Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saturday Night Live Captured the Real Bloomberg When They Did Reagan

Breaking: UPDATE Helicopter that crashed into East River went down around 3pm, shortly after taking off from helipad on E. 34t.5 people were on board helicopter that crashed into East River in Manhattan, 4 rescued from water, 1 dead, 2 survivors in serious cond.

Bloomberg's Testimony Saturday Night Live Sketch Material: Watch This Video to Discover How the Real Bloomberg Ran His Campaign

Bloomberg on the Stand: Vague and often "Couldn't Recall"

NYP: "He came across as a startlingly hands-off campaign money manager."

Mike ‘stands’ ground Cool under fire in court testimony. The mayor remained unruffled even when Castello brought up the sensitive topics of the CityTime city-payroll boondoggle and Stephen Goldsmith -- his alleged wife-beating former deputy mayor.


NYS Election Law 14-124 (3)

“Housekeeping” is a term that refers to the receipts and expenditures of a party or constituted committee used to maintain permanent headquarters and staff, and to carry on ordinary activities that are not for the express purpose of promoting the candidacy of specific candidates. (EL 14-124 (3).)"

Mayor's Testimony

Bloomberg insisted he was not violating campaign-finance law when he paid for what he thought would be a $1.1 million Election Day ballot-security operation through a donation to the state Independence Party’s housekeeping account. Just to be clear, says David Seifman: “(N)o one writes a check to the state Independence Party except to get something in return.”

NYP's Seifman: Trying to rewrite history on the witness stand

Term Limits: I Did Nothing to Push for It

Bloomberg’s performance forgettable(NYP) The mayor objected to the wording of Haggerty Lawyer question on term limits.  “Not overturning,” he insisted, claiming he had simply asked that the Council change the law so incumbents could serve an extra four years. Somehow, Bloomberg forgot about the council members pressured by his aides to vote the right way and the paid stooges dispatched to pack the contentious City Hall hearing on the issue.

Bloomberg: Give Them What You Think They Need
Haggerty lawyer Castello was stopped by another defense objection as he tried to read aloud from Page 145 -- “As I found out at Salomon and again with the Bloomberg terminal, you promise users everything; then you build what you can and what you think they need.”

The Goldsmith Lie for Leaving
Then, when a question was raised in open court about former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, Bloomberg held firm to the press- release version of events that his top aide left to pursue opportunities in infrastructure finance. Of course, Goldsmith would still be here if not for his arrest in a domestic dispute after his wife called 911 from their Washington, DC, home.

No Contracts What Money

Remarkably, the mayor had no recollection of the 2008 donations, made in four separate wire transfers of $150,000 to $500,000 between May and October.  Bloomberg also admitted that he never signed a contract with Haggerty, and never ordered an accounting of his spending until questions were raised later.



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Transcripts of Bloomberg’s testimony are available here.* Document Drop: Haggerty Case Transcripts

And although he insisted the $1.1 million political operative John Haggerty allegedly absconded with was for ballot security for all Independence candidates, the mayor couldn’t name a single other IP candidate who might have benefited.

RACE LURKS BELOW HAGGERTY TRIAL: Today we report that two memos shown to Mayor Michael Bloomberg in court yesterday are said to hint at John Haggerty's real role in the '09 election - white voter turnout

Hush Money?

Ex-Aide Earns $350,000 at Mayor's Charity Allison Jaffin

Twitter Reports on Jaffin's Testimony 


Bloomberg's Money Mule?
Sarah Steiner (Twitter) Jaffin says never wrote to Conflicts Bd. Shown letter she wrote, admits it doesn't cover campaign work.   * Jaffin admission she wrote letter she denied is followed by string of dozen "I don't remember" answers on cross. Jaffin relied on budget to approve mayors persl contrib to Ind Pty. Wouldn't have if Fiona Reid had objected. * Mayor + Harris gave Jaffin this authority to approve contribs from his pers'l funds, not Fiona.  * Before Jaffin worked for foundation, worked for Mayor at City Hall running events ($117k) and personally as a gofer (extra$60k). * Jaffin says Sheekey told her was to be the ballot security guy, while he was Deputy Mayor. *  Jaffin remembers absolutely nothing whatsoever about her meeting with . Which she arranged from City Hall. * There was a cover letter to the Ind Pty about contribution. Per Sheekey instructions, it was not sent out. 

 Mike's Campaign Account Reid Work for Quadrangle Steve Rattner Illegal Pension Fund Corruption

Fiona Reid Mike’s CFO on his Campaign Worked for Rattner Quadrangle and Than New Name Willett Advisors after Quandrangle Was Forced Out of Business (Suzannah B. Troy)*  Ex-mistress testifies about affair in $1.1M Bloomberg campaign cash case(NYP)* Reid, the chief finance officer for Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign, said she and Haggerty (who is still married to someone else) only broke up when the Manhattan DA started investigating him for allegedly stealing $1.2 million from the mayor.* Haggerty's Former Lover Says She Was Unaware Of Misspent Campaign Funds (NY1)* Former Campaign Finance Director Testifies in Haggerty Trial(WSJ)  * Bloomberg Aid Said She Dated Haggerty (Capital) * Mistress' testimony raises questions about jurors' knowledge * In a Trial, Only a Quick Nod to a Bloomberg Aide's Affair(NYT) *Former Campaign Finance Director Testifies in Haggerty Trial

Haggerty’s mistress Mike money gal -- their money mule Steve Rattner as well -- reminder Rattner got busted -- paid $10,000,000 not got jail and paid to not plead guilty -- He had to break off with Quadrangle so became a new company to manage Mike’s money and that is Willet Advisor until he was told he is suspended by SEC.  

The mayor was so deep into mixing city government with his private business he did not care that the scandal scared Steve Rattner was in the middle of it.  Both DA+ move to close courtroom for testimony of Fiona Reid tomorrow morning, because of F&H's affair. * Judge will permit questions about the affair between Fiona Reid + , but maybe not about whether it was extramarital.* Ex-mistress to take stand this morning in $1.1M Bloomberg(NYP)

Haggerty's House
Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  Woman who handles 's personal finances, Diane Rizzo, is testifying. *  In case of political operative, judge explains "if there was an intimate relationship, it should be left at that."* Treasurer for all 3 of 's campaigns: I received no $ for that work. It was part of my job at Geller accounting firm. * "Out of line" says judge when defense lawyer says witness shouldn't look to prosecution for clues on how to answer.* Begs the question did Geller get paid for the accounting service from the campaign. * Chief financial officer for campaign Fiona Reid testified she dated defendant until "January, when the investigation started"

Harry Siegel (Twitter)  defense: "we're NOT saying there was a campaign finance violation... there wasn't... & Mr Haggerty is only guilty if there was one * So in tortured letter-of-the-law sense, defense argument aligned with that of the alleged victim

Grace Rauh (Twitter) . campaign aide who had affair w says relationship ended when investigation began. * he says her lawyer advised her to stop.


The NYP argues Occupy Wall Street protests pave the way for unions' renewed millionaire's tax push in the state legislature this winter

Editorial: Unions using protest to push higher taxes(NYP) * Education-worker activists get support from Wall. St. protesters over layoffs(NYDN) * Transport Workers Union President John Samuelsen sides with Occupy Wall Street for his own gain (NYDN Ed) * Union Workers, Politicians Voice Support For "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Following Arrests(NY1)


Some of the protestors are taking the “corporate zombie” thing literally - Day 17

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Trial Is Test of Ticket-Fix Scandal Link(WSJ) An NYPD officer involved in the ticket-fixing probe testified in an unrelated criminal case yesterday, where jurors found the defendant guilty despite the cop's potential credibility issues* Tix-fix probe: Narcotics cops bypass county prosecutors in act of defiance(NYDN)

Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis finds Fire Department hiring practices have no rhyme or reason (NYDN Ed)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is maneuvering to rebuild a Greek Orthodox church lost in the September 11th attacks at 130 Liberty Street, despite engineers claims the site cannot accommodate the proposed church (NYP)






 If Cuomo Fires the Taxman His Poll Numbers Will Go to 99% Approval

Cuomo's PEF layoffs will axe 37 of 42 lawyers in the state's Department of Taxation and Finance - a move that surprised state tax attorneys, who help write tax law during the state budget process(TU)

Taxi Protest Aimed At Cuomo

Taxi drivers who oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s livery cab bill will rally outside Cuomo’s NYC office. . wants taxi bill 2 provide "access 2 the outer boroughs...the disabled, revenue for the City & respects the medallion franchise"


Dial 511 for Subway and Bus Info

MTA Consolidates 117 Agency Phone Numbers Into One 5(WCBS)

Layoffs That the Council and Mayor Said Would Not Happen are Coming
City Room: Bloomberg to Ask Agencies to Cut Costs(NYT) * Layoffs averted in a NYC budget deal last spring could be back on the table in the coming weeks.*  That’s because the Bloomberg administration has asked agency heads to cut spending by $2 billion over the next 18 months and freeze hiring on concern that a slowing economy could reduce city revenue. Deadline: Oct. 18.


Schools Dangle Carrot Snacks, but It’s a Tough Sale(NYT)

* Plea Deal in PTA Theft Case Stalls Over Terms of Restitution(NYT)




Drum Roll…Chris Christie press conference at 1 pm
Reuters Top News (Twitter)  FLASH: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie not running for president -Republican source * Opting Out of Race, Christie Says, ‘Now Is Not My Time’(NYT) * Christie Says 2012 "Not My Time"(NBC)

Mitt Romney just breathed sigh of relief so huge it's been rated a Category 3 Hurricane

Obama slaps back at Christie’s jabs(NYP) * Christie Offered Clues at Fund-Raiser(WSJ) * President Obama tells White House flirt and GOP darling Chris Christie to watch his back (NYDN) * A new poll finds President Obama is indeed the underdog next year, but the GOP field remains muddled. Herman Cain has surged and is now running neck-and-neck (at 16 percent) with Rick Perry.* As recently as last Wednesday, at a California fundraiser hosted by Meg Whitman, who’s a Mitt Romney supporter, Christie assured donors he would not run for the White House.

Jon Stewart Explores Racist Place Names In Light Of Rick Perry’s ‘N*ggerhead’ Scandal

Sherri Shepard Calls Out Barbara Walters For Quoting Herman Cain’s Use Of N-Word


Investigation Continues After Off-Duty Police Officer Shot In Brooklyn(NY1)




Shootout in Qns.(NYP)




Cops search for 2 suspects in armed robbery of linen mogul(NYP)



War-weary slay wife



 Law and Order

Rape suspect’s cry(NYP) * B’klyn cop wounded(NYP) * ‘Groper’ hunt yields 2nd man(NYP) * Suspect in Post Office Robbery Is Arrested(NYT) * NY suspect wanted in post office robbery arrested(WSJ) * Marshals duck bullets, capture fugitive from 2007 post office robbery(NYDN) * Thug busted in attack of 81-year-old man is obsessed with Facebook game(NYDN) * Livery cab mugger arrested, but second assailant still on the loose(NYDN) * Residents say Garden of Eden adult home is abusing them(NYDN) * Police Launch Investigation After 21 Computers Stolen From East Harlem School(NYDN) * Judge Is Asked to Allow Review of Police Dept. Monitoring of Muslim Communities(NYT) * Sexual Abuse Suspect Arrested In Brooklyn; Not Clear If(WCBS) * Cops Hunt Brazen East Side Home Invasion Suspects(WCBS) * Groper’ hunt yields 2nd man(NYP) * Man Accused Of Groping Women Arrested(Fox 5) * Police Question Sexual Assault Suspect In Brooklyn, Arrest Other(NY1)


Fannie Mae Knew Early of Abuses, Report Says(NYT)