Monday, October 17, 2011

Both the NYT and NYP Say Investigate Liu's Campaign Contributions

NYT Says the CFB 
NYP Says the Manhattan DA

John Liu and His Campaign Books (NYT Ed) Comptroller John Liu is New York City’s top financial officer. He oversees the city’s $66 billion budget and its $120 billion pension fund. That makes it all the more troubling when there are questions about numerous irregularities in his own fund-raising operations. What is needed is an independent analysis by the city’s Campaign Finance Board of the political donations he has received. 

NYT says Liu's job is to hold the city accountable for its finances. How can New Yorkers feel confident about his abilities in that job if he does not make certain his own fund-raising operation is complying with the city’s campaign finance laws?  

NYP Asks the DA to Investigate Liu's Campaign Contributions

John Liu’s mystery money (NYP Ed) Crain’s reported in July, campaign filings showed a dozen cashiers at a Flushing supermarket each gave Liu the magic $800 -- an unlikely two weeks’ worth of wages. The city matching funds that Liu would have gotten the NYP says him unfit for office and called on the DA to do his job and investigate his actions.  The NYP attacks Liu's campaign manager Chung Seto who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign fixer in Chinatown during her White House run -- arranging $2,000 donations from dishwashers living in tiny rooms in dingy tenements. 

The NYP attack Liu with the kitchen sink.  Attacks him for hiring then firing John Choe who they claim is pro North Korean.  The paper attacks Liu for making ruling that are so pro union that a judge accused him of creating an “absurd” pay scale that doubled the wages paid to unionized movers. The Post also attacked Liu for not paying his illegal post fine of $588,000



¿Si Se Puede?

A  power vacuum in the Latino political community has caused the largest voting block in the city to be shut out of citywide offices.

A House Divided

Mayoral candidate Ferrer suffered when he did not receive the backing of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, leader of the Brooklyn Democratic organization, said Councilman Fernando Cabrera.



4 Years Ago It Was Easier For Thompson to Raise $$$

As Pension Fund Lagged, Contributions to Comptroller Grew(NYT, August 18, 2009) * Pension middlemen gave $158K to Bill Thompson's campaigns and got $2.2B in city business (NYDN, October 11, 2009)

Once and future mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has a disadvantage against his top-tier competitors: He doesn't hold public office at the moment, giving him no pretext to send out a schedule, pose for photo ops and hold news conferences. Campaign manager Eduardo Castell plans to change that soon with an informal list of upcoming events going out to political reporters. "A bunch of events are going on the calendar, him talking to folks. Things are starting to pick up," Castell said. "There's a lot more events that are happening." Another source passed along two invitations for meet-and-greets Thompson is holding at Manhattan law firms in early November, which may help establish that he's fully in the race.

de Blasio Wins the Lottery With Soros Hook Up

Lefty billionaire George Soros and NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio have teamed up to fight the Citizens United decision.   

de Blasio Family Ties

Bill de Blasio hired high-profile former congressional candidate Reshma Saujani as Deputy Advocate for Special Initiatives, with the responsibility of overseeing the office’s nonprofit arm, the Fund for Public Advocacy.  Saujani’s hiring rankled some within the small, poorly funded office—especially since she initially came into the public advocate’s orbit after hiring de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, as a well-paid consultant on her campaign for Congress.(CHN)

NY Incumbent Protection Congressman Money Up for Redistricting

Democratic NY House members are piling up campaign cash in advance of the 2012 campaign season, which could get messy due to redistricting. * After the David Weprin loss, City Congressional Democrats have been piling up the campaign cash.

Pay to Play Seabrook Get Ready for His 15
Eye on Seabrook’s 108G(NYP)

Quinn Should Demand That the Brooklyn Train Stations Have the  Cameras Like the One Most Do in Manhattan 

Or How About Bring Back the Brooklyn Cops Who Are Guarding Wall Street from Protesters

Women flock to free self-defense class as gropings continue in Brooklyn (NYD

Council Speaker says revised living wage bill will have a hearing Nov. 22 at 10 am


Dismiss all charges or we will clog up courts, lawyers for Occupy Wall Street protesters say

Occupy the Courts?

 Lawyers for 800 arrested Occupy Wall Street protesters will tell Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. today that unless he dismisses all charges, they will clog the courts by demanding full trials on every count.


Breaking: 72% of NYers say #OWS should stay, but @MikeBloomberg doesn't worry about polls

More Q poll crosstabs - Whites approve of response 62-29, blacks Hispanics disapprove aprox 2-to-1. * Q Poll: 73-19 back tougher bank regs (GOP supports 48-40), 61-28 support extending NY's "millionaire's tax" (WOW- GOP supports 55-38) * NYers (except electeds) have not fought for Wall St. industry (unlike Texas and oil or Detroit and autos)


Thomas Ryan: Self-appointed spy of Occupy Wall Street (NY Metro)

Protesters Debate What Demands, if Any, to Make(NYT) * Spreading Protests Yet to Jell(WSJ) Few signs demonstrators were coalescing around a set of demands or had a desire to push the traditional levers of power. * Protests Around the World(WSJ) * A Look at Occupy Wall Street's Supply Room (NBC) * The movement has an account at Amalgamated Bank, which bills itself as “the only 100 percent union-owned bank in the United States.” Supplies are being stored in the UFT’s HQ near Zuccotti Park 

Inside Wall Street Protesters' Supply Room * The protester at Zuccotti Park have amassed $230,000 worth of contributions (some $300,000 has reportedly been donated) and a warehouse full of supplies for their cause.*  The anti-leaders Hard-core planners head up protest (NYP) * Occupy eyeing Lincoln Center(NYP) 

PHOTO: New Yorker's Hilarious Occupy Wall Street Cover * Walking through Zuccotti Park, "the Mayor looked a bit frightened."(New Yorker) * Zuccotti Park Owners Have Pulled In Nearly $700K In Government Funds Since 9/11(NYDN) * Video From Inside Citibank Branch Shows Arrested Protesters Refusing To Leave * WNYC News Blog - Pepper-Sprayed Woman To Meet With Manhattan Prosecutors * Occupy Wall Street inspires a new generation of protest songs(Wash Post) * Protest Hits Month Mark; NYPD Overtime Costly(NBC) *  WATCH: 'Will You...Occupy My Life?'(Huff Post)

Bloomberg Pillow Talk

Grace Rauh (Twitter) RT : . Bloomberg says "pillow talk" w brookfield board member diana taylor is not about

Bloomberg Caribbean Tax Shelter

Was this set up by pension crook Steve Rattner?  And Run by be nice Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris?  Amount New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's foundation deposited in Caribbean tax shelters in 2008: $288,000,000 (July '10) '


Despite the press conferences, radio shows, & owning a news org, Mayor Bloomberg spends $5.6M to "get the message out"

Mayor Bloomberg’s $5.6 Million Personal Ad Campaign (NYO)



New Yorkers Want to Tax the Rich

Majority of NY'ers want 'millionaire's tax', oppose state layoffs: poll(NYP) * New Yorkers Want Millionaire’s Tax: Poll (NYO) * Nearly 75% of NY'ers want millionaire's tax. Support for tax from every region of the stat * New York's Marxist Epicenter - Charles Gasparino, New York Post * Cuomo: NY "Millionaire's Tax" Still On Deathbed(NYDN)


Grace Rauh (Twitter)  Defense for put Karen Keogh on stand. She says on elex night Haggerty was in backroom w , , and 2 others. * . in trial: "I didn't have any substantive conversation w John Haggerty" about ballot security or anything else. * Karen Keogh gives shout-out to on stand in trial. She says station usually has most up to date info on elex day.* Judge in trial throws out falsifying biz records charges against 's former political adviser. * Defense finished w its case in trial. Closing arguments begin tomorrow. * Defense witness saw ex-Bloomberg campaign consultant Haggerty doing poll work(NYP) * Closing arguments in Haggerty’s trial are set for tomorrow.

Less then Six Degrees of Separation 
Karen Keogh who gave testimony today in the Haggerty trial is married to Michael who was fired by Speaker Quinn when she claimed he did not follow her orders and end the slush fund. Michael when to work for the Lobbyist Bolton St. John when among his clients was the Highline. The Highline has given Quinn thousands of dollar in campaign contributions after she helped them get millions in member items and other city funding.

"Hey, who's the Irish guy?" Mayoral Perjury

in trial: "I didn't have any substantive conversation w John Haggerty" about ballot security or anything else.

Michael Caputo @ Hizzoner said "Hey, who's the Irish guy?" MT Keogh: On elex night was in backroom w , , etc. * Michael Caputo (Twitter)  TRUTH: . overpays by 10x factor to buy elections; no different from Isay, Harris, Sheekey etc.


 Cuomo on A Roll: No Layoffs, Health Care Transparency and Goodby Ward

Union’s Deal With Cuomo May Prevent 3,500 Layoffs(NYT) * Cuomo Forges Deal to Avert Layoffs(WSJ) * The Daily News cheers the Cuomo administration for planning to release details of health insurers' applications to raise their premiums * CSEA won’t be seeking to re-open its contract as a result of PEF’s deal, a spokesman said.* Cuomo, union reach deal to avoid layoffs(NYP) * State Workers' Union To Vote On New Tentative Deal(NY1)



Cuomo: Don't Let the Door Hit You Ward in the Ass on the Way Out 

PA chief blowing bucks on G. Zero (Dicker, NYP)   An audit by Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration will show outgoing Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward authorized hundreds of millions of dollars in "extravagant overspending" to rebuild Ground Zero by the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to impress Mayor Michael Bloomberg * RT : After Cuomo throws a beanball at Chris Ward, Bloomberg pats the outgoing PA chief's back: "he gets nothing but good reviews."





Cuomo officially taps McCall to lead SUNY board (Albany Watch) * Cuomo picks McCall, one-time rival, as SUNY chair (NYP) * Former State Comptroller McCall To Head SUNY Board (NY1)

How Cheating Cases at New York Schools Played Out(NYT)







A BOE Test to See if Poll Workers Can Master Removing Memory Sticks

Board of Elections plan to test fast vote tallies is a real doozy(NYDN ED) 

Maybe the NY's New Engineering School Can Teach BOE About Memory Sticks

Two Top Suitors Are Emerging for New Graduate School of Engineering(NYT) * Two top contenders – Standford and Cornell – have emerged in NYC’s competition for $400 million in land and subsidies to build an engineering college on Roosevelt Island. 


City taxman awaits heaven-sent boo$t (NYP)  Brooklyn's Jehovah’s Witnesses putting most of their coveted properties on the market in preparation for a move upstate, city officials are dreaming about ways to spend the money that will be generated by new real-estate taxes.


 Drivers who text, talk on phone are major danger, NYPD stats show(NYDN)


Statue of Liberty attracting assortment of well-armed tourists (NYDN)



NYC airports’ wait problem(NYP)







Tappan Zee High Line?

If the decrepit Tappan Zee Bridge is replaced, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner wants to keep the old one intact as a three-mile walkway and bike path reminiscent of Manhattan's High Line (NYT) 



Rent Dispute Endangers Mosque Plan(NYT) * Park51 calls ConEd’s number “grossly inflated,” insisting it only owes $881,000. * Con Ed Set To Force Out Lower Manhattan Islamic Center Over Rent Payments(NY1)


Ice rink going down at 30 Rock, it's a beautiful thing

Though Others Failed, New East River Ferries Are a Hit(NYT)  New East River ferry service has proven so popular that the operator wants to add more service, but New York City is reluctant to pay more than its existing $3.1 million subsidy



With 17 New Yorkers Shot, One Teen Dead and Women in Brooklyn and Queens Fearing Rape the NYT Does Feature Type Crime Stories  . . .  Do You Think If the Rapes and Shooting Were in Manhattan they Would Have Covered It?

Teen killed in bloody NYC crime spree that left 17 shot, 3 stabbed(NYDN)

Times #1 For $10, He’ll Find the Guys Who Didn’t Do It(NYT) The decoys in police lineups are often drawn from homeless shelters and street corners, but in the Bronx, one man plays the role of casting director for detectives.

Police Investigate String Of Attacks On Queens Women(NY1)


Times #2 At 52, an Exonerated Man Is Victorious in the Ring(NYT)


Law and Order

Police Investigate Latest Queens Sexual Assault(NY1) * Hours After Woman's Rape, Another Sex Assault Attempt in Queens(NBC) * ATM ‘bleach bandit’ busts(NYP) * Softie judge ‘free’(NYP) * Complaint: NYPD Officer Falsely Arrests Black Man, Uses N-Word When Recounting Arrest(WCBS) * NY Asst. AG Quits After Story Claiming She Was Paid To Be Dominatrix (WCBS)* CIA Role Within NYPD Raises Eyebrows(NBC) * NYPD Officer Charged With Making False Arrest During Stop-And-Frisk(NY1) * Round up of recent NYPD scandals(AM NY)

Women flock to free self-defense class as gropings continue in Brooklyn(NYDN) * Free Self-Defense Classes Offered In Brooklyn(NY1) * Woman Fights Off Attacker in Queens(NYT) * Attempted sexual attack on woman in Queens(WSJ) * Upper West Side Mother Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Her Son(NY1)


Big Cash Edge Powers Obama in Campaign Drive for 2012 (NYT) * Obama Targeting a Few Crucial States(WSJ) * Barack Obama is headed to North Carolina and Virginia, two states that loom large in his re-election bid. * Fatally Flawed ObamaCare Is Crumbling - Politico * Obama Slams GOP in Campaign-Style Bus Tour - Reuters * CNN (2012 GOP): Romney 26, Cain 25, Perry 13, Paul 9, Gingrich 8




Jill Abramson's New Yorker, CBS Profiles (VIDEO)*  Changing Times Jill Abramson takes charge of the Gray Lady (Auletta, New Yorker)