Friday, September 16, 2011

With Congressinal Redistricing Upended Lobbyists Smile

NY Incumbent Congressional Panic

Save Our Asses Redistricting Plan Unclear

Turner's Win Complicates Redistricting  Bob Turner's congressional victory has upended assumptions about how New York's political boundaries will be redrawn next year. (WSJ).  One of the biggest behind the scenes fighters in Albany against independent redistricting was the state's congressional members and the lobbyists with close ties to Albany they have already hired.


With Close Ties to Silver Lobbyist Lynch is Working for A Buffalo Area Congressman 

 Most NY Congress Have Hired Lobbyist to Pressure Albany to Give Them Good Districts to Run in 2012

McCarthy hires lobbyist for redistricting fight * New York Reps Enlist Lobbyists for Redistricting Battles * Lobbyists join redistricting in N.Y. - Maggie Haberman - * Lobbyists look to House for work - Times Union * N.Y. House members hiring Albany lobbyists for redistricting ...






Turner: "the public knows there’s something wrong in this country & there is"

Lawmaker Takes Office and Learns Some Rules(NYT) * Rep. Turner Is Sworn In, With Help From Boehner (WSJ)  * Bob Turner jumps gun in Washington debut(NYDN) * Congressman Turner Sworn In On Capitol Hill(NY1) * Weprin v. Turner: All Politics Is Local (Queens Tribune) * State GOP Chairman Ed Cox is garnering rare praise for his intervention in the NY-9 race, which resulted in the selection of Turner as a candidate.

Mark Knoller (Twitter) Dems rate Congress even lower, just 9% approve. 12% of Republicans. 14% of Independents.

Turner: "I do have a Twitter account, but I only do it fully clothed”

Toothbrush marked “Anthony” in the bathroom

Turner Wants Weiner Office Cleaned (Fox 5) *  Weiner gets ‘brush’off Turner kin bristle at office remnant(NYO)



Koch says WH called him 2 wks before to discuss Israel concerns. His reax after chat" "Let’s keep talking." 

Koch Thinking National Message
Koch May Test His Voice on National Stage(NYT) * Bloomberg Backs Obama's Israel Policy (WSJ) * President Obama really does have a Jewish voter problem, according to a new Gallup poll.

Looks Like City Hall News Missed A Couple of Big Losers This Week: Parkside, Sheinkof
City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: Not all of this week's winners and losers were on Tuesday's ballot. There are plenty more to recognize, like winners Eric Ulrich, Jerry Kassar, Mike Fishman, Vito Lopez and Colin Campbell, and losers Gatemouth, Evan Stavisky, Anthony Weiner, Gary Ackerman and Ed Towns
True News Lobbyist Consultants Losers: Parkside Group, Hank Sheinkopf, Peter Weiss, Jennifer Josephs and the Thomas Jefferson Club

Hank Sheinkopf candidate Deidra Towns in the hotly contested 54AD came in dead last in a seat which her brother held for a long time.  This loss and the fact that he tool the 5th in the investigation of the AEG investigation will not stop clueless journalist from quoting him in their political stories.  Peter Weiss and Jennifer Josephs candidate for Brooklyn Civil Court JudgeCheryl Gonzales got smashed by Sharon Hudson. Gonzales had the support of the NYT Daily News and the Brooklyn Reformers.  Hudson had the support of Lopez and the political operative Rev. Robinson. Turner beat Weprin 2 to 1 in  area covered by the Thomas Jefferson Club.  In spite of TJ club inability to GOTV our dummy are still lining up to speak at mighty club.

 The News Rabbi Spins

Hank Sheinkopf, Rabbi

  Captain Stavisky Titanic Loss 
Nobody lost bigger than Parkside's President Evan Stavisky who ran the Weprin campaign into the ground.  Stavisky has the balls or Arrogance yesterday from his home in Rockland County (He serves as District Leader in Queens) to put out a press release to claim credit for other almost non competitive races his was involved in. If Stavisky worked for the Hindenburg we had and great flight over the Atlantic.  Evan taking credit yesterday is like the captain of the titanic taking credit for a couple of days of good sailing.After all it is not every day that you lose a democratic congressional seat that has been safe since 1922.



This Weeks True News Winners are John Haggerty and Russian Gregory Davidzon

Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR wins big this week for delivering the Russian  vote to Congressman Turner. Turner joins Comptroller Liu and Councilman Greenfield as winning candidates that Davidzon has delivered the Russian vote to.

Queens GOP political operative John Haggerty is a winner this week for getting the judge in his criminal trial to rule that his lawyers can use the payment practices of the Bloomberg campaign in his defense and question all of his aids about all the hidden arrangements



As He Waits To Start His Politically Explosive Trial Monday Haggerty Won  Big With Turner But Lost A couple of Local Races That Puts His Queens GOP Takeover in Doubt

Bob Turner's election Tuesday night wasn't the only good news for Queens Republican chairman Phil Ragusa. The Queens GOP also won a couple of key state committee races against insurgent GOP candidates backed by Ragusa's longtime rivals for the Queens Republican chairmanship, brothers Bart and John Haggerty. Especially important for Ragusa was Anthony Daddiego's win over John Watch in Republican-heavy northeast Queens, said Queens GOP vice-chair Vince Tabone. "We're in a stronger position arithmetically than we were in '05, '07 or '09," Tabone said. Former Councilman Tom Ognibene, who is running against Ragusa for chairman with the Haggertys' backing, said he was unaware of the results of the Watch-Daddiego race - but indicated that the loss could signal trouble for his bid. "If we lost that race, I'd have to re-evaluate things," Ognibene said. Queens Republicans will likely meet to elect their chairman in October.

$2.8 Million in Federal Money to Keep A Neighborhood Latino

El Puente, a neighborhood group in south Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is using $2.8 million in federal, city and private grant money for a 10-year program to help Latinos hold their neighborhood against a hipster incursion * Brooklyn gentrification meets resistance from longtime Latino residents in South Williamsburg(NYDN)

The $2.8M does not include the millions that Boss Vito Lopez gets also from the government to keep his political machine which is based in the increasing shrinking Latino Williamsburg community strong


Beyond the Melting Pot in Manhattan Also

Steps Away but Worlds Apart(NYT)



Bloomberg: Just like in Cairo – if Washington doesn’t suceed in fixing the economy and creating jobs

Bloomberg Warns of Riots

Bloomberg warns high unemployment rate could lead to widespread rioting(NYP) * New York lost 22,700 net jobs to lead the nation in August. It was followed by Georgia, with 18,200 lost jobs, and the District of Columbia, with 12,500 fewer jobs. Both Georgia and D.C. saw big declines in government jobs.




 Uncovered School Lunch Scams in the 70's

Feds charge 3 in multi-million dollar school lunch scam(NYP)


Rising Crime Rate

New Report Details Rise In Crime Since 2010; Bloomberg Warns Of Continued Service Strains(NY1)




 The DN urges state Education Commissioner to insist on using student test scores to evaluate teachers, despite union protests

City Hands Off Part of Teacher Evaluation Effort to the State(NYT) *  The state must hold firm on test-based evaluations of teachers in failing city schools(NYDN) * NY1 Online: State Education Commissioner Talks Teacher Evaluations(NY1)* Seventy percent of state School Boards Association members think teachers should not be allowed to score their own students’ tests.




Cuomo Charity Chief Resigns(WSJ) * The Cuomo administration is refusing to comment on the sudden departure of the highly-paid CEO of HELP USA in advance of the governor’s nonprofit executive compensation probe.* The now former CEO, Laurence Belinsky, was paid $546,000 in 2008 – including a $157,000 bonus – and $508,000 in 2009, according to IRS filings. At least 10 other employees at HELP earn more than $125,000 a year.

 Cuomo Protecting the Mentally Ill

The Times praises Cuomo for agreeing to settle a suit over the mistreatment of mentally ill people who have been unnecessarily confined in nursing homes.



SI Political Party Fiefdom and the DAs Race

Conservative Party dissidents back District Attorney Dan Donovan's re-election(SI Advance)

"Molinari, a former boro prez...said that Molinaro had turned the Conservative Party into 'his own personal fiefdom.




The NYP’s John Podhoretz thinks the GOP upset win in NY-9 leaves “Obama Democrat” Kirsten Gillibrand vulnerable to a challenge in 2012. He floats NY-1 candidate Randy Altschuler as a challenger. 




NYPD commander sought to make cops write 15 tickets a month after fallout from the ticket-fixing scandal led to a huge plunge in tickets issued

Quota by any other name? Bosses tell cops to issue more summonses(NYDN)NY1 Exclusive: Bronx Police Officers Claim Ticket Fixing Is A "Courtesy"



AAA to feds: Stop NY-NJ bridge, tunnel toll hike(NYP)





Feast Of San Gennaro Begins In Little Italy(NY1)








The NYP and the DN both fear NYC's new bike-share system will cause havoc, 10,000 cyclists breaking every traffic law with impunity

Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan's bike-rental plan needs plenty of public input (NYDN Ed) * Mike’s bikes: Yikes!(NYP Ed)



Its All About Getting Attention

Outgoing MTA Chairman Jay Walder's swan song to New York City sounds like a xylophone. Some subway stations have started playing a two-note "attention tone" before live announcements about delayed trains, re-routings or other important changes. "It's like, 'bing-bong,' "(CHN)

Some Cabbies Given Right to Say No to Racy Ads(NYT) * Taxi Drivers May Nix Ads(WSJ) * Devout taxi drivers allowed to veto strip-club roof ads(NYDN) * Cabbies Win Right to Veto Racy Taxi Ads(NBC)

Subway billboard war is latest flareup in Israeli-Palestinian conflict(NYDN) * Assemblyman Hikind response to the billboard (The Brooklyn Political Blog)

 Gonzalez: Tenant leaders bash deal with firm embroiled in racketeering suit(NYDN)

Does the City's Claim of Lower Smoking Rates Include the Increasing Sales of Illegal Cigarettes? 
NYC smoking rate drops to 14 percent(NYP) * Survey Finds Decline in New Yorkers Who Smoke to 14%(NYT) * City's Smoking Rate Hits a Low(WSJ) * Only 14% of New Yorkers smoke after decade of public health campaigns(NYDN) * DOH: City's Smoking Rate Hits All-Time Low(NY1)

City's Shooting Crisis

Amazing photo shows tot recovering from gunshot to head, clutching baby bottle(NYDN) * Shot Girl Loses Eye(WSJ) * Staten Island Man Pleads Not Guilty In Toddler's Shooting (NY1)


3-Year-Old Bronx Girl's Death Ruled a Homicide, Cause Was Blunt Trauma(NBC)

Community Calls For End To Gun Violence At Memorial For Young Basketball Star(NY1)

Routine traffic stop leads police to 300 pounds of pot(NYP) * Questioning of Reggae Artist Led Police to 300 Pounds of Marijuana(NYT) * U.S.: Record Company Used in Drug Ring(WSJ)



Suspect in SI toddler shooting jeered after court appearance(NYP)



 Law and Order

Brutal public schools educrat convicted of assaulting wife with tools (NYP) *Yakovlev gets prison for fatal ID scheme (NYP)  * Cop Denies Killing Pedestrian(WSJ) * 30 years in prison for murderous ID theft serial killer(NYDN) * Bronx teenager shot to death just blocks from his home(NYDN)


Jon Stewart Blasts Obama Administration For Solyndra Scandal



Worlds collide. Rick Perry hit Fashion Week in the company of The Donald.  * Donald Trump: ‘Jim Perry’ Is A Great Candidate! [VIDEO] 



British Police Attempting to Force Guardian Into Giving Up Phone-Hacking Sources(NY Magazine)