Sunday, November 13, 2011

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 3% Voter Turnout

$110 A Vote

If you take away the vote in Staten Island were there was a DA's race the rest of the city turned out at 2%.  The city waste $17 million on the mess.  low turnout is not new for the city but this years election set new record lows.  County party bosses who control the board rebuffed internal suggestions for consolidations of staffing at the polling sites because they wanted to provide a payday for members of their political clubs with jobs. More on New York's Decreasing Voter Turn Out

How NYC spent $110 a ballot on joke vote (NYP) Suppose they gave an election and almost no one came? That’s what happened last Tuesday, when a mere 150,000 of the city’s 4.2 million registered voters went to the polls.

Walcott Put Line in the Sand on Teacher Evaluations

Chancellor Dennis Walcott rightly vows to give back $60 million if union won’t agree on teacher evaluations (NYDN)


Daily News Demands Liu Release the Names of his Bundlers Immediately

Controller John Liu, the city’s watchdog, falls down on the job when it comes to his own campaign donors (NYDN Ed) "City Controller John Liu, who lectures others on accountability and disclosure, keeps failing the test himself as he gears up for a possible mayoral run."

Daily News Flacks for the Nets
Barron Knows How to Get in the News& Piss Off the NYP 
Good old Charlie Barron Calling Thomas Jefferson a rapist pedophile was a hoot. Ushering Zimbabwe’s bloody-fisted Robert Mugabe into the City Council chambers was a real knee-slapper. And who can forget “I want to go up to the closest white person . . . and then slap him, just for my mental health.” Now there’s the Brooklynite’s encomium to, of all people, Moammar Khadafy.

Gay-pride parades in Bx. foe’s building (NYP) lgbt group moving into "bldg funded by & named after, the city’s No. 1 gay-marriage opponent, state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr"* “I would like everyone to know that I am honored that Bronx Pride is coming to the Rev Ruben Diaz Gardens,” the senator said in a statement, contradicting the report that he is “furious” about the new tenant. (No link).

Engineer at doomed Brooklyn condo site slams contractor(NYDN)


J.P. Morgan Chase slammed on city subsidies for downtown Brooklyn’s MetroTech(NYDN) Activists say bank got millions but didn't deliver jobs

2nd Avenue Subway is A Real Trip

2nd Ave. line is a real trip Sure, when it comes to Washington’s spending, he’s got all the answers. But critics note New York City’s debt has ballooned on Mayor Bloomberg’swatch. Hizzoner said on Tuesday that fixing the federal budget is “just not that difficult to do, if you have courage.”

Does the Bigger Move In Mean NYC Works Better For People Who Do Not Live Here?

Why Do 200,000 Leave Every Year?

Only the real estate industry is happy more people are moving in. Happy to Call the City Home, More Now Move In Than Out(NYT) The Census Bureau found that for the first time in decades, the number of new residents last year was greater than the number of New Yorkers who went elsewhere. In 2010, 252,000 people moved to New York — 157,000 from elsewhere in the country — while 220,000 left, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. That contrasts sharply with 2006, when 230,000 arrived and 341,000 left. * Census Shows Fewer NYers Left in 2010(WCBS)



If you ever wondered why Rattner was able to pay $10 million, stay out of jail and admit no guilt in the pension scandal read Bloomberg's tax return

Tax Returns Offer Look at Mayor's Charity Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation paid roughly $12 million in 2010 to Quadrangle Investment Management, a firm once headed by Steve Rattner, tax returns signed Friday by the mayor showed. Last December, in a deal with then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Rattner agreed to pay $10 million to settle lawsuits alleging he traded favors for business from the state's $125 billion public pension fund . . .  

Gets Paid By City and Another Bloomberg Payroll

Allison Jaffin, a former aide at City Hall who now runs the day-to-day operations of the mayor's philanthropy, testified in court last month that she earns $350,000 annually. Ms. Jaffin was a witness Haggerty trial.  She also had an affair with the married Haggerty.  As The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year, Ms. Jaffin is one of a spate of former City Hall aides who now work for the mayor's philanthropic organization. First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris serves as the foundation's unpaid chief executive. * 

Mike’s billions donated by 2026(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg is on schedule to give away the bulk of his fortune and shut down his philanthropic foundation by 2026 – unless he changes his mind.* Bloomberg’s foundation continues to make Steve Rattner a rich man, and also to invest in offshore tax havens.* NYC Council Minority Leader Jimmy Oddo on Bloomberg’s admonishing D.C. to deal with its debt problem: “was reminded of the guy telling his neighbor how to fix his roof while his own is leaking. Ten years into the mayor’s term, we have large, longterm fiscal problems we have not dealt with.”

Unable Since CityTime to Use the Mayor Great Manager the NYT Now is Telling Us Bloomberg is A Great Speaker

Data-Crunching Mayor Now Sees Power in Words(NYT)Times Quote: "It is a striking shift for Mr. Bloomberg, 69, whose reputation as a bureaucratic maestro has been dented by a series of managerial missteps, leaving the administration eager to burnish his legacy and elevate him above the daily dramas of municipal government."


 More Bloomberg Crap

Owe, really, Mike? Mayor blasts DC debt as city’s up, too(NYP) * Sure, when it comes to Washington’s spending, he’s got all the answers. But critics note New York City’s debt has ballooned on Mayor Bloomberg’swatch. Hizzoner said on Tuesday that fixing the federal budget is “just not that difficult to do, if you have courage. *  New York City Capital Debt Up 87% Since 2000 (WCBS)

The Corruption With the Yankees Pay to Build Money

Yankees loom large in NY ethics scandals (NYT) 

Cuomo Pledges to Fight Joblessness Among Minority Youths(NYT) * Cuomo Trumpets Agenda in Puerto Rico(WSJ) * Cuomo Joins Lawmakers At Annual Puerto Rico Meetup (NY1)

The Force Isn’t With Him  Ray Kelly has had a remarkable run as NYPD commissioner—but now the problems are piling up.(NY Magazine)

After the Turner Victory GOP Sees the Religious Jewish and Russian Vote Up for Grabs

Queens Republicans to set up shop in Democrat-ruled Forest(NYDN)


The NYP Says How Can Boyland Walk When the Health Care Provider Was Already Convicted of Bribing Him 

 Hospital Executive Rosen Found Guilty of Giving Boyland A Crime

Boyland walks (NYP Ed)  The NYP said "The jurors acquitted Boyland of bribe-taking in a case that had already seen the bribe giver convicted. In a post-verdict interview, one juror admitted that the panel agreed that Boyland took money, lied on disclosure forms and accepted a no-show job -- but that the feds failed to prove their charges. It’s also a puzzlement that Boyland escaped a guilty verdict, given that health-care operator MediSys CEO David Rosen was convicted in September of bribing Boyland with the $175,000 no-show job.

OWS Day 58

At ‘Occupy’ Protests, Bearing Christian Witness Without Preaching(NYT) * Cuomo, Occupy showdown possible over park curfew(WSJ) * Bloomberg now chooses words carefully on Occupy Wall Street (WSJ) * In Salt Lake City, Utah, and Portland Officials move to break up Occupy protests after three deaths in two days (NYDN) * Cuomo, Occupy Showdown Possible(Fox 5) * The Best Sign That Occupy Wall Street Is Working (Gawker) * Jay-Z’s Company Sells Occupy Wall Street Shirts, Chooses Not To Give Any Money To, Y’Know, Occupy Wall Street * Park City: Occupy Wall Street creates a NYC neighborhood(NYDN) 

Jay-Z's 'Occupy All Streets' T-Shirts Dropped from Rocawear Site (DNAINFO) * Jay-Z 'Occupy' shirt apparently yanked after criticism(NYP) * Occupy Wall Street love birds met during demonstration, set to get hitched in Zuccotti Park on Sunday(NYDN)* Occupy Saturday In Brooklyn, Bronx(Fox 5) * 24 protesters arrested after 11 p.m. curfew falls in Albany(TU) * Occupy Portland Protesters Face Showdown With Police Over Eviction Order(Huff Post) *  Police Clear Out ‘Occupy’ Salt Lake City (The Daily Beast) *  Occupy Brooklyn Marches on Atlantic Yards(Prospect Heights Blog) * While chanting “Shame on Cuomo,” two dozen Occupy Albany protestors were arrested after crossing from Academy Park into Lafayette Park after the 11 p.m. curfew.*   

 Occupy Congressman Turner

"Occupy" Protester Interrupts Congressman Turner's Local Swearing-In Ceremony(NY1)

NYP Attacks Again   Now it’s a health hazard(NYP Ed) Copycat Serious Health Concerns, Including Norovirus, Growing At Zuccotti Park(WCBS) * $479,400! Dollars and dissents: OWS costs local biz(NYP)   * ‘Occupy’er slugs cop(NYP)


Put Out the Budget #s

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle wants Cuomo to put out the budget forecast numbers – even if they are squishy – and leave himself some wiggle room on the millionaire’s tax. 

Corzine Out of Sight Fires Everyone

Staffers furious after 1,000 fired from Jon's bankrupt firm(NYP) * Staffers furious after 1,000 fired from Corzine's bankrupt firm MF Global (NYP)



Congressional Insider Trading Congress: Trading stock on inside information? (60 Minutes)


Bloomberg, Not Even Bothering to Be the Education Mayor Any More

Does Bloomberg Wants Lower Education Standards To Show He is Making Progress?

Bloomberg bashes state ed department's high standards(NYDN) * State says one-third of city schools failing (NYDN)

The DEC has been quietly mulling a fee and tax structure that could generate millions in drilling revenue for the state – assuming anyone wants to drill here in the end.*The TU supports AG Eric Schneiderman’s lawsuit over hydrofracking in the Delaware River Basin, which the editors say is “not a test tube.”

The Wrong Safey Net

As Poverty Increases, Budget Cuts Tatter the Safety Net(Gotham Gazette)

For Disabled Care Complaints, a Breach of Anonymity(NYT)  New York State employees who care for the developmentally disabled were falsely assured they could confidentially report concerns about the treatment of those in their care. 




The Daily News Says New York’s new immigration law, which prevents the  deportation of some illegals, is a small step forward (NYDN Ed)







Midwood Fires Seen As Possible Hate Crime(WSJ) * Anti-Semitic vandals run wild in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Anti-Semitic vandals run wild in Brooklyn(NYDN) * Hate mongers torch cars, scrawl swastikas on Orthodox block in Brooklyn (NYDN) * Car Fires, Anti-Semitic Graffiti Put Brooklyn Neighborhood On Edge(NY1) * Arrest Made In Queens Swastika Graffiti Case(NY1) * Police Investigate Anti-Semitic Arson, Vandalism In Midwood; Neighbor Captures Spree On Video(WCBS) * NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force Continues Investigation Into Brooklyn Attacks (NY1) *  

  Queens Swastika Graffiti Suspect Charged With Four Counts Of Criminal Mischief (NY1) * New Clues In Brooklyn After Anti-Semitic Attack(NYS Buff) * New clue in Brooklyn after anti-Semitic attack (ABC) Update Cops pull prints from beer bottles in hate crime(NYDN) * Marchers protest burned cars in B'klyn Jewish enclave(NYP) * Local Leaders March For Tolerance In Brooklyn(NY1) * HIKIND: " IT WOULD BE A GOOD THING FOR THE MAYOR TO COME TO THE COMMUNITY"


More Courts to Focus On Malpractice Claims(WSJ)


It’s Metro-‘West’ Penn Station plan for commuter rail(NYP)


Last Night's Debate

GOP prez hopefuls slam Bam on Iran nuke program, but differ on strike(NYP) * G.O.P. Candidates Debate Foreign Policy(NYT) * Bachmann Campaign Accuses CBS News of Bias (NYT) * Rick Perry: Israel Foreign Aid Starts 'At Zero'(Huff Post) * Herman Cain: Arab Spring 'Has Gotten Totally Out Of Hand'(Huff Post) * Candidates hammer Obama on Iran(Wash Post) * The Take: Can Gingrich seize this moment?(Wash Post) * Five things we learned from Saturday's GOP debate(CNN) * Can Gingrich Seize an Unexpected Moment? - Dan Balz, Washington Post * Perry Breaks New Ground on Foreign Aid - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Why Romney is the Favorite to Win Iowa - John Batchelor, The Daily Beast * Polls Don't Suggest Anything Inevitable About Romney - Nate Silver, NYT * Why I'm Done Defending Cain - Mary Kate Cary, U.S. News &World Report *  Bachmann Camp Accuses CBS News Of Media Bias After Accidentally Receiving Private E-Mail * CBS panned for Republican debate performance (Politico) * Top Moments from Last Night's Debate (Political Wire)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  LIkely coming attractions this week: 1. Tough looks at Newt's record, political and personal. 2. First "predictions" of a Perry revival.


 Gingrich 15 Minutes? Poll 2nd Place
After an Early Meltdown, Gingrich Gets a Bump(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: The Gingrich Surge Has Come(NYT) * Cain seeks advantage in media attention(WSJ) * Cain: I’m $urviving scandal(NYP) * Polls: Gingrich Grows on GOP Voters (WSJ) * Obama's Re-Election Rides On Ohio - William Galston, The New Republic * Newt Rising As Cain Fades - Kyle Wingfield, Atlanta Journal-Constitution * Romney and Tax Rates - Paul Gigot, Wall Street Journal * Obama Chooses Enviros Over American Jobs - John Hinderaker, Power Line * Gingrich Mixes Populism & Policy Wonk - Rich Lowry, National Review * Mitt Romney Is the Only Adult in the Room - Bob Shrum, The Week * National Spotlight Too Bright for Gaffe-Prone Perry? - Ross Ramsey, NYT * Ghost of Clinton Haunts Cain Campaign - Mona Charen, DC Examiner * Anti-Bailout Message More Troubling Than Perry's Oops - LA Times * Outside Group Upping Rick Perry Ad Spending (NY Mag) Outside group spent 250,000 in SC * After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs (NYT)

'Do-Nothing' Congress a Target for Obama in 2012 (The Daily Beast) * Obama is scoring points by running against a paralyzed Capitol Hill. Patricia Murphy on why it’s working for him—even as it stymies his own agenda.


‘Gov. Rick Perry’ Can’t Remember His GOP Debate Answer On SNL Either


Bill Maher: Perry’s Gaffe Was Not Forgetting Agencies To Cut, It’s That He Wants To Cut Agencies


An auxiliary farce Volunteer cop treatment disgraceful: report (NYP) *  Safety Risks To Auxiliary Officers Not Adequately Covered By NYPD, Report Finds (NY1)



 Law and Order

Often at Center of Mayhem, Emergency Rooms Tend to Be Gunfire-Free Zones(NYT) * Busted for shooting inside hospital(NYDN) *  Hotel cook: Co-workers dressed like KKK and harassed me(NYDN) * Thief’ bugged out(NYP) * Hit-run cab kills gran, 88 (NYP) * Blood freed ‘to shoot’ (NYP) * Screwdriver-Armed Passenger Demanded Different Route On Brooklyn Bus, Police Say(NY1)* Man found beaten to death, bound in the Bronx(WABC) * Brooklyn Burglary Suspect Posed As Exterminator, Police Say (NY1) * Police Investigate Fatal Shooting In The Bronx(WCBS)* B57 bus driver allegedly attacked by passenger (News 12) * Police probe late night shooting in Highbridge(News 12)* Midtown nut beats granny(NYP) * 2011 Gun Buyback Initiative In Brooklyn(Fox 5) * 2 suspects wanted in Bronx attempted robbery(WABC) * Police investigate deadly Harlem shooting(WABC) * Crime fighting dogs take the streets in Brooklyn(WABC) * DSK Implicated in French Prostitution Ring Investigation(NY Magazine) * Immig-lawyer ‘slayer’ busted(NYP) * Driver Shot Dead In Queens (NY1) * Man Held in Beating of an Elderly Woman (NYT) * Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Livery Cab Driver In QueensNY1) *  New MTA chief Joe Lhota set to throw book at riders who attack transit workers(NYDN) * $10k reward for suspect in deadly Queens hit & run (WABC)


 This Weeks Viral Videos

Rick Perry’s ‘Oops’ Moment, Glee’s Gay Sex Scene, More Viral Videos  From Conrad Murray’s guilty verdict to SNL’s Kardashian spoof, see the week’s buzziest videos (The Daily Beast) *  The Best Videos of the Week (Gawker)



The Week’s Best Reads From America’s failing universities to the secrets of great innovators, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week.(The Daily Beast)




Maher’s Holiday Goodbye: ‘[Republicans] Hate Everything About Christmas’




$633M MF game of ‘hide-seek’(NYP) The $633 million in missing client funds from Jon Corzine’s now-bankrupt firm MF Global appears to be a result of a “massive hide-and-seek ploy,” a US Commodity Futures Trading commissioner said yesterday.




Can investors get News Corp. under control?(Newsosaur)





Blogger Report  Construction Begins At Coney Island’s New Steeplechase Plaza(Sheephead Bites) * Scandal-tarred ex-city official fails to win judgeship (Brooklyn Paper) * Justin vs. Kevin Two fighting Dem Clubs in Bay Ridge (Bay Ridge Journal) * Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Oct ’11 (BushwickBK) * Tangled Web: Players in 54th Assembly Dist. Election(BushwickBK) * Tower 7 reaches capacity; artists to vacate by 2012(Downtown Express) * Why Was Washington Square Park Rejected as Site for Veteran’s Day Rally Concert with Joan Baez?(Washington Square Park Blog) * Klein's Dem. Gang Makes Deal with GOP(Bronx Political Chatter) * Diaz Sr. revving up for 2012 campaign(Bronx Political Press) * Bronx DA Johnson wins election...against no one(Bronx Political Press) * Brown Wins Sixth Consecutive Term With No Opposition (Queens Gazette)* Oh the humanity! Navy Airship soars above historic Floyd Bennett Field * Oh the humanity! Navy Airship soars above historic Floyd Bennett Field (Cobble Hill Blog) * Who gives a shit: Want to know how much Barclays Season Tickets cost?(FK in Park Slope) * Democratic Committee Elects District Leader for Northeast Queens (Bayside Patch)


SNL’s ‘Devil’ Is Horrified With Joe Paterno And The Penn State Rape Scandal



J. Edgar Hoover: A law unto himself (CBS)



Penn Sate Should Cancel the Rest of the Season(The Daily Beast)