Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liu Stonewalling On NYT Demands for Independent Auditor. Says" It Might Be Cost-Prohibitive"

Inspector Liu Clouseau
Wants to Investigate Himself

Comptroller Vows Review of Campaign Donations(NYT) On Wednesday, a businesswoman in Queens, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of upsetting Mr. Liu or his supporters, said she had been approached not long ago by a Liu volunteer seeking a donation. When she declined, she said, the volunteer asked whether she would lend her name, so that someone else could donate. 

A Comptroller Should Have A Higher Standard of Following the Law to Give Him Legitimacy to Investigation of Others

Liu Admits He Did Not Follow City's Campaign Law  Liu campaign also said it would now begin releasing the name of bundlers who collect contributions from friends, relatives and others.  No word on what the Liu campaign will do about the many instances of one person appears to have filled out cards for multiple donors. The election law require that each person fill out the card to protect against so-called straw donors. * Donations to Liu Questioned(WSJ) * Times: Liu Campaign May Have Falsified Donors(NY1) * John Liu's Campaign Financing Doesn't Look So Above-Board‎(NY Mag) * Analysis: The Case of The Phantom Contributors(NBC) * NYC Comptroller John Liu To Review Campaign Donations (WCBS)

The Comptroller’s Poster Problem (NYT)

Illegal Posters

Is the NYT the New Murder Inc.?

If one were to place this article about Liu's alleged illegalities under a microscope I'm sure you'd find Christine Quinn lurking around. Quinn is The NY Times choice to be the next mayor and The Times had City Hall Bureau chief and main hatchett man, David Chen, co-write it. Quinn is the darling of The Times; A gay woman who represents a downtown district in Manhattan. God forbid a mayor come from one of the outer Boroughs.
Let's see...Bloomberg, Giuliani, Dinkins, Koch, Lindsay, Wagner all Manhattanites. Abe Beame was the only recent mayor from the boroughs and the press and pols buried the guy during his one term as mayor. What people forget is that he turned around a $1.5 Billion deficit into a $200 million surplus.  So now The Times will push the ethically questionable Quinn into city hall while journalistically asassinating her competition and letting her off the hook for all her political transgressions. (Anonymous Comment, Queens Crap)

NYP Loves to Use Anonymous Sources to Prove the Points They Are Making
“It really, really hurts his chances of winning the primary, the source said.
People didn’t like [Liu] in the first place, and it gives everyone a perfect excuse to say they’re going to go with someone else,” said a Democratic insider."
$candal dims Liu’s mayoral hopes(NYP)

Why did the NYP Go After Haggerty . . .  It Was Not Because Seifman Decided to Do Journalism

To Protect the Mayor from An Angry DA Who Was Up Set That Bloomberg Went After Morgenthau Two Sets of Books?  Of Does It have to do with the Queens GOP Civil War

3 Witnesses Rebut Claim by Consultant on Poll Work(NYT) * Post probe sent Haggerty scrambling: DA(NYP) Political consultant John Haggerty was so rattled by the persistent reporting of Post City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman that he hurriedly enlisted three friends for a cover-up of his alleged theft of $1.1 million in Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign cash, according to prosecution testimony yesterday in the election larceny trial. * Poll watchers rebutted John Haggerty’s claim that he had hired them to work on Election Day 2009.* The Oneida County Independence Party chairman pleaded guilty to 10 counts – ranging from perjury to fraud – that spanned three separate indictments.

 Charging Overtime to Fix Tickets

NYPD cop behind massive ticket-fixing probe got $71G in overtime(NYDN)





A Sign That the Queens Organization Could Crumble?

 Vallone's Play Musical Chairs All By Themselves

 PETER, PAUL AND PERRY? Three members of the Vallone family, the Queens Democratic political dynasty, are mulling simultaneous runs for office in 2013, according to knowledgeable Queens political sources. And they all could find themselves in opposition to the Queens Democratic machine (CHN)



Tech Building
Bloomberg Predicts New Buildings Department Initiative Will Completely Digitize Permits Process (NY1)



Wall St. demonstrators can't bring equipment back to park after it's cleaned(NYP) * Tensions At #OccupySesameStreet Are Heating Up (New Photoshops) * Working Families Party On Displacing Occupy Wall Street Protesters To Clean Park: It's A Trap! 


Protest Park Cleanup Mayor Bloomberg made a surprise visit to the Lower Manhattan park where protesters are staying and told protesters they would have to move temporarily for the park to be cleaned.(WSJ) * Bloomberg visits Occupy Wall Street: I'm sending in professional cleaners (NYDN) * Mayor Plans To Clean Up "Occupy Wall Street" Site On Friday(NY1) * Zuccotti getting clean sweep(NYP) * Facing Eviction, Protesters Begin Park Cleanup (NYT) * Occupy Wall Street showdown looms between protesters and NYPD cops over cleaning of Zuccotti Park(NYDN) *  City Council Members’ Letter to Bloomberg Regarding Zuccotti Park ‘Eviction’ (NYO) * Wall Street Protesters Question Motive Behind Friday Cleanup(NY1)  *  Ltr from 13 NYCCouncilmembers to @MikeBloomberg : Don't evict @OccupyWallStNYC *Privately Owned Park, Open to Public, Has Its Own Rules(NYT)

Jumaane D. Williams (Twitter)  I'll be at tomorrow morning to help defend against the "cleanup" guise to kick out protestors. Can you come?

OWS Facebook Message

: we'll buy brooms & clean park. "If NYPD attempts to enter, we'll peacefully/non-violently stand our ground" * EMERGENCY ACTION - DEFEND OCCUPY WALL STREET!

Spy Vs Spy: The Revolution Will Be Televised, You Tubed and Interneted

Camera Wars at Protest  Police, Demonstrators Both Seek to Use Video of Occupy Wall Street to Advantage (WSJ)

Occupy Wall Street Is Everywhere (Gawker) * A Not-Really-on-Wall-St. Protest, but the Fallout Is Felt There(NYT) *Food Vendors Find Few Customers During Protest(WSJ) * Wall Street protests draw overseas attention (WOR) * Occupy Wall Street name recognition soars: 82% of Americans have heard of protest movement (NYDN) 

Finance types & protesters link up at forum(NYDN) * Four Arrested As "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Rally At JPMorgan Chase HQ(NY1)* Facebook note on #occupywallstreet from the U.S. Embassy in Syria * The Tea Partiers are attacking the Occupy Wall Street protest, displeased with comparisons between that movement and theirs.  * Poland’s former President Lech Walesa says he supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.* Occupy Wall Street is making its presence felt on the actual Wall Street, which is a few blocks over. * Bill Clinton To David Letterman: Occupy Wall Street Needs To Be For Someting (CBS) * Top 10 Occupy Wall Street Conspiracy Theories(Huff Post) *  9 Are Arrested at Protest at Foreclosure Auction(NYT) * Lawmakers Bash Bloomberg As Zuccotti Cleanup Looms (NYO)

Protesters' threats spur city to up security on lucky bull statue(NYDN)

Moore Bull?
Occupy Wall Street's latest challenge is celebrities like Michael Moore and former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, who are crashing the scene and hijacking the movement(WSJ)


We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former NYPD detective says 

We fabricated charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, ex-cop says(NYDN) * A former NYPD detective ensnared in a corruption scandal testified the department routinely trumped up drug charges against innocent people to meet quotas.



Quinn Might be Called to Testify About the Slush Fund

Bronx Councilman Faces Trial Over Money Laundering And Fraud Charges  (NY1)

NYPD Offers First Glimpse Into Crashes(WSJ) The NYPD has started releasing detailed data online for all traffic accidents around the city, belatedly complying with a Council law passed earlier this year

New York City's most expensive homes now found downtown(AM NY)

State Puts Pressure on City Schools Over English Language Learners(NYT) * City to Boost English Learners(WSJ) * School struggle to fill void of layoffs in wake of sweeping cuts(NYDN) * Joint Stanford-CUNY program is first product of Mayor Bloomberg's high-tech initiative(NYDN Ed) * Angry Parents Confront Chancellor Over Toxins(NBC)





With Turner, Ackerman and Moloney Already in Queens is There Room for 100% of Crowley's District to Be Located There?

Speculation has been ramping up among Bronx politicos about what will happen to the section of the East Bronx currently in Rep. Joe Crowley's district. Crowley, the Queens Democratic Party chair, is widely believed to want to jettison that part of the district and consolidate his seat into Queens. That has led to widespread talk that a new seat could be created combining Crowley's sliver of the East Bronx with a part of Westchester, potentially creating a favorable district for State Sen. Jeff Klein, who is thought to be interested in a congressional run. Or it could even be a good place for someone like former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion or current borough president Ruben Diaz Jr. to run. Another scenario: Manhattan Rep. Charlie Rangel's district could be pushed into the Bronx and Rep. Jose Serrano would take Crowley's portion of the East Bronx. (CHN)

A Campaign Windfall for 4 Republicans Who Voted for Same-Sex Marriage (NYT)  Mayor Bloomberg and other wealthy supporters are expected to raise close to $1 million at a Thursday fundraiser for four Republican lawmakers who bucked the party and voted for same-sex marriage


Another Member Item Funded Non Profit Rip Off

State investigating Nos Quedamos mess in South Bronx(NYDN) The state is investigating the nonprofit housing and social services organization Nos Quedamos over allegations the founder's daughter raided the organization's bank account

Plaintiffs associated with the Tea Party are suing the state of New York for giving economic development grants to private companies.  


The city’s workforce centers seem to be able to help applicants polish a resume, but can not to help them find a job.

State Layoffs High Noon
With Gov. Cuomo saying it's up to the Public Employees Federation to avert 3,500 layoffs, the union's executive board is tentatively planning a Monday meeting, a required step before a re-vote (TU) * Andy adamant on spend hikes(NYP) * Cuomo announced seven initiatives designed to reduce government waste, improve efficiency and save $600 million over the next five years.* Pennsylvania’s success with two controversial issues – hydrofracking and casinos – could be influencing Cuomo here in New York, Jerry Kremer suggests.

The 59th Street Bridge
New Yorkers Ignore New Bridge Names (WSJ)




 The Post criticizes the news of an expedited review for replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge, saying it will be delayed for years by design disagreements, lawsuits, state environmental reviews and lack of funding



Cuomo Says He Will Reform Agencies Serving Disabled(NYT)

No Coffee Only Latte

On Bowery, Cultures Clash as the Shabby Meet the Shabby Chic(NYT)

NYPD Works To Remedy Response To Sexual Assaults Following Criticism(NY1) * NYPD's 19-year-old brochure about preventing sexual assault refers to Walkmans but not cell phones:


Investigators See If Alleged Assaulter Could Be Linked To Other Attacks(NY1) * B’klyn groper ‘fesses’(NYP)

* Brooklyn groper was wanted for '07 sex crime, but never showed up in court after being freed on bail(NYDN) * Complications of Groping Inquiry Underscore Diverse Nature of Serial Molesters(NYT)

*B'klyn groper remanded into custody(NYP) * Man Charged As Police Continue Search For Second Brooklyn Sexual Assault Suspect(NY1)




Cleared of Murder, Sheehan Reports to Jail on Gun Conviction(NYT) * Queens Woman, Cleared Of Murdering Husband, Jailed On Gun Conviction(NY1)

 Law and Order

Caught in Wide Web, Trader Faces Prison(NYT) *US seeks record sentence for hedge fund boss in NY(WSJ) * In Court for Disrobing, and Doing It Again(NYT) * High Court Addresses Strip Searches(WSJ) * Vada Vasquez shooter hit with 16 years for earlier attempted murder(NYDN) * Teens storm Brooklyn Bridge to protest NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy(NYDN) * Gunman fires 12 shots into neighbor who spit in his wife's face - and it's all on camera(NYDN) * ‘Coke king’ bust(NYP) * Ex-narc admits guilt in Queens coke sale(NYP) * NYPD Looking For Suspect Wanted In Three Attempted Bank Robberies In NYC (WCBS) * Police Search For Man Approaching Children On Staten Is(WCBS) * Two suspects sought in Queens burglary spree(WABC)*  Hedge Fund Boss Raj Rajaratnam Sentenced to 11 Years Behind Bars (NBC) * Case Against Strauss-Kahn Is Dropped in France(NYT)

Inside NBC/WSJ numbers: Cain 27, Romney 23, Perry 16. Last month, it was Perry 38, Romney 23 and Cain 5. A new NBC-WSJ poll shows Herman Cain leading his fellow GOP 2012 candidates. * President Obama raised more than $70 million this summer for his re-election bid and the DNC – more than the $55 million goal, but $16 million less than the first quarter of this campaign.* Catholics War on Perry (Barrett, The Daily Beast) * f Romney Wins, Tea Party Movement Loses - DC Examiner * Obama Coddles Elites as He Wages Phony Class War - Politico * Romney & Cain Defend TARP Outrage - Conservative HQ * Herman Cain's Deceptive and Unfair Tax Plan - Washington Post * Cain Surging as Romney Looks Vulnerable - Orange County Register * New Hampshire is considering holding it’s presidential primary in December 2011. Though NH GOP wants it in January.



Guardian newspaper says Wall Street Journal used third parties to boost European circulation (Wash Post) * WSJ links publisher's resignation to sales deal(WSJ) * News Corp.'s New Scandal(NY Mag)

Jeff Jarvis (Twitter) I am waiting to hear what the journalists at the WSJ think of their company. They should be speaking up. Silence speaks, too.



New York Times Plans Staff Reductions (NYT) Analysts are likely to link NYT buyouts to bad economy & weaker-than-expected 3rd quarter ad sales . NYT calls it "rebalancing."  New York Times Asks For More Newsroom Buyouts (Gawker)