Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Forgotten  American

Demand At Food Pantries On The Rise, New Report Says(NY1)

NYCHA Prepares For Severe Budget Cuts From Congress(NY1)

WATCH; 15 Arrested As Students Protest Tuition Hikes (Huff Post)




Gov Smith Fought the Machine on Redistricting. . .   Today Coumo Fights the Incumbent Protection Society 

Al Smith blamed local party leaders “who were unquestionably actuated by political motives.” He said they went so far as “to bedevil the whole situation” by creating a skinny district in Manhattan that zigzagged from the Hudson River east from Bleecker Street on the south and 101st Street on the north.  Way Back Machine: Long Before Cuomo, Slaying the Gerrymander Long before Andrew M. Cuomo vetoed a redistricting plan, Gov. Alfred E. Smith cursed district lines that he said would "go around corners and up alleys to escape any portion of the population of Manhattan Island that experience teaches are prone to vote the Democratic ticket."(NYT) 





NYT: NY lawmakers must settle on a June primary election date to save the state $50 million in needless costs from holding a 3rd primary

How Many Primaries in New York? New York State is facing the ridiculous and costly possibility of holding three primaries next year. Voters shouldn’t have to deal with an extra one. (NYT Ed)



Nonprofit Employees Testify In Seabrook Corruption Trial(NY1)



The $800 Tour 

City's Chief Financial Officer Vows to Remain on the Job(WSJ) * The John Liu Reassurance Tour, continued (Capital)







Occupy Movement Homeless

The New School is gently trying to end a student encampment inside a study space it subleases from J.P. Morgan Chase after developer Aby Rosen’s RFR Holdings said it violates fire codes,  Landlord Balks at New School Occupation(WSJ) * Occupy Protesters Try To Maintain Momentum Without Downtown Campsite(NY1) * Occupy Ottawa protesters evicted by police (CBC) *  NY Media Orgs Condemn Zuccotti Park Blackout(Huff Post)*Buying off Occupy L.A. - Los Angeles Times*  New School Occupy Protesters to Move (NYT) * Occupy protests have cost taxpayers at least $13 million nationwide, according to an AP survey.* One Occupy Albany protestor is ending his nightly get-arrested effort in the state-owned Lafayette Park. 


Sen. Eric Adams, a former NYPD officer, recalls: “In the N.Y.P.D. patrol guide, it clearly states that a member of the press ‘will not be arrested for trespassing unless there is a specific complaint.’” 

The Post asks the real Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to please stand up, saying she approves of Occupy Wall Street while taking almost $1 million in donations from Wall Street:Kirsten the chameleon(NYP Ed)




 Economy and Taxes Suck

City ZIPs zapped by taxes Metro area leads nation in fed payouts (NYP) Nine of the 10 most heavily taxed neighborhoods in the United States are in the New York metro area — including six in Manhattan, according to IRS data. *The state pension fund lost 8.9 percent of its value over the past three months. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli blamed the “sluggish economy.”

A newly-disclosed memo shows that labor unions and the Bloomberg administration were in rough agreement three years ago about a living wage mandate on city-subsidized projects – before the Kingsbridge project drove them apart    When The Living Wage Was A Middle Ground (CHN)  Divided City Council Holds Heated Hearing On Living Wage Bill(NY1)* City Council ‘wages’ war(NYP) * Council Speaker Hears Sharp Debate on Wage Proposal(NYT) * Quinn Neutral in Wage Battle(WSJ) * Ruben Diaz Jr. leads charge for workers(NYDN) * Bill of goods(NYDN Ed) * Harlem Councilwoman Inez Dickens writes in the Daily News that she no longer supports the living wage bill because it would hurt small businesses in her district(NYDN) *  Advocates for the bill were buoyed by the Occupy Wall Street movement. * Stephen Spinola of the Real Estate Board of New York testified: “The still-empty Kingsbridge Armory is a testament to the deterring effect of wage mandates and how they can thwart otherwise promising developments.”


Down in D.C., holiday parties are either being slimmed down or cancelled altogether to reflect the difficult financial times. * Residents of the 10021 zip code pay the highest taxes in the country. [Chuck Bennett]




Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High” McMillian’s landlord is trying to get him evicted from a Manhattan apartment.





Parents Protest DOE Officials' Threats To Close 47 City Schools(NY1)

Seven developers have submitted proposals to build up to 225 hotel rooms and 180 apartments in two buildings on the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Journal reports:

Occupy guy slips protest note to Bam(NYP) * Obama Makes Carter Look Good - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal * Should Liberals Be More Thankful for Obama? - Joan Walsh, Salon * To Win Reelection, Obama Must Go Big - Tom Friedman, New York Times * Why Obama Is Right to Go Negative in 2012 - Ed Kilgore, The New Republic *Granite State Swinging Against Obama? - Jennifer Tulumello, CS Monitor

Spirited Debate Includes a Test of Gingrich’s Rise(NYT) * Gingrich Calls for Regime Change in Iran(WSJ) * Romney's name gaffe, debt crisis and immigration dominate debate(NYDN) * Rising GOP star Thune set to endorse Romney(NYDN) * Newt Gingrich Sticks Neck Out On Immigration, Risking Conservative Backlash (VIDEO) * Searchable Republican primary debate (Wash Post) * Did Michele Bachmann Reveal Classified Intelligence During CNN’s GOP Debate? * Newt Gingrich Under Fire At Debate For Supporting ‘Humane’ Immigration Policy * At last night’s GOP presidential debate, Rick Santorum came out in favor of the racial profiling of Muslims.* GOP Candidates Show Differences on Natl Security - Balz & Gardner, WP * Romney Bets He Can Win Iowa - Niall Stanage, The Hill * A respected political reporter pans Mitt Romney's ad in New Hampshire as extraordinarily dishonest. [Thomas DeFrank]







MTA has temporarily suspended blasting on Second Ave. because of dust complaints 

2nd Ave. blasts on hold: MTA(NYP) * Subway Blasting Around 72nd St. Is Halted(NYT) * Air Quality Worries Halt Subway Blasts(WSJ) * Second Ave. subway blasting halted following angry complaints(NYDN) * Dust and Odors From 2nd Ave. Subway Project Worry Residents(DNA Info)



In 2008  SAT, ACT Cheats Get Off Easy Agencies under fire for canceling scores without exposing, punishing students

SAT busts adding up 40 students implicated in scandal(NYP) * 20 Students Now Accused in L.I. Case on Cheating(NYT) *  Admissions Cheating Probe Widens(WSJ)



President Bloomberg and Sectary of Eduction Black
Bloomberg dropped by a holiday party hosted by former Schools Chancellor Cathie Black at her Park Avenue apartment Monday night, where “fellow guests could only focus on Black’s eye-catching gold minidress,” the Post’s Page Six notes:   * Bloomberg’s repeated public condemnations of Obama and Congress for the supercommittee’s failure has reignited speculation bout his White House aspirations. (Perhaps that was the intention all along, Kevin Sheekey?) * The mayor told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: “I have a commitment to the public to serve four years. I’m going to honor that commitment. I’ve got a great job. I love it every day. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Corzine’s missing millions(NYP Ed) * Ex-New York Mayor Ed Koch Blasts Insider Trading Reported by Peter Schweizer * Corzine's History of Using Other People's Money - Steven Malanga, NY Post




James Murdoch Resigns As Director Of News International’s UK Newspaper Boards * Australian News Corp. Exec Accused of Attempted Bribery (Ad Week)



Ad makes it look like J.Lo is driving in Bronx, but it's really a double(NYDN)




Fight Ends as Actress Gives Up Apartment(NYT)



City Says Don’t Fault It for $3 Cheese at Sardi’s(NYT)




 Another Mad Bomber

 Death to, er, Bayonne ‘Terror plotter’s weird NJ fixation(NYP)*In Terror Case, Legal Aid Society Exits Because Informer Was Client(NYT) * Conflict in Bomb Case(WSJ) * Legal Aid Society Pulls Out of Terror Case, Citing Conflict (WSJ) * Courts Test Miranda Rights Limits in Terror Cases(NYT)


50 Cents A Gun
A vending machine in the Bronx is selling toy guns for 50 cents each, much to parents dismay.* Toy Guns Upset Bronx Parents(NYT)

 Brooklyn Rape Suspect Struck Twice, Police Say(NY1)

Law and Order

Man shot by cops(NYP) * NY cops to discuss school bus hit by bullet(WSJ) * Stabbing ends wild spat on F train(NYDN) *  Two men shot by task force cops in Inwood(NYDN)  * Female Public School Teacher Charged With Rape (NBC) * Second Boy In Harlem Shopping Cart Toss Pleads Guilty(WABC) * Livery Driver Quits After Beating, Carjacking In The Bronx; Police Seeking 3 Suspects(WABC)