Friday, September 30, 2011

True News Wags the Dog (NYP)

 City Council What Snowstorm? 
NYP Copies True News

Yesterday's True News: Bloomberg Secret Travel: Quinn Protects Mayor and Puts New Yorkers in Danger

Today's NYP:   Mike fiddles, Chris blinks  Who cares if the mayor is AWOL during a major emergency and has left no one with the keys to the municipal machinery? The City Council sure as hell doesn’t -- that much is obvious.


 True News: The speaker turns her back on the safety of New Yorkers as she blocks a bill that would require the mayor to disclose his travel plans.


NYP: This (the travel bill) hardly seems unreasonable, given the chaos that ensued during the Christmas Blizzard of ’10 . . .   -- but Quinn’s chief press aide says there are more “substantive issues” for the council to concern itself with.

True News: It not Just the snow storm fuck up where even the deputy mayors were missing and nobody was in charge, we are a city that is the number one terrorist target.

NYP: Yes, Bloomberg is unlikely to be ambushed by Mother Nature ever again, as his stellar Hurricane Irene performance showed. But there are other, less predictable, dangers facing the city -- international terrorism being at the top of the list.

Breaking: Scum Awlaki Dead

When Will Liu Blink and Pay his Poster Fine?  . . .  Today?

What about mayoral candidate Thompson? Illegal Posters (True News) * NYC’s animal shelter system is underfunded and rife with problems, an audit by Comptroller John Liu found.

 This Time He Has to Swear to Tell the Truth - Bloomberg Takes the Stand Monday

Bloomberg to Testify Monday at Trial of Consultant(NYT)


Haggerty Trial: Everybody Talking About Ballot Security, But . . .

Where are the examples of how ballot security has slowed down voting in NY?

Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 and the loss of county of the machines over voting in unfixed real elections. It looks like ballot security is something that no longer is possible, beyond the treats of consultants looking for money and candidates wanting to keep the minority vote down. Haggerty Trial Exposes Issues With Ballot Security (NY1)



Haggerty On Trial for Ripping Off Bloomberg's $$$ is in Court in A Queens Court Over the Control of the Queens' GOP

Are the two trials connected.  It is clear that Haggerty pushed Bloomberg on Queens GOP chair  Ragusa.  Is that the reason that Haggerty was not paid though the Independence Party and not the GOP like he was in 2005 by the mayor for the same type of ballot security operation?

Some guys apparently just can’t stay out of the courtroom. Queens Republican spokesman Robert Hornak says Republican operative John Haggerty was in court before a Queens judge yesterday, for a matter entirely unrelated to his ongoing trial for allegedly stealing $1.1 million from Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Because of the Jewish holidays, that trial has been on hiatus from last Tuesday until next Monday, allowing Haggerty to show up for the separate proceeding involving litigation in his insurgent bid to take control over the Queens Republican Party. Both the Haggerty faction of the party and current Queens Republican Party chairman Phil Ragusa claim to have won the right to lead the party during separate leadership elections held Wednesday night. (CHN)

City Hall News Has A Fondness for Dictatorships

City Hall News Named Quinn a winner of the week for killing the bill that forced the mayor  to disclose his whereabouts and also killed a bill to more scrutiny on the mayor’s contracts. Not for the merits involved with the bill but because she has power. Using those standards CHN if were around in the 1940's would have made Benito Mussolini a winner of the week for making the trains run on time. (CHN).  More CHN winners and losers



Next Director of PA Will Face Declining Revenue and Escalating Costs


Big Decisions Await Port's New Director(WSJ)




NYT sides with Cuomo on PEF contract, says union should revote & accept concessions, also pushes millionaire's tax 

Union has 3 Weeks to Stop Layoffs

A Bad Union Vote Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent layoff notices to thousands of state employees because the Public Employees Federation rejected a fair five-year contract. (NYT Ed) * PEF’s so-far rebuffed effort to re-start contract talks with the Cuomo administration could trigger a so-called “me too” clause for CSEA if successful. * Gov. Cuomo Still Pushing For A PEF Do-Over(NYDN) * Brynien ‘Encouraged’ By Cuomo’s ‘Tweaks’ Comment(YNN)

Thomas Kaplan (twitter) In radio appearance, Cuomo calls 3,500 layoffs "very sad, troubling situation," and adds, "No one wanted this outcome." 

Cuomo Draws the Line in the Sand on Redistricting
Cuomo to End Incumbent Protection Society

RT RT : Cuomo says "yes" when asked if he's going to veto LATFOR-drawn lines. That's pretty unequivocal.

Source: Eye Test Policy On Hold(YNN)

Cuomo: If You Want A Sex Change Fund It Yourself

Cuomo's office kills plan for taxpayer-funded sex-change surgeries(NYP)

Weiner Nice Guy Slow Come Back Starts
Weiner Drop A Story on A Blog He Meet With Turner to Turn of Constituent Projects He Had Been Working On


Bloomberg Keeps Heat on Cuomo on Taxi Bill

Erin (Twitter) Cuomo's "been on board with this since day one," says of outer borough taxi plan.

NY1 Online: Representative Charles Rangel Discusses Obama's Speech To Congressional Black Caucus


Bloomberg's Technology (Money) Pit(Gotham Gazette)


One of the Last Great Street Reporters Remembered 

A Tribute to a Reporter With Legendary Drive and Swagger(NYT)

A Newspaper Mystery

Extra! Bizarre Sales Spike for 2 Papers(NYT) * Mysterious spikes in the sale of two Long Island weeklies have caused newspaper officials to scratch their heads.



Obama and Christie neck-and-neck in hypothetical 2012 race: poll(NYP)




Christie Only Talks Like Ralph Kramden, The Former U.S. Attorney is A Big Guy and Were Not Just Talking Size

No Ralph Bumbler

 Lupica: GOP over the moon for New Jersey Gov. 'Ralph Kramden'(NYDN)For Christie and 2 Senators, Animus Is Mutual(NYT) * GOPers give NJ gov a shove(NYP) * Christie's better half is the whole package of political savvy  (NYP) * Former Gov. Mario Cuomo waited until Christmastime to decide against running for president, so why can’t Republicans like NJ Gov. Chris Christie play Hamlet a little longer? * Eugene Robinson is worried about Christie’s health – namely, his weight problem.* "'s wife, Mary Pat, no longer objects to a presidential run" says source. * Breaking  Report: Mike Huckabee Considering A Run Too (TPM) *  Obama Charts a New Route to Re-election(NYT)


Here We Go Again: Republicans Gear Up For Game Of ‘Early Primary Leapfrog’


Taegan Goddard (Twitter) Florida moves primary to Jan 31, likely setting off a chain reaction as IA, NH, SC and NV move their contests up 

Wall Street protests enter 14th day(CNN) Video: Wall Street protesters dig in YouTube * Occupy Wall Street protest sparks nationwide movementWashington Times *Russell Simmons visits 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters with bottles of water ...(NYDN) * Demonstrators gather in Chicago in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street protest ...(Chicago Tribune) * New York Unions Vow To Support Wall Street Protesters(NPR) 

Poster at the Demonstration

 Wall Street protesters to target NYPD cops Friday (photos)(Wash Post) * Pepper spray furor: Most who complained weren't even at protest(NYDN) * Bloomberg Tells Occupation Wall Street Not To Get Too Comfortable (NYO) * Jim Dywer writes that the pepper-spray incident during the Occupy Wall Street protests that exists in a bubble of isolation from ordinary democratic processes. * Getting A Boost From Unions And Online Tools, Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global (TPM) * Occupy San Francisco * RadioHead Occupy Wall St 4PM  * Radiohead Show 'Definitely Not Going to Happen,' Band Says(NYT) *  Bloomberg Hints That Wall St. Protesters Could Overstay Welcome(NYT) * Bloomberg slams Wall St. protesters, says they're targeting working class(NYP) * * Day 12 - 9/28/11 Daily Recap *** Live Video of Wall Street Protest  

Is Bloomberg the New Mubarak?

Adam Lisberg (Twitter)  So Bloomberg hints at Occupy Wall Street crackdown just as unions get on board with it. This could be a third-term turning point

How Wall Street Buys Congress $$$ (Twitter)  Wall Street titan Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has donated $730K to federals pols since the 1992 election cycle


 NYT Reporter Thinks Pepper Spray Cop Stories is Coverage of the Wall Street Protests


LIRR almost back to normal after Thursday night lightning shutdown (NYP)





Tavern on the Green Everywhere Except NYC 

Our Town (Twitter) Tavern on the Green name going to other cities | Crain's New York Business


More Cell Phone Stations Coming

The MTA revealed the next subway stations scheduled to receive cell service. 



After 10 Years Taylor Interview Has Nothing to Do With the Mayor Taking the Stand New Week in the Haggerty Trial?

The First Lady of New York City: An Interview with Diana Taylor (NYO)


After Arrest, a Wider Inquiry on SAT Cheating(NYT) * SAT cheats only aimed for party schools (NYP)


 County clerks say the DMV’s dropping of a require vision test for driver’s license renewals is a dangerous “cash grab.” * The TU deems the new policy (ahem) short-sighted.





The Real Bank Robbers

Banks to Make Customers Pay Fee for Debit Card Use(NYT) * BofA ‘$wipes’ more from its customers(NYP) * EARLY EXIT: Major Banks Reportedly Left Bailout Program To Avoid Executive Pay Restrictions



East Village store owner busts library thief(NYP)

Law and Order

Good Samaritan scares off attempted rapist(NYP) *Man who 'robbed' same bank three days in a row is former mental patient who was living large before bust (NYP) *  Three men murdered during violent night in Bronx, B'klyn: cops (NYP)

79-Year-Old Dies in Crossfire(WSJ) * Police Seek Shooting Suspects And Original Target After Elderly Brooklyn Man's Death(NY1)

* Police Search For Suspect In Alleged Rape Attempt On Young Girl(NYDN) * Mom says her 6-year-old son was sexually attacked - by kindergartners(NYDN)Gun charge nixed after mom with dementia allowed cops to search(NYDN) * Pit bulls attack woman in school parking lot, prompting gunfire by cops(NYDN) * Colombo gangster Richard Fusco tried to shake down Gambinos(NYDN) * ‘High,’ grandma!(NYP)


A Terror Plot Wile E. Coyote Might Love (Mother Jones)