Monday, November 14, 2011

NYP Continues Attack on OWS

This Time NYP Says Ex Marine Ex Cop Says Heckling Not Free Speech as He Drag Out OWS Protester

Ex-cop boots OWS heckler from congressman's swearing-in(NYP) An ex-Marine grabbed an Occupy Wall Street protestor who was heckling Congressman Bob Turner at his swearing-in ceremony and booted him * "Occupy" Protester Interrupts Congressman Turner's Local Swearing-In Ceremony(NY1) * Free speech is just fine with former NYPD officer Kevin Hiltunen, as long as you’re expressing an opinion he agrees with.

For Annoyed Neighbors, the Beat Drags On(NYT) * Police move in on Portland park, protesters remain(WSJ) * Occupy Portland declare victory, but clear out of city parks(NYDN) * Albany District Attorney David Soares will not prosecute 25 Occupy Albany protesters arrested on Saturday night for trespassing (TU) *The Music Of Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post) * Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest Planned By Downtown Residents

99 PROBLEMS The end of the millionaires’ tax could be the beginning of more trouble in Albany (CHN) Another 13 Occupy Albany protestors were arrested for breaking curfew in the state-owned Lafayette Park last night. DA David Soares says the first 25 won’t be prosecuted for trespassing. * The San Jose Mercury News' live blog - 32 arrested this morning during police raid:

Mark S. Weprin (Twitter)  Hang in there New York Millionaires: Only 57 days 'till you get your tax cut!

The Question NYP's Dicker Should Be Asked is Who Hurt America More Wall Street or OWS?

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) Randy Credico: "who are they [] bothering?" state editor Fred Dicker: "they're bothering me."

Bernie Sanders (Twitter)  The US has the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country in the industrialized world.

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter)  Cuomo budget office, citing "darkened" outlook, increases projection of next year's budget gap to as much as $3.5 billion.*  State Budget Office Warns of Dark Days Ahead(NYO) * Cuomo said new $350 million mid-year deficit "could" prompt special session. * despite worsening economy, said he's not "reducing" his offer to unions, "at this time." * Cuomo suggests the millionaires tax is a "short-term fix" that could create a long-term problem. * Cuomo: "Economic anxiety is through the roof for everyone. It's not just the demonstrators." * Cuomo won’t budge on millionaires’ tax (WNYC) * Skelos: We’ll Work To Close Gap(YNN) * Delayed payments and contract approvals by the state for its nonprofit contractors are hurting providers and placing services in jeopardy, says state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

 NYP Asks What is Liu Trying to Hide?

The Big Three After Liu

The NYP joins the Daily News to Demand the Comptroller Finances Be Investigated Controller John Liu, the city’s watchdog, falls down on the job when it comes to his own campaign donors (NYDN Ed) It was a NYT that first questioned Liu contributions. Doubts Raised on Donations to Comptroller - New York Times

NYP Asks if the Comptroller is A Crook

A crook as comptroller? (NYP Ed)  The NYP says with Liu's backtrack on his promise to disclose the names of his cash bundlers the only one who can find if he broke the law is the Manhattan DA



DN Says Boyland's improprieties may not be criminal, but they’re widespread and egregious

William Boyland's acquittal shows N.Y. Legislature must press ahead — and Andrew Cuomo must ratchet up pressure — on ethics overhaul (NYDN Ed) The Boyland case proved the financial relationships between members of the Legislature and special interests are so cute and cozy that I-pay-you, you-help-me bribery is absolutely unnecessary. Evidence showed that MediSys paid him $175,000 in so-called consulting fees, that he did little or no legitimate work for that money and that meanwhile he attempted to use his office to wangle millions in state funding for his client. Federal prosecutors called this a conspiracy to defraud the public of his honest services — a fancy way of saying bribe-taking. But Boyland’s attorneys spun it as a “good will arrangement” and “community outreach.” The jury let him off because the feds could not directly establish a quid pro quo. That one hand would wash the other was understood, not explicitly stated.

Clyde Haberman (Twitter) Ah, NewYork, where court verdicts say a bribe was given to a pol who didn't receive it. "The Day" From ‘Excelsior’ to ‘Where Is Mine?’ (NYT)

Dysfunctional Albany Has Not Ethic Committee Until December to Rule on Boyland Case 

The Daily News is calling on the Cuomo administration to speed up implementation of the ethics reform bill, in light of Assemblyman William Boyland’s acquittal on bribery charges

Back in May, the Legislative Ethics Commission charged him with two violations of the Public Officers Law in connection with MediSys. Now that the federal case is over, the way is clear for Boyland to be judged and duly punished by his colleagues for violating the public trust. Standing in the way of that necessary followup is a snafu that could happen only in the capital of dysfunction. Believe it or not, thanks to reforms passed in June, the Legislative Ethics Commission now shares enforcement power with a new Joint Commission on Public Integrity. That new panel won’t formally exist until next month.

NYC Democracy? $200-a-day and $300-a- day patronage workers one voter per hour

Daily News Joined NYP in Blasting Board of Election Wasted Election Expenses How NYC spent $110 a ballot on joke vote (NYP)Blame the county party bosses who control the board rebuffed internal suggestions for consolidations of staffing at the polling sites because they wanted to provide a payday for members of their political clubs with jobs.

Board of Elections spared no expense even though there were few races this year(NYDN Ed)  Poll workers didn't quite outnumber voters, but in some districts, they came close. The Daily News focuses in on one polling place P 33 in the Bronx.  52 BOE inspectors handled a grand total of 131 votes all day.  13 tables, each with two Democratic inspectors and two Republican inspectors.



It Not That Boss Lopez Won It That His Opposition Is Incompetent
Who’s The Boss? After big win, Brooklyn boss says the political world has returned to kiss the ring (CHN)  

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine

It Hard to Tell What the WFP Stands for? They Always Seems to Avoid Serious Investigations 
New Kings Has Accomplish Nothing for the Brooklyn Reform Movement Except A Lot of Press For There Organization.  Lost Both An Assembly Race and Judicial Race Last Year More Press: The New Kings Democrats held their "First Annual Celebration of the Brooklyn Reform Movement," a low-dollar fundraiser, in a packed upscale bar in downtown Brooklyn last week. One of the New Kings Democrats' honorees was Bill Lipton, the deputy director of the Working Families Party, who gushed in his speech about the club's commitment to reforming the political process in Brooklyn, showing the increasingly close alliance between the New Kings and WFP. 

Bargaining Chips: WFP Has Allied With Both Boss Lopez and New Kings - What Do They Really Believe?
NK and WFP worked closely this year on Jesus Gonzalez's Assembly run, and may do so again if WFP stalwart and union leader Wilfredo Larancuent runs next year against State Sen. Martin Dilan. But trickier for the WFP would be the possible 2013 candidacy of Lincoln Restler – the public face of the New Kings – against Councilman Steve Levin, a protégé of Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez. The WFP backed Levin in 2009, and a 2013 race would test all sorts of Brooklyn allegiances for them.

 Besides Vito Another Brooklyn Supperhero

Hero of the ’hood Yo, Brooklyn -- I got yer superhero right here!(NYP)

 NYPD Ticket Scandal Cop Pushback

An NYPD sergeant is suing the Internal Affairs Bureau – the arm in charge of investigating the ticket fixing scandal – for $40 million, over an alleged smear campaign, the Post reports. Cop: It’s Internal ‘Un’fairs


Who Cares What Hotel This Bums Stay In 

Fear And Loafing In San Juan (CHN) In addition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fast hit-and-run appearance Friday, other pols paying fealty included state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and Brooklyn Democratic boss Assemblyman Vito Lopez The Times has a great scene-setter from this weekend’s Somos conference.




Minorities Pols Push For Their Piece of NY's Pie

Cuomo Tries to Shore Up the Support of Minorities(NYT) Gov. Cuomo hasn’t set foot in the Bronx since being elected last year.






Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.’s first two years on the job

The Education of Cyrus Vance Jr. (CHN)






Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "In my opinion, independent redistricting is dead," said Tony Avella, a Dem state senator from .

How About Some Transparency of the Mayor Financial Arrangement With His Non Profits and Steve Rattner? 

They Like Transparency, Until They Don’t(NYT Ed) The Times urges the Bloomberg administration to more promptly reply to Freedom of Information requests, echoing a recent call by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio *  Tax Returns Offer Look at Mayor's Charity Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation paid roughly $12 million in 2010 to Quadrangle Investment Management, a firm once headed by Steve Rattner, tax returns signed Friday by the mayor showed. Last December, in a deal with then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Rattner agreed to pay $10 million to settle lawsuits alleging he traded favors for business from the state's $125 billion public pension fund . . .   The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, Ms. Jaffin is one of a spate of former City Hall aides who now work for the mayor's philanthropic organization. First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris serves as the foundation's unpaid chief executive. 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg went mining for gold last year -- as well as for platinum, copper and oil sands. Last year's newly-released tax forms for his $2.3 billion charitable foundation show investments in eight mining and extractive companies, with projects ranging from Guatemala and Mexico to Alaska, Alberta and Quebec. It's unclear why Bloomberg's investment advisor Steven Rattner was so interested in gold and oil. Such projects might seem at odds with Bloomberg's commitment to environmental causes, but as City Hall spokesman Stu Loeser noted, the Conflicts of Interest Board does not allow him to know specifics of where his money is invested. The size of the stake in each company was not disclosed, and the foundation sold them all off by the end of 2010.

Senator Struggles to Break Through(WSJ) The Post urges state GOP Chairman Ed Cox not to “blow” a potential challenge to Gillibrand by Harry Wilson, whose candidacy the paper deems an “excellent idea.”




City's Homeless Policy Comes Down to Covering the Ass 

  Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin writes in the Post that the Bloomberg administration scrapped its controversial homeless shelter policy not because it was immoral, but due to messy politics:

A Homeless Child’s Long Ride to School(NYT)


 City teacher tests turn into E-ZPass(NYP)*   State Teaching Exam A Breeze For Most, Stats Show(NY1)




New Select Bus Service on 34th St will speed up traffic — and may mean the thoroughfare doesn’t need to be revamped Janette Sadik-Khan should be prepared to abandon her extreme makeover (NYDN Ed) * Select Bus Service Begins On 34th Street To Bring Relief(WCBS)



Is Crown Heights Becoming the New Williamsburg? Homebuyers and artists flocking to the neighborhood for high-quality, low-priced brownstones and diverse people, the WSJ says. (Prospect Heigths Patch)




WATCH: The Voice Of The Subways, And 200 Airports(Huff Post)

Opponents Of Horse-Drawn Carriages Rally On City Hall Steps(NY1)







 Twitter the Rent Away and Restore the Heat?

Tenants are @ twits end A frustrated group of East Village residents has taken a 21st century approach to an ancient problem -- a lazy landlord. Claiming problems ranging from leaky pipes to swarms of rats, a resident of one of the 15 buildings owned by Jakobson(NYP)



Attack on the Jews of Midwood Brooklyn

After an Anti-Semitic Episode, a March With a Message(NYT) * Rallying in Midwood(WSJ) * Torched cars, mugging mean cops need to protect Jews: Politicians (NYDN) * Brooklyn Jews on edge amid uptick in hate crimes(NYDN) * The community award leading to arrests of people involved in the Midwood hate crimes has grown to $30,000. NJ Burkett  The Brooklyn DA, Charles Hynes, tells me he is "very optimistic" about finding the anti-Semitic arsonists who struck last week in Midwood


NYPD Muslim Spying

Angry over spying, Muslims say: 'Don't call NYPD'(WSJ)Angry over the spying scandal, some Muslim leaders in New York are discouraging fellow Muslims from cooperating with the police.


How Romney Could Win(NYT Op Ed) * Gloria Cain: My husband ‘totally respects women’(NYDN) * Romney, Gingrich win big in week of self-infli...(NYDN) * SNL' mocks Rick Perry's GOP debacle(NYDN) * President Obama says waterboarding is ‘torture’(NYDN) * Cain, Bachmann support waterboarding at GOP debate(NYDN) * Gloria Cain’s long-awaited FOX News interview will air tonight.* Joe Scarborough: Newt’s Going To Have To Explain Why He Got $300,000 From Feddie Mac * Obama Would Face a Familiar Opponent in Romney - Al Hunt, Bloomberg * How Gingrich Clawed His Way Back Into the Race - Jeff Greenfield, Politico * Obama's Pipeline Decision Pleases Nobody - Jason Mick, Daily Tech Battleground (GOP): Cain 27, Romney 25, Gingrich 14, Perry 14, Paul 5 *CNN Poll Confirms Newtmentum(TPM) * CNN/ORC GOP Poll. Romney 24; Gingrich 22; Cain 14; Perry 12; Paul 8; Bachmann 6; Huntsman 3; Santorum 3. * Gingrich Takes the Lead Nationally (Political Wire) * Meet Gloria Cain(gawker)




Numbers Don’t Lie: CBS News Ignored Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, and Michele Bachmann During GOP Debate



Supreme Court to Judge Health Care Law

The Associated Press (Twitter)  BREAKING: Supreme Court will hear legal fight over health care overhaul; arguments likely in late March. -EF


More Bank Fees 

Banks Quietly Ramping Up Costs to Consumers(NYT)



Police Seek Man In Attempted East Village Rape(NY1)




Livery Cab Driver Shot Dead In Far Rockaway; Reward Offered For Capture of Killer (NYDN)  * Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Livery Cab Driver In Queens







Targeting Train Theft(WSJ) * That old lady with an iPhone could be a cop(NYP)


New MTA chief Joe Lhota cracks down on riders who attack transit workers (NYDN)

Law and Order

Breaking News (Twitter) US Congress' job approval remains at record-low 13% in November; rating similar across political parties

Sandusky bail judge's ties to Second Mile (CBS)Leslie Dutchcot (right), the bail judge for alleged child abuser Jerry Sandusky, was a volunteer and donor to The Second Mile, Sandusky's charity. 



Daniel McCoy, New Albany County Executive, Lied About National Guard Duty While Campaigning(Huff Post)


Why Go to Journalism School Just Get Your Father to Become President

Nepotism Broadcasting Co

Chelsea Clinton has a new job: She’s going to be a full-time special correspondent for NBC News. She’s the second presidential daughter at the network. Jenna Bush Hager works for the “Today” show. * Celebukid Reporters and the Age of News-ertainment (Gawker)

Josh Greenman (Twitter)  Chelsea Clinton proves if you work hard, play by the rules and are the kid of a president and secretary of state, you can be on national TV.


A critical look at the role tax credits for film and TV production have on the city economy.