Sunday, November 27, 2011

True News Update 24/7 Sunday Update - Analysis Not Availabe in the Old Media

'The New Tammany Hall'

The historian of the American city on what Wall Street and the 'Occupy' movement have in common, and how government unions came to dominate state and local politics. . .  

'What has the country so angry," says Fred Siegel, "is the sense that crony capitalism has produced a population that lives off the rest of us without contributing. They're right. It's not paranoid."

At Least the Old Tammany Hall Helped the Poor, Provided Jobs and Organized the 99%
While both the old and new Tammany Hall pocketed the people's money at least the old system represented the poor and middle class against the city's ruling class.  Today's pols from the middle and poor neighborhoods help themselves to funds made available to them because of their position and get reelected in a election system to 98% reelects incumbents. They also make deals with the 1% against the interests of the people that elect them.  For New York Lawmakers, Power of Incumbency Is Nearly Perpetual(NYT)

After Kelly Frees the Press the NYT Says It Was Wrong (Saturday)

Kelly Gets on the Right Side of An Embarrassing Policy (Thursday)

Let Journalists Work, City Police Are Ordered(NYP PBS reporter jailed while covering "Occupy Wall Street" protests in NYC * Don’t arrest reporters, Ray Kelly tells cops(NYDN) * NYPD Orders Officers Not to Interfere With Press(NBC)




The NYPD Should Not Be In Control of Press Passes  . . .  Conflict of Interests

Police and the Press(NYT Ed) The N.Y.P.D.’s guidelines prohibit interfering with news-gathering activity. The department seems to have forgotten that during Occupy Wall Street protests. Kelly should take a hard look at how officers ignored the department’s guidelines for dealing with the news media, which prohibit interfering with news-gathering activity.  In a letter on Monday to Paul Browne, the deputy police commissioner, The New York Times and 12 other news organizations said the police was “more hostile to the press” covering these protests than at “any other event in recent memory.”




Liu Should Get Used to Being In Court

Liu Sued Over Prevailing-Wage Hike(WSJ)  For the second time this year, New York City Comptroller John Liu is facing allegations that his office unfairly inflated wages for city contract workers as he aligns himself with organized labor for a possible mayoral run. This time, a pair of security firms has filed suit against Mr. Liu in Manhattan State Supreme Court contending that his office set an unfairly high "prevailing wage" for building security guards, establishing a minimum hourly rate as high as $18.91, including benefits, up from $11.50 in 2007. 


Why Was Liu Hiding intermediary, or bundler in 2009?

Heat on Liu rising over $$-raising pals(NYP) A Post review of Campaign Finance Board filings found that Liu claimed 80 of his 5,443 contributors were rounded up by six intermediaries. The 5,363 others supposedly wrote checks on their own, maybe after hearing the candidate speak or seeing him on TV. Liu has raised $4.4 million in successful runs for the City Council in 2001, ’03 and ’05 and for comptroller in ’09. He reported that a total of just $30,262 was rounded up by bundlers.


Weprin No Bundlers on $2.5 Million
He noted that Liu 2009 rival David Weprin reported no intermediaries. A spokesman insisted that Weprin “fully complied” with the law but did not explain how it was possible that not one dollar of the $2.5 million he took in was solicited by someone outside his campaign. Two others, ex-Council members Melinda Katz and David Yassky, each reported at least 10 times the intermediary activity that Liu did. Yassky raised $2.9 million, $283,775 bundled. Katz took in $2.6 million, $342,495 via intermediaries. . . A loophole in the city campaign-finance law imposes no penalty and sets no deadline for the reporting of intermediaries. Yet a Liu ally believes the law is open to interpretation.

NYC spends millions but falls short in high-profile effort to punish city’s worst slumlords

City's worst-of-worst buildings dying for a fix and never make it out of rehab 


More DN BS Cheerleader: DN Hamill Says Union Pride the Prefab Housing Says Lower Union Salaries

Lower Pay Does Not Make Union Members Have Pride

Denis Hamill tells why there is so much union pride in building Barclays Center in Brooklyn(NYDN) * Unions save Bruce with big pay cut to get Yards going(Brooklyn Paper)Daily News columnist Denis Hamill rhapsodizes about arena construction(Atlantic Yards Report)


Hospital CEOs $$$

Rich CEOs performing cashectomy on hosps (NYP) The heads of New York City’s biggest medical centers and even of some of the smaller ones — all nonprofits that receive billions in taxpayer money — continue to rake in big bonuses and fat retirement checks.



 Mob looted SoHo Hollister store on violent Black Friday(NYP)

Nation Hears the Giant Sucking Sound Now

Antsy Voters Look for a Third Way To understand why the moment may be ripe for a third-party candidate, consider that when Perot first ran, 39% of Americans said they were dissatisfied with how the nation was being governed; today it's 81%.

When Hailing a Cab for a Stranger Can Be Illegal(NYT) A rule that targeted swindlers preying on tourists prohibits procuring a taxi unprompted for a stranger.

Heroes who saved infant in Thanksgiving blaze share their harrowing stories(NYDN)  * 'Clinging to life': Baby pulled from blaze str(NYDN)

Almost No News Black Friday

Tom Wicker, Times Journalist, Dies at 85(NYT) * NY Times writer who covered JFK assassination dies

Michael Powell (Twitter) Tom Wicker, RIP. His 'On Press' should be required reading, about toady political writers & brain dead cult of objectivity. A great journo

Black Friday - when the 1% tells the 99% to go save the economy
Highest Day of Year of Issuing Parking Tickets

Black Friday Shoppers Fan Out in the Night(NYT) * Holiday-shopping frenzy begins before Black Friday(NYP) * Long hours and big deals lure shoppers as Black Friday begins (NYP) * Occupy protesters take aim at Black Friday(NYDN) * Black Friday Shoppers Lining Up Across Tri-State For Black(WCBS) * 20 Walmart Shoppers Injured In Pepper Spray Incident On Black Friday Eve(Huff Post) *Woman Attacks Fellow Black Friday Shoppers With Pepper Spray At Wal Mart * Shoppers Out In Full Force For Black Friday Sales (NY1)


Report: Smoking In Bed Sparked Brooklyn Fire That Injured Five(NY1) * Fire engulfs Brooklyn home, five injured... * Brooklyn Fire Injures 5, Including 6-Month-Old Girl(WCBS)Five Hospitalized With Serious Injuries Following Brooklyn Apartment FireTwin Women, Baby Among 5 Hurt in BK Fire(NBC) * Horror holiday blaze in Park Slope(NYP) * House fire injures 5 in Brooklyn(WABC)






After the Turner Weprin Race the GOP Has Targeted NY's Jewish Vote Big Time






On the 5th Anniversary of the Sean Bell Shooting the NYPD Press Machine Pushes Out Data On Record Low Police Shootings 

More Coverage of Data Than Bell's 5th Anniversary Protest

Candlelight Vigil To Mark Fifth Anniversary Of Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)* 5th Anniversary Of Police Shooting(WCBS)  

Media Coverage of Record Low Shootings

Beyond the Record Lows, Data on Police Shootings Offer a Wealth of Details(NYT) * Police Shootings Fall(WSJ) * Police-involved shootings drop to all-time low, but more shots fired, NYPD ...(NYDN) * NYPD Stats: Police Had Lowest Level Of Deadly Shootings Last Year(NY1) * NYPD is shooting people less often than ever: report(AMNY)* NYPD: Shooting of Civilians Decreased in 2010(WNYC) * NYPD shootings are at an all-time low thanks to good training (NYPD)

In New York, Mexicans Lag in Education(NYT) * Charter school teachers won’t have to face the state’s new evaluation system; they already facing metrics that charter advocates argue are more demanding. (TU) * CUNY Students Rally With City Council Members To Protest Arrests(NY1) * Charles Barron Joins Chorus Protesting CUNY Tuition Hike (WCBS) *  CUNY dropout rates show public schools aren’t preparing kids(NYDN Ed) * ‘Cheats’ get OK to hide(NYP) * City’s hottest HS? In out-of-the-way S.I.(NYP)

Tuition Protests Closes College Baruch College cancels p.m. classes for Monday(WABC) * New York police beat and arrest students protesting tuition increase (World Socialist Website) *  Baruch Postpones Classes Ahead Of CUNY Board Of Trustees Meeting(NY1)


A Community of Survivors Dwindles(NYT)



$177 Bagel Takes Center Stage At Councilman’s Trial(WCBS)

‘Future’ taxi a ‘weakling’(NYP) A group of cabdrivers insists that the city’s one and only choice of vehicles for the future — the $29,000 Nissan NV2000 — won’t stand up to the wear and tear of what it describes as “the poorly maintained streets of New York.”


Dozens Of Santas March In Annual Sidewalk Santa Parade(WCBS)





Hudson River Park Nears Key Phase (WSJ) A $200 million plan to convert a 900-foot Hudson River pier near the Meatpacking District into a retail, entertainment and park complex is about to take a major step forward. * Hudson River Park Trust By LOT-EK


For 390 years, Americans have counted Thanksgiving blessings(NYDN)

Our Blessings Still Outnumber Our Burdens - Detroit News Thousands Look On As Parade Balloons Take Shape (NY1) *  History of Thanksgiving (History Channel) 

Gabrielle Giffords Serves Thanksgiving Meal to Troops (Newser) * Hundreds Flock To Chelsea Soup Kitchen for Thanksgiving (DNAINFO) * Volunteers Serve Up Thanksgiving Dinner At Bowery Mission(WABC)* Serving up soup, hope across city (NYDN) * T’day Mike does some baked good(NYP) * National Guard Providing Extra Thanksgiving Security At NYC Mass Transit Hubs (WCBS)* Troops Celebrate Thanksgiving in Afghanistan(NBC)* Salvation Army Serves Turkey Dinner(Fox 5) * Mayor brings cookies to NYPD, FDNY near ground zero(WABC) * Gov. Cuomo and his family joined volunteers Thursday morning at the annual Equinox meal. (TU) * Forget Black Friday! Try small business Saturday(NYDN) * 35 Floors Above the Floats(NYT)

Liu's Flack Arzt's Dumps Bad News Over the  Holiday
Only a politician can hope to get away with returning illegally gotten money.  Other bank robbers do not have the option of returning the money upon being caught and walking away. Liu, Under Scrutiny, Is Returning Donations (NYT) So far, about $20,000 has been returned, said George Arzt, a spokesman for Mr. Liu’s campaign. Much of that has been sent back to people connected to companies highlighted in an investigation by The New York Times in October into Mr. Liu’s campaign disclosure reports. The inquiry found that some people listed as his campaign donors insisted that they had never given money. The NYT did not point out the obvious that Liu's straw donors was an attempt to loot the city of matching fund dollars.

The NYT reporters DAVID W. CHEN and BENJAMIN WEISER failed to the flack Artz why Mr. Liu is not making public of the comptrollers bundlers after initially pledging to disclose the identities of those bundlers to the NYT.  The reporters did say "Mr. Liu has not been accused of wrongdoing."  Are they unclear who the illegally gotten cash was intended to help? * Liu refunds 20G  Moves amid questions on campaign $$ (NYP) * NYC Comptroller Campaign Returns $20K In Donations(WCBS) * NYC Comptroller John Liu Sued Over Prevailing-Wage Rate(WCBS)

Looks Like Liu Should Get Used to Being In Court

Liu Sued Over Prevailing-Wage Hike(WSJ)  For the second time this year, New York City Comptroller John Liu is facing allegations that his office unfairly inflated wages for city contract workers as he aligns himself with organized labor for a possible mayoral run. This time, a pair of security firms has filed suit against Mr. Liu in Manhattan State Supreme Court contending that his office set an unfairly high "prevailing wage" for building security guards, establishing a minimum hourly rate as high as $18.91, including benefits, up from $11.50 in 2007.


More Holiday Weekend Dump of News Powerful Interests Want to Go Away
Is the U.S. Attorney Case Against Kruger Unraveling?

Corruption Case Against Developer Is to End (NYT) Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have agreed to drop charges against a real estate developer who was charged in the political corruption case that ensnared State Senator Carl Kruger and seven other people, according to a court document. The developer, Aaron Malinsky, had been accused by prosecutors of paying about $472,000 in bribes to a shell company linked to Mr. Kruger.  The office of Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, said in a court filing that it would drop the charges against Mr. Malinsky if he successfully completed a six-month period of good behavior. 


The feds have quietly dropped all charges against a developer at the heart of the pending corruption case against Kruger
Mr. Kruger’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said Wednesday: “Senator Kruger has maintained from the very start of this case that he is not guilty of any of the charges. The collapse of the Malinsky/Kruger part of the case is a good start on the road to Kruger’s complete exoneration.”  * Kruger may benefit as feds drop case vs. developer(NYDN)

Still More Holiday Weekend Dump

Kelly Gets on the Right Side of An Embarrassing Policy

Let Journalists Work, City Police Are Ordered(NYP PBS reporter jailed while covering "Occupy Wall Street" protests in NYC * Don’t arrest reporters, Ray Kelly tells cops(NYDN) * NYPD Orders Officers Not to Interfere With Press(NBC)


More Police News Holiday Dump

Is the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Damaged?

Puzzle as NYPD tix-fix prober retires The internal-affairs honcho who headed the NYPD’s explosive ticket-fix investigation filed for retirement yesterday. Internal Affairs Bureau Deputy Inspector John McDermott, 46 — in charge of a probe that led to the indictment last month of 16 cops for crimes including official misconduct and conspiracy — earned $146,364 in 2010, records show. “People don’t understand why now,” one puzzled source told The Post. “It doesn’t make sense.” The shocking ticket-fix case is far from over, insiders note, and McDermott’s participation will be crucial. As The Post reported last May, McDermott himself allegedly arranged for a speeding ticket to disappear. The NYPD denied the accusation. * Tix-fix cop bail woe(NYP) José Ramos, the accused drug-dealing cop whose actions sparked the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal, was unable to fix his own bail yesterday, and may end up spending the holidays behind bars.


Larry Seabrook aide testifies at corruption trial that Council member's mistress was useless — at the office (NYDN) * Witness down & flirty(NYP)

'Face of OWS' bailed out by fellow protesters (NYDN) *   Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan Thanksgiving Return To Zuccotti Park(NY1)New School Is Squeezed Between Landlord and Occupiers(NYT) * A Very Zuccotti Thanksgiving: Occupy Preps 5K Meals(NBC) * Occupy Protesters: 3,000 Books Destroyed in Raid(NBC) * Bratton Tapped to Probe UC Davis Pepper-Spray Incident(NBC) * Occupy Wall Street's Librarians Make Demands At Rally(Huff Post) 

 Occupy Los Angeles Plans To Stay At City Hall, Ignore City Deadline To Vacate(Huff Post)* Occupy Wall Street Protesters Share Thanksgiving Feast In Zuccotti Park(NY1) * Protesters Briefly Face Off With Cops During Zuccotti Park Thanksgiving (WCBS) * Protesters Briefly Face Off With Cops During Zuccotti Park Thanksgiving (WABC) * Protest Puts School in Awkward Spot(WSJ) * Occupy protesters take aim at Black Frid...(NYDN) * Krugman: 99% Aims Too Low(NYT) * "Occupy" Protesters To Rally Against Fur Outside Macy’s(NY1) * Occupy Seattle Occupies Wal-Mart | OccupyWallSt.orgOWS Demonstrators Take A Stand Against Fur Products(NY1)From Zuccotti Park, to Oakland and now, Wal-Mart. Pepper spray is the winter’s hot new trend * Devo, Toots and the Maytals, David Crosby and Michael Moore are among the big names collaborating on an Occupy Wall Street album.* Mayor: Occupy LA must leave camp Monday(CBS) Saturday * Occupy L.A. to Be Evicted on Monday * Occupy Wall Street Protests Sharpen Focus(WSJ) * It’s A Liberty Walk! Miley Cyrus Releases Music Video Standing Up For Occupy Wall Street * Occupiers Evicted From the New School; Graffiti Is Left Behind(NYT) * Missing teen found at OWS(NYP)

Now Murdoch Uses His TV Station to Attack Protesters

Cuomo is All Business
“You are kidding yourself if you think you can be one of the highest-taxed states in the nation, have a reputation for being anti-business — and have a rosy economic future.” — Gov. Cuomo on Oct. 17, explaining why he intends to keep his campaign vow and oppose new taxes for New York, including the “millionaires tax”(NYP Ed) * Bloomberg And Cuomo Lash Out After Supercommittee's Failure To Reach Deficit Deal * A summary of the challenges that lie ahead in the upcoming budget season. (GNS) * The governor has a lot to be thankful for this year, but next year’s budget is already shaping up to be tougher than this year’s was.* Read Andrew’s lips (NYP Ed) Fasten your seat belts, New York: Following the collapse of Congress’ debt-reduction supercommittee, Gov. Cuomo on Monday warned that the state’s “fiscal course” has now shifted “dramatically.”

Gov. Cuomo set to cash in on gay-marriage success with LA fund-raiser(NYP) * One of the hosts of Cuomo’s Dec. 2 LA fundraiser, Rob Reiner, is involved in the fight to overturn California’s Prop. 8 – the state constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage.


GOP proposes own redistricting plans for Assembly, Senate | Queens Campaigner

Wall Street layoffs Driving State and City Budgets Into the Red

Wall Street Layoffs Top 200,000 (NY Magazine) * New Yorkers face an average hike in health insurance premiums exceeding 8 percent next year, more than twice the inflation rate, according to state data, and many policyholders are set to pay double-digit increases.

Public Works: His Solution for Unemployment Program 

Interview with La Guardia, Fusion Candidate for Mayor, 1933(video)

Gridlock expected as Obama fund-raiser coincides with tree lighting(NYP) * Obama's Pennsylvania Conundrum - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic * Obama's Catholic Friends and Enemies - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * Out of Touch: Obama Unlikely to Win Again in NH - NH Union Leader * Obama: Shop "Small" on Saturday - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Is Obama Eyeing Clinton for VP? - Pete DuPont, Wall Street Journal * Don't Blame Obama for This Mess - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post * Team Obama Maps Out Path to Victory - Benjy Sarlin, Talking Points Memo * TV Attack Ads Take Aim at Obama, Early and Often(NYT) * The Occupy Disconnect(WSJ)

Gingrich Seizes the Spotlight - David Gergen, CNN * Web & Debates Change Rules of the Race - Michael Barone, DC Examiner * Romney's Craven Equivocations on Immigration - Greg Sargent, Wash Post * Iowa Is in Romney's Sights - Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times * Huntsman Declares War on Too Big to Fail - James Pethokoukis, American * Is Gingrich as Smart as He Thinks? - Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico

 New Hampshire Union Leader's Endorses Gingrich
Surging Newt Gingrich nabs New Hampshire Union Leader's endorsement (MSNBC)* Union Leader endorsed Reagan in 76/80, DuPont in 88, Buchanan in 92/96, Forbes in 00, McCain in 08. Newt in 12...* Newt Gingrich Inc.: How the GOP hopeful went from political flameout to fortune(Wash Post)

Gingrich's History Gap - Los Angeles Times *  NBC Apologizes To Michele Bachmann For ‘Disrespectful’ Jimmy Fallon Song * Image Expert Shapes Romney (His Hair, Anyway)(NYT) * Mitt Romney stands by ad with misleading Obama quote (NYDN) * Lots of Zuccotti left-overs(NYP) * Romney Still Faces a Trust Deficit w/GOP Voters - Maeve Reston, LA Times * Front-runner Gingrich Gets Immigration Grief - Byron York, DC Examiner * The Iowa Polling Guru Speaks - Molly Ball, The Atlantic * Gingrich's Brave Words on Immigration - Globe & Mail * Air Force Broadened and Narrowed Perry(NYT) * Romney Tries to Cut Out Middlemen(WSJ) * Newt Gingrich stands by 'soft' immigration stance(NYDN) * Great Moments In Journalism: New York Times Runs 2 Page Profile Of Mitt Romney’s Hai * Gingrich on the Tea Partiers' Crazy Train - Eric Alterman, The Nation * GOP's Wild Race Could Last Until Convention - Richie & Helgesen, Politico* Mr. Romney on Foreclosures(NYT Ed) * Separating Gingrich fact from fiction (Wash Post)

Bloomberg aides insist his recent spate of slamming D.C. isn’t an effort to deflect attention from his wobbly third term; boosters hope this means the mayor might yet run for president. * Bloomberg for President? - John Podhoretz, New York Post

DOT boss: I won’t ‘permit’ it (NYP) Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan isn’t backing the latest plan to bring residential parking permits to the city, likening the locals-only placards to “hunting licenses” that won’t alleviate most parking woes. * First Ever New York City Slow Zone Curbs Speeding In The Bronx (WCBS)* NYC DOT chief against locals-only parking permits(WABC) * Park’ wrath against Khan(NYP)

MF clients burned 2X(NYP)

 Law and Order
Sunday Kid gets acquitted, freed from jail - then shot dead(NYDN)

Second Gramercy Robbery Attack Caught On Tape(NY1)

Stuy Town Residents Shocked Over Violent Robberies Against Elderly(WCBS)

Saturday Crime spree across New York City claims two lives(NYDN) In a 24-hour span there were eight shootings, five stabbings and at least four slashings — with two of those incidents becoming homicides.

2nd Boy Admits Dropping Mall Cart That Hit Woman(NYT) * Man Guilty of Raping Ex-Girlfriend and Then Framing Her(NYT) * Couple who nabbed 8 kids out of jail(NYDN) * Teen-slay brawl dad indicted(NYP) * Mob wife runs family biz – feds(NYP) * Parents Who Took Eight Kids From Foster Care Released From Custody(NY1) * Brooklyn Teacher Charged With Raping Middle Schooler (NY1) * Brooklyn Community Leaders Pushing To Make Staying Silent On Sex Abuse A Crime (WCBS) * Dad Indicted in Parking Garage Fight That Left Son Dead(NBC) * NY parents get 60 days jail in abduction case(WABC) * Dad Indicted in Parking Garage Fight That Left Son Dead(NBC)*   Candlelight Vigil To Mark Fifth Anniversary Of Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)Suspect Arrested In Shooting Death Of Brooklyn Teen (WCBS) *Locked Up Teens Meditate With Monks(NBC) * Sex Trafficking Victims Get Care from NYC Prosecutors(NBC) * NYC homicide claims teen(WSJ) * Co-ed brutally slain in E. Harlem apt.(NYP) * Pimp outsmarts ‘victim’(NYP) * Queens Homicide Claims Teen(WCBS) * N.Y Mob Boss Found Dead In Montreal(Fox 5) * Woman is charged in beating, robbery on Staten Island Railway(SI Advance) * Gravesite Thefts Devastate Families(NBC) * Police search for Tremont robbery suspect (News 12) * Boyfriend arrested in connection with death of Highbridge woman (News 12) * Manhattan Woman Found Dead In Apartment(NY1) * Suspect Arraigned In Shooting Near Brooklyn High School(NY1) * Suspect Arraigned In Shooting Near Brooklyn High School(NY1)Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Queens Teen (NY1) *Fare-beat busts are way down(NYP) * Handcuffed Escapee Is Recaptured(NYT) * NYPD: Woman Who Escaped Police Custody Received Help(NY1) * A pound of pot & no jail(NYP Ed) * Cops Nab Suspect Who Escaped From NYPD Car(NBC) * Bravest nail thug(NYP) * Booze brawl bust(NYP) * A pound of pot & no jail Want a prime example of how recent Rockefeller drug-law “reforms”...(NYP) * Two sought in violent Bronx home invasion(WABC) * Man driving city car arrested for DWI(WABC) * 3 Manhattan banks robbed on Saturday(Wabc)

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Smuggling 22 Pounds Of Cocaine Into JFK(NY1)

Police Still Searching For Bronx Armed Robbery, Shooting Suspect(WCBS)




Suspect Sought In Violent Bronx Robbery(NY1)




Sofitel staff celebrated DSK sex claim, political 'hit' implied in report(NYP) * The plot to destroy DSK Signs point to trap linked to French pols, mag says


Inquiry Into Press Tactics Turns the Tables on Tabloids(NYT) * J.K. Rowling's Bombshell Testimony To Hacking Inquiry(Huff Post) * Another Murdoch Under Investigation(Huff Post)