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Breaking   Man Is Said to Be Arrested in Bid to Kill Government Workers With Bomb(NYT) The NYPD and Manhattan DA’s office have arrested a terror suspect who was planning to bomb city police facilities and US military sites, where he plotted to target returning war personnel and the families who gathered to welcome them home. CNN says he's a Muslim convert of Hispanic origin, attended mosque in upstate NY, but lived in city. Kelly: Pimentel followed article in Inspire magazine: "How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom."14th attempt terrorist attack on nyc *
AP source: Suspect in NYC bomb plots arrested * Man Is Arrested and Charged in New York Bomb Plot(NYT)

Welcome to the News Delivery Frontier 

Bringing Animation Where the News Is(NYT) Next Media, a Hong Kong-based company with gossipy newspapers in Hong Kong and in Taiwan, has gained an appreciative following for its news cartoons: short animated segments, often humorous and sometimes racy, that provide a visual narrative for major storiesAnd nothing is hotter, it seems, than New York City news. Big Apple Daily Website

The Masses Understand Cartoons

"I don't care a straw for your newspaper articles, my constituents don't know how to read, but they can't help seeing them damned pictures." Boss Tweed

Corruption, Cartoons, and Communication *   William "Boss" Tweed & Thomas Nast - Credit: Ric Burns New York City Documentary

Here Come the Redistricting Lawsuits

Group Sues Over Albany Redistricting, Saying ’12 Elections Are in Jeopardy(NYT) There is already a lawsuit over where prisoners should be counted.  Senators Sue Over Prisoner Counting Switch .  The new lawsuit criticized the political redistricting task force for not acting quickly enough to comply with a new law — the legality of which Republicans are disputing.  This suit seem to filed to give the dems some leverage in court.  The lawyer is Richard Mancino, the lawyer for the plaintiffs,is  is a partner at Willkie Farr & Gallagher. The same law firm that the gov father belongs to. The law firm said Mario was not involved in the case. 


Silver Wants Pols Puppet Committee to Do Redistricting

Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, sketched out what he said could be a compromise — an eight-member bipartisan commission, with equal representation for each party, that would be appointed by the Legislature but made up entirely of people who are not lawmakers. The Democratic and Republican leaders in the Assembly and Senate would each appoint two members who would have equal funding, access to data and control of the map-making process.  * Civic Leaders Asking Judge To Oversee NY Redistricting (NBC) 


Why Does Quinn and the City Council Keep Funding the Brooklyn Bosses Vito's Non Profit Political Machine? 

Does Quin and the Other Mayor Candidates Believe in Smoke and Mirror's Vito or Fact?

In 2009 Lopez candidate David Yassky for comptroller lost to ethically challenged Liu.  In 2010 Lopez candidate  Kathleen M. Rice Nassau DA from AG lost to Schneiderman.  Lopez also lost both of his Surrogate Court Judgeships countywide. Lopez does along with the other county leaders control the NYC Board of Elections which came handy in 2009 to de Blasio when the BOE knocked him off the ballot for petition filing problems. Candidates without de Blasio connections to the BOE stay off the ballot for those type of problems.

Money Honey #2: Christiana Fisher is Lopez’s campaign treasurer as well as the executive director of the nonprofit he founded — which pays her $659,000 per year. Here she is with Mayor Bloomberg and Lopez in 2008.

City taking aim at Vito’s charity chief (NYP) The executive director of the politically connected Ridgewood Bushwick social-services empire is going to come under pressure from the city to resign after a blistering report found she received hundreds of thousands of dollars in questionable retroactive payments, The Post has learned. City officials are intent on ousting Christiana Fisher (right), who has run the sprawling agency and its affiliates since 1980, a few years after it was founded by Brooklyn Democratic boss and Assemblyman Vito Lopez, sources said. * Pork-barrel polka(NYP Ed) * Vito’s ‘Money Honeys’ get big salaries — subsidized by you (2010, The Brooklyn Paper)

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News)


 Fracking Dem Boss Jay Jacobs

Dem Party boss' great frackin' deal (NYP) Party leader Jay Jacobs, a successful summer-camp owner, has a financial interest in having the drilling take place -- although he insists that it has nothing to do with his support for the hotly contested activity. 





 Gillibrand Phoney Baloney Plan to Regulate Wall Street

Gillibrand’s stock crock Plan won’t fix insider trading: experts(NYP)

 I've gotta protect my phony baloney job!(Video)






If the Jews in Brooklyn Are Looking for Power They Should Be Working to More the Weiner District Back into Brooklyn

Jews vow to fight back as Brooklyn bias crimes spur a Jewish Power movement(NYDN) Groups push combat classes and weapons training


NYP Says Read Cuomo Lips On No New Taxes
There was another pointed reminder this week that the fiercest opposition to Gov. Cuomo’s economic platform comes from within his own party. And it underscored just how much internal pressure Cuomo will have to overcome if he means to keep his word and not raise taxes or impose new ones.


Involved in An FBI Criminal Investigation Liu Promises to Tell the Truth 

Comptroller, Facing Inquiry, Promises ‘Full Accounting’ of His Fund-Raising(NYT) But Mr. Liu would not say when he would provide that accounting or explain why he had yet to disclose, as required by law, the names of the people — known as bundlers — who are helping him raise money. . . “Many things don’t happen as quickly as I would like,” he Liu.* Liu Promises to Account for Finances(WSJ) * Johnny on the spot Embarrassed by campaign fund scandal (NYP) * Analysis: The Watchdog Who Failed(NBC)

Chester Soria (Twitter) Sen. Eric Adams asks crowd at gospel celebration to pray for Comptroller John Liu immediately before introducing him.

Mayor Bloomberg Revises Budget Plan(WSJ) * City budget proposal includes pink-slip pain for some workers, but no cuts to city schools, FDNY companies (NYDN)Departments of Sanitation, Health and Mental Hygiene and Cultural Affairs will be hit * Nicotine Program Snuffed in Budget Cuts(NBC)

Cuomo Warning on Supper Committee

Gov. Cuomo warns that Congressional “super committee” for deficit  reduction could sink N.Y.’s budget (NYDN)


Occupy Moves to Fifth Avenue (WSJ) A day after raucous rallies and protests swept across the city, a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters occupied a student study center at the New School where they plan to stay with the permission of the university. * Lost, and Found, After Zuccotti Raid(WSJ) * An ‘Occupy Wall St.’ Thanksgiving? Chef plans massive, organic feast(NYDN) * WATCH: A Video Timeline Of Thursday's 'Day Of Action'(Huff Post) * Calm Fills Zuccotti Park Following "Day Of Action"(NY1) * Probe in 'chilling' college pepper spray (NYP) * : Lobbyists target Occupy Wall Street (MSNBC) * Caught on Camera: Ten Shockingly Violent Police Assaults on Occupy Protesters  




Books are trash. Corporations are people. Tents are terrorism. Pepper Spray soon to be declared a vegetable

How the masses ‘project’ power (NYDN) Lighting up the night at Zuccotti Park


NYP Continues Its Attack on OWS


Occupy Wall Streeters stay at $700-a-night hotel (NYP) * Protester caught with handgun as arrests continue at Zuccotti Park(NYP)

Even Vice Preisident Biden was overheard saying, "This is going to be a big f-in' deal!

Police Being Used to Put Down A Political Movement

UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Student Occupy Protestors, University Investigating Incident


Two Albany lawmakers evicted for not paying rent, despite raking in salaries well above Assembly annual base(NYDN) * Two Pols Evicted For Late Rent Payments(Fox 5)



Education Failure: Blame the Parents Also

Students Accused of Cheating Are Expected to Turn Themselves In(NYT) *  How About Better Parents?(Friedman, NYT) Let’s stop putting the burden of education improvements just on teachers. Parents play a huge role in classroom success * Students boycott class after suffering months without teacher(NYDN)

Yellow school bus drivers are wrong to threaten strike(NYDN Ed) * Officials Plan For Possible School Bus Driver Strike(NY1)

New Subway Strike Possible

Subway union chief’s tough talk must lead to wise bargaining TWU’s(NYDN Ed)

New York Family Court must be open to the public again(NYDN Ed)


Census Finds Startling Rise in Category of ‘Near Poor”(NYT)

Letterman Grills Cain On Sexual Harassment Charges(NYC) * What Iowa Voters Want in a GOP Nominee - Higgins & Lukas, WSJ * Republicans Overlook Newt's Baggage - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune * Newt's Unconventional Iowa Campaign - Michael Warren, Weekly Standard * Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa - Trip Gabriel, NY Times * No Excuses for Herman Cain - Rich Lowry, New York Post * Newt Gingrich: The Inside Man - New York Times* WATCH: Newt Gingrich Tells Protesters To Get A Job, Take A Bath(Huff Post) * Gingrich Site Seeks to Allay Conservatives’ Fears(NYT) * Romney Shifts in Iowa, Playing to Win Quickly(NYT) 

GOP Hopefuls Talk Faith, Social Issues At Iowa Forum(Huff Post) * Niche Voters Giving Paul Momentum in Iowa Polls(NYT) * UN bashing is popular among Republican candidates(WSJ) * Cain to Letterman: 'All of these women are lying'(WSJ) * Cain’s latest foreign policy gaffe: Taliban playing a role in Libya gov't(NYDN) * The gospel according to Herman Cain(CNN) * Newt Gingrich Tells Off Occupy Wall Street At GOP Debate: ‘Go Get A Job After You Take A Bath’

Nate Silver (Twitter) Looks like Cain's bubble is now deflated. Down to 12% in new Reuters poll, his lowest total in any national poll in 8 weeks.

 SNL Presents Mitt Romney ‘Raw And Unleashed’

Jon Huntsman Shows Up On SNL To Talk About How Much He Loves New Hampshire


Thieves swiped credit cards, ID at top NYC eateries: DA(NYP) * 28 Indicted in Theft of Diners’ Credit Card Data(NYT) * Steakhouse Staff Allegedly Took Cut(WSJ) * Smith & Wollensky waiters busted in credit card scam(NYDN) * Waiters swiped credit cards, ID at top NYC eateries: DA (NYP) * Authorities Break Up Credit Card Skimming Ring At Pricey NYC Steakhouses(WCBS) * Nearly 30 Indicted In Manhattan ID Theft Ring(NY1) * Cops looking for convicted killer indicted in identity-theft(NYP)

Man Is Sought in Attacks on 6 Women(NYT) * One-man crime wave? Suspect wanted for 6 sex assaults in 6 hours(NYDN) * Cops hunt for Bronx sex fiend who groped six women in six hours(NYDN) * Crotch grabber on loose in Bx.(NYP)* NYPD: Sex Fiend On The Loose In Bronx; 6 Attacks In 1 Day!(WCBS) * Bronx Sex Assault Suspect Attacked Six Women In As Many Hours, Police Say(NY1) * NYPD Continues Search For Bronx Sex Assault Suspect(WCBS)

Boy Pleads Guilty to Dropping Cart That Hit a Woman(NYT) * One of two pint-sized punks who dropped Target cart on Manhattan mom Marion Hedges pleads guilty (NYDN) * 1 Of The Accused In Harlem Shopping Cart Toss Pleads Guilty(WCBS)

Law and Order

 Teen Dead In Brooklyn Shooting (Fox 5) * Police Investigate After Shooting Kills Brooklyn Teen Near School(NY1) * Bank ‘thief’ note-orious(NYP) * Oh, hail, hack going to jail(NYP) * ‘Drug’ driver ‘killer’(NYP) * Thugs slash man in Central Park(NYP)* NYC sanitation worker arrested for alleged groping inc(WABC) * Teen dead, 2 others wounded in Canarsie shooting(News12)* Shots Fired Near NY1 Studios (NY1) *  Brooklyn pastors, police make a big dent in crime(NYDN Ed)


Alleged Brooklyn Porn Store Killer Caught On Surveillance Camera (Gothamist) * NYPD Investigates Fatal Beating Of Brooklyn Sex Shop Worker(WCBS) * Man killed inside adult video store in Brooklyn(NBC)


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