Friday, October 14, 2011

America New Class War Is Here

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Bloomberg angry at city officials who 'threatened' protest-park cleanup (NYP)

Zuccotti Park Clean-Up Postponed  Bloomberg's office got word of the postponement last night(NBC) . . .  WIth forced "cleaning" is postponed, an impromptu march to Wall Street appears imminent.*** Hundreds of union members just arrived at Zuccotti park. Protesters shouting: "unions and students will take the city down!"* Marchers have increased their numbers & are saying they're going to "take down City Hall" * .: "the issue here is this is not a public park"* Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street Decisions Not Up To Me(YNN) * Download Mayor's the radio show * Zuccotti Park protesters rejoice after cleanup postponed, at least 10 arrested during march downtown (NYDN) * VIDEO: Cops clash with Occupy Wall Street crowd:

Wall Street protesters set to face off vs. cops demanding they leave park(NYP) * Protesters Fear Eviction in City’s Move to Clean Park(NYT) * Privately Owned Park, Open to the Public, May Make Its Own Rules(NYT) * Battle Lines Drawn Over Zuccotti Park(WSJ) * NYPD: Park Owner Will Lead Protest Cleanup (WSJ) * Faith and the Wall Street Protest (WSJ) * Protesters Sweep Up Before Being Swept Out (WSJ) *  NYC official: Protest cleanup is being postponed(WSJ) * Occupy Wall Street protesters should aim their wrath at Fundraiser-in-Chief Obama (NYDN) * Cabbies only want to occupy Wall St., refuse riders going elsewhere (NYDN) 

City Hall Armed Camp
Following cleanup postponement, protesters march downtown * . says a congressman told him protests were more important than damage to downtown businesses; he disagreed. * : "it's getting expensive for us, in terms of police" * brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials threatening them * UPDATE: About 6 or 7 protesters arrested so far, hundreds marching, brooms raised in air * NYPD has blocked off Wall St. at Broadway. No one can get in without showing their work ID.*Cleanup of Protest Park Postponed(NYT) *  How World Media Is Covering Occupy Wall Street (The Atlantic) * More Money, More Problems: How Occupy Wall Street Is Really Funded (NYO) * Time magazine poll 54% have positive view of , vs. 27% w/positive view of Tea Party.
* Occupy Wall Street Wins: Bloomberg Back Down & Protester Stay In The Park! (Over 5,000 Ppl Gathered)Video)

OWS Beats Tea Party 
A TIME magazine poll found the Occupy Wall Street movement is twice as popular as the Tea Party movement.  * Suggestions that perhaps the protestors’ anger is misguided and should be directed at the Obama administration. (Here and here).* Russell Simmons Offers To Pay For Occupy Wall Street Cleanup * Officials Postpone Cleanup Of Protestor-Filled Park(NY1)

March turns violent as police, protesters clash; cops arrest 15(NYP)



ProPublica (Twitter) Zuccotti Park owners received nearly $700k in gov't handouts since 9/11 h/t




The Daily News, NYP WSJ Blast Protesters, NYT Quiet As Always

NY Papers Outed As Wall Street Yes Men

Daily News    Occupy Wall Street protesters have rights, but not to monopolize Zuccotti Park(NYDN Ed)

Wall Street Journal     The Journal criticizes protesters and politicians who bash the financial services industry, suggesting that Occupy Wall Street relocates to Washington, D.C. to take on President Barack Obama instead (WSJ)

New York Post   This morning's expected showdown at Zuccotti Park is the day of reckoning for Mayor Bloomberg, says the Post, which also blasted Rep. Jerrold Nadler as "clueless" for defending the Occupy Wall Street protesters (NYP)





Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corp., a group led by former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman Get State $$$ While Under Investigation

Group Under Fire Gets Grant New York's Department of State awarded a Queens development group a $1.5 million grant, despite an investigation into allegations the group conducted a lobbying effort in violation of state law (WSJ). In 2009, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo was attorney general, his office launched an investigation into whether Ms. Shulman's group violated state law by lobbying in support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plans to redevelop a dilapidated tract of Queens known as Willets Point. * Is Claire a lobbyist or not?(Queens Crap) * Willets Point group claims Claire Shulman is lobbying illegally * State electeds helping Shulman steal the Flushing waterfront (Queens Crap)

Big Default in NYC Bonds
A company that runs a parking garage backed by city Economic Development Corp. bonds near the new Yankee Stadium is near bankruptcy, so low-income housing and a hotel may take their place, the Daily News says:* The city’s Economic Development Corp authorized $237 million in public bonds for the two garages near Yankee Stadium back in 2006, is staring at one of the biggest defaults of a New York City bond in decades after the garages failed to generate the required revenue. They may now be turned into affordable housing or a hotel. 

The $1.5 million spent on Weprin's failed campaign was more than double what was spent by GOP and come-from-behind winner Turner

Democrats and Weprin Outspent Turner to Replace Weiner(NYT)

Why is City Hall News kissing John Liu Ass?
City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: City Comptroller John Liu looked like a loser after the New York Times dissected his fundraiser, but he has a knack for coming out a winner, so we left him off this week's list. Winners: Preet Bharara, Michael Kink, John Sabini, Rob Astorino and Bill de Blasio. Losers: Rupert Murdoch, Ken Langone, Tom Allon, Jia Hou and Chris Collins.

Jeffries Vs Towns
Brooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries has all but declared his intention to run against longtime Congressman Edolphus Towns next year, saying it's time for "an injection of new ideas and energ(NYT) * Hakeem Jeffries, seeming ready to challenge Rep. Ed Towns, has raised $175K.

GOP Wants Primary to Be Held in August
Senate Republicans are now pushing for an August primary election, breaking with Assembly Democrats who want a June date and a federal waiver to keep the primary in September for 2012 (TU) *  Yew York had the poorest showing in the country when it came to counting overseas and military ballots last November, a new report from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission found. * Senate Republicans are urging a federal judge to schedule the state primary in August because it would allow candidates to circulate petitions in the spring months rather than in the winter, and not conflict with the end of the legislative session in late June.

41 Years After the Knapp Commission Cops Are Still Making $$$ Off of Drugs Dealers

Not in the Selling of Drugs But in the Overtime Hours Gained in Drug Setups

More explosive testimony: NYPD cops had financial motive to make up drug charges Undercovers taking down smack or crack suspects routinely got two or three hours of overtime as payback, ex-cop Stephen Anderson testified in court.(NYDN)

Haggerty Trial Updates
Defense in case wants to call noted elex atty henry berger; prosec fighting.
Taking the stand in case - fmr campaign mngr Bradley Tusk.


Common Sight for Some Subway Riders: Broken Elevators and Escalators(NYT)


The NYC Department of Education had to return $133 million in state pre-K funds
Audit Faults City Spending On 'Pre-K' Millions of dollars in aid for pre-kindergarten programs in New York City are going unspent, Comptroller John Liu said in an audit that questioned whether the practice denies children an early start on their education. (WSJ)

WSJ reports Americans' incomes have dropped since 2000 and lost ground won't be made up til 2021. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara weighed in on the lack of handicapped-accessible taxis in the city, calling on a federal judge to force the city to quickly address the problem

Taxis Must Accommodate Wheelchairs, U.S. Attorney Says, Supporting Advocates’ Suit(NYT) * Push for Cab Access Grows(WSJ) * Bloomberg SUED over city's failure to make cabs handicapped-accessible(NYDN) * Feds slap TLC ‘bias’(NYP)

Cabbies only want to occupy Wall St., refuse riders going elsewhere(NYDN)


Verizon Hangs Up on Non-New York Pay Phones(WSJ)

Another Grop Attack
Another groping attack in Brooklyn: Creep goes after woman walking dog (NYDN) * Police Investigate Queens Sexual Assault(NY1)

Complications of Groping Inquiry Underscore Diverse Nature of Serial Molesters(NYT) * Perv posing as NYPD officer busted in 2010 sex assault(NYDN)



Roommate Is Charged In After Man Is Found Dead In UES Apartment(NY1)

 Law and Order

Couple, Accused of Abducting Their 8 Children, Are Held on $75,000 Bail(NYT) * Man Convicted in Deadly Home Invasion(WSJ) * 'Holiday Bandit' bank robber pleads guilty to nine armed stickups(NYDN) * Cops bust heroin mill in gentrifying Red Hook(NYDN) * Thief steals iPhone and iPad from straphangers in Brooklyn(NYP) * LES purse snatcher’s feed frenzy(NYP) * Rai$ing the dead Cashing Pension Checks (NYP) *

Romney and America’s promise of religious freedom by Joe Lieberman (Wash Post)

Key shareholder group calls for Rupert Murdoch's eviction from News Corp board at annual meeting - Reuters

Times’s new boss offering familiar buyouts(NYP)



Buchanan Book Warns Of End