Wednesday, November 16, 2011

True News Update 24/7

The NYP Crows and Tries to Shape Public Opinion to Favor the Raid


Conditions just ‘offal’(NYP)

Daily New Is Happy Also

Bravo to Bloomberg’s 'Occupy' eviction(NYDN Ed) * Kudos for Kelly(NYDN Ed)




Is the NYT Worried About A OWS Flash Mob Strategy And Ties To Not Be the NYP

NYT “better, less-disruptive way” 

The Times worries that Bloomberg’s actions could break up the Occupy protest altogether—and about what will happen if protestors attempt to sleep again in Zuccotti Park The Mayor Confronts the Protesters(NYT Ed)* City Awaits Next Phase of Occupy Protest(WSJ)

New York City Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson tried to strike a compromise with Occupy Wall Street before yesterday’s forcible removal, but was foiled in part by the movement’s leaderless structure  Jolted, Wall St. Protesters Face Challenge for Future (NYT) The NYPD had been planning the military-style operation to clear Zuccotti Park for weeks, and took lessons from other cities’ actions against Occupy movements across the country  After an Earlier Misstep, a Minutely Planned Raid (NYT) * The NYPD's night of shock and awe: How the police cleared defiant Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park(NYDN)

Zuccotti Largely Unoccupied and Quiet (NYT) * Pushed From Parks, Protests Seek New Path to Influence(NYT) * London Protesters Keep Wary Eye on New York(NYT) * City’s Raid Ends 2-Month Park Encampment(NYT) * Across U.S., Demonstrators Face Arrests and Evictions(NYT) * Wall Street Protesters Grapple With Future of Movement(WSJ) * Neighborhood Takes Breath After Eviction(WSJ) * Zuccotti Park protester fights sleep(WSJ) * OWS Protesters Remain In Zuccotti Park, But Without Tents And Sleeping Bags(NY1) * Judge Denies Occupy Wall Street's Application For Restraining Order(NY1) 

Mom of injured EMT says her son is one of REAL 99%(NYDN) * The DN’s Juan Gonzalez notes tent markets are springing up in the city’s public spaces for the holiday season, and sees some hypocrisy at work there.* Mayor Bloomberg finally decided to act because he was worried about public health, but also tired of being called out by the likes of his predecessor, Rudy Giuliani, insiders said.*Keith Olbermann called Bloomberg a “tinpot tyrant.” * NYC Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez says he was detained for over 17 hours after being arrested at Zuccotti Park and denied access to his attorney until shortly before his release at 8 p.m. last night. He’s holding a press conference at noon today.* Obama spokesman Jay Carney treaded delicately around Mayor Bloomberg’s actions, telling reporters that every municipality had to make their own decision. 

Occupy D.C. Solidarity March in Chinatown (NBC) *How Bloomberg and Kelly’s aggressive crackdown at Zuccotti Park will backfire(NYDN)* Occupy Wall Street's Next Step Is to Set a Reform Agenda - Bloomberg * OWS forced to take turns staying in Zuccotti Park(NYP) * City braces for 'tens of thousands' of protesters set to march on Financial District(NYP) * "Occupy" Protesters Adjust To Shelter-Free Life(NY1) * NY1 Online: Police Commissioner Kelly Comments On Zuccotti Park Cleanup *State Police Reassigned To Cover Occupy(YNN) * Rodriguez on His Arrest Other councilmembers and lawyers said they were not allowed to see Rodirguez while he was detained @ 1 Police Plaza.  84 Year Old Woman Pepper Sprayed At Occupy Seattle Protest, Instantly Becomes Icon Of Movement * Occupy Denver: Man pulled over and ticketed for two or three honks in support of protesters *Cuomo Backs Bloomberg (Updated With Video) * Occupy Wall Street's Day of Action (NBC)Occupy Wall Street Vows to Shut Stock Exchange, Subways on Thursday * Religious Groups Offer Help to Evicted Protesters (NYT) * Did Bloomberg Go Judge Shopping In Order To Ignore Occupy Protesters First Amendment Rights * Councilman charges cops with roughing him up (CrainNY) *  Occupy Wall Street Protesters Begin Search For Items Taken During Eviction (NY1) * Rep. Pete King: Occupy protesters are ‘losers’ who ‘live in dirt’ (Hill Tube) * Ydanis Rodriguez, City Council Member, On Being Arrested at Occupy Wall Street (village Voice) *  Bloomberg Officials Prep City For Massive Occupy Wall Street Protests Tomorrow (NYO) * Bloomberg’s OWS Eviction: Better Than Oakland, but So What?(NY Mag) * Woman Shows Court Order to NYPD, Gets Punched in Face. #occuppywallstreet * Rep. Bob Turner commended Bloomberg on the raid.

2013 Style Leadership: Mayoral Candidate Talking Out of Both Side of Their Mouths on Bloomberg's OWS Blitz 

None called for a return of the encampments. Why Are They Angry?

BLOOMBERG TURNS CORNER ON OCCUPY WALL STREET: Everybody who wants Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s job complained yesterday about how his administration cleared out Occupy Wall Street, but none of them called for the encampment to return – letting him finally take the upper hand in an issue that has bedeviled him for two months

 Bloomberg Calls Reporters Wimps

Mayor Bloomberg kept press away from early morning raid(NYDN) * The mayor said reporters were blocked from the park during the raid for their own safety. Several were arrested during the melee.* The NY Press Club is demanding an investigation into the arrest of at least six reporters during the Zuccotti Park raid.


Looks Like John Liu Will Be United With His Mentor Brian Mclaughlin

Liu fundraiser caught in federal sting operation. 20 fake names used in contributions to Liu



The NYP Uses Hank SheinkopfLiu

John’s looking more like Liu-ser every day (NYP) This is what Sheinkopf said about Liu: "“It’s hard to be the city’s chief fiscal officer when your integrity is being questioned and you’re under federal investigation.” The NYP Fails to say that the lobbyist political consultant Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is not being investigated by the feds.  The Feds are also investigation a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post 

The NYP Asks Liu to Step Aside From Pension Fund Control Until the Investigation on His Campaign Finances are Done What a Liu-Liu(NYP Ed)

Liu Got Same Funny Money As Hillary

Comptroller John Liu, whose campaign finance practices are under federal investigation, accepted money for his 2009 comptroller run from “straw donors” linked to disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu  Liu Contributions Linked to Convict(WSJ) * NYC comptroller will review donations(WSJ)


Liu is Shocked Norman Hsu's Money is Dirty

  NBC New York (Twitter)  Comptroller plans to review donations linked to disgraced fundraiser. |



CM Seabrook's Had His Own Treasure Island

Book of moron B&N exposes pol ‘scam’(NYP) City Councilman Larry Seabrook’s alleged sales-slip scams included padding the prices on a stack of children’s books * Witness Says Councilman Led Him to a Contractor(NYT)





Vito Lopez GF “recreated” records at a non-profit she ran to claim the board agreed to jack up her salary 133% to a jaw-dropping $782,000, a new report alleges

DOI: More Shadiness At Ridgewood-Bushwick(NYDN) Probers find Brooklyn boss Vito Lopez’s campaign treasurer and girlfriend reap huge pay hikes with sleight of hand (NYDN)


Appeals Court Tosses Bruno Conviction, Sets Stage For New Trial(NY1) * Federal Appeals Court Permits Bruno Retrial(NYT)





GOP Movies On Brooklyn

Senate Republicans appear to be serious about creating a long-rumored “Jewish district” in Brooklyn, according to a well-connected Republican source who saw a copy of their draft redistricting maps. The idea, the source said, would be to put as many Orthodox Jewish voters as possible into indicted State Sen. Carl Kruger's Senate district. Nobody is counting on Kruger staying in office for long, and Jewish voters helped propel Republican Congressman Bob Turner to a special election victory this fall. In the prospective Senate race, the Republican candidate could also potentially use same-sex marriage as a wedge issue against Councilman Lew Fidler, who supports it and is presumed to be the Democratic candidate for the seat.



Why Don't All Subway Stations Have Video Cameras?

B'klyn subway station vandalized with anti-Jewish graffiti (NYP)




Let my people go. Is Starbucks breaking social compact by closing bathrooms to public?




 Mr. Machine Tour Guild

Double-Decker Tour Company To Switch To Pre-Recorded Programs, Cut Guides (NY1)

New Chief Once Urged City Control of Transit(NYT) * MTA And Transit Workers Begin Talks On New Contract(NY1) * The TWU is warning Lhota it won’t be “bullied or blackmailed” on contract talks that started yesterday.* The New Head of the M.T.A. Is Cool, for Now(NYT) * MTA Chairman-in-waiting Joe Lhota (he needs to be confirmed by the Senate) was very mellow during his first official encounter with the press. He also endorsed regular fare hikes.


Staten Island's Molinaro says blame New Jersey for P.A. stall on toll discounts (SI Advance)


Teachers' Union To Appeal Approved Release Of Educators' Performance Ratings(NY1) * Schools giving kids free ‘pass’(NYP) *  DOE: K-3 Class Size Average On The Rise (NY1) * NYSUT Unveils ‘Groundbreaking’ Teacher Evaluation Plan(YNN)



In Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s first collective bargaining session with DC 37, the mayor offered city workers a new contract with similar terms to the ones Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently struck with state workers, the Post reports:

Silver Meets With House Dems On Redistricting

The Second Coming of Gingrich(NYT Op ed) * Newt Gingrich Freddie Mac Fees: Former House Speaker Reportedly Received At Least $1.6 Million From Housing Giant(Huff Post) * Gingrich Said to Be Paid $1.6M by Freddie Mac (Bloomberg) * Swings of Fortune Continue for GOP Field - Zeleny & Gabriel, NY Times * Gingrich's Rise Is for Real - Ed Morrissey, The Week * Newt Gingrich: His Baggage Has Baggage - Joan Walsh, Salon * A Warmer, Fuzzier Newt? Don't Bet on It - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Obama's Choice: Ohio or Virginia - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * Perry Foreign Aid Idea Wins Few Accolades - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * In a new TV ad, Rick Perry slammed Obama’s comment about America being “lazy,” calling it “pathetic.” * Fox News poll just out has Gingrich at 23, Romney at 22, Cain at 15


The Center for Responsive Politics released its list of the richest members of Congress, and Rep. Nita Lowey is right up there with an estimated net worth of more than $41 million. 




Ketchup Is a Vegetable? Again? (The Atlantic)



Suspect nabbed in E. Village rape bid (NYP)


Law and Order

In Court, Confronting Man With Story of a Rape and a Ruse(NYT) * Some Giants Were at Club Where Man Was Fatally Shot(NYT) * Ex-boyfriend raped me, made up robbery(NYDN) * Acting boss of Colombo family not allowed to attend daughter's wedding: judge (NYP) * WATCH: Shocking L Train Beating Caught On Video(Huff Post) * Four Suspects Sought In Rape Of Brooklyn Woman (NY1)

Brooklyn bloodbath(NYP)




NY1 Exclusive: Homeland Security Officials Bust Alleged Mexican Gang Members In East Harlem




 Murderer’s evil smirk(NYP) * Teen Convicted Of Fatally Stabbing Brooklyn Radio Reporter(NY1)


4 Sought in Williamsburg Rape (NBC)



Jon Stewart On Sandusky Interview: ‘You’re Actually Fighting The Urge To Come Clean’