Thursday, January 13, 2011

NYC Must Rebuild Its Economy Exceptionalism or Its Cut Cut Cut

Early Generations Made NYC the Business Capital of the World
We have a city government that does not know to to attract business and jobs.  New York leaders are clueless about how NYC became the nations economic engine.  A major challenge for Gov Cuomo will be to come up with a plan to rebuild NY's economy. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's puzzling delay in key state hire Cuomo is raising eyebrows over one he hasn't filled: boss of the state's economic development agency. (DN) * City Cuts to Come (Gotham Gazette)

Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine
Governor De Witt Clinton in spite of a lack of public support, funding, untrained engineers, and unforgiving terrain had the vision and leadership skills to build the Erie Canal in the early 1800's. The canal which opened New York’s manufacturing goods to the Midwest markets was responsible for the state overtaking Boston and Philadelphia to become the commerce and jobs capitol of America - increasing the state’s population five fold, in the decade after it was open. 
A review of New York's economic history and banking policy from 1784 to the Civil War clearly shows that banks and banking policy were central to the state's economic development (and closely entwined with politics). 

NYC Rudderless Economy
Today's City Leaders Limited Themselves To Fighting Cutbacks
What the members now must see is that they are approaching a crucial time when preserving the basics - police, fire, schools and sanitation - will be paramount.  The economic downturn has hammered city revenues, and Albany's budget crisis will soon deliver additional blows. There will not be money to do everything. Much will have to be sacrificed. Recently, the Council staved off proposed nighttime firehouse closings by finding savings elsewhere in the budget. It was a wise trade, but it was a piece of cake compared with the looming financial shortfalls.* Public Advocate: Wal-Mart Would Hurt NY Wages

More Bad Economic News for the CityAs New York City Defends Medicaid Approvals, Fear of Suit’s Fallout Grows Several disability lawyers said on Wednesday that they feared the lawsuit would push the city to institutionalize more people rather than let them live at home.  (NYT)Advocates for the aged are worried about the city's Medicaid lawsuit.
Azi Paybarah Fred Dicker: "we're going to have a brutal war here that will attract national attention." Fred Siegel: "i agree." #nygov #medicaid (Facebook) * Medicaid Redesign Team member Assemblyman Richard Gottfried worries about cutting Medicaid.

Jobless claims are up.*

Snow Team Worked This Time

Thousands of Students and Teachers Stay Home


Paterson Pays Hush Money?  
The state police know more about the Paterson attempt to stop a woman from testifying in court in a demonstrate  violence case involving his top body man Johnson Andy's ire 'rai$ed' Blasts secret State Police pay hikes (NYP) * More state police sleaze(NYP)  * New York's racino operators want Gov. Cuomo to halt plans for Indian-run casino in Catskills (DN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo is launching a statewide tour today in Jamestown to push for his legislative agenda outside Albany. (He’ll be in Watertown tomorrow).* The state budget battle is already taking shape, even though Cuomo won’t release his executive spending plan until Feb. 1.* The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle wants Cuomo to do more than just symbolic gestures when it comes to open government.* State Police Official Punts On Raises * Special Interests By Any Other Name (Updatedx2) Committee to Save NY *Mario Cuomo: New York's Proud Papa

Redistricting Minus Two

Census Brings Unpleasant Surprise for State Politicians

Obama Arizona Speech: 'I Want America To Be As Good As She Imagined It'

Does 71% of American Think People Who Suffer With Mental Illness Should Be Able to Have Guns?  Only 29 percent of US adults think stronger gun control laws would help prevent shootings like last weekend’s Arizona tragedy.*  Silence greets calls for changes in gun laws

Senate Democrats’ Extra Campaign Loan Was And Remains Unguaranteed

Sampson: ‘people will just stab you in the back’ (Video) * State Senate Democrats: It's SO On* Senate departures, thus far * State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox is not impressed with the Senate Dems' money-management skills.

 Subway Fake Inspectors Face the law

Authorities raid crew rooms and seize evidence in fake signal inspection probe (DN)


 10 Years to Tear Down A Building 

Corruption, Death and Organized Crime

At Last, the Sky: The End of a Ground Zero Demolition(NYT)


Parks Department Looks To Attract Gourmet Food Vendors

NYC Parks Look To Expand Food Vendor Selections (WCBS)





New Google Headquarters

Boston $uck$ In first, NY tops Beantown in raising tech funds(NYP) 

Wal-Mart kicked off their New York City campaign.

Second teacher caught in lesbian romp at 'Horndog High' is fired (DN)

Anna Chapman to host of her own TV showFrom real estate to espionage to reality TV, it seems as if there is little this sexy Russian spy isn't doing these days. 

Haagen-Dazs is A Crime?
Terrorism Ghailani Prosecutors Challenge Defense Request for Dismissal (NYT) * Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for supporting plot to bomb JFK Airport (NYP)

Lights, Camera, Astoria The Museum of the Moving Image's renovation and expansion has added some 47,000 square feet of space to the city-owned building that has housed the museum since 1988. (WSJ) * Sing of the Master Builder How do you break into song about a guy who built and bulldozed much of the New York metropolitan area? And why would anyone want to see a production today about a public figure who reigned some 40 years ago?(NYT) * Spider-Man Isn't Home Yet(WSJ) * 'Spider-Man' beats 'Wicked' at Broadway box office(WABC)

The formal announcement of the digital publication owned by News Corp. – the first iPad newspaper – will be made at an event at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Jan. 19 
Sun-Times Media cuts frequency of suburban newspapes; up-to-date news will be available on their websites *Julian Assange Says He Has ‘Insurance Files’ on Rupert Murdoch *Memo To CNN: Keep Parker, Drop Spitzer

How High-Frequency Trading Is Changing Wall Street (NPR)

Michael Bloomberg's opinion page is a glaring conflict of interest The New York mayor promised to recuse himself from the day-to-day operations of his media company 

Is the mayor favoring the Republican LI congressman's plan over the Democratic congresswoman's plan because their districts might be merged? (Twitter)
A failure to lead(NYP) * Bloomberg Skirting Ethics Rule? “This enables Mike to meet with them, talk to them, have influence over what they write.” ( *In the wake of the shootings, Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is introducing legislation that "will prohibit the transfer, importation, or possession of high-capacity magazines manufactured after the bill is enacted."

The Future of Investigative Journalism