Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City Council Held Hearings on the Corrupt CityTime Contract and Found Nothing

City Council the Fix is Fixed

City Hall Admits Mishandling Technology Projects(NYT)  After 11 arrests by the feds of those involved with the CityTime contract the Bloomberg administration admitted the reality when they agreed to support a city council bill alert them when a city contract runs into problems.  A lot of good that will do.  On May 8 2008 the city council held hearing on the troubled Citytime contract and the corruption when on for 3 more years * Cas Holloway admitted at a City Council hearing that the Bloomberg administration had bungled some of its contract with outside technology consultants, and pledged greater oversight.




City Council is Shocked That There Was Corruption in the CityTime Contract

How Will Being Alerted Help Them Stop Bad Contracts When They Knew About CityTime Corruption and Did Nothing?

Time-Out Proposed For CityTime System - City Limits Magazine(May 19, 2008) * City Council to probe CityTime; timekeeping and payroll system(Dec 18, 2009)



All the publishers of the city papers told us to support a third term for Bloomberg because he was a good manager . . . Now He Admits He Need Oversight to Manage the City

Bloomberg's Term Limits Scheme  How Mayor Mike gamed the system (Robbins, Village Voice)






How Does A City That Mishandles Tech Contracts Expect to Become A Tech University Center? 

By Deadline, 7 Bids in Science School Contest(NYT) * Bloomberg amazed by 'genius school' proposals(NYDN)










The NYT Finally Writes An Editorial About the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal, But It is Limited 

The Times calls NYPD officers who protested arrests in ticket-fixing scandal “thuggish,” and calls on Commissioner Ray Kelly to change the department’s culture

The Ticket-Fixing Scandal(NYT) The Gray Lady lists the problems but does not look into the real evidence that a secret police that fixes cases well beyond traffic tickets is operating in NYC.  This secret police could be involved in blackmail.  This morning on Curtis Sliwa radio show the host said the cops are threading to spill the beans on pols and even those who worked in the DA's office who had tickets fixed.  A pols who had tickets fixed will never for a bill limiting pension funds to cops or anything else the PBA feel not in the best interest of the force. * EXCLUSIVE: Undercover cop who exposed tix fix scandal to be promoted in secret ceremony(NYP)

 Top Cop Cover Up

Cop boss dodges DA charges(NYP)A top cop -- already shamed in a love-triangle scandal -- avoided arrest in the sweeping Bronx ticket-fixing crackdown but now faces departmental charges in that ongoing disgrace, The Post has learned. Deputy Inspector John D’Adamo is being investigated internally after he was caught on a wiretap in June 2010 asking an underling to fix a ticket. Hernandez and another PBA trustee, Joseph Anthony, worked to kill the ticket, the papers allege.But Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson didn’t charge D’Adamo. Instead, Hernandez and Anthony were left holding the bag and now face more than 100 criminal counts each.
NYT Metro Desk (Twitter)  Breaking: NYC police detective convicted of misconduct for planting drugs on two innocent people in Queens. Brooklyn Detective Convicted of Planting Drugs on Innocent People(NYT)


NYT Pushing Quinn Almost Daily

The Times urges Mayor Michael Bloomberg to end the city’s practice of requiring food-stamp recipients be fingerprinted, saying the practice discourages people from applying for help: http://nyti.ms/vdj64x * The NYT supports NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s push to end fingerprinting requirement for food stamps. 



Bad Week for Liu $527,400 Poster Fine Upheld
Loss of Pension, Now Hang up With His Illegal Posters

The biggest Liu-ser! (NYP) City Comptroller and mayor wannabe John Liu has lost his challenge to the biggest campaign-poster fine ever meted out in the Big Apple, according to records released yesterday. City Comptroller John Liu must pay more than $500,000 in illegal signage fines he owes from the 2009 election, an Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings ruled yesterday * The Daily News calls the ruling holding City Comptroller John Liu liable for his signage violations “common sense” and urges Liu to pay up: * Mayoral hopeful and Teamsters president Greg Floyd doesn’t approve of the city’s new pension reforms.

TROUBLE AHEAD FOR PENSION REFORM PLAN? The head of Teamsters Local 237 is upset he and other labor leaders weren’t consulted before the mayor and comptroller unveiled their pension reform plan last week, and is questioning whether it will be good for his members: (CHN)

Good to Be the King: Insiders Get Pay Raisers

As public employees face pay cuts, the Senate GOP is giving cost of living (6% on average) raises to staffers

State’s GOP in hell-rai$er(NYP) While unionized state workers are getting hit with three years of wage freezes, and Gov. Cuomo and his top aides are taking 5 percent wage hikes, state Senate Republicans are doling out pay hikes to most of their Capitol staffers, The Post has learned. * Head of city biz agency secretly gave secretary 3 big raises – in 7 months! 

Primary Date in Court

State Defends Ballot System(WSJ) State election officials on Monday pushed back against the federal government's effort to move up New York's primary, saying last year's ballot mailing problems caused just a single military vote to go uncounted because it was received too late. New York State Election Board officials are fighting back against the Justice Department’s effort to move the state’s primary date from September to an earlier date, although an earlier primary would avoid ballots being mailed too late for counting.* In a filing late last night, AG Eric Schneiderman asked a judge to reject the DOJ’s effort to move up New York’s 2012 primaries.* State election officials pushed back against the federal government’s effort to move up New York’s primary to August or even earlier, saying last year’s ballot mailing problems caused just a single military vote to go uncounted because it was received too late.


OWS Manhattan Minority March - Day 46
Grab your walking shoes: Democratic leaders, union officials and community groups are preparing for a grueling five-hour, 14-mile march from the upper reaches of Manhattan to Zuccotti Park next Monday in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The march, organized by Sen. Adriano Espaillat and City Council members Inez Dickens and Ydanis Rodriguez, is intended as a show of force from black and Latino electeds angry about income inequality. Organizers will announce the march Thursday in front of an abandoned storefront in northern Manhattan, to symbolize communities abandoned in the wake of the economic collapse. Protesters from the various Occupy movements around the region will participate, as well as representatives from 1199, TWU, 32BJ, CWA, the Working Families Party and other unions and pro-labor groups. One source said that the group intends to acquire a permit that would allow bullhorns, but not a marching permit, which will keep marchers on the sidewalk for the duration. * Occupy Harlem: 'Occupy Wall Street Is Not A White Thing'(Huff Post)

Occupy Wall Street Marchers Take Part In Ghoulish Village Halloween Parade(NY1)Zuccotti anarchy (NYP Ed) Does rape now go unreported at Zuccotti Park -- and no one cares? *Wall Street protesters lay down the law(NYDN) * Entrepreneurship at Occupy Wall Street site suits this impromptu businesswoman to a tee (NYDN) * Manhattan District Attorney Reviews Alleged Attack On "Occupy" Protester(NY1)Dicker: Occupy Albany Not "Peace and Love Hippies"(Gothamist)  * Closing Public Spaces (Gothamist) * The Occupy movement wants to influence the 2012 presidential election – but not by backing a specific candidate.* Michael Powell isn’t buying the Cuomo administration’s insistence that it wanted to shut down Occupy Albany to “accommodate” Mayor Jerry Jennings.* Occupy Wall Streeters are finding free love often doesn’t come without a price.* Occupy Wall Street released its first financial report, and disclosed close to $500,000 in contributions. Its biggest expense: Communications equipment to broadcast the protest to the world.* Occupy Wall Street released it first financial disclosure statement. * Economic Inequality Causes Halloween Frights In Zuccotti Park *Occupy Wall Street’s Balance Sheet: The Protest Has Only Spent 13 Percent of Donations(NYO) * How Albany's little Occupy movement has given Andrew Cuomo big fits (Capital) * Local Lawmakers Lose Patience With OWS(YNN) * In New York City, Protesters March On ‘Gov. 1 Percent’s’ Office(YNN)

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter) In Q&A, Cuomo declines to respond to complaint that his response to was abuse of power.

Cooper Union Looks at Charging Tuition(NYT) * Cooper Union Weighs an About-Face(WSJ)




 An Event With Three Mayor and Many Would Be Mayor

City Hall News (Twitter)  Dinkins said it was painful to be accused of permitting blacks to hurt Jews during Crown Heights riots, biggest disappointment * Dinkins says NYC mayor is treated like head of state everywhere but w/in the city * Bloomberg calls protests "fun...entertaining" but doesn't solve any nation's problems   * . says is wrong to blame banks, not Congress, for mortgage crisis. Was Congress that pushed Fannie/Freddie/banks to make imprudent loans. In praising mayoral control, Koch recalls when UFT used to dictate who chancellor was; wanted to tell Al Shanker "over my dead body" * . says greatest accomplishment is "fixing" school system and increasing life expectancy

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) Dinkins chides those who say crime started under his watch. Dinkins said there was some under Koch, who responds "I don't remember that . says California banned smoking before nyc but "nobody noticed." * . says mortgage crisis was caused by congress, not banks. * Here we go. Ed Koch says not having power to raise, or lower taxes, is "crazy." "We support" the state. * Teacher union tried dictating who schools chancelor would be. Koch said to himself "over my dead body." * "Who cares who's to blame? What are we going to do tomorrow?" says of country's economic problems, to applause at * Koch: Credits Bloomberg for mayoral control of DOE. Says before him, the union picked the chancellor. Koch thought: "over my dead body." * Biggest achievement: : schools, adding 1.5 yrs to average life span of nyc residents. Failures: not getting congestion pricing * Koch: disappointing moment was closing Sydenham Hosp. Harlem community was outraged-having to do with history that Koch didn't appreciate * Greatest achievement? Ed Koch refers 2 leading people walking over bridges 2 break transit strike. Uses the word "bastards" * Dinkins on economy: "what the hell do I know?" * Ed Koch: "I want to see some CEO...punished, criminally!" * "I'm reasonably wealthy" because he stayed in stock market.

Dan Garodnick (Twitter)  Koch: I'm Jewish, not Catholic, but I believe in punishment. Wants criminal punishment of a CEO for abusing relationship w their clientele.

Josh Robin (Twitter) Bloomy, at mayoral panel w koch and dinkins, says the job isn't for the "sensitive."  says biggest accomplishment is schools/life expectancy. Failure: no congestion pricing.* Koch: says biggest achievement was having rallied NYers during the transit strike by going down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

1000% Increase in City School Test Cheating 

Allegations of tampering with Regents exams have soared since Bloomberg took control of the NYC public school system.

DOE cheater probe prospers(NYP) The investigative arm of the city’s Department of Education has confirmed 106 cases of cheating since high-stakes testing expanded to nearly all public- school grades in 2006 * Allegations of Exam-Tampering Soar(NYT) * More cheating allegations in schools(NYDN) 

* SED: Test Results ‘Disappointing And Unacceptable’(YNN)


Ethics Commissioner's Firm Did Lobbying Work(Gothamist)






Bill Focuses on Cost of Keeping Firms in City(WSJ) An Independent Budget Office report requested by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio shows the city’s Economic Development Corporation may do little to create or retain jobs in the city, despite more than $898 million in grants funding to do so, the Wall Street Journal writes * NY1 Exclusive: Low-Wage Industries See Gains From City's Jobs "Recovery"


Homeless families with children entering a city shelter can no longer count on receiving housing subsidies to help them transition out of homelessness and into their own apartments,  after the state cut its share of funding for the housing voucher and the Bloomberg Administration ended that subsidy completely, leaving many homeless families with few options.




Signs are "not good" for next year's budget gap, which appears to be widening b/c of slow economy

Gannett Albany(Twitter) Cuomo says budget deficit for next year is getting worse and will exceed $2 billion.*


The Cuomo administration’s crackdown on sales tax collection for Indian-sold cigarettes is backfiring, leading to a boost in sales of Indian-made cigarettes, which – so far – are not taxed. 



City to Pay $70 Million in Medicaid Suit(NYT) * $70 Million Medicaid Settlement(WSJ)


Residential Parking Permits

The city is looking at establishing residential parking permits in response to concerns that the new Barclays Center in Prospect Heights will bring a swarm of cars to the neighborhood, the Post says* Residential Parking Permit Plan Revived (NBC)





 Where the Money Corzine?

Corzine-Led Firm Is Said to Be Eyed on Missing Money(NYT) *Corzine Crashes Like It’s 2008 (NYT Op-ED) *MF Global Collapses(WSJ) * Former N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine's company files for bankruptcy(NYDN)Report Says New York Fed Didn’t Cut A.I.G. Deals(NYT) * It’s Lonely Without the Goldman Net (NYT) * MF Global Admits to Diverting Funds(WSJ) * Bank Of America Dropping Plan For Controversial Fee

Cain Confronts Sexual Harassment Claim(NYT) * WATCH: Herman Cain sings 'Amazing Grace' after rough day(NYDN) * Violent attacks on NYC subway workers up 16%  (NYDN) * Kelly swears-in James O'Keefe as deputy despite urgings to hire Latino(NYDN) * Ann Coulter calls allegations against Cain ‘high-tech lynching’ (NYDN)* As scrutiny on her presidential candidate husband increases, Gloria Cain is preparing for her close-up.* Huntsman Pays Visit To Queens Hasidic Community (NYO) 
The Net Worth of Congress Rose 23.6% Since 2008(Atlantic Wire)

Jon Stewart Isn’t Entirely Buying Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Defense


Woman Snaps Picture Of Suspect Who Allegedly Groped Her In Subway (WCBS)




Tossed cart hit philanthropist (NYP) A wealthy Manhattan real-estate agent buying Halloween goodies for underprivileged kids at an East Harlem mall was nearly killed by two 12-year-old punks who dropped a shopping cart on her from four stories above — then laughed about it later, police sources said yesterday. * Cart Hits Woman; Two Boys Charged(WSJ)* Two Charged In Shopping Cart Drop That Left Woman Critically Injured (NY1) * 2 Boys Arrested After Falling Shopping Cart Critically Injures Harlem Woman(WCBS)


Law and Order

Domestic violence text-message alert system(NYDN) * ‘Rapist’ Romeo’s grate sex(NYP) * Buddha’ bloodshed(NYP) * Hubby accuser gagged(NYP)* Trial Opens In East Village Parking Spat That Put Woman In Coma (WCBS)*  Two Men Who Traded Shots With NYPD Officer In Custody (NY1)


Jimmy Kimmel will host the White House Correspondents's Dinner 

Jimmy Kimmel will do the honors at the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 28. 

Central Park Cleanup Has Sunday Deadline for Marathon(NYT)




FBI Releases Surveillance Videos, Photos Of Anna Chapman’s Russian Spy Ring(WCBS)