Saturday, October 1, 2011

True News Sunday Update

 Media Black Out

Media Down Plays the Mayor's Testifying At the Haggerty Trial

No Stories In the NYT, NYP or Daily NewsToday About Bloomberg Taking the Stand Tomorrow










Questions Bloomberg Should Get on the Witness Stand

1. You paid Harris over $450,000 in 2005 was some of the money that Haggerty got a thank you for helping you get  the Republican ballot line in the face of strong initial opposition from some GOP leader?

2.  What was on the email between Haggerty and you campaign that you refused to release? E-mail-strom Mike stonewalls on Haggerty(NYP)

3. Why did you campaign not pay Haggerty directly for his services?  Why did you give the money to the Housekeeping fund of the Independence Party and not the GOP Housekeeping Party like you did in 2005 to pay for ballot security? 

4.  When you and senior aids huddled with Republican campaign consultant John Haggerty Jr. on Oct. 28, 2009, six days before the election did your private polls show a much closer race than the public polls that were showing you with a 16-18% lead? Mike '$cammer' powwow (NYP)

5. In 2005 when your opponent charge you campaign ballot security operation was racist do you think it hurt you campaign and you?  Did you put the money in the housekeeping account because you knew it would not be released until after the 2009 election?

For Ten Years Not A Word Now She Opinionated  - Is this Spin to Protect the Mayors Image?

Diana Taylor, Bloomberg’s Girlfriend, Criticizes Obama(NYT) * Diana Taylor not fond of Obama or GOPers in new interview(NYDN) * Mike going on the stand & on the spot(NYP) 



Will Bloomberg be curt or even-keeled as witness? Reuters * When Hizzoner Takes the Stand, Things Can Get Testy (NYT) 1:57PM

After Weprin Disaster Boss Crowley Tries to Pick Another Congressman . . .

Pushing Meeks out Door  Secret Dem meeting(NYP) Queens Democratic Boss Crowley met with other Queens leaders last month to pick Malcolm Smith as the successor to Meeks if the criminal probe brings him down.  The problem with Smith is that many of the same investigations into Meeks also involve Smith.  Also at the meeting picking the successor was Ruben Wills who currently has two criminal warrants out on him and is connected to an AG investigation Attorney general probes state Sen. Shirley Huntley and charities 

Bosses Pick Tainted Smith

Comrie was also tapped in the closed-door meeting to run for Smith’s Senate seat if Smith vacates it for Washington, said a source. The US Attorney’s Office opened an investigation in 2010 into both Meeks and Smith after The Post reported they helped found a Queens charity that failed to document most of its spending. Smith steered $56,000 in state member-item cash to the group, which also collected money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina but distributed almost none of it.


FBI Continues the Press on Kruger to Rat on Others for a Reduced Sentence

State Sen. Carl Kruger's list of bribes for political favors continues to grow: FBI(NYDN) Each month for nine months in 2007, Patel said, he paid Olympian $3,000, hoping Kruger could win approval to transform his hot-sheet Golden Gate Motor Inn into four apartment buildings.  Patel, 58, told the Daily News that Kruger instructed him to write checks to Olympian Strategic Development, a company controlled by Kruger's "intimate associate (Kruger's Lover)," Michael Turano.

FBI: Kruger got Bribes totalling more than $690,000
Patel is part of a growing parade of locals the FBI believes bribed Kruger to win his political largesse, newly released court papers show.  The group includes a Russian arts group seeking taxpayer money, a Diamond District dealer trying to open an adult day care center, and an insurance broker who would benefit from a bill Kruger sponsored mandating that all doctors buy malpractice insurance.

Thousands Protest Rape Culture In Slutwalk March
'SlutwalkNYC' march draws hundreds (NYDN) Clothes don't make the victim say the hundreds of women who marched - some topless, some wearing bras - in SlutwalkNYC to protest the blaming and shaming of rape victims * ‘SlutWalk NYC’ Draws Over 1,000 Demonstrators To Union(WCBS)

Arrests Follow Wall Street Protest Across Brooklyn Bridge

Thousands march from Wall St.(NYP) * Dozens arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest; Brooklyn Bridge shut down(NYDN)  * Sometimes Live Video * NYPD Mass Arrests of Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Firsthand Account from AlterNet Staffer Trapped on Bridge * Arrests Follow Wall Street Protest Across Brooklyn Bridge (NBC) * Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge (NYT) * 'Occupy Wall Street' Links up with Locked-Out Teamsters * Occupy Wall Street protesters return to demonstration hours after being arrested(NYDN)

Charles Barron Joins the Wall Street Protesters
 Wall Street protests spread to other cities (CBS) * About 400 protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge today for not using pedestrian lane, marching in vehicular lane. (Daily News) * Hundreds arrested in US protest(BBC) * Occupy LA protest at City Hall in Los Angeles Oct 1 2011 * Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge-The Guardian * ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Spread Across the Country (ABC) * Hundreds Arrested When Wall Street Protesters Block Brooklyn Bridge (NBC) * Hundreds arrested in protests Sydney Morning Herald * Blogging OCCUPY USA, for October 1: 700 Arrests in NYC, Protests Spread Elsewhere (The Nation)

Charles M. Blow (Twitter) Just overheard traffic cop say they used 5 cities buses to arrest people on the bridge

Elana_Brooklyn (Twitter) nypd randomly mass arresting peaceful protesters after being lead onto brooklyn bridge. You need to cover this now

More than 700 arrested in Wall Street protest(AP)

Wall Street Occupiers, Protesting Till Whenever(NYT) * Hippies and Hipsters Exhale Occupy Wall Street, which seems to be picking up steam, should find some political heroes and issues to champion before it gets written off as a street festival. (NYT) * Ready to Rock but No Band(WSJ) * Will Bloomberg End Protesters' Stay on Wall Street? (WSJ) * Wall Street protesters march on NYPD HQ, but get lost (NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Rally Against "Excessive Force"(NY1) * ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest Invades One Police Plaza In Protest Of NYPD(WCBS) * ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest Invades One Police Plaza * Occupy Wall Street (The Atlantic) * Day eight at Occupy Chicago


Another Brooklyn Bride March, For Poverty

The Rich Are Under Attack - Poor Things! - Wash Post  * City's Poverty Rate Inspires March Across Brooklyn Bridge(NY1)


On His Watch Jobs Lost to China

Schumer: New York Has Lost 160,000 Jobs to China(NBC) *  Schumer Pushes For Bill To Control Chinese Trade Policies (NY1)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post) * 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk(The Daily Beast)


Yankees Beat Tigers In Game One(Fox 5)






Shrink said he clocked 141 hours in one week(NYP)




City’s EMT 911 dispatch system flatlinesThe FDNY computer system that dispatches 911 calls to EMTs had to be resuscitated after it mysteriously crashed for several hours Friday -- and again yesterday.


Judge: New FDNY Hiring Practices Don't Go Far Enough(NY1)








Cuomo Big Stick in A Defining Moment

 Will the Unions Blink?

'It Wasn't a Bluff,' Cuomo Asserts Gov. Andrew Cuomo's showdown with the state's second-largest public employees union this week has provided the most telling test yet of his effort to force labor concessions in the nation's most-unionized state. (WSJ)*  Gov. Andrew Cuomo open to 'tweaking' union contract (Democratic and Chronicle) * Gov’s union talk a go -- for no extra dough(NYP) * The state is preparing to outsource some of the jobs held by PEF workers who are being laid off. * A state narcotics unit that specializes in prescription-drug investigations is being decimated by the PEF layoffs. Some say this is payback.


Cuomo Moves Fast to Correct DMV's Madness

DMV's hindsight is 2-0/20! Cuomo team blinks on drivers' eye tests(NYDN)






Cuomo: If You Want A Sex Change Fund It Yourself

Cuomo chops off sex-change funds(NYP) * FDNY welcomes 1st transgender firefighter in city history(NYP)


A German teenager has punched holes in Albany's pretense that redistricting is hard(NYDN)





NYPD Ticket Fixing Indictments 

Were are the calls for an independent knapp commission? The public needs to know if cops fixed tickets for city officials and the possibilities of blackmail because of those fixes. Up to 22 Are Said to Face Charges in Tickets Inquiry(NYT) * Five civilians added to NYPD tix-fix indict list(NYDN)

Christie down to the wire(NYP) * Establishment Republicans pushing for Gov. Chris Christie presidential run(NYDN) * Pass jobs bill! Obama calls for Congress to 'get its act together'(NYDN) * In GOP Contest, Anything Could Happen - LA Times * Romney Content to Be Mr. Good Enough - Boston Globe * Obama, Don't Run From Class Warfare - Howell Raines, CNN * Approval Ratings Falling, Obama Scolds U.S. - DC Examiner * Could Obama's "Fighting" Rhetoric Backfire? - Politico * Cain Denies GOP's Horrible History With Blacks - Roland Martin, CNN * Ruiz: Rubio's not American enough for Tea Party(NYDN) *Perry push back over 'incorrect' racist camp name report(NYP)* Pressure on undecided candidates is mounting due to the shifting GOP primary/caucus calendar.



NY's Pays for Unfinished Tunnel

N.J. to Repay U.S. $95 Million Over Hudson Tunnels(NYT) * New Jersey Must Repay Part of Tunnel Money(WSJ)

Two political neophytes beat Manhattan Democratic Party Chairman Keith Wright’s hand-picked district leader candidates.


Pushing for More Independent Charters(NYT) * Teachers implore Diocese for fair salaries(NYDN) * Over 700 School Workers Face Layoffs Starting Next Week(NY1)


Peter Brookes: Awlaki's death a win, but fight vs. Al Qaeda goes on(NYO) * Two-Year Manhunt Led to Awlaki Death(NYT) * 2nd American in Strike Waged Qaeda Media War(NYT) *  ANALYSIS: Al Qaeda cleric taken down, but key leaders elude detection(NYDN) * CIA and President Barack Obama deserve only praise in death of terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki(NYDN) * US-born Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, three aides killed(NYP) * Strike Reflects U.S. Shift to Drones in Terror Fight(NYT)



NYC Terror NYPD Increases Security After Terror Leader's Death(NYDN) * NYPD on alert for revenge(NYP) * Terror Plot at Grand Central Station?(WNBC)





Terrorism For Sale  on Atlantic Avenue

Mouthpiece of madness sells in B’klyn(NYP) * ‘Late’ edition for Queens terror editor (NYP)






RKO Keith’s Theatre Debacle Puts Developer On The Hot Seat High-flying plans for a big building near LaGuardia Airport were brought back down to earth after the developer forgot to get clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration. (WCBS)


On Facebook, Neighborhoods as They Once Were(NYT)

Two Men Linked To Three Bronx Livery Cab Robberies(NY1)

Law and Order

Paterson kid clocked beau: cops(NYP) * Stop thief! Crime wave swamps Rockaways (NYP) *Horse 'thieves' hit Central Park(NYP) * Ex-Gov.'s stepdaughter in legal trouble after violent fight with boyfriend(NYDN) * Gun-toting, pot-concealing turnstile jumper arrested in Brooklyn(NYP) * Police: Man Shot, Killed Inside Brooklyn Barber Shop (WCBS)

 Saturday   Police Offer $12,000 Reward For Info On Brooklyn Stabbing Suspect(NY1)New York Fire Dept. Has Not Done Enough to Recruit Minorities, Judge Finds(NYT) * Judge says FDNY racist, deliberately blocks black applicants(NYDN) * Owner of Car Service Slain(WSJ) * NYPD arrests suspect in attempted rape foiled by quick-thinking Marine (NYDN) * Colombo gangster Richard Fusco tried to shake down Gambinos(NYDN) * Lawyer: Parents Accused Of Abducting 8 Children From Queens(WCBS)* Man Arrested in Rape Attempt(WABC) * Four people shot in the Bronx(WABC) * Second man fatally shot at B'klyn barber shop(NYP) *

Crown Heights Resident Capture Aggressive Arrest By NYPD Of Hasidic Man (videos) (Vos Lz Neias)





The Week’s Best Reads (The Daily Beast)

From California’s economic meltdown to women trying to get pregnant in their 50s, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week. 



Gil Noble departs TV's 'Like It Is' after 43 years, leaving hole in N.Y.'s public-affairs discourse(NYDN)