Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comptroller Liu's fundraising for a mayoral run is rife with donors who say they never gave or who may not even exist

$800 Contributor to Comptroller Liu?

The NYT says in a story that raised questions if the comptroller was obeying the city's campaign laws says that 18 employees, from janitor to clerk to project manager, for W&L Construction in Fresh Meadows, Queens, were listed as having given $800 apiece to Mr. Liu.


The City Comptroller Broke the Law 

Sheldon Leffler, Former Councilman, Is Convicted in Campaign Fraud Scheme (NYT)

Doubts Raised on Donations to Comptroller(NYT) Canvassing by The New York Times of nearly 100 homes and workplaces of donors listed on Mr. Liu’s campaign finance reports raises questions about the source and legitimacy of some donations, as well as whether some of the donors even exist. Some two dozen irregularities were uncovered, including instances in which people listed as having given to Mr. Liu say they never gave, say a boss or other Liu supporter gave for them, or could not be found altogether.  * John Liu Fundraiser Defends John Liu’s Fundraising (NYO) * John Liu's Campaign Finance Mysteries(NBC) * NY1 ItCH Alert: Liu To NY1: "Our Campaign Books Are In Order"(NY1) * Fundraising in Chinatown(Politico) * Forget It, Hillary, It's Chinatown * Liu also said, "It's unclear to me how the interviews were conducted by the Times." [WNYC] * The Liu camp has clearly gone into damage control mode." [Noreen Malone] * Controller candidate John Liu's money trail does not add up (NYDN) * Times: Liu Campaign May Have Falsified Donors(NY1) * Report Finds Mysteries in John Liu Campaign Finance Filings (NBC)


Did Councilmen Liu Get City Matching Funds From These Same Contributors? Did His Matching Funds Come From Illegal Contributors?

May Have? What About the Chief Fiscal Officer In NYC Does Not Follower the law Times: Donations For Liu May Have Violated Campaign Finance Laws (NY1)




NYT Has A Double Standard On Who They Report On Breaking Campaign Finance Laws 

The NYT Which Will Not Even Write That Bloomberg When He Paid Haggerty Through A Political Party Housing Keeping Account, Seem to Be Very Able to Slam Comptroller Liu for Also Breaking the Campaign Finance Laws.

To protect against so-called straw donors, the city requires that donor cards submitted with campaign contributions be filled out only by the person making the donation. Mr. Liu has also not disclosed the bundlers’ names, as required by law. 


City Comptroller Liu Said He Would Begin Obeying Campaign Rules and Investigate the Problems

As for his failure to list bundlers collecting money for him, Mr. Liu said he would begin complying with the city’s rules.

Got'cha Mr. Liu
Liu also questioned how The Times approached people whose names were on the donor list, many of whom do not speak English well. He suggested that perhaps they were intimidated by the experience, and may have denied donating when they actually did. Many of the interviews were conducted in Mandarin.

John Liu Raises Most of His Money From Asian Areas of the City: Flushing, Chinatown and the new Asian areas of Booklyn



Not So Fast Carrion 
Liu might run for mayor and there is always that architect
IS ADOLFO CARRION PLANNING A RUN FOR CITY COMPTROLLER?: Former Bronx Borough president Adolfo Carrión Jr. is seriously considering running for city comptroller, a bid that would make him the first Latino to hold a citywide office in New York City, say some of his associates and Bronx political insiders (CHN)

Why Did NYP'S Seifman Pick Haggerty?  When There Are Hundreds of Corrupt Pols

Post put heat on Haggerty (NYP) Four months after the 2009 election, City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman began e-mailing Bloomberg’s campaign attorney, Kenneth Gross, asking about the $1.1 million, according to testimony yesterday.

Bloomberg's Lawyer Thinks 3 Checks to Cover A Million Dollar Payroll is Kosher?

Testimony in Court In response, Haggerty sent Gross (Bloomberg's lawyer) copies of three checks -- each bogus, say Manhattan rackets prosecutors -- purportedly sent by Haggerty to pay “poll watchers.” “I fully trusted the veracity of the documents being presented to me,” Gross said of why he merely passed Haggerty’s assertions and checks along to Seifman.*Prosecutors Argue Haggerty Spent Mayor's Campaign Money On A House(NY1)
*Poll Watchers: John Haggerty Never Paid Us(NY1)

Judgeships For Sale In Brooklyn . . .  We Will Never Know?

Brooklyn Judge, N.Y. Post Settle Defamation Claim

More Layoffs When Will the NYC Pols Be Held Accountable?

Wall Street’s job losses $ocking NY(NYP) * “We agree with the comptroller that there is softness in the securities industry, but these risks are built into our financial plan,” a Cuomo administration spokesman said in response to Tom DiNapoli’s gloomy predictions about lower revenue and job losses on Wall Street.





The Same Pol Who Get Angry At layoffs Have Done Nothing to Build Jobs and the City's Economy 

Furor over school-aide layoffs(NYP)* In Heated Hearing, Council Grills Chancellor Over School Layoffs(NYT) * Councilman: School Layoffs Came as Surprise (WSJ)* Walcott slammed over not warning about school worker layoffs(NYDN) * IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE

And State Layoff Talks

One week before layoffs are scheduled to start, Cuomo and PEF remain at an impasse in their contract talks.* PEF President Ken Brynien chided Cuomo for not taking these talks seriously. *Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to find "efficiencies" without incurring "pain" isn't so easy. [David Freedlander]

Who Will Pay For Health Care if GOP Wipes Out Obamacare?

N.Y. Medicaid Rolls Reach 5 Million(WSJ) New York's Medicaid rolls have passed the five million mark and could add another million recipients by the end of Cuomo's first term, putting pressure on the state's finances * The Medicaid enrollment rolls are swelling even as Cuomo tries to reduce the mega-program’s cost. Fingerprinting Those Seeking Food Stamps Is Denounced(NYT)


In a major setback to President Obama, the Senate blocked consideration of his much-touted $447 billion jobs plan. 

Weiner Battles Include the Muslim Religion. . .  Was the Internet Sexing His Escape?

ABC News: New book details Anthony Weiner tweets (ABC)

Former cheerleading coach Traci Nobles is releasing a book of Weiner emails to her. One says he masturbated in rest rooms of the House of Representatives.  In another her tells Nobles  religion is a big issue in the marriage, at least with his in-laws. He calls them "exhausting," and backward thinking." and he says of his marriage, "I wish I had an escape route sometimes." "Touchy is a good word for this," he writes. . . "I've never been accepted by them, they just believe I should be Muslim or convert."

Did Savino Ever Call Weiner A Pig?

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "this woman is a pig!" said lawmaker of woman writing 1st person account of scandal.


Secret Health Care Rate Increases 

In Seeking Rate Increases in New York, Health Insurers Fight to Keep Secrets(NYT) Benjamin Lawsky, the state's superintendent of financial services, is ordering health insurers to publicly divulge steep rate increases that they want to keep secret


Marchers target biz bigs’ UES digs (NYP) * Peppered protester wants spray cop nailed(NYP) * Response of the Police Is Expanding With Protests(NYT) * (NYT) * Officer's Arrest Sought in Pepper-Spray Incident (WSJ) * The Post's Michael Goodwin blasts Bloomberg for allowing the Occupy Wall Street protesters to stay in Zuccotti Park, suggesting the mayor is currying their favor to avoid becoming a target himself * Local residents are growing increasingly frustrated with the protest, said Community Board 1 Chair Julie Menin: “The City really doesn’t seem to really have any kind of plan to deal with sanitation issues.”* While water might not be in abundance at Zuccotti Park, food is

Mike Bloomberg can’t understand why Occupy Wall Street protesters would target Jamie Dimon: ”Jamie Dimon is one of the great bankers. He’s brought more business to this city than any banker in (the) modern day. To go and picket him, I don’t know what that achieves. Jamie Dimon is an honorable person, working very hard, paying his taxes.”* Occupy Brooklyn? Anti-greed movement coming to boro this Saturday (Brooklyn Paper) * Participants in Occupy Buffalo evicted “vagrants” who were drinking and urinating in public, insisting: “This is a serious movement. This is not a party.”* It's a March on millionaires(NYDN) *  Goldman Sachs Employees Warned Not to Occupy Wall Street (Gawker) * Four Arrested As "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Rally At JPMorgan Chase HQ(NY1)

 Bloomberg to Clean Park Friday

  Mayor Plans To Clean Up "Occupy Wall Street" Site On Friday(NY1) * Bloomberg says protesters need to leave park, but only so it can be cleaned (NYP)

Four Arrested As "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters Rally At JPMorgan Chase HQ (NY1) * The Occupy Wall Streeters targeted Rep. Carolyn Maloney over a free trade vote.


First General Assembly Occupy London* Woman gets U.S. citizenship, becomes Wall St. protester(NYDN) * Occupy 161st St.? Lone protester's outreach at welfare line(NYDN) *MURDOCH GETS OCCUPIED (Huff Post) * E.J. McMahon pushes back on Daniel Squadron and Rory Lancman’s call for a millionaire’s tax. * The Working Families Party is coming under scrutiny for allegedly paying protesters at Occupy Wall Street. 


Bill O’Reilly Spars With Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Over Wall Street Corruption



Nate Silver (Twitter)  Coming to view that Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party are both better served by keeping their distance from one another.

 Margaret Chin Struggles?

Margaret In The Middle: Downtown Councilwoman Chin Struggles to Balance Constituent Concerns and Her Own Radical Past (NYO)

Press Bully



The Problem is Not the Off Duty Light on the Taxi Its They Won't Take You to Brooklyn 

Off Duty OFF

A Solution for a Vexing Question: Is This Cab Available? A proposal from the Taxi and Limousine Commission would eliminate the often-confusing “off duty” light from the roof of taxicabs. (NYT) * Off-Duty or On? Cabs to Get Clarity(WSJ) * The Taxi and Limousine Commission may try to simplify taxi cabs' availability lights, scrapping the multi-light system for a single light indicating if a cab is available or not


Albany Pols Environmental Ratings
Environmental Advocates released its annual report card that grades NYS legislators on their “green” votes – or lack thereof.

SAT scandal grows(NYP) 

More Education News

Alumni Tutoring Effort Strives to Raise Diversity at Elite Public Schools(NYT) *  CUNY, Stanford Set Pact Stanford University and City University of New York said they will collaborate on plans to win city funding and public land for an applied-science campus on Roosevelt Island.(WSJ)


  Joseph Lhota In Lead To Run MTA: Sources(NYDN)

Foes go after GOP poll vaulter(NYP) * Christie throws his weight behind Romney’s run(NYP) * Romney Looks Past Rivals as Debate Focuses on Economy(NYT) * Cain Faces Barbs at Debate(WSJ) * Christie Backs Romney(WSJ) * GOP's non-defining moment (Politico) * Dan Janison wonders if this is the end of Rudy Giuliani’s political career*  Mitt Romney continues great week by outperforming Herman Cain, Rick Perry in GOP debate (NYDN) * WATCH: Gingrich Suggests Jailing Key Democrats * Fact Checking the Post-Bloomberg debate (Wash Post) *  Barney Frank Slams Newt Gingrich For Calling For His Imprisonment (TPM) *  Schumer and Reid plot strategy, on a hot mic (Politico) * Juan Williams: Cornel West And Tavis Smiley Are Threatened By Cain’s Success

Iranian bomb plot targeted Saudi diplo in packed eatery(NYP) * US to isolate Iran for Saudi envoy plot(NYP) * U.S. Accuses Iranians of Plotting to Kill Saudi Envoy(NYT) * US aims to punish Iran for Saudi envoy plot(WJ) * Obama's Iran options limited: U.S. lacks international support for large-scale military action(NYDN)




 New York squeegee king busted for a staggering 186th time(NYDN)

J train 'surf' dope - video (NYP) * WATCH: 'Subway surfer' flirts with death while dangling outside car (NYDN)* 'Subway Surfer' Becomes a Mini-Celebrity, Worrying Transit Officials(NYT)

Brooklyn sex assault suspect arrested, police sources say (NYDN) * Police Arrest Man In Sunset Park Groping Incident(NY1) *  Brooklyn Groping Suspect Awaits Arraignment(NY1) * Suspect arrested in B'klyn grope admits he molested other women(NYP)


‘Grope’ guy is busted(NYP)* Facing Wave of Attacks on Women, Neighborhoods Rally(NYT) * Grope Cases Set Special Challenges(WSJ) * Manhattan Man Charged With Assault Near Morningside Park



Thieves Break Into Brooklyn Best Buy, Steal Nearly 200 iPads(NY1)

Law and Order

Brooklyn Butcher Kept Extensive Mafia Rolodex (Huff Post) * Teen sues ‘pimp cop’ & city(NYP)* Killer: I’m the ‘wrong man’(NYP) * Bloody good Sam a hero(NYP) * Columbia U. drug-rap twist(NYP) * In Conspiracy Trial, a Query: What, Exactly, Is a Gang?(NYT) * The NYT backs Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman’s call for trying nonviolent teenage offenders in Family Court.* White Cop Calls Black Cop “Boy,” Officer Claims: Report (NBC) * New York rabbi on the lam for four years is finally nabbed in Canada (NYDN) * Oh, 'boy'! NYPD probing cop's racial slur(NYDN) * Too many convicted drunken drivers dodge interlock provision of Leandra's Law (NYDN Ed) * Cleared of Murder, Sheehan Reports to Jail on Gun Conviction(NYT) * Feds to NY jury: Russian 'Lord of War' wanted to kill Americans(NYP) * Dozens March And Protest Against NYPD’s Stop And Frisk Policy(WCBS)* Dozens March And Protest Against NYPD’s Stop And Frisk Policy(WCBS) * Brownsville is the Stop and Frisk Capital of New York City: A New York Times Video (NYT)