares victory vs.Occupy Wall St. protesters(NYDN) * Occupy Wall St. blocks the real Wall St. from getting to work(NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street holds Day of Disruption, but only for the 99%(NYDN Ed)

Podhoretz: OWS is a movement of 'collective narcissism'(NYP) * Ready riot cops whack back at OWS hooligans (NYP)

Protester Brandon Watts, who was first to pitch a tent at Zuccotti Park, is now the bloody face of 'Day of Action'(NYDN) * 200 Are Arrested as Protesters Clash With the Police NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams, who was among a group detained for blocking an entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge (NYT) * Even in Churches, Wall Street Protesters Can’t Escape Watch of Police Officials at an Upper West Side church sheltering protesters are upset with police, who seem to have been covertly monitoring protesters’ activities inside (NYT) * Protesters Clash With Police(WSJ) * Tension Increases at N.Y. Protests(WSJ) * Unions Turn Out for Evening 'Occupy' Rally(WSJ) * Two Cops Injured During 'Occupy' Protests(WSJ) 

Seven Finest are injured amid chaos(NYDN) * OWS protests disrupt New Yorkers' daily routines (NYP) * Now occupying your commute!(NYP) * Sights and sounds from Thursday's Occupy Wall Street protests (NYP) * "Day Of Action" Ends With Brooklyn Bridge March, Manhattan Rallies(NY1) * Widespread Protests Spark Clashes With Police; Over 250 Arrested As OWS Marks Second Month(NY1) * SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, SEIU/1199 President George Gresham, NYC Councilmembers Jumaane Williams and Melissa Mark-Viverito were arrested while attempting to “occupy” the Brooklyn Bridge during yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street Day of Action.* Occupy Philly Protesters Told to Move(WSJ) * Protesters, Police Coordinate in Chicago(WSJ) * Bloomberg: Brklyn Bridge march mostly union membs, "really wasn't protestors" frm . Shld "step back" realize salaries depend on taxes.* Occupy Wall St. Has Only Just Begun - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Bloomberg’s big mistake: He should never have uprooted Occupy Wall Street from their Zuccotti Park hub  (NYDN)* Bloomberg: Unions hijacked Occupy protest (Politico) * Bloomberg waited to boot OWS until a court would uphold eviction(NYP) * Occupy London Took Over an Abandoned UBS-Owned Building(NY Magazine)*Black Star News thanked Bloomberg for doing Occupy Wall Street a “favor” with his “Mubarak-like attack on the camp” in Zuccotti Park, saying he reignited a flagging movement.*  Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito is Glad She Got Arrested for Occupy Wall Street (NYO) * What Is Occupy Wall Street About?(Nation)


John Peter Zenger A NYC Journalist Put In Jail Won A Landmark Freedom of the Press Court Case in 1735

Tracking Journalists Arrested at Occupy Protests (Mother Jones) * Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser made a point of noting (in a memo to the press) that just five of the 26 reporters arrested during the Zuccotti Park raid were credentialed by the NYPD.



 Liu Has His Own Saturday Night Massacre

Robert Abrams Push Out From Investigating question about the Liu's Fund Raising operation

Comptroller Liu says he's still running for mayor despite fund-raiser bust (NYP) * Liu Clashes With Lawyer Hired to Probe His Campaign(WSJ) * Abrams Resigns From Liu Inquiry(WSJ)Liu: Public Entitled To Campaign Donation Transparency(NY1)

The Times calls on Liu to cease fundraising for his campaign immediately and open up his campaign’s books to the public, in light of the federal probe into his operation * NYC Comptroller John Liu called the arrest of his fundraiser an “unexpected challenge,” and told supporters he still wants to run for mayor in 2013. * NYC Comptroller John Liu, who was born in Taiwan, gets his own Taiwanese animation video that chronicles his fundraising scandal. (Related: Liu has lost the support of at least one Democratic club – the Central Brooklyn Indpendent Democrats – due as a result of this mess) * Analysis: The Watchdog Who Failed  After an FBI probe resulted in the arrest of a prominent fundraiser, Liu's chances look bleak (Gabe Pressman, NBC)

Gail Robinson (Twitter)  Viewed on . 's filings show he raised $1.5 million for 2013 -- but reported no bundlers or big donors.





Delusional Liu No Ankle Bracelets This Time

Still Telling Supporters He is Running For Mayor

John Liu’s Credibility (NYT Ed) The New York City comptroller needs to shut down his fund-raising operation and open up his books as required by city law.  * New Scrutiny Clouds Role for Liu(WSJ)  Allegations of impropriety in his campaign fund-raising operation may be particularly thorny for New York City Comptroller John Liu, whose role as the city's chief fiscal watchdog requires delving into agencies and sometimes scolding City Hall.


Seabrook Courtroom Heats Up(WSJ)* Seabrook Corruption Trial Continues As Former Employee Speaks Out On Forged Documents(NY1)






All hell breaks loose for Dems(NYP) State Dems are divided. Hot-button issues like fracking and the millionaires tax roiled yesterday’s state party committee meeting * The liberal wing of the state Democratic Party was disappointed when Jacobs blocked resolutions favoring the millionaire’s tax and opposing hydrofracking – both of which would have been awkward for Cuomo.*The state party meeting devolved briefly into a shouting match, offering a rare public display of anti-Cuomo sentiment among his fellow Democrats.

As a “condition” of accepting the WFP line in 2010, Cuomo insisted the labor-backed party not oppose his fiscally conservative platform. Now, however, all bets are off, and the party is gearing up for a millioniare’s tax war. 

October Revenue Off By $584M(YNN)






Bloomberg Changes His Mind On Who Caused Financial Crisis

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not backing off his criticism of Congress for its role in the financial crisis, as he again blamed lawmakers for pushing bankers to offer mortgages to risky borrowers. “If you’re a banker, and people are talking about putting you in jail for making bad loans, which I argue Congress encouraged you to do, why would you go out and make another loan today?” Bloomberg asked pointedly at an immigration conference yesterday. That stance has evolved since 2008, when the mayor said banks were part of the problem. “Wall Street got into a position where they created so many sophisticated products, and my theory is most people couldn’t understand them – people who worked in the firms,” Bloomberg told an audience at Georgetown University in September 2008. “Wall Street got itself in a position where they owned a lot of things they didn’t understand, and they were much too highly leveraged.”


A Video Bloomberg Should Watch: Who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act?


Protecting Students

Brooklyn public school making sure none of its students are walking home alone(NYDN)


Astronomical Bronx teen pregnancy rate cries out for action (NYDN Ed) 

New York Family Courts Say Keep Out, Despite Order(NYT) A 1997 rule affirmed that Family Courts must be open to the public, but officers and judges are again preventing entry into courtrooms.



Tunnel Worker Dies Under Grand Central Terminal(NYT) *  Young sandhog dies in tunnel collapse(NYDN)





The 15 residential towers at the Atlantic Yards project are officially set to be factory-built – outraging the Building Trades unions that say far fewer jobs will be created than the 17,000 initially promised developer Forest City Ratner

Ratner Goes 'Modular' in Brooklyn (WSJ) Developer Bruce Ratner is planning to build the 14 apartment towers at the Atlantic Yards project using a modular construction technique rarely employed in high-rise buildings. * Ratner's modular tower release and the mostly compliant press: an FAQ on timing, misdirection, jobs, the lack of larger apartments, and Ratner's astounding admission (Atlantic Yards Report) * The Ratner Seven A hypocritical lawsuit against the hypocritical Atlantic Yards developer (City Journal)




School Bus Driver Strike May Be Looming, City Says(NY1)




Relief, but grief from MF Global clients (NYP)





Gingrich the "Historian" Evades his Own Past - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * s Newt Peaking Too Soon? - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics * Perry's Attack Distorts Obama's Words and Past - Richard Oppel, NY Times * Want to Get Rich? Get Elected to Congress - Orange County Register *Newt Gingrich: ‘There Is No Such Thing As The 99%’(NYO) * ‘Exceptionalism’ Theme May Be Potent for G.O.P.(NYT)

* New Hampshire (Magellan): Romney 29, Gingrich 27, Paul 16, Cain 10





Jon Stewart: Why Doesn’t Ron Paul Get His Shot As Media Frontrunner?




David Letterman Chides Herman Cain: ‘You Don’t Even Know What 9-9-9 Means!’



NY1 Exclusive: Department Of Correction, Bronx DA Launch Investigation Into Rikers Attack


Law and Order

NY pharmacy killer got 12,000 pain pills from docs(WSJ) *Jeffrey Epstein's Level 3 sex offender status upheld by NY appeals court(NYP) * High-end waiters busted in credit card theft scheme(NYP) * Police Seek Suspects Who Robbed Bronx Cab Driver With Baby In Tow (NY1) * A New Perspective on Crime Scenes(NYT) Using a camera called the Panoscan, the New York City Police Department creates 360-degree panoramic images of crime scenes.