Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A String Of Democratic Victories, And A Good Night For Cuomo, 3 for 3

Did last nite mark end of GOP gains in dem-dominated NY? Jay Jacobs: Yes. Ed Cox: No

Several local Democrats running with strong backing from Gov. Andrew Cuomo pulled off victories last night, a sign of the governor’s growing political clout and perhaps of how the Occupy Wall Street message filtered down to some key local races in an otherwise anemic election year. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who went three for three with his highest profile endorsements last night, seeing Steve Bellone (Suffolk County executive), Mark Poloncarz (Erie County executive) and Mike Spano (Yonkers Mayor) all sweep their respective races, is in NYC with no public schedule.   Dem takes Suffolk race(NYP) * Bellone, a Democrat, Elected Suffolk Executive(NYT) * Democrats Expand Their Hold on New Jersey Legislature, Despite Christie’s Efforts(NYT) * Mark Poloncarz Declares Victory in Erie County (YNN) 

 Democrats Win Key Races in 2 States(WSJ) * Obama rising? GOP loses on birth control with Personhood rejection(NYDN) * S.I. District Attorney Donovan Claims Electoral Victory(NY1)* Christie’s Bid to Extend His Clout Falls Flat(NYT) * Results: Bellone Cruises To Victory In Suffolk County Executive(WCBS) * Voters Reject Controversial 'Personhood' Amendment(Huff Post) * Whether Democrats keep their veto-proof supermajority in the Westchester County Board of Legislators depends on a recount in a single race * SI DA Dan Donovan won re-election in his rematch with Democratic challenger Mike Ryan with another big margin of victory (SI Advance) 

The GOP retained control of the Nassau County Legislature.* The Suffolk County executive-elect now faces an estimated $135 million county deficit and the possibility of laying off hundreds of workers. * Two anti-hydrofracking Democrats won Otsego County Board of Representatives seats, deadlocking the body at seven Dems and seven Republicans.* Pro-drilling candidates were successful in Sullivan County. * A.M. Roundup: Election results (TU)



Brooklyn's Joins the 1%  Or 2%Turn Out


Less that 40,000 voters out of over a million registered voted turn up at the poll yesterday. 8 Judge races 4 unopposed * The rest of the city had the same low turnout


Jury Begins Weighing a Legislator’s Fate(NYT) * Jurors To Continue Deliberations In Boyland Trial(NY1) *  NY Jurors Deliberate Assemblyman's Fate( Court House News Service)


Pension Reform Pushback: May Be Stuck in Albany

 Two top labor leaders are pushing back against a proposal by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Comptroller John Liu to consolidate the city’s five pension plans, Teamsters President (and 2013 mayoral hopeful) Greg Floyd. City Pension Plan Getting Pushback(WSJ) * Bid to Alter Pension Plans Is Criticized(NYT) * TWU President John Samuelsen said he doesn’t know anything about the pension reform plan, and joined Floyd and NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is questioning it.




NYPD Scandals Effects Policy

NYPD copes with spate of corruption allegations(WSJ) * One outcome of the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal is that minor arrests are not being dismissed, writes the Times’ Jim Dwyer, citing a college student held for 36 hours for entering a park after curfew with no ID * NYPD Copes With Spate of Corruption Allegations (NBC)






NYT Joins NYP Attack On OWS, DN Dangerous  Drums. . .  Crosby Nash Sing

Folk Rockers Crosby, Nash Sing Praises For Occupy Wall Street(NY1)Thief nailed at Zuccotti(NYP) * At Scene of Wall St. Protest, Concerns Over Crime(NYT) * Occupy Movement Inspires Unions to Embrace Bold Tactics(NYT) *  At Zuccotti Park, a Sound of the '60s(NYT) * Video: Crosby and Nash at Zuccotti Park(NYT) *  Mayor Bloomberg says tax everyone(NYDN) * Expert: Drumming noise a danger at Occupy Wall Street(NYDN) * Wall Street’s Web of Deceit (Independent) * The NYPD has ceded safety patrol of Zuccotti Park to Occupy Wall Street.

 OWS on DC Road Trip

2 Week March to DC to Arrive Before Super Committee Votes

OWS Protesters March To D.C.(Fox 5) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan March To D.C.(Huff Post)The Occupy Wall Street movement mirrors grassroots protests against bribery in India, but here the financial services industry can legally buy off Congress (NYT)

Four Democrats who hope to oust freshmen House GOP members in NY next year say their focus will be on the economy. 

Homeless Increase

The number of people living in New York City’s homeless shelters has risen to more than 40,000 for the first time after the city ended a rent subsidy earlier this year  City's Homeless Count Tops 40,000(WSJ) * Brooklyn family fights hunger with food pantry(NYDN)


What Will Happen to NY's Budget After 30% Wall Street Decline?

Report: Wall Street Bonuses Will Decline 20 To 30 Percent This Year(WNYC)  








Hospitals Will Cut Nurses Pay Before Docs and Administrators 

Nurses, Hospitals Skirmish(WSJ) The state's largest nurses union is clashing with management at several New York City hospitals over demands that nurses begin paying health-care premiums under new contracts.




Golden Bulks Up on Anti-Gay $$$

Republican senators who voted for same-sex marriage last spring are counting on a flood of gay money to help them keep their seats next year – but the opponents plan to make their voices heard as well. An invitation making the rounds in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn from the Catholic War Veterans of Kings County asks veterans to attend a reception for Republican Sen. Marty Golden “for his fearless defense of the sanctity of marriage.” The reception, to be held Monday at the senator’s Brooklyn law office – in the same building as his district office – will presumably help him as he tries to keep his seat amid a strong Democratic push.*Town clerk in upstate same-sex marriage flap re-elected (NYP)


Gonzalez: Cuomo should pass livery cab bill(NYDN)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) in intrvw denies $ & family ties delaying taxi bill."Only a person who never met [me & dad] would say that"


 Etiquette Expert: Mayoral Hopeful's Disrespectful Habit Needs To Stop ASAP

Speaker Quinn Seems Hell-Bent To Chew Her Way All The Way To Gracie Mansion(WCBS) *  ity Council Speaker Christine Quinn did not endorse the Democrat who challenged Republican D.A. Dan Donovan, who is a Bloomberg ally. Republican Guy Molinari said Quinn "did the right thing. She rose above politics and refused to endorse the Democrat. She won enormous respect from me and from our party." [Tom Wrobleski and Judy Randall]* Chris Quinn Gets Chewed Out by Etiquette Expert [Video]


Moammar Khadafy was 'my hero,' Brooklyn pol proclaims(NYDN)




Food Trucks SweeteryNYC, Korilla BBQ Serving Free Food For Rest Of The Week(WCBS)


An Avenue's Shaky Rebirth(WSJ)




 CSI: Spiting on MTA Drivers

NY1 Exclusive: MTA To Change Emergency Response Policy Following Assault On Bus Driver Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes may start using DNA to track down and prosecute transit riders who spit on MTA bus drivers and subway workers, which happens 14 times a month, 

DNA to track down spitting straphangers?(NYDN)MTA finally gets it: ‘Patience’ wears thin (NYP) The MTA will no longer lecture straphangers about patience every time there’s a train delay.*  DA: No spit, Sherlock!(NYP)*  DNA may be used to track low-lifes who spit on MTA workers(NYDN)


Injured Worker Dies Following Brooklyn Construction Site Collapse(NY1) * Construction worker killed in collapse(NYDN)* Building Collapse In Brighton Beach Claims Life Of 1 Of(WCBS) * Worker dies after Brooklyn building collapse(WABC)






 New New York: What the near future will bring (PHOTOS)

Amid Anger Over Idea of Charging Tuition, an Inquiry Is Urged on Cooper Union’s Finances(NYT)




 California should stand firm with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and others holding out for a better deal with banks on an expansive mortgage settlement the Obama administration is pushing for, writes the Times * Nearly 29% of Mortgages Underwater (NBC)



Woman catches alleged groper on camera (WABC) * Brooklyn Touching Victim Takes Photos of Suspect(NBC)




Boy, 4, shot in Bronx(NYP) * 4-Year-Old Shot In Robbery(Fox 5) * 4-Year-Old, Teen Shot in Bronx(WABC) * Police: 4-Year-Old Shot During Attempted Bronx Robbery (NY1)





Police: Queens Landlord Kills Tenant Before Committing Suicide(NY1)

 Law and Order

Landlord bloodbath(NYP) * Ex-Fugitive Is Suspected of New Plot(NYT) * Teen shot outside prominent charter school(NYDN) * Queens landlord-tenant fight ends in murder-suicide by machete Landlord kills tenant in rent dispute, then takes own life Qns. machete horror(NYDN) * Teen shot outside Harlem school (NYDN) * Qns. HS ‘bully’ lawsuit(NYP) * Two dead after tenant, landlord dispute in Queens(WABC) * Man Attempted to Rape 2 Women in Astoria Building: Cops(NBC)


Jon Stewart Skewers Former NJ Gov. Jon Corzine For Risky Bank Bets




Piers Morgan To Newt Gingrich: Is Your ‘Bitterness’ Toward The Media A Result Of Your Scandals?




James Murdoch to Face More Questioning(NYT)

Jon Stewart Defends NPR, Mocks Sean Hannity





Stealth strip club bared (NYP) Red Hook neighbors say they were promised a nightclub -- but wound up with the “Bada-Bing.”