Monday, November 21, 2011

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The head of investigations for the Manhattan district attorney’s office told the Times that accused lone-wolf terrorist Jose Pimentel was best prosecuted under state law, not federal, because it allows for a conspiracy charge involving only one person

Informer’s Role Is Said to Have Put Off F.B.I. in Terror Case(NYT)

City Bomb Plot Suspect Is Called Fan of Qaeda Cleric(NYT) * N.Y. Man Arrested in Alleged Bomb Plot(WSJ) * Jose Pimentel plotted to kill cops and soldiers with bombs he was building in Manhattan apartment, authorities say(NYDN) * Harlem man plotted to bomb soldiers, police officers: cops(NYP) * Homeland Security Chair Comments On NYC Terror Plot * Mother of alleged Harlem bomb plotter apologizes for son, thanks NYPD(NYT) *

Joseph Mercurio(Twitter) BloomKelly needed to change the subject from there public relations disaster in misusing police power to interfere with free speech and the freedom of the press. Shame!
"Lone Wolf" Lawyer Suggests Pipebomber Was Entrapped: Gothamist





Liu Future Is Not In His Hands or Spin Doctors, The U.S. Attorney Will Determine His Future

John Liu on Acid

Local reporters are so addicted to using political consultants and lobbyists for their stories that they stories are like a trip on acid and should be put in the fiction section.  Today City Hall News story by Chris Bragg did not talk about Liu's fundraiser that was arrested.  Or that the former AG Abrams saw the writing on the wall and quit in his effort to clean financial mess. The feds are also eyeing possible illegal foreign donations in 2009, when he took $1.35 million in public funds.  What Bragg used was a bunch of anonymous insiders consultants and labor flacks whose time spent talking to reporters is demonstration enough of their incompetence. 

He was completely non-plussed about it, really,” said Luther Smith, vice president of corporate and government affairs at Bill Lynch Associates, which advised Liu’s successful 2009 campaign. “That’s because he felt he hadn’t done anything wrong.” For starters it looks like Mr. Liu has done a lot wrong.  Like not list Mr. Pan  as a bundler. Or anyone else Pan give the FBI informant money to 20 different Liu contributors.  Now that is a bundle of wrong.  Don’t Count Out John Liu, Say Longtime Associates (CHN) More dummy press Press fooled by fake flack(NYP)''

By the way who is the other elected official described in the Pan indictment papers who go his help?



We Belong to A Mutual Admiration Society

Pushing Liu Out So Quinn Can Keep the Bloomberg Deals

The Post calls on Comptroller John Liu to resign, saying he was unfit for public office even before one of his campaign fundraisers was arrested. The NYP says Liu should go because of his catering his decision to labors' interests. The NYP offers old claims that Liu lied when he said he worked in a sweat shop in his campaign Ads and that when he first took office demanded his staff rise when he entered the room.  What the NYP did not talk about was that Liu canceled a $27 million education contract that the Post's owner Murdoch was using to get into the education field. Comptroller Johnny Liu has cancelled a 27 million dollar deal with the NYC Department Of Education on the heals of the recent Rupert Murdoch Scandal.

What Phone Hacking Did To Milly's Parents



Bloomberg's Plan for World Domination (Newsweek)  With an army of reporters and wonky information services, the media company is expanding from Wall Street to Washington, Where it hopes to control—even more. * Sheekey Outlines Plans for Bloomberg’s World Domination(NYO) * Will Bloomberg Take Over All Media? (Yes, If It Wants To) (Gawker) * Adding still further to the intrigue: Ex-Deputy Mayor and chief Bloomberg-for-president strategist Kevin Sheeky said his old boss “has the ability to be the best parts of Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, and Bill Gates all rolled up into one” and “stands to become something much larger after he leaves office.”In Light of ‘Occupy’ Arrests, New Group ‘To Monitor NYPD/Press Relations’(NYO) * Part of the Bloomberg world domination plan includes a potential bid for The Financial Times.

Michael Powell (Twitter) Breathless account of Brave New World of Bloomberg News, w Sheeky reprising role of Man Friday to Mike B:

The News also urges federal prosecutors to retry former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, saying there is no doubt he tried to profit from his public role:* Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno has quietly been working for CMA, the consulting firm he used to lead that’s headed by his companion, Kay Stafford. No fundraisers for his legal fund have yet been planned, but it remains unclear if he’ll face a new trial.



The Daily News Small DOI Victory 

Department of Investigation rightly zeroes in on Board of Elections(NYDN Ed) The Daily News says its editorials spurred the Department of Investigation to probe whether the city Board of Elections intentionally overstaffed this month’s general election.  





DN: What About the Ballot Fixing DOI Investigation of the Former Head of BOE? 

A Gonzalez's Conviction Could Topple the Board If He Talked

What the DN did not say in today's editorial is that DOI made the same promise right before the 2010 election when the former head of the BOE George Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district.  The ballot in question had all of the candidates lined up one slot to the right of where they should have appeared. For example, the name of the first candidate on the ballot slot, Democrat Reuben Wills, was listed under the slate of Republican candidates. However, the ballot that voters will receive on November 2 has been corrected.  According to an WNYC story at the time the Department of Investigations was investigating the irregularities at the time. Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC)


A Redistrcting Lawsuit Is Filed(YNNCuomo, along with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and calls on a judge to take control of the contentious process. The suit charges that New York’s redistricting process “has stalled” and threatens to throw the 2012 elections “into a quagmire.”  * A group of community leaders are suing the state over the redistricting process, saying that it rewards incumbents. * Report: NY Redistricting "Rigged," Hurts Democracy(NBC)


Unions and Living Wage Supporters Fight Over the Decreasing Number of Jobs Available

Archdiocese to Speak Out at Rally Urging City Council to Pass Bill on Wages(NYT) * NYC Council examines hunger relief(WSJ) Three city construction unions are bucking their labor colleagues and opposing the $10-an-hour living wage bill set for a City Council hearing Tuesday (NYDN)  Trade unions say living wage bill will kill jobs* An amended version of the so-called living wage bill will be given another hearing by a NYC Council committee Tuesday.



Bloomberg blasts Obama, Congress over supercommittee failure(NYP)


NYS Budget Crisis

Gov. Cuomo plans emergency budget meeting on debt(NYP)* Governor Cuomo Prepares For New York to Lose Billions (NYO) * Cuomo: Supercommittee Will Cost State $5B(NYT)







Shocking Bloomberg Discovers Outsourcing Waste Money

Mayor Michael Bloomberg expects to save money in the next few years by contracting out some city services – and by bringing other outsourced services back in-house. The administration released an 80-page list of $1.5 billion in cuts Friday afternoon that includes $8 million a year in savings by privatizing four stations for transferring trash to barges. Yet the city also plans to save $95,000 next year by terminating a Deutsche Bank contract for data entry work with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The Finance Department also expects to save $900,000 by insourcing something called the “STARS Production control and Helpdesk function.” Even the mother of all lousy contracts, the CityTime project, figures into the budget cuts: Consultant spending on it is expected to drop $2.4 million this year.


When Only 25% of NYC's HS Grads Are Prepared to Do College Work, What Do You Expect

Most 2-Year Students Quit (WSJ) Most City University of New York community college students drop out before graduating, squandering the system's resources as enrollment soars. Half of City University of New York community college students drop out with no degree, according to a Center for an Urban Future study, while only 28 percent earn a degree within six years, largely because students arrive unprepared for college-level work*  CUNY Grad Rates Way Down, Report Finds (NY1)

 GOP and Political Foes Target Gillibrand

Foe rips ‘2-faced’ Kirsten(NYP) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is playing both sides of Wall Street — by accepting millions in contributions from the financial sector while also helping the group formerly known as ACORN raise money, a political rival has charged.*  Fredric U. Dicker Willy’ eyeing run vs. Gilly So Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s flip-flopping junior US senator, may get a serious challenger next year after all. Republican Harry Wilson* Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos accused his would-be foe, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, of playing both sides of Occupy Wall Street by supporting NY Communities for Change and accepting Wall Street cash.* Sen. Kristen Gillibrand is the No. 1 congressional recipient of securities and finance industry campaign cash, collecting $937,400 in the current election cycle. She’s taking a page from Sen. Chuck Schumer’s playbook.*Roundup: Gillibrand is Number One With the 1%; Bloomberg Calls Supercommittee a ‘Disaster’(NYO)

Protests Put Media Coverage in Spotlight(NYT)

Protester caught with handgun as arrests continue at Zuccotti Park(NYP) * Unhappy campers slam honchos’ posh digs(NYP)


Protestors had hoped to stage a 24-hour drum circle outside Bloomberg’s Upper East Side townhouse, but were kept off his block by police officers

Loudly Protesting Park Eviction, if Not Outside Mayor’s Window as Planned(NYT) * Drummers Target Mayor(WSJ) * 'Occupy' Group Takes Shelter at New School (WSJ) * Pol arrested during Occupy incident praises NYPD(WSJ) * Ohio man aiding Occupy Wall Street protesters busted for illegal gun possession(NYDN)  * Occupy Albany may stop its nightly routine of curfew arrests in a park outside the state Capitol, with some repeat arrestees saying they have made their point, the Times Union reports * Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations Brought To Bloomberg's Neighborhood(NY1) * Civil rights attorney Normal Siegel, joined by Sen. Eric Adams, criticized the Zuccotti raid and said the Bloomberg administration should be held in contempt of court. * Occupy our consciences (Wash Post) * Bloomberg’s One Percent Solution (NY Mag) For the mayor, grappling with Occupy Wall Street is confoundingly personal.* Charges Dropped Against Albany Occupiers(YNN) * Occupy Oakland Calls for Total West Coast Port Shutdown on 12/12* Media bigs in NYC expressed their “profound displeasure, disappointment and concern” with the NYPD’s treatment of reporters during the Zuccotti Park raid and demanded a meeting with Commissioner Ray Kelly.* Occupy Brooklyn Activists Discuss Movement’s Future (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

 New York has a love-hate relationship with Wall Street, which accounted for 20 percent of state revenues in 2008. That number has since dropped to 14 percent. 




CUNY Students Protesting Tuition Increase Clash With Police(NYT)





9/11 Museum Is Delayed(WSJ)





Prospect Park Takes Steps to Slow Cyclists(NYT)







Global warming to swamp NYC, flood tunnels and subways(NYDN)








Brooklyn's Di Fara Pizzeria remains shuttered after being deemed 'health hazard'(NYP)


At Night, a Cafe Reveals It Has a Split Personality(NYT)



Trustee says client money shortfall may be twice as high as first estimated(NYP)* MF Global Trustee Revises Estimate of Shortfall(NYT)



Shocking Congressional Suppercommittee Fails

Herman Cain’s Aquila Dealings Undercut His Business-Acumen Claims(The Daily Beast) Candidate Cain boasts of his skill as a businessman, but while he sat on the board of Aquila, a Midwest energy corporation, the company fell apart, even as Cain helped dole out millions in bonuses to its directors. 


Ted Koppel, Al Gore Argue For Independent and Focused Media, Criticize Cable News in the Process

No rooms at Rikers: Lack of space for solitary confinement leads to recent spike in violence(NYDN) Many cons free to roam among the jails’ general populations * At Rikers, a Waiting List for Solitary Confinement(NYT)



Phone it in, cops! (NYP) A Brooklyn beat cop frustrated by complex overtime rules taught himself computer programming to develop a smartphone app that does the tricky math automatically. “It is just one of those things I saw a need for,” said Police Officer David Doxsee,

Law and Order

Perv gropes 6-yr.-old at park toilet (NYDN) * Tire shop owner shot dead, robbery eyed (NYDN) * Cancer victim reveals secret that jailed innocent men(NYP) * Teen busted in shooting of Seton Hall's Hazell(NYP) * 4 in Brooklyn Charged With Sex Trafficking(NYT)* SoHo murderer gets 25 years for 2009 kitchen knife girlfriend slay(NYT)

Authorities Release Video Of Porn Store Employee's Suspected Killer(NY1)




Police Look For Two Suspects In Shooting By Brooklyn School(NY1)