Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Seabrook Kickback Trial: An Apparent Set-Back for Prosecutors

Witness Says Councilman Never Asked for Kickbacks(NYT) * Kickback Trial Opens(WSJ) * Corruption Trial Begins For Councilman Larry Seabrook(NY1)




Per Manhattan DA: Councilman Ruben Willis pleas guilty to criminal mischief days after he is elected to a full term *  Queens councilman Ruben Wills finally cops to 1996 theft (NYP)





 William Boyland found NOT GUILTY Corruption Trial

Assemblyman Acquitted in Bribery Case (NYT) * What are you gonna do next? Boyland: sleep. NY1′s Josh Robin tweets that relieved parents and allies of Boyland ripped the media for coverage of that lawmaker. Boyland, according to Robin, says he plans to “sleep” now that the trial is over. * Assemblyman Acquitted in Bribery Case(NYT)* Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture from his trial after he was acquitted of bribery charges.  

Michael Powell (Twitter) Assembyman Boyland, who rarely files bills and rarely shows up in Albany proves too innocuous to convict?
senatorparker (Twitter) Congratulations Assemblyman Boyland! Never let them question your character.





Liu and His Secret Fund Raisers 

NYC Comptroller John Liu promised the NYT he’d reveal the names of his bundlers, but campaign attorney Marty Connor now says it could be “months” before that occurs, and the CFB will get them first.  Liu Delays Giving Names of Campaign Fund-Raisers(NYT) Despite pressure to explain his fund-raising practices, will not reveal the names of fund-raisers for several months, a lawyer for the campaign said. Ex-Sen Marty Connor, attny 4 NYC Comptroller Liu, won't give bundler names to NYT, could b months, & CFB gets them 1st.


Liu Does His Job: Another Bloomberg Failed Contract 

GPS Units So Faulty, They Showed Fire Trucks in New York Harbor(NYT) According to two audits, the fire and sanitation departments overpaid to install in their trucks custom-made GPS tracking units that did not even work properly. Liu’s office found that millions of dollars that Bloomberg spent on customized GPS units on fire and garbage trucks didn’t prevent glitches like showing the vehicles in New York Harbor or Long Island Sound *  Audit Finds City's GPS Initiative Way Off Course (NY1)





Ticket Fixing Fall-Out: Cops Want More Than Culture Protest From Their PBA President

Police Union President Faces Revolt in Wake of Ticket-Fixing Scandal(NYT) Patrick J. Lynch, the longtime president of the PBA, faced a rare revolt from a group of about 30 delegates assigned to precincts in the Bronx. *NYPD is rabble roused(NYP) * Union bigs call on PBA boss to quit (NYP) * You cannot park & $lide No more tix break for waiving trial(NYP) * The AP takes a look at the recent scandals engulfing the NYPD. * Successful Ticket-Fixing Inquiry, Despite a Barber (NYT) * Brakes Being Applied To Parking Ticket Reprieve Program (NY1) * Cops Still Get Asked to Fix Tickets Despite Arrests(DNAInfo)




Cuomo's High Poll Numbers Pays Off 

Will the NYC's mayoral race be next on the gov list?  Will the 2013 contest really be Cuomo vs Bloomberg? With each having their puppet candidate.

Cuomo Calls Vote Results ‘Big Victory’ for New York(NYT) * Election spin from state GOP Chief of staff Anthony Casale: “Overall it was a mixed bag. When you consider we are a Democratic state, we held our ground.” * Will Cuomo Go All In In ’12?(YNN)

Back to Common Sense at the Polls In state after state, the extreme agenda of Republican lawmakers was rejected. Weary voters dragged them back toward the center. (NYT Ed)






Here Come da Cuomo Judges 

Judicial Openings Give Cuomo Sway Over Courts (WSJ) 

Shocking: NYP Hits Cuomo on Budget Update Delay

Cuomo cited market uncertainty for his delay in delivering a mid-year financial update, but that excuse is weak, could be used any year and is a move towards less transparency, E.J. McMahon writes in the Post. “The damage is to transparency as much as anything. It’s a good budget habit,” McMahon said, noting former Gov. George Pataki released budget projections two weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, “and we were at war.” *  

DiNapoli: Deficit Could Hit Nearly $3B

 Cuomo's Al Haig Moment

Get your very own “I am government” ring tone, compliments of The Capitol.


Brooklyn Hospitals Endanger of Closing

Seeking a Cure for Troubled Hospitals in Brooklyn(NYT)  Planners appointed by Cuomo are studying ways to deliver health care to the poor as some private medical centers are in danger of closing. A Cuomo task force is considering paying off more than $1 billion owed by several struggling Brooklyn hospitals and letting for-profit companies run them instead of shutting them down.

Inconclusive results in two Nassau County Legislature races, which leave up in the air which party will be in control, could further hobble the cash-strapped county, Newsday argues:

Judge Picks Monitor to Oversee Minority Hiring by the Fire Department(NYT)







Bloomberg Dumps on the Homeless, Mentally Ill and Those Addicted  

NYC No Shelter From the Storm

The Times’ Michael Powell questions the Bloomberg administration’s new policy of discouraging homeless adults, many with mental health or addiction problems, from staying in the city’s homeless shelters:  * The TU pans the state’s system of caring for the developmentally disabled, calling it an “overpriced disgrace.” * Sharp Criticism Greets Bid to Limit Access to Homeless Shelters (Gotham Gazette) * Update  City Agrees To Delay New Shelter Policy(NY1)

David W. Chen (Twitter) . reports on new homeless policy, with "Directive 94 ADM-20," that perhaps evokes movie "brazil"

State DOE: Number Of Failing City Schools Skyrockets(NY1)

 RR Overtime Abuse

New Audit Signals Railroad Abuses Metro-North Railroad signal workers and their supervisors ran up nearly $1 million in unnecessary overtime payments last year by exploiting work rules, New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli concluded in an audit released Wednesday.(WSJ) * Overtime gravy train at the MTA(NYDN) * OT ‘railroads’ taxpayers: DiNapoli(NYP)* At least two MTA workers are being investigated for falsifying time sheets. The outgoing cell phone message of one says, “I was sitting around doing nothing. All of of sudden I got real busy. If you leave a message and number, I will return your call.”


City housing computer glitch causes eviction nightmare

NYHA Mistaken Eviction Notices

PA de Blasio found the city Housing Authority’s $36 million computer system is failing to make some rent subsidy payments and has resulted in landlords moving to evict tenants


Architects of condo in deadly collapse 'operated on fringe'(NYDN)







Analysis | Close Friends in City Government: Money and Politics (WNYC) * Joyce Purnick takes a look at the seamy underside of money and local politics, including Bloomberg, Liu and Markowitz.







The Rich At Play With the Media

Merryl Tisch categorically denied a report that she was thinking of running for mayor, despite a Page 6 item suggesting she was leaning towards it.






 Supreme Court Election Has Low Turnout(Brooklyn Inc)





Prosecutors To Arrest At Least 35 Students In SAT, ACT Cheating Scandal

Student Arrests (WCBS)

An investigation into cheating on college entrance exams on Long Island has expanded to include students at five Nassau County schools who took the ACT, a test similar to the SAT, the Times notes:



NYP Attacks OWS Again: Ignores Vet Protesting of Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street protesters could learn a thing or two about honor and personal responsibility from veterans marching in the annual New York City Veteran’s Day parade tomorrow, the Post says: War veterans join Occupy Wall Street protest(Video) * Protesters Find Common Ground With Bloomberg In "Occupy The Highway" March(NY1) * Zuccotti Park's Burgeoning Micro-Neighborhoods May Indicate Deeper Divisions 

Reawakening The Radical Imagination: The Origins Of Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post) * Mayor Bloomberg is making zig-zagging statements about the Occupy Wall Street protests, David Seifman writes. * Raw Video: Arrests at UC Berkeley 'Occupy' Camp(Your Feee Press) * EMT assaulted at Zuccotti Park protest(NYP) * Zuccotti Park Protester Charged With Assault(NYT) * Bachmann Speech Interrupted by Protesters Shouting ‘We Are the 99 Percent’(ABC)* Occupy Wall Street Airs TV Ads(Slate) * Dozens Of Occupy Protesters Arrested At Berkeley (NPR) * OWS Protesters Plan Anti-Wal Mart Events Ahead of Crystal Bridges Opening  * Sixties Joan Baez is scheduled to make an appearance at Zuccotti Park tomorrow. Organizers say she will headline a concert.*  NYPD sends elite detectives to Wall St. protests (NYP) * 57 Seconds of Video From Oakland Shows the Power of Citizen Journalism (NYT) * Is Jay-Z Trying to Profit From Occupy Wall Street? (Gawker)


Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street(Rolling Stone)






The Business Council got an early jump on the 2012 elections by releasing its latest voters guide. …Not surprisingly, the guide deems Downstate Democrats as the most “anti-job” members of the state Legislature.

Poll: Veterans Looking for Food Help(WSJ) A Marist poll finds one in four New York City families with a military veteran struggles to put food on the table and must cut back or rely on food pantries or government aid.



Obama administration scrapping plans for 15-cent fee on each Christmas tree sold to pay for promotional program(NYDN)





‘60 Minutes’ to Look at Lawmakers and Stocks(NYT)







Students Riot Over Paterno Firing in Happy Valley  

Paterno Is Out and President Steps Down at Penn State(NYY) * Thousands of Students Riot After Paterno Is Ousted(NYT) * Joe had to go(NYDN Ed) * Penn State trustees fire Paterno; students protest decision(NYP) * DA Who Probed Penn State Coach Vanished(NBC) * Report: Jerry Sandusky Investigated For Allegedly Pimping Boys To Rich Donors

WATCH: Video of ants skittering over Jesus enrages Christians(NYDN)

Bloomberg's $$$ Wins Gun Battle But Loses the War
Bloomberg's anti-gun candidates win in Va.(NYDN) * All six of the pro-gun control Virginia state Senate candidates backed by Bloomberg won, but it won’t make a difference in policy, thanks to a lone GOP win in the southern part of the state.

Barbara Sheehan Sentenced To Five Years On Weapon Charge(WCBS) * Queens Woman Who Killed Husband Is Sentenced to 5 Years on Gun Charge(NYT)

LI pharmacy shooter to serve 5 consecutive life terms in lonely cell(NYP)


FBI photos of suspects in Bronx armed robbery(news 12) * Bullets Fly During Bronx Armored Truck Robbery Attempt(NY1)


Gunman Wounds Nurse and Guard at Bronx Hospital(NYT) * Bullets fly in Bronx hosp ER(NYP) * Two Workers Injured In Shooting At Bronx Hospital(NY1)

Man Not Charged for Shooting After His Son Was Wounded(NYT) * Boy, 4, shot for a coat(NYP) * Teen Charged With Bronx Robbery Attempt That Left Young Boy Critically Wounded(NY1)


 Police: Dad Seeks Revenge After 4-Year-Old Shot in Robbery(WSJ) * Dad opens fire on would-be robber who shot toddler in the face(NYDN)

Law and Order

Witness says accused rapist threatened him(NYDN) * Shooting of student outside Harlem charter school moves educator to turn to police for help (NYDN)Perp busted with $3.5M in bogus bags(NYDN) * Teens often loiter at East Harlem mall where woman was hurt by thrown shopping cart(NYDN) * Say murder surge targets minorities(NYDN) * Man Not Charged for Bronx Shooting After His Son Was Wounded(NYT) * Suspect Named in Hospital Shooting (Fox 5) * Community Leaders Push For More Security Following Rash Of Bronx Shootings (NY1)


Twitter   Suspected al-Qaeda member indicted in NYC


Rick Perry Night Off. . .  Oops

Another Rick Perry debate gaffe. (No, it wasn’t a glitch in your cable box). Can he recover from this one? He’s trying.* Rick Perry blanks on government agency in giant GOP debate blunder(NYDN) * Herman Cain sex harass accuser Sharon Bialek says Cain has ‘complete amnesia’(NYDN)


Jon Stewart Comes Up With A Good Reason Why Cain Should Take A Lie Detector Test



 The Murdoch Mafia

James Murdoch Faces Skeptical British Lawmakers(NYT)