Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Occupation In the Courts

Bloomberg: Court Ruling ‘Vindicates’ His Position(NYT) * Judge Backs Camping Ban at Protest Site(NYT) * "Occupy" Protesters Allowed Back Into Zuccotti Park Without Sleeping Bags, Tents(NY1) * Judge Denies Occupy Wall Street's Application For Restraining Order(NY1)

Unoccupied Zuccotti Park
  BREAKING  NYT Metro Desk Breaking: Judge issues temporary order barring city from preventing protesters from returning to Zuccotti Park. Impact unclear. issued by Justice Lucy Billings at 6:30 am. More from judge: City prohibited from "enforcing 'rules' published after occupation began."   NewYorkObserver (Twitter) Just overheard a Bloomberg aide say, "We're going to open the park back up, it's going to happen in like ten minutes."

Yetta Kurland Order City must let protesters back in with their belongings and cannot enforce new "rules" yettakurland.com/ows/osc-tro.pdf Order City must let protesters back in with their belongings and cannot enforce new "rules" yettakurland.com/ows/osc-tro.pdf* Both sides back in court at 11:30AM * Lawyers Guild attorneys show up in force at court house. Yetta Kurland says word of the day is "justice." * Outside court, lawyer attacks city tactics in Zuccotti evacuation: "In like a little rodent in the night," reports *  Protesters await judge's decision on whether they can camp out at Zuccotti(NYP)

Bloomberg, in statement: "I could not wait for someone in the park to get killed or to injure another first responder before acting. "
Bloomberg's Statement on Clearing of Zuccotti Park
Live Blogging   Temporary Restraining Order 

Statement From Brookfield on Zuccotti Park Eviction

1,000 cops boot Zuccotti mob, arrests as ‘anarchists’ resist (NYP) * Police Clear Camp at Zuccotti Park(NYT) * 70 Arrested as ‘Occupy’ Protesters Are Surrounded  * Occupy Movement Could Declare 'Victory' and Scale Back Camps, Founder Suggests(NYT) * NYPD dismantle Occupy Wall Street camp(BBC) * Police Clear Zuccotti Park(WSJ) *  Nearly 200 Are Arrested as ‘Occupy’ Birthplace Is Cleared(NYT) * Poll shows New Yorkers support Occupy Wall Street protesters(NYP) * NYPD clears Zuccotti, 200 arrested; court orders park re-opened(NYP) * Siena Poll: Voters Back 24/7 Occupy Protest(NYP) * Police, OWS Protesters Clash As Authorities Clear Zuccotti Park(NY1) *Behind the Barricades at the NYPD’s Occupy Wall Street Raid | PolitickerNY * Journalists Allege Censorship And Violent Treatment During Occupy Wall St. Eviction * "Occupy" Clash  Dozens Arrested As Police Clear Zuccotti Park (NY1) *Protesters Vow to Retake Emptied Park(NYT) *  Mayor Defends Clearing Park; Judge to Rule on Challenge(NYT) * Protesters await judge's decision on whether they can camp out at Zuccotti(NYP)

 NYP Gets What They Wanted

Time’s up, children(NYP Ed) The Post is thrilled Mayor Bloomberg “ordered a long-overdue fumigation of the festering mess at Zuccotti Park.”

Errol Louis is on fire on AM 1600 WWRL discussing the raid. "The NY Post should be ashamed of itself."

Bloomberg Press Conference

"Our intentiom was to reopen the park" said . Judge ruling gumming up the plans. * Bloomberg says zuccotti closed until figure out a court order * Q: about media being blocked from eviction. Bloomberg -- "NYPD routinely keeps members of the press off to the side" during actions. * NYC Corp Counsel Michael Cardozo says people can be searched if it appears they intend to break the law (ie bring in a tent). *Mayor Bloomberg Steps In(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg Explains His Decision to Raid Occupy Wall Street


 Twitter Reports

Gerson Borrero GM PATRIOTS removed by NYPD.

NYC CM Rodriguez's spox says boss is "currently" held in Central Booking after arrest at , will speak to media "shortly after" release. had 2 months "with tents and sleeping bags. Now they will have to occupy the space with the power of their arguments," mayor says * At 1:00am, NYPD executed a viscous strike evicting at Zuccotti park. Banned all media AND used 2 large police buses to ensure no photos

Councilman Rodriguez may have been injured when was cleared, spox says. May have a cut above his eye. * About 130 riot cops linger at , batons and helmets in their hands, smiling and loitering. * "there was no warning here. it was a pearl harbor" said Curtis Sliwa re: & & . * Looks like about 2 dozen arrests at church-owned lot next to Duarte Park at Canal St., incl. journos from AP, DailyNews, DNAInfo.
An orang-vested army with pressure hoses cleaning -
* A Cuomo spokesman would not comment on whether the governor is planning an end run around Albany County DA David Soares by appointing AG Eric Schneiderman to act as a special prosecutor for arrested Occupy Albany protestors. 

Pete Nicely  Riot police finally show up on Wall Street. But they're there to arrest peaceful protesters, not the bankers who killed 15 million jobs #ows

The scene down at Foley Square





Did Liu Accept Illegal Foreign Money During His 2009 Campaign For Comptroller 

Is the CFB Capable of Detecting Overseas Money? Feds Stop In

Fund-Raising by City Comptroller Is Investigated (NYT)  * Feds probe Liu’s campaign funds(NYP) * Feds Probe Comptroller's Fund Raising(WSJ) * Grand jury subpoenas have already been issued, but the probe is in its very early stages. 

Liu Matching Funds?




Seabrook and The $177 Bagel

Feds forge ahead on pol’s shady receipts(NYP) Seabrook — on trial in Manhattan for a wide-ranging corruption scheme tied to council-funded nonprofits — added digits to receipts he submitted for reimbursement, bumping up the tab on everything from a bagel sandwich to a bottle of rum. *  Odd Receipt Has Star Turn at Official’s Trial(NYT) * Testimony In Seabrook Corruption Case Touches On $177 Bagel, Soda(NY1)

Port Authority execs collect hidden pay(WSJ)






NY Forgotten Unemployed Grow

City Limits Magazine

New York City lost 13,000 private sector jobs in August, September; Bronx unemployment at 12%


Nets Stadium Builder At One Time Promised 10,000 Union Jobs

Seven construction workers are launching a lawsuit against developer Bruce Ratner, claiming he falsely offered them good-paying union jobs to get approval for the controversial Atlantic Yards project, according to the Daily News * Construction workers are suing Forest City Ratner for saying their failed to provide good construction jobs for the Atlantic Yards sites.


Privatization's Risks Involve More Than Money(City Limits) * NY1 Online: Journalists Examine Bloomberg’s Record On Private Contracts



 More State Budget Cuts Coming

This is before the Feds Announce Supper Committee Cuts

Gov eyes $3.5B budget cut(NYP) * Cuomo Sees Budget Gaps This Year and Next(NYT) * Cuomo Says Budget Gap Is Widening(WSJ) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo must hold the line on spending cuts to balance the state budget(NYDN Ed)* The governor refused to speculate on whether he would be able to make good on his pledge to increase health care and education spending by 4 percent in the 2012-13 budget.* The Assembly Democrats plan to release their own cash estimates in the near future.


LAWMAKERS DRAW UP SPECIAL SESSION WISH LISTS: If Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls the Legislature back to Albany this year to deal with a $350 million budget shortfall, lawmakers say he could also open the door to debating a host of simmering issues – including independent redistricting (CHN) * A special session could open up a Pandora’s Box of yet-unaddressed issues – from redistricting reform (though one Senate Democrat called that “wishful thinking”) to a health care exchange.* If lawmakers are called back to Albany for a special session to close the budget gap, they have their own wish lists, including a stalled bill to set up health insurance exchanges, a plan allowing New Yorkers to hail livery cabs on the street outside Manhattan and an independent redistricting commission, Andrew J.Hawkins reports.

 Google Central Park

Quietly, Google Gets Its View of the Park(NYT) A tight-lipped team behind the Street View feature on Google Maps is using a tricycle fitted with an elaborate camera system to photograph Central Park’s winding pathways for online exploration.


Experiment on Subways Will Shift Pain to Weekdays(NYT) * Subway Repairs to Delay Night Trains(WSJ) * New Subway Repair Plan: Nighttime Shutdowns (WSJ) * The MTA and the TWU have begun contract negotiations – welcome to the job, Joe Lhota!


City Trumpets Faster 'Select' Buses as Program Expands (WSJ)* The Post calls for tougher laws against those who assault MTA workers, in light of rising attacks on transit employees:

Students Lose Enthusiasm for Aiding Obama Again(NYT) * As Campaign Grinds On, Romney’s Team Prepares for Obama(NYT) * The Torture Candidates(NYT Ed) * WATCH: GOP hopeful Herman Cain bungles Libya question(NYDN) * Bachmann’s campaign manager calls CBS exec ‘a piece of sh---‘ after debate  * Perry Proposes Part-Time Congress as Part of Overhaul(NYT)




Jon Stewart Is Shocked Some Republicans Have Sane Foreign Policy Debate Answers




Stephen Colbert Ridicules Post Debate Dust-Up Between Michele Bachmann And CBS News


Timing Questions On MF Global Cash (WSJ) Hundreds of millions of dollars might have gone missing from customer accounts as far back as four days before the firm filed for bankruptcy protection.

Michael Powell takes a look at Eric Schneiderman’s battle with the banks.

Face of a ‘rapist’ Village gal fights off perv (NYP)


Law and Order

‘Trained’ thieves send subway crime soaring (NYP) * Jury punts on parking ‘puncher’(NYP) * ‘Hide the salami’ arrest(NYP) * HS pepper attack(NYP) * Huge spike in anti-Latino hate crimes, numbers show(NYDN) * Hero cop alertly nabs cell phone pervert, solves molest case(NYDN) * Man willingly gives up DNA, and he's fingered for three murders(NYDN) * Fatal Shooting Erupts Outside Chelsea Nightclub(NY1)


 Video: Jerry Sandusky says he's innocent of child molestation. (CNN)

Jerry Sandusky Tells Bob Costas: ‘No, I’m Not Sexually Attracted To Young Boys’


NYC Charity May Have Funded Boys' Stays With Alleged Penn State Abuser