Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bloomberg Commits Perjury and the Media Talks Softly

Grace Rauh (Twitter) in trial: "I didn't have any substantive conversation w John Haggerty" about ballot security or anything else.

Grace Rauh (Twitter) Defense for put Karen Keogh on stand. She says on elex night Haggerty was in backroom w , , and 2 others. 

 Media: Speak No Perjury of Bloomberg 

New York Times: "Bloomberg Suggested"
The defense is likely to use this testimony to argue in their closing remarks that Mr. Haggerty was closer to the mayor than the mayor suggested in his testimony, in which he said he recalled only saying an occasional “hello” to Mr. Haggerty. After 2 Days, Defense Rests in Bloomberg Consultant’s Trial(NYT)

New York Daily News:  
"Bloomberg Fibbed Under Oath"
Lawyers for the political operative accused of stealing $1.1 million from Mayor Bloomberg stopped short of calling the mayor a liar Monday - but are hoping a jury will believe he fibbed under oath. Lawyers for GOP consultant John Haggerty, on trial for grand larceny, hint mayor Bloomberg lied

Wall Street Journal:  
Contrasts With the Impression
The image of Mr. Haggerty huddled with the mayor's inner circle contrasts with the impression that Mr. Bloomberg gave earlier this month, when he testified that he had little interaction with Mr. Haggerty. "He was somebody I would pass in the hall and say, 'Hi. How are you?' But we were not personal friends or worked together closely," Mr. Bloomberg told the jury on Oct. 3. * Was Alleged Thief Part of Bloomberg's Inner Circle?(WSJ)
New York Post: Nothing 

 Haggerty windup is today(NYP) * Mike Tells ‘SNL’: Forget actors! Just cast me(NYP)* Bloomberg: I Don't Discuss Wall Street Protest in Bed (NBC) * Former Campaign Aide Contradicts Mayor's Testimony In Haggerty Trial(NY1)Operative Scores in Court(WSJ)

Closing arguments in the Haggerty Trial

Consultant slams Bloomberg in closing arguments for $1.1M mayoral campaign cash heist (NYP) * Summations Begin In Trial Of Former Bloomberg Aide(NY1) * Case of Republican political consultant goes to New York juryReuters)

Vacco accused the mayor of misrepresenting his relationship with Haggerty when he testified earlier this month. Bloomberg left jurors with the impression that he barely knew Haggerty, but the defense offered evidence that Haggerty was sitting with the mayor and his closest aides in the campaign’s “boiler room” on Election Night. . . .   Vacco raised questions about conflicts of interest at City Hall, saying the mayor’s aides freely move from handling government business, campaign work and the mayor’s philanthropy to his private business. Mocking the mayor’s aides, the defense attorney said sometimes they’re wearing the “deputy mayor hat” and a moment later they’re a campaign aide.  Bloomberg Assailed in Trial’s Closing Arguments(WSJ)

Grace Rauh (Twitter) lawyer Vacco says lied in his testimony when mayor described his relationship w . * Why would lie, lawyer asks. "He doesn't need John anymore."

Harry Siegel (Twitter) Vacco giving defense closing- apologizes if he "irritated" jurors raising his voice to Patti Harris, asks they don't hold against * Vacco: "Fron those earliest [Seifman] articles... the DA has had a rush to judgement in this case" * Vaccco on Sheekey: "floated in and out of city hall like a revolving door...Is there any doubt in your mind who really ran the 09 campaign?"* Vacco on Tusk: "only guy who had a title here. Patti Harris said 'we didn't have titles.' ... He didn't even make DA's dancecard" * now that Vacco's past the heart of the Da's case, how many organs you figure he's got to go?
DA Case   ADA Seidel gives NYP's Dave Seifman credit for case. Says if he hadn't written stories no one would have known Haggerty stole $. * ADA alleging that stole from mayor.

City Hall News (Twitter) Haggerty's lawyer Dennis Vacco on Kevin Sheekey: “Didn't answer a lot of questions, but he's a smart guy.”* Dennis Vacco, 84 minutes into his closing argument: “Let's go to the heart of the DA's case.” * Vacco thunders, why is prosecution hiding their big chart? “Because it's wrong!” Prosecutor points to big chart right behind him. Oops. * Vacco, two hours in, again with the chart showing where Bloomberg's money went: “I don't have much to say about this chart. Well, I do.”

Adam Lisberg (Twitter)   Things I expected to tweet for me -- CM Halloran and Tom Ognibene in front row at Haggerty closing arguments.

Brooklyn Boss Need Money for His Non Profit Bushwick Senior Center Which He Uses As His Political Machine

Vito Lopez to Lead Occupy Wall Street March (NYO) * Brooklyn Democratic Party leader Vito Lopez is the latest pol to jump on board the Occupy Wall Street movement. * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine( True News)

OWS Jesse Jackson Link Arms to Save Medical Tent That NYPD and Bloomberg Want Down

The NYPD abandoned plans to force Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to take down a medical tent late last night when Jesse Jackson linked arms with protesters surrounding it(NYDN) * Bloomberg Says ‘Tent City’ Goes Beyond Free Speech(NYT) * Demonstration Tests Police Playbook The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have posed a test for the New York Police Department blueprint for handling large crowds developed over the past 20 years.(WSJ) * The NYPD overtime cost as a result of the protest is now pegged at $3.4 million – and climbing.

Thieves preying on fellow protesters(NYP) * Pepper spray gal: Nail cop for a-salt (NYP) * He Made It on Wall St. and Used It to Help Start the Protests(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street celebrates 1-month anniversary(NYDN) * Voices from Zuccotti Park: Steve Syrek, 33(NYDN) * A Brooklyn native and former vice chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange is the largest single donor to the nonprofit magazine that ignited the Occupy Wall Street movement. * Occupy Wall Street Negotiations With Downtown Residents Failing(DNAInfo) * None of You Are the ‘Any Percent’(Pajamas Media) * Wall Street Protesters To March Against Alleged Police Brutality(NY1) * #Occupy Wall Street protesters in NYC plan march to Manhattan District Attorney's office *  MTV ‘Real World’ Wants to Cast Occupy Wall Street Protesters (TPM) * No Camping” signs are popping up at public/private spaces around NYC, including one owned by Zuccotti Park owner, Brookfield Properties.* Commander Who Pepper-Sprayed Protesters Faces Disciplinary Charge(NYT)


It the Unions,  The 75% (New Yorkers) Vs Cuomo on the Millionaire's As OWS Marches

OCCUPY WALL STREET AND UNIONS - SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR: Occupy Wall Street has provided fresh fuel for New York unions to push for an extension of the millionaire's tax - but that doesn't mean the young, mostly non-union protesters down at Zuccotti Park are ready to pull out all the stops for organized labor (CHN) * Despite Protests, Cuomo Says He Will Not Extend a Tax Surcharge on Top Earners(NYT) * NYers back rich tax & Wall St. marchers(NYP) * Despite the renewed push for a millionaire’s tax and widespread popular support for keeping it, Cuomo is digging in his heels against it. * Cuomo compared his resistance to his father’s refusal to reinstate the death penalty, saying: “The fact that everybody wants it doesn’t mean all that much. I represent the people. Their opinion matters, but I’m not going to go back and forth with the political wind.” 

High Noon for State Layoffs Union Vote 

Ball's in your court, Gov. Cuomo warns powerful state union(NYDN) * Leaders Of State Workers' Union Approve New Contract Deal(NY1) * PEF leaders and the administration have until Nov. 3 to convince the rank-and-file to pass the tweaked contract deal approved by the executive board yesterday. * There will be no third vote, Cuomo said, adding: “This is it.”


Under Quinn's Council Leadership  NYC Has Lost 200,000 Jobs

$2.5 Million to Create Jobs in NY with An 8% (Real 15%) and Facing the Loss of 10,000 Wall Street Jobs Next Year is A Joke.  After 6 years as council speaker Quinn in a city hemorrhaging jobs she has discovered the unemployed right before she announcing her run for mayor.

Quinn Makes Jobs Proposal a Centerpiece City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a potential 2013 mayoral candidate, plans to try to harness the anger of Occupy Wall Street protesters in a policy speech as she calls for a $2.5 million package of new initiatives to spur job growth.* Christine Quinn is planning a major speech on jobs this morning at the ABNY breakfast.* A Cornell University senior pitches Bloomberg on the school’s engineering tech campus proposal, noting an on-line petition already has some 18,000 Cornellian signatures.


Dysfunctional BOE Hits Home to Quinn 

The New York City Board of Elections mistakenly gave 260 voters - including Quinn's partner, Kim Catullo - the wrong affidavit ballots in last month's primary election, invalidating their votes.

Snafu Trips Up Votes(WSJ) Kim Catullo, a lawyer and longtime partner of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn vote was not counted in the recent primary by the BOE FU of her change of address, party registration and voting ballot.

McCall to Lead SUNY

Cuomo Names McCall, a Former Rival, to Lead the SUNY Board(NYT) * SUNY Board Gets Overhaul(WSJ) * SUNY officials insist the fact that H. Carl McCall’s wife, Joyce Brown, is president of FIT does not present a conflict for him as he assumes the role of SUNY board chairman.



Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. calls evidence about other pols 'overly prejudicial'(NYP)

Hosp honcho guilty in sick bribe scheme(NYP)

In Cheating Cases, Teachers Who Took Risks or Flouted Rules(NYT) * Regents Set to Alter Rules for Grading State Exams(NYT) * State DOE To Consider Measures To Prevent Regents Cheating(NY1) * ‘F’ Grade Shocks a School Whose Popularity Was Rising(NYT)






A battle over regulating food trucks has begun in the NYC Council with the introduction of a bill sponsored by Councilwoman Gale Brewer

Cooking up food-truck crackdown(NYP) * City Councilwoman Gale Brewer yesterday introduced a bill to tally the number of food truck permits issued in New York City, the first step toward regulating them separately from sidewalk carts



City Aims for Teamwork to End Dig-Pave-Dig Cycle on Roads(NYT)


Experts fear Chernobyl on Hudson if Indian Point leaks(NYDN)






Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s Soundview Health Clinton got a reprieve when a judge said he needed more time to study its ongoing Medicaid funding battle with Cuomo.




 EMT sues over FDNY ‘racism’(NYP)


An astounding 8,604 people on foot were hit by cars from 1995 to 2009 in a 42-block stretch south of Central Park that’s bordered by Lexington and Eighth avenues

Smaller Shelters and Persuasion Coax Homeless Off Bronx Streets(NYT) * As street homelessness has declined 40 percent over six years in New York City, a new approach featuring smaller and more welcoming shelters has cut the number of single homeless adults in the Bronx by 80 percent



Lawyer dominatrix rips AG over spanking(NYP) * A former AG’s office attorney accused of being a dominatrix slammed her ex-boss, Eric Schneiderman, for launching an “intrusive” probe into her personal life. She may sue.


Night fears stalk B’klyn gals(NYP) * Cops arrest 2nd man in connection with B'klyn incidents(NYP) * Second Suspect Arrested in Sex-Attack Pattern(NYT)



NYPD Pension Info Remain Secret

Appellate Court Denies Access To NYPD Pension Info(YNN)


Judges Protect Corrupt Lawyer Who Robbed From Dead

Lawyer Louis Rosenthal, who robbed the dead, should not have gotten his law license back(NYDN Ed)  An upstate appellate court has reinstated the law license of a politically connected attorney who took $2 million in excessive fees from the estates of people who died without wills. The court decreed that he "possesses the character and general fitness to resume the practice of law." If he does, who doesn't?

Bench bad Judges(NYP) The Post says Judge Carol Feinman may have acted incompetent in Bronx criminal court so her bosses would transfer her to Brooklyn civil court, but would prefer to see her in the equivalent of a teachers' rubber room

 Law and Order

Breaking Cops arrest second man in connection with B'klyn groping incidents(NYP)

Gunfire terror in B’klyn(NYP) * Inn soap ‘thief’ all washed up(NYP) * Lawyer Defends Himself on Charges He Orchestrated Murder of a Witness(NYT) * NY man admits stealing from family's funeral home(WSJ) * Police seek man who broke into NYC dorm(WSJ) * Cop accused in $900G theft rap is busted for tampering with witness(NYDN) * Ray Kelly urged to appoint Latino officer for deputy commissioner post(NYDN) * Brooklyn Shooter Kills Man, Injures Woman(NY1) * Police Investigate String Of Attacks On Queens Women(NY1) * Scrapping mandatory prison sentences from the Rockefeller drug laws has worked in New York, with fewer people behind bars while crime continues to decline, Newsday says: *  Brooklyn Burglary Crew Inspired by Affleck Movie (NBC)* Kelly and AG Eric Schneiderman announced the arrest of 37 people on charges stemming from the operation of loan sharking and gambling activities allegedly controlled by the Gambino crime family. * Man who fatally stabbed D train rider gets 25 years in prison(NYP)


Lawrence O’Donnell Chides Bill Clinton And Lady Gaga For Inappropriate Birthday Flirting