Sunday, October 16, 2011

True News Sunday Update

Autumn in Bloombergville

Those Third-Term Blues(NYT)

CityTime cost overruns and indictments, NYPD ticket fixing scandal, Snow Storm shutdown, OWS, Goldsmtih and Black appointments. The arrest of an assistant housing commissioner on charges of taking bribesCity contractors made exaggerated, possibly fraudulent claims to reach the mayor’s inflated job placement goals; the Finance Department, run by a former Wall Street type, botched tax exemptions and property evaluation reviews; and the public housing authority’s claims that it promptly answers emergency calls and fixes elevators contradict available evidence, not to mention common sense. 

Good Journalism
NYT's Powell article said that the mayor presidential ambitions caused him to lose focus on what was happening in his city. In his story Powell offered the best comprehensive view of the mayor's management abilities and third term problems.  He offered a great cause and effect on the mayor's leadership but with all comprehensive type stories there are some gray areas. CityTime corruption stated in the mayor's first term. The Snowstorm Goldsmith resignation and Black appointment came after the mayor gave up on his third party presidential dream was long gone.

“A number of people kept coming to me and asking if it were possible (to run for a third term),” the mayor testified in the Haggerty trial. 

What we would like to see is a reporter asking the publishers of the NYT, NYP and Daily News if they think their push for a third term was good for the city in light of the mayor's third term blues.  We would also like to see more how the mayor uses and mixes his non profit $$$ to win a third term.  Who can forget the Dow Fund workers taking up seats at the city council hearing.  After Deputy Mayor Harris and others testified at the trial about extensive mixing of the mayor's non profit, campaign work with her city service there should be investigation by all the cities journalist on how the mayor is using his money to buy support for his agenda.

The City Council was busily rewriting recent history last week while throwing a theatrical but quite juvenile temper tantrum

A councilman’s lament Finance Committee Chairman Dominic Recchia charged that the council was kept in the dark about the fact that school-aide layoffs were in play.  Uh, not quite.  A joint mayoral/council press release declared on June 24 that “the budget agreement includes more than 1,000 layoffs in non-uniform and non-pedagogical titles."  Recchia himself was quoted: “We saved teachers, firehouses, seniors, libraries and child care, and we did it without crippling our ability to deliver a budget next year.” So “non-pedagogical titles” meant what? It’s All About Recchia! The Voters Have No Choice

More Re-Election Member Items Funds

NYC Councilman Tells Members to Spend $1 Million (NBC)


Grimm and bear it Rep. fires back at ‘betrayed’ Tea Party base (NYP)




City workers in Brooklyn Borough Hall don't just report to Marty. They also answer to his wife

Brooklyn beep's wife Jamie Markowitz takes behind the scenes role in directing hubby's staffers (NYDN). More than three dozen emails obtained by the Daily News show that Jamie Snow Markowitz - the woman her husband touts as the "First Lady of Brooklyn" - frequently sends urgent instructions to her husband's staff and employs heavy use of all-caps in emails.



PA de Blasio reached a settlement involving more than $300,000 worth of summonses run up in 2009 after one of his bank accounts was iced

An Offer He Could Not Refuse

City bank shot $queeze on pols for bill-poster fines(NYP) Finance Commissioner David Frankel said the deal was reached only after de Blasio lost access to a sizable campaign kitty.

Illegal Posters (True News)


No Layoffs Cuomo Union Blinked?

BREAKING: Public Employees Federation, seeking to avoid imminent layoffs, reaches revised labor deal w/ Cuomo admin. * New deal includes reimbursement of 9 furlough days at end of 5 year agreement * In statement, Gov. Andrew Cuomo says new contract is revenue neutral and has same layoff provisions as originally proposed. * PEF, state reach agreement on revised contract, layoffs on hold (TU): contract cut from 5 yrs to 4. $1K in cash bonuses dropped in favor of paying back more furlough days. * Cuomo Presses PEF to Vote on Modified Contract (NBC)

Michael Powell (Twitter) Cuomo new agreement w state union tuff, smart and yet not wreck union rights a la Christie

Federal security grants to 'high risk' nonprofits total in millions Hundreds of New York nonprofit groups have gotten a slice Homeland Security grants by reporting they face a "high risk" of a terror attack. 


NYPD Security Secrets

NYPD shields its spending of security funds for 'safety' reasons(NYDN)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)




Fordham University students are about to give Albany a redistricting lesson(NYDN ed) The school's Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy is challenging college students to try their hand at redrawing New York's legislative maps based on the 2010 census.

Day 30 OWS

Wall St. protesters create havoc in iconic square, over 40 arrested(NYP) * Occupy Wall Street protesters have amassed $230,000 and supplies(NYP) * Buoyed by Wall St. Protests, Rallies Sweep the Globe(NYT) * 74 Arrested as Protesters 'Occupy' Times Square(WSJ) * Occupy Wall St. protesters take on NYPD at Times Sq., then march to Washington Sq.: 74 total arrests(NYDN) * Exclusive: Video of NYPD's Arrests at Washington Square Park (Mother Jones) * VIDEO: Occupy Brooklyn (Brooklyn Ink) * "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters To Return To Washington Square Park(NY1)

 Jimmy Breslin: Occupy Wall Street Is A "Human Rights Movement"(gothamist) * Why do news media capitalize ‘Occupy Wall Street’ but not ‘tea party’? (Wash Post) * Squaring off at Crossroads Masses come up from Village (NYP) *  Occupy Wall Street: NYPD KO's Protester (Camera #1 HD & Slow-Mo)*

Occupiers Are Democracy's 'Primal Scream' (Newser)

Lionel(Twitter) Media: Well, we've done the story to death about being clueless. You don't think they've figured out we're (the media) the ones clueless, do you?


SNL’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg Is Totally Fine With Occupy Wall Street, You Guys



Octopi Wall Street! (Mother Jones)

A few days ago, photographer and idea blogger David Friedman tweeted, "Octopi Wall Street. You can have that." Beyond the Occupy Wall Street-inspired wordplay, he was on to something. There's a long American tradition of mixing economic populism with cephalopods.


Corrupt cops: Bad busts cost city $1.2M to settle false drug arrests(NYDN)

Get Used to MTA Bus Brake Downs
MTA riders suffer as breakdowns - and cutbacks - rise for aging bus fleet(NYDN)

  Jim Roberts (Twitter)  NYTimes: In Private, Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated "It's fringe groups."

Somebody blinked -- and the occupation of Zuccotti Park continues

 Who Blinked Bloomberg or the Developer?

Calls Flood In, City Backs Off and Protesters Stay(NYT) * Mayor: Political Pressure Forced Brookfield to Back DownBloomberg bombarded by opposition to eviction of Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park(NYDN) * Bloomberg had good reasons to back off Zuccotti cleanup plan Analysis: Politically and financially he couldn't afford a messy public showdown with hundreds of arrests. * LA teachers join#occupyLA *  Violence Erupts in Rome as Occupy Wall Street Goes Global (Gawker)

OWS Goes Global 

A protester in Tapiei, Taiwan holds a sign that reads 'Jobs! I want jobs!' (Chiang Ying-ying/AP) *Larger numbers of protesters gathered in London now...   *Occupy Wall St. Goes Global(The Daily Beas * Rallies Across the Globe Protest Economic Policies(NYT) * Social Media Gives Wall Street Protests a Global Reach (NYT) *  Occupy movement goes global - in pictures (The Guidian)

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, like the rest of us, must obey the law(NYDN Ed) * Mike: Pols lowered the broom(NYP) * Showdown postponed(NYP Ed) * Occupy Wall Street protesters pack Times Square, Police Shut Down Traffic(CBS) * Occupy Wall Street Hits Grand Army Plaza (Prospect Heights Patch) * The 99 Percent Rise Up - The Nation * Wall Street Protest Shows Power of Place(NYT)

Capital Tonight (Twitter)  Bloomberg 2nd term, "started to fix on the brass ring and they lost focus,” said ex sr NYC official. Distracted by mayor's potential WH run.

Bernie Sanders (Twitter) Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, even though it made $4.4 billion in profits.


Con Ed demands $1.7 million in rent or it will take back property(NYP)


Bloomberg Campaign Manager Had No Clue There Was No Ballot Security Operation on Election Day? 

Why Not Ask for the Money Back in 2009?

John Haggerty scammed system without Mayor Bloomberg's knowledge, top aide testifies on stand Bradley Tusk, campaign manager for the mayor's reelection bid, testified he had no clue Haggerty would use $1.1 million of Bloomberg's dough to buy his father's home in Forest Hills, Queens. 

The defense are calling Tusk and an election law expert in the hopes of showing that Bloomberg took liberties in channeling the $1.1 million through the Independence Party rather than his own campaign. *Bloomberg campaign head testifies in theft trial(WSJ) * Bloomberg campaign manager Bradly Tusk was asked by defense lawyer Dennis Vacco if there was a time when he expressed concern about the impression the general public might have about ballot security. Tusk responded yes. Tusk also testified Friday that defendant John Haggerty was one of about 20 top campaign insiders who spent Election Day with the mayor. Tusk says Haggerty was on the phone all day collecting turnout reports, which could be used to direct get out the vote efforts.(NBC)


OWS Brooklyn Protest to Stop Foreclosures

Occupy Court Street? Police Arrest Protesters Inside Brooklyn Supreme Court  (Brooklyn Daily Eagle) The protesters were there to demand that “all foreclosures be halted until loans are modified, made fair and accessible, and banks and lenders be held accountable.”




Vito I Want More of My Government $$$

Vito Lopez Hopes OWS Takes Up the Millionaire Tax So He Can Spend More Government Money On Political Government Funded Operation, The Bushwick Senior Citizens Non Profit





State $2M to Stop Test-Tampering By Schools

Regents to Vote on Change to Cut Risk of Teachers’ Test-Tampering(NYT) * Education Funds Sought to Uncover Cheating(WSJ) * Education Department asks for $2 million to foil cheating on tests(NYDN) * Schools boss Walcott needs to step up game: critics(NYDN) * "New York Cares Day" Brings Makeovers To City Schools(NY1) *Thousands Of Volunteers Take Part In New York Cares Day(WCBS)


Mayor Bloomberg must make the city's taxis 100% wheelchair-accessible(NYDN Ed)





Subways leaving the paper behind Service info goes electric (NYP)






Mets Created 50 Years Ago

A Team for The Ages (Sort of)(WSJ)  50 years ago this week the National League added the New York Mets for the 1962 season Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?



 Law and Order

7 more sex attacks added to disturbing pattern in B'klyn(NYP) * 6 Attacks Linked to Pattern in Brooklyn(NYT) * A spree grows in Brooklyn: Six new sex crimes reported(NYDN) * Serial sex-offender rubs neighbors the wrong way(NYDN) * Grope list grows(NYP) * Investigators Consider More Attacks In Brooklyn Sexual Assault Pattern(NY1)*  NYPD: We need help from sex assault victims to catch predators(NYDN)  * Mom grilled in teen slay (NYP) * Blade wielder rapes woman(NYP) * Drug-bust ‘sodomy’ claim(NYP) * Pervert’s stroke of dorm terror (NYP) * Copycat Crimes Possible In Brooklyn Sexual Assault Pattern(NY1)

Police Continue Search For Queens Groper(WCBS)





Cops Seek Suspect in Rape of Woman in Queens(NBC)




Baby Boy Dies; Was Given Pills as a Toy(NYT) * 13-month old dies after swallowing Rx. pills from bottle used as rattle (NYDN)* S.I. Teen Charged In Connection With Baby's Death(NY1)


Ex-con McDonald's cashier savagely attacks & beats two women over $50 bill (NYDN) * Brutal Village McD’s attack(NYP) * Video Captures Manhattan McDonald's Cashier Beating Two Women With Metal Rod(NY1)



Priest, 78, busted for attempting sexual acts with two boys in one day(NYDN) * Priest busted for alleged sex misconduct(NYP) * Retired Brooklyn Pastor Arrested For Alleged Inappropriate Contact With Children


Police Seek Purse Snatching Suspect Targeting Older Women In East Harlem(WCBS)

Thug hits elderly(NYP) * Slain roommate’s plea to cops(NYP)  * Investment Manager Sentenced in Ponzi Scheme(WSJ) * MAYHEM: Mom of murdered teen answered door holding bloody sponge(NYDN) * New bill requires DUI convicts to wear BAC anklet(NYDN) * NYPD Looking For Suspects Who Robbed Cabbie At Gun Point (WCBS)* Analysis: NY Prison Population Drops Dramatically(NBC)


Pastor Jeffress To Maher: The Left Has Been Kind To Me After Anti-Mormon Comments

Bill Maher: All Religions Are ‘Magic Tricks’ But Mormonism Is ‘Novelty Shop’ Magic Trick


‘Occupy Sesame Street’ Protesters Interrupt Rupert Murdoch Speech In San Francisco

New Murdoch Scandal Deepens(Huff Post)

WATCH: Rupert Murdoch Speech Interrupted By Hecklers(Huff Post) * ‘Occupy Sesame Street’ Protesters Interrupt Rupert Murdoch Speech In San Francisco




Obama Plans to Turn Anger at Wall St. on GOP -  Wash Post Why Is Obama Sending Troops to Africa? - The Atlantic * HHS Pulls Plug on an ObamaCare Fiscal Illusion - Wall Street Journal * Romney Beating Obama in a Fight for Wall St. Cash(NYT) * The President's Forgotten Triumphs - Salon * Obama Stimulus 2.0: Misinformed or Insane? - Bloomberg * Obama's Pennsylvania Problem - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review * Zuckerman: How Obama Lost the Country -  WSJ * Wall Street snubs Obama: Goldman Sachs gave him $1m+ in 2008, just $45K so far this cycle...(PRWire) * Herman Cain is the first corporate spokes-candidate, staff supplied by the Koch brothers report "* Romney Leads Race to Wall St. Campaign

The Week’s Best Reads (Daily Beast)

From the economic trends that are weakening American democracy to the Republican elite’s desperate scramble to get its party back, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week.


Fannie and Freddie, Still the Socialites (NYT)


Bloggers Report  

The colorful residents of the New York City borough come alive in Captain Brooklyn.


Finally, a Brooklyn Superhero (Bay Ridge Journal) *Dueling Returns to the Park After 100 Years * Sunday, October 16th (Wash Square Park) * UPPER WEST SIDE RENTS GET A LITTLE MORE INSANE (West Side R) * Tea Party ‘Spouts Off’ Against Grimm’s Romney Endorsement(Bensonhurst Bean)