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NY's de Facto Media God (Bloomberg) Takes the Stand

Bloomberg on the Stand
Vague and often "Couldn't Recall"

At Consultant’s Trial, Bloomberg Is Queried but Not Rattled(NYT)Bloomberg Testifies in Political Operative's Trial(WSJ)* Haggerty Defense Grills Mayor Over Campaign Spending(NY1) * #Haggerty lawyers have their crack at Bloomberg, who mostly sticks to the script (Capital) *Mayor Bloomberg Exposed On the Stand(Village Voice) *  With Furtive Steps, Bloomberg Made His Way to Court (NYT) * Bloomberg takes stand in Haggerty trial (crainsNY) *  Mayor Endures Harsh Cross-Examination In Haggerty Trial(NY1) * Ex-Aide Earns $350000 at Mayor's Charity(WSJ) * Mayor, Not Recalling Much, Testifies in Consultant’s Trial(NYT)

Bloomberg Testimony Reported on Twitter

Grace Rauh (Twitter) and lawyers in courtroom. in the audience along w reporters. Seats still avail for testimony. * . enters courtroom to take the stand. . Standing room only. * .: we tried to get an accounting of how the ballot security money was spent. . says he does care that money wasn't used for ballot security. Says $1 M would have done a lot of good for society. 8 Trial RT : . says he never agreed to give or loan $1M to John .
Bloomberg left the criminal court complex downtown Monday through an entrance usually used to transport prisoners
. says the $1.2M to Indy Party was not a general donation to party. Says it was given w a purpose. $1.1 for ballot security. * Raymond Castello cross-examining . * . says he thot more appropriate to pay for ballot sec through pol party bc it helped other ...* MT@NYDNHammond: Confessing viol of elect law? MT : says $1.2M to Indy Party was .. given w a purpose. * Castello starts asking about term limits. . * . says it is NOT fair to say he would have been willing to spend whatever it took to win in '09. * .: Haggerty "promised things that he did not do." Castello: Isn't that what u did regularly at Solomon Bros? * Now Castello asks about Stephen Goldsmith. Accuses mayor of not being truthful about Goldsmith's departure.

John Eligon (Twitter) cracks a smile when saying he did not know whether his support of term limits was forceful * has no recollection of $1.2 million contribution to Independence Party in 2008 * and defense argue over the content of an email between spokesman Howard Wolfson and NYPost reporter. * laughs incredulously at suggestion that he regularly did not do things that he promised to do at investment firm. * on goldsmith resignation: "I was exactly truthful" * Cross examination of ends. taking a short break.

Adam Lisberg When tweeting pace slows in trial, it's not cuz it's boring procedural stuff -- it's cuz news is so jawdropping we're stunned.* lawyer spends entire Bloomberg cross-examination trying to dirty up the mayor, not defend his client. If this were a rape case ...

Errol Louis (Twitter) Inside Manhattan Criminal Court waiting for witness . Most of City Hall press corps is here.

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) The media sure does like the trial. Also here: 's Seifman, NY1's anchor , 's , etc. * Dark suit, white tie, enters, and is sworn in * Why have ballot security? testifies it was to prevent voters from being "pushed aside." * . says his $1M "could have done a lot of good" had it not been misspent. * . said he felt it would have been "inappropriate" to spend campaign $ on ballot security. * . says he does not know Kevin Sheekey's salary at Bloomberg LP. * . calls Patti Harris "close confidant" and is "authorized to act on my behalf when I am out of town." * . denies he deputized anyone to his "agent" specifically for "ballot security."  
. says he prefers to look someone in the eye and shake on a deal, rather than a written contract. * Were you enrolled as a Democrat before 2001 "All my previous life," testifies.   * Asked if pollster Doug Schoen worked for Bloomberg LP, said he's not sure. * Three times already, lawyer asks "can you answer my questions?" * Trying to rattle , lawyer says "my question was about the Republican Party. Can you answer my question?" said ballot security is "not something I'm familiar with." * Lawyer asked "when" did decided to run 4 re-election in 2008. Doesn't remember. Attorney tells judge "he's not responsive." 
  "It was very valuable to be on multiple party lines" in 09 testifies. * . says he had to spend more $ in 09 than in past. Diffuclt decisions & higher ad rates to blame. * Asked if he recognizes a letter, , smirks, & says "I assume so. I signed it." * Asked if letter authorizes aide to spend his personal $, said it's in there, focuses on words "planning & execution." * .'s statements about the Independence Party allowed as evidence in the trial. * . David Seifman gets mentioned in trial. says he doesn't know Seifman's email address. * . said he didn't have any conversations w/ . "Didn't have a chance to lead or mislead..." * Lawyer: did you get a waiver to let Deputy Mayor Harris work for u personally. : "When she works 4 me, its otside city time." * Surreal! Laywer to : "how about financial? Do you know what that term means?" * Whoa! : "took the money for personal gain." Lawyer: "isn't that what u regularly did @ Solomon Brothers?" * 's book, Bloomberg by Blomberg, entered into evidence. * Lawyer reads passage of 's book & said it's not true. It goes to the alleged victim's "credibility" says lawyer. *Judge blocks lawyer's 2 attempts to use 's book, on grounds of "relevancy." * .: "I'm sure we tried to get the money back." * Lawyer trying to undermine 's credibility by asking mayor about public comments he made about Stephen Goldsmith. * nd now castello brings up goldsmith saying he made an "untruthful" statement * .: until u have specific documenation "nobody in their right mind would send a check." * . says he does not lie. Lawyer tries challenging that claim by citing his autobiography. Judge, again, blocks it. * Recess in trial. remains on the stand. Maybe more questions later. * . steps down from the stand * . said his $ to the Indy Party was 2 benefit all the candidates on that line, but couldn't name any

Michael Powell (Twitter)  Bloomberg meets Vacco; Mogul v. Attack Terrier at Haggert trial* Much over-used, often unearned, term but true dean of ny press corps in house: Gabe Pressman * There is controlled and there is controlled. Hizzoner like lizard in sun under cross exam. Barely moving. * Mayor can't remember million$ given to Independence Party ... personally, i hate when I mess up my bookkeeping like that * Mayor could not be more buttoned down emotionally. Never peers at jury. Takes hi goo-goo pose. * Mayor Out of Body ... doesn't remember $100000 checks, complaints filed by opponents. Nada. It's only $. * trial and Bloomberg testimony tends to underline the legal charade that is campaign finance laws * Financial activity? Authorized committee? Mayor doesn't understand terms. What we have here is a failure to communicate. * We're about to go into hizonner's time on wall street and alleged situational ethics # haggerty * City time, Goldsmith, problems on wall street: Defense officially in throwing kitchen sink phase of Bloomberg cross exam. * So the cross exam ends. Mayor Unflappable largely unflapped. So many checks, elections & people purchased, howz mogul keep track? * There is controlled and there is controlled. Hizzoner like lizard in sun under cross exam. Barely moving.

David W. Chen (Twitter) - he generally doesn't believe in contracts but rather handshakes * In trial is asked to read documents but not say they are out loud bc not in evidence * In , mayor, asked if TL wud b a problem w voters said "there are lots of issues" and "that would certainly be one of them" * - mayor, asked if fair to say he wud spend whatever it took in 09, said "not fair to say at all" * - Castello quizzing mayor now over conflicts letter re jaffin, displays letter on overhead * If had a soundtrack for mayor's testmony, my suggestion: peter gabriel's "I don't remember" * Mayor, asked if misled him re IP aims and goals, said he never had chance to "lead or mislead" me * Book reading from "bloomberg by bloomberg" ruled out by judge zweibel * No further qs from DA; bloomberg steps down in

Bill Hammond (Twitter) Bloomberg spox: Nothing in nys law says you can't have an expectation as to how money in a contribution would be spent.

Sarah Steiner (Twitter) Now Bloomberg being asked about CityTime + other frauds against city, where he did ask for $ back. * Bloomberg never asked for money back from but assumes one was made. By some lawyer. To someone. * Bloomberg defending his false statements about Goldsmith resignation. Amounts to "It was truthy." * Bloomberg says there was "verbal agreement" w Indep Pty for $1.1million for ballot security. rep'd mayor, dk who re'd Party. * Bloomberg: I assume I'm paying lawyer bills for everyone involved in this. No idea what it is costing.   * Note: Under law, candidate may not designate hoisekeeping $ for this purpose. * Bloomberg: we all agreed that $100k would be separate from $1.1million. I don't recall telling Harris that. We all agreed.  * Mayor doesn't look at jurors as they enter, or as he testifies. DA has no redirect. Mayor leaves courtroom.

City Hall News (Twitter) Question for jury: Do you believe the famously hands-on, detail-oriented mayor really doesn't know all these hands-on details?* Castello got close to asking Bloomberg how he paid for “grassroots” term limits activism in 2008, but backed off. See Brennan, Patrick. * NYPost's Seifman and sitting 8 feet apart as Bloomberg is quizzed about email between them in trial. * trial question about Indy Party cash: “$1.2M is financial activity?” Bloomberg: “It is a transfer of monies.” * RT : City time, Goldsmith, wall street: Defense officially in throwing kitchen sink phase of Bloomberg cross exam.

PolitickerNY live Blogging * Mayor Bloomberg said he doesn’t “believe” in contracts and so never signed one with John Haggerty. He also never followed up to see how Haggerty had performed in his ballot security services.

NYT:  Mr. Bloomberg is answering questions posed by a prosecutor, Eric Seidel.  Mr. Bloomberg, who is answering solemnly, Mr. Haggerty, who he says worked as a volunteer for his campaign. In response to questions  from Mr. Seidel, Mr. Bloomberg says he personally approved a payment of $1.1 million for ballot security. Mr. Bloomberg says that Mr. Haggerty provided the same service in 2005, for the same amount of money. Mr. Bloomberg says he would not have made the donation if he were not receiving ballot security services. Mr. Bloomberg appears a bit impatient but is sitting very still and answering quietly.  * Mr. Bloomberg spent about 10 minutes answering Mr. Seidel's questions. Then it was time for cross examination. Mr. Castello wasted no time in starting an aggressive line of questioning.  "Did you personally rely on anything" John Haggerty told you in making the donation, he asked Mr. Bloomberg. Mr. Bloomberg said, "I relied on the details that he gave to my staff." Mr. Castello moved to strike that from the record, and repeated: "When I asked if you personally relied on anything John Haggerty said, did you understand my question? Did you personally rely on anything John Haggerty said?" Mr. Bloomberg did not react to the aggressive questioning; impassively, he said no. *
Mr. Castello, in asking Mr. Bloomberg about the 2005 election, took an opportunity to needle him about his support at the time for term limits, and his later reversal. "And you spoke forcefully about term limits?" Mr. Castello asked.  "I certainly spoke, whether it was forceful or not I don't know," Mr. Bloomberg said, emitting a small chuckle.  Mr. Castello is taking a tough tack with the mayor, questioning him on details of ballot security, poll watching, and contributions to political parties.
"Now, ballot security has sometimes had a negative connotation, is that fair to say?" Mr. Castello asked. In some places and times, Mr. Bloomberg said, but "I don't think so in New York, and certainly not now."  Mr. Castello asked Mr. Bloomberg if he recalled Freddy Ferrer, who ran against Mr. Bloomberg in 2005,  charging that Mr. Bloomberg's ballot security operation amounted to voter suppression. "You'll have to ask Freddy Ferrer, I just don't know what he raised at that time." * Despite the at-times contentious line of questioning from Mr. Castello, Mr. Bloomberg keeps sitting still, his hands folded in his lap and taking in a calm, deliberate tone. The jurors seem transfixed by the moment, serving back and forth between Mr. Castello and Mr. Bloomberg, like spectators at a tennis match.

Bloomberg, as Witness, May Face Prickly Questions(NYT)
“You’re the first deputy mayor of the City of New York,” Mr. Vacco bellowed at Patricia E. Harris, a longtime aide of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “You don’t understand when I ask you, ‘Is it in writing?’ ”
Why did Mr. Sheekey not make sure that the Republican Party, in 2005, had spent the money the mayor had given them on ballot security? “You didn’t care, did you?” Mr. Vacco asked. “Well, we won,” Mr. Sheekey responded. “I suppose I was looking forward.”
NYP Defends Mayor and Says Haggerty Mistress Made the Decision to Pay Him for Ballot Security 
The mayor and his top aids meet with Haggerty on Ballot Security on August 28 and the NYP blames low level aids for the contract? 
Pity poor political consultant John Haggerty -- his mayor and his mistress are both due to testify against him in a press-packed Manhattan courtroom today. The NYP says mayoral aid Fiona Reid, began an affair with the married Haggerty in August.  Later Reid working under mayoral aide Allison Jaffin, gave preliminary approval to Haggerty’s pricey ballot security budget.

Bloomberg's Money Mule?
When former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey testified last Monday that he had no direct contact with the state's Independence Party that was also part of the cover-up.  Bloomberg's lawyer Martin Geller set up a company called Manhattan West to pay for campaign activities like Haggerty's operation.  Bloomberg paid Allison Jaffin and two other city employees a second double dip salary for working for Manhattan West. Haggerty lawyers questions of  Jaffin who is on the list to testify should shed more light on how the mayor violated campaign finance laws.  Mayor's Assistant Jaffin Helped Arrange Cash (WSJ) City Room: When Hizzoner Takes the Stand, Things Can Get Testy(NYT) * Trial For John Haggerty, Accused Of Stealing From Bloomberg Campaign, Highlights Ballot Security (WABC) * Heat’s on at elex-aide trial (NYP) * It’s unclear which of Haggerty’s two attorneys, former AG Dennis Vacco or Raymond Castello, will have the honor of questioning Hizzoner. But it seems Vacco has been enjoying himself immensely up to this point.* Bloomberg’s “near visceral inability to take personal criticism or disloyalty” could make today’s proceedings very interesting.* The trial has shined a spotlight on the sometimes shadowy practice of ballot security.* Live-Blogging Bloomberg’s Testimony in Consultant’s Trial (NYT) * God, God, God, I do worry for the state of memory at City Hall. Perhaps a dementia cluster in the making?

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) . Jappin aide said had previously contacted accountants directly. * "I thought it sounded good" aide Jappin testifies, re: ballot-security operations.
Azi Paybarah * Lawyer: "anything in there about approving political contributions?" aide Jappin: "no." (Re: letter to Conflict Interest Brd) * "I did not remember" but I guess I did write to the conflict of interest board, aide Jappin testified. . aide Jappin testifies "I did not write to the conflict of interest board...the mayor may have..."* lawyer grilling aide Jappin over the meaning of phrase "caught up." He suggests payment. She argues verbal update. * This was 's white voter turnout operation. Somebody just say it and be done with it! * . aide Jaffin said the word "gift" she wrote in her notes about political donation "stands for something." * . aide Jaffin said she didn't discuss city business w/ but on cross-examination, said she can't recall the convo * Fiona Reid(sp?) Just left the courtroom. A prosecuting attoryney had said she should not be here right now.   * I'm told Fiona Reid(sp?) is in the courtroom right now. Could be an explosive witness, when trial resumes. Bigger than maybe? * Judge will allow Fiona Reid to testify about the "nature" of her relationship with . Unsure if that'll include alleged affair. * Unexpected appearamce of the day: lawyer representing 's wife * 's wife has her own, Michael Ambrecht, former counselor to Pataki . Ambrehct says she's still "Mrs." Haggerty
Sarah Steiner (Twitter) DA going through line by line of proposed budget as if it were something other than an estimate.* Jaffin says never wrote to Conflicts Bd. Shown letter she wrote, admits it doesn't cover campaign work.   * Jaffin admission she wrote letter she denied is followed by string of dozen "I don't remember" answers on cross. * Allison Jaffin: Cost for Bloomberg ballot security in 01 + 05 each just under $1mill * Jaffin relied on budget to approve mayors persl contrib to Ind Pty. Wouldn't have if Fiona Reid had objected. * Mayor + Harris gave Jaffin this authority to approve contribs from his pers'l funds, not Fiona. * Mayor + Harris gave Jaffin this authority to approve contribs from his pers'l funds, not Fiona. * Before Jaffin worked for foundation, worked for Mayor at City Hall running events ($117k) and personally as a gofer (extra$60k). * Jaffin says Sheekey told her was to be the ballot security guy, while he was Deputy Mayor. *  Jaffin remembers absolutely nothing whatsoever about her meeting with . Which she arranged from City Hall. * There was a cover letter to the Ind Pty about contribution. Per Sheekey instructions, it was not sent out. * Both DA+ move to close courtroom for testimony of Fiona Reid tomorrow morning, because of F&H's affair. * Judge will permit questions about the affair between Fiona Reid + , but maybe not about whether it was extramarital. * The idea that she was authorizing $ to the well-qualified bcs she was shtupping him is ludacris to me. * Fiona seems to have helped develop election day op budget in question. She worked for Mayor's accountants.

City Hall Refuses to Answer NYP Freedom of Information Request for Deputy Mayor Patti Harris
Harris works both for the city and for the mayor's family charitable foundation.  The deputy mayor gets paid $246,000 a year overseeing a dozen city agencies, but City Hall refuses to document how and where she spends her days. The Post on Jan. 5 requested under the Freedom of Information Law a year of her public schedules.

City Continues Pattern of Helping the Rich By Lax Oversight of Tax Exemption Notices

The New York Post wonders whether the New York City Finance Department's lax oversight of tax exemption notices is part of a pattern of thoughtless error in the Bloomberg administration.

NYP Says Cops Warned the Protesters, NY1 Offers Both Sides

The Battle of the Tapes

Police warned protesters of Brooklyn Bridge arrests(NYP)Conflicting Videos Tell Two Sides Of "Occupy Wall Street" Mass Arrest(NY1)

‘White Shirts’ of Police Dept. Take On Enforcer Role(NYT) * Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge(NYT) * Police, Too, Release Videos of Arrests on Bridge(NYT) * For Some, Zuccotti Park Becomes a Must-See Attraction(NYT) * Wall Street Protest Spreads(WSJ) * Video: Wall Street Protest Spreads to Chicago(WSJ) * Video: Occupy SF at Federal Reserve Bank(WSJ) * TWU blasts city for putting handcuffed Occupy Wall Street protesters on buses(NYDN) * Lupica: Occupy Wall Street protesters are motley crew united in outrage(NYDN) * News' editor almost arrested at the Occupy Wall Street protest(NYDN)

Most Pols Hiding From Taking A Stand on the Wall Street Protests
Support the labor unions who now support the Wall Street protestors.   But doing so risks angering the financial industry, a large source of campaign contributions and tax dollars.   Former Gov. David Paterson met protesters last week. So did U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel and City Council members Charles Barron and Jumaane Williams.Higher Wages Also Putting Council On the Spot Bill Requiring Higher Wages Puts Council Leader on the Spot(NYT) 

Supporters of the "living wage" bill say they will reintroduce an amended version of the legislation this week with more business-friendly contours, placing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the middle of a fight between supporters and the business leaders (including Mayor Michael Bloomberg) who oppose it, the Times reports * Zuccotti Park has become a tourist attraction. The TWU will go to court to try to stop the NYPD from forcing bus drivers to transport arrested protestors.* A first-person account of the Brooklyn Bridge arrests this weekend from a NYT freelancer.* Appelbaum Ties Occupy Wall Street to Living Wage Bill(NYO) 
Are the protests spreading across the U.S. the sign of an 'American Spring'?(CNN) * Anti-Wall St. Protests Spread Across U.S.(NYT) * Transport Workers Union Seeks Restraining Order Against NYPD, MTA After "Occupy Wall Street" Arrests (NY1) *  Corporate ‘Zombies’ Occupy Wall Street; Teachers Join Protest (WCBS) *  Protesters stay in Liberty Square to demonstrate against corporate greed (Amsterdam News) * Union Workers, Politicians Voice Support For "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Following Arrests(NY1) * Anti-Wall Street Protests Spreading to Cities Large and Small(NYT)

Dylan Ratigan: Occupy Wall Street Is Like The Tea Party Movement Before It Was ‘Bought’

 NYC's Growing Number of Empty Stores Tell Different Stories

Empty Stores As Landlords Wait It Out Call it the curse of the empty store. Brokers say the city's retail landscape is pockmarked with locations whose landlords have waited so long they've earned a reputation as the picky belle of the ball. (WSJ)

Former IRS Agent Estimates City Overlooks Over $40M In Potential Tax Revenue (NY1)






How Has Wheelchair Taxis Become An Issue to Kill Taxi Service Outside Manhattan?  

Lobbyists Dirty Work Afoot?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must back equal taxi service outside Manhattan and wheelchair access to cabs (NYDN) *  Taxis in hail $torm Owners lavish big bucks on pols * One pol popular with the industry is state Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens), who received more than $22,000 from 2000 to 2009. Even Gov. Cuomo has received more than $100,000 from the industry over the years. Of that, he’s gotten $30,000 since the livery bill passed the state Legislature.Public Advocate de Blasio More than $34,000.  City Comptroller John Liu more than $39,000. $22,000 Democratic State Senate Pac.  Murstein family/medallion finance  $301,000.  Ronald Sherman, more than $75,000 and Sovas Konstanides: More than $28,700.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is right to stand firm against union that voted layoffs for 3,500 members (NYDN Ed) A “well-placed person” close to the governor’s labor negotiators says there’s an 80 percent chance the administration will cut a dal with PEF to avoid the 3,500 layoffs.

Cuomo tells the Times-Union that credit for his nanotech expansion plan belongs in part to his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo


Crowley Lukewarm For Meeks, But Insists No Effort To Displace Him(YNN)_






Boyland and the Patriot Act? 

Prosecutors are using the Patriot Act to gain access to indicted Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.'s emails. In Boyland's upcoming Nov. 1 juried trial, the Southern District sought access to the legislator's AOL email account as part of its pre-trial discovery. According to documents filed last week, the government is moving to quash a motion made by Boyland's lawyer on his behalf to block access to the email, on the basis that AOL, with headquarters in Virginia, is outside the Southern District of New York. Counsel for the United States punched back, noting that an amendment to the occasionally infamous Patriot Act, allows "out of district warrants ... be issued in non-terrorism related investigations." Boyland's motion to block access to his mail, Southern District lawyers wrote, is "meritless."


A Staten Island Pol Copies Christie

Oddo's famous temper: In step with the times? (SI Advance)





Bombshell 2004 e-mail proves state education officials knew of grade cheats

 The Post obtained emails between DOE officials that suggest high-level officials had knowledge of test "scrubbing," in which teachers boosted failing students' scores so they could pass





No Escape for Bus Riders Since Toll Hike 

Those commuters who hope to escape the higher toll by switching to the bus are out of luck PA hikes take toll on bus commuters(NYP)






Judge rules FDNY systematically discriminated against minority applicants, cites racist practices – NY Daily News(The Brooklyn Inc)

Bad Cops Convicted in the NYPD Ticket Scandal May Free the Guilt

Cases Endangered by Ticket Scandal(WSJ) Criminal defense attorneys plan to use the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal to impeach the credibility of cops testifying as witnesses in other cases, a strategy that could reverberate throughout the courts system




School Layoffs About to Fall Heaviest on the Poorest and Most Struggling(NYT) The Bloomberg administration is cutting 716 school support jobs belonging to members of DC 37, with the bulk of cuts in poor or underperforming school districts.


Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke tops area House members in travel spending(NYDN)







Only in New York Does A Pol Get Thanked When They Obey the Law

The Post lauds Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for paying outstanding illegal signage fees leftover from his 2009 campaign, and calls out former Comptroller Bill Thompson and John Liu for their failure to do the same:



Josh Robin (Twitter) 

Qns Dem boss on lost seat: "it's just not that big of a deal anymore."


 Private island in New York City sells for $176,000 

A Bronx man purchased Rat Island at auction for $160,000 and plans to keep it exactly as it is – undeveloped. 




A Red-Light District Fades Away(The Brooklyn Link)





being pushed to run by Kissinger, , Nancy Reagan, William Kristol

Feeling presidential? Chris Christie reviews National Guard troops(NYDN) * Current Republican Presidential Candidates Weigh In On Possible Christie Run(WCBS) *  ‘Brutal’ fire at Christie GOP rivals already sniping at NJ gov(NYP)





Will the NYP's Dicker Confront the GOP Presidential Candidate in 2016?  Will the FBI Stop Him Finally? 

A little-noticed poll of New Hampshire Democrats finds Gov. Andrew Cuomo is the Democrats top choice to run for president in 2016, if Hillary Clinton does not run

2016 White House poll: Run, Andy, run! (Dicker, NYP)  



Len Levitt writes that NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly's comments last week about the city's ability to shoot down a jetliner raise questions both about Kelly's judgment, and the media's unwillingness to ask him tough questions:


9/11 scammer sprung from jail, gets boot from United States(NYDN)


Beau in a Paterson panic(NYP)



 Law and Order

Woman wielding knife shot dead by NYC police(WSJ) * Knife-wielding woman shot to death after lunging at cops(NYDN)NY man arrested for robbing ice cream truck driver(WSJ)Queens Lawyer’s Niche: Defending Abused Women Who Kill(NYT) * Thug caught on video savagely beating an 81-year-old grandfather busted: cops(NYDN) * Passerby saves synagogue from arsonist attack in broad daylight(NYDN) * Police search for two suspects in violent livery cab robberies(NYDN)* Two Men Linked To Three Bronx Livery Cab Robberies (NY1) * Money bunny ‘hops’ with 80g(NYP) * Off-Duty Police Officer Shot In Brooklyn(NY1)

 Police Make Arrest In Attack, Robbery Of Elderly Bronx Man(WABC)

Congress is back to work today after a week off, and it has a full plate

Fannie Mae Knew Early of Abuses, Report Says(NYT) * Fannie Mae knew of robo-signing, says Gov't report (ABC)


Andy Rooney’s Final Essay: ‘I Wish I Could Do This Forever’(60 Minutes)

Rooney: I don't sign autographs (60 Minutes)


A Great NY Journalist Remembered 

Pehme understood and wrote about what was really going on in politics and journalism in NYC and he wrote about it.  Unlike today's reporters Pehme, wrote about things the pols and movers and shakers of this town tried to cover-up.  He was my Ernest Hemingway.  Brilliant and living life the way he wanted to.  Goodby friend.   Pehme, Ex-Editor of Our Town, Dies (Our Town)