Sunday, September 18, 2011

Both the BOE and the NYT Do A Cut and Paste for the Public; True News Sunday Update

Time to mourn: Candle sales shoot up - as kids are shot down(NYDN)

Not One Story or Investigative Piece From Any of the City's Papers On An Explosive Trial That Beings Monday

Jury selection set to start Monday in theft case against Haggerty(Queens Campaigner)

HaggertyGate (True News Background)

Port Authority Toll And Fare Hikes Take Effect (WCBS)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

NYT Does Not Understand That the Problems At the BOE is Not About Cut and Paste Counting
New York’s Benighted The Board of Elections got new voting machines, but concocted an overly complicated counting process that creates delays. We shudder to think what will happen in the 2012 vote. (NYT Ed)

Instead of downloaded onto flash drives the geniuses at the Board of Elections have set up a cut-and-paste system that slows things down and invites human error. Workers are required to take printouts from the scanners and cut them into sections by election district. They then must add up votes with a calculator and manually record the totals on “return of canvass” forms. These forms then have to be delivered to the New York City Police Department, where the totals are entered, again manually, into a computer before they are released to the news media and the public. 

The Real Problem With the BOE is that It Acts As A Gatekeeper Protecting the Machines Incumbent Pols 

College student Justin Wax Jacobs was knocked off the ballot on a technicality this year so a machine backed candidate could run without democratic opposition.  Jacobs somehow gathered 1,600 signatures in six days to run as an independent. Yet even though he posed no real threat to Mayersohn's chief of staff Michael Simanowitz, Queens Democratic election lawyer Frank Bolz was on hand at a Board of Elections hearing Tuesday to make sure Jacobs was thrown off the ballot. Challengers after challenger each year is either knock off the ballot or has to spend a large amount of campaign cash and time to remain on the ballot.

The NYT Has the Power to Change the BOE All They Need to Do is Demand DOI do Its Job
NYT Says the Executive Director of the BOE Quit
WNYC Radio and Others Reported He Was Fired And DOI Was Investigating Him on October 26, 2010

Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) Sources at the Board of Elections say Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district. His lawyer is Stanley Schlein who runs the Bronx county and helped Bronx DA Johnson win and residency case against him the first time he ran for district attorney.  Schlein is also represented the losing bidder for new voting machines that the BOE brought last year and is now being investigated by the feds.

The ballot in question had all of the candidates lined up one slot to the right of where they should have appeared. For example, the name of the first candidate on the ballot slot, Democrat Reuben Wills, was listed under the slate of Republican candidates. However, the ballot that voters will receive on November 2 has been corrected.  The issue is still under investigation by the New York Department of Investigations.  Tammany Hall Board of Election Control Goes On and On (True News)





Memo to the NYT: One Serious Criminal Investigation Will End Corruption At the BOE

The U.S Attorneys Uncover and Convict Political Corruption, DOI Stalls and Buries Investigations. The Feds after they caught Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin on bid rigging and stealing from little leagues, got him to agree rat on Assemblyman Tony Seminio stealing from Queens hospitals.  Seminio in turn gave the feds the goods Senator Kruger and Assemblyman Boyland and the head of company running several city hospitals who was recently convicted of doing so.  Can You imagin if DOI went after the former head of the BOE and got him to spill the beans on what really goes on with the commissioners appointed by the city's corrupt party leaders.  We would quickly see the end of this left over from Tammany Hall rule that acts as a gatekeeper to protect incumbent pols and be well on our way to restoring democracy to our government


More Pay to Play Meeks 

Meeks on crony express Sought favors for pal from ‘Ponzi’ tycoon, records show(NYP)

The Feb. 19, 2008, e-mail, obtained by The Post, was addressed to Yolanda Suarez, chief counsel for the company run by now-disgraced billionaire banker Allen Stanford. It and other insistent messages during that period show Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks was determined to get his pal, Edul Ahmad, invited to a Caribbean cricket match so he could meet another Meeks buddy, Stanford.

The urgent pleas were made a year after Ahmad handed Meeks $40,000.

CM Larry Seabrook’s Mistress is Set to Rat On Him

Seabrook’s gal to blab (NYP)

Everywhere A Mistress

Manhattan AG's office suspends lawyer who moonlights as a dominatrix(NYP)




Tejpal Singh case: Details about 1996 drive-by murder prove major holes in DA's prosecution(NYDN)


The patsy Crowley, Lopez and the city's congressional delegation wanted, only he inconveniently disappeared 14 months before they intended to cut up the 9th CD

David Weprin blames Obama for defeat(Daily Mail)*

Bob Turner vs Anthony Weiner: How new Congressman compares to scandal-plagued predecessor (NYDN)


A Crack in Silver Home Base Appears

Trouble in Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's paradise as his hand-picked candidates get whipped Despite a mighty effort, despite support from major elected officials, Silver lost an election: In a landslide, voters rejected his handpicked candidates for Democratic district leader in favor of anti-Silver insurgents, Paul Newell and Jenifer Rajkumar (NYDN Ed) * SoHo Election Results In a stunning defeat for the "old guard" in local politics, the Downtown Independent Democrats took an overwhelming number of key positions in yesterday's election. Jenifer Rajkumar and Paul Newell succeeded as District Leaders of the 64th District (part c), and John Scott won a hotly contested election as District Leader of the 66th District (part b) to elevate D.I.D. to a more prominent and cohesive role as Downtown's premier political club. Jean Grillo, unopposed, was reelected as(Soho Journal)


Wall Street Protest

Protest on Wall St.: Group rails against corporate greed(NYDN) * Protesters Begin To "Occupy" Wall Street(NY1) * Sparse ‘Day of Rage’(NYP) * Demonstrators From Across Nation Descend On NYC To ‘Occupy’(WCBS) * Thousands gather in NYC to protest Wall Street(WABC) 




DC 37 is in a financial bind due to increase pension costs for its own work force of 355

DC 37 feels pinch Pension $queeze (NYP)





 Bloomberg is A Real Riot

The Mayor Who Made Developers Rich, Pushing Out Manufacturing Jobs Now Predicts Jobless Caused Riots

Bloomberg warns high unemployment rate could lead to widespread rioting (NYP) *Bloomberg, on Radio, Raises Specter of Riots by Jobless(NYT) * Much Ado About 'Riots'(WSJ) * Get ready for a riot: mayor(NYP) * Bloomberg's Irresponsible Riot Tactic - Larry Kudlow, National Review * We're in a Global War for Jobs - Charles Blow, NYT


With 7000 Cops Cut From the Force Crime is Up

In 12-month period ending June 30, NYC saw 6.5% rise in murder & 3.7% rise in robbery & 4.9% rise in felony assault 

Violent crime surges in city: rape up 32 percent, murder and robbery also spike(NYDN) * Crime on the climb(NYP)

NYC SAT Scores Cotinue to Fall

City Tops State, U.S. on SATs  New York City's Hispanic students showed slight improvement on their SAT scores last school year, while average scores in the city ticked down a bit, data released Friday showed. (WSJ)





 No LMDC $$$ for WTC Mosque

And for once, the hopelessly inept LMDC appears to have done something right: It rejected a $5 million request from the backers of the Ground Zero mosque, who wanted the 9/11 money to help pay for their construction and programming.






Taxi Owners and Their Lobbyist Keep Trying to Kill the Albany Bill to Add More Taxis to the Out Boroughs

Using Lack Handicapped Cabs to Kill for Outer Borough Taxi Services - What Does One Have to Do With the Other? 

Now the Taxi establishment which owns the City Council has recruited Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin called Cuomo Thursday in hopes of convincing him to veto the Bloomberg-backed legislation allowing black cars to be flagged down in the outer boroughs and upper Manhattan. Remember Bloomberg pulled a run around and got Albany legislature to pass the outer borough service bill after he was blocked by the pro taxi industry City Council.  Harkin beef: the Legislature-approved bill doesn't go far enough to require handicapped-accessible cabs - and Harkin is the author of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pol urges Gov. Cuomo to veto livery cab bill until better measures for handicapped riders added(NYDN) * Strip honcho to cabbies: Keep your pants on!(NYP)


MTA Launches Interactive Online Map Ahead Of Difficult Weekend For Subways(NY1) * MTA's 'The Weekender' makes traveling easier(WABC)




Legal Assistance in Civil Cases Under Growing Threat(NYT)


Boo hoo! Pumpkin shortage possible after Irene damage(NYDN) * Irene ‘fraud’ hit $aps: AG(NYP)







 Middle East
Palestinians Set Bid for U.N. Seat(NYT) * Bam & Bibi to huddle(NYP) * Israel: Adrift at Sea Alone (NYT) * Tumult of Arab Spring Prompts Worries in Washington(NYT) * Palestinians hold ‘state’ dinner downtown(NYP) * Palestinians' Illegitimate UN Gambit - Gov. Rick Perry, Jerusalem Post * Dear Obama, Be Clever at the UN - Gershom Gorenberg, American Prospect
 Iran Controversy Comes To NYC Ahead Of UN General Assembly (CBS) 

Couple Accused of Stealing Millions Intended for Preschoolers’ Meals(NYT)  * Preschool owner accused of $2.5M raid of kids' program attacks media(NYDN)


Man Charged With Murder of 3-Year-Old(WSJ) * Stepfather surrenders to police after 3-year-old girl murdered in Bronx(NYDN) * Bronx Man Charged With Murder Of Young Stepdaughter(NY1)

Law and Order

 Sunday  Tot taken for a ride after family SUV is stolen ... while dad gets coffee(NYDN) * Cheapskate! Lunch thief who attacked photogs is a 'penny-pincher'(NYDN) * Tot taken for a ride after family SUV is stolen ... while dad gets coffee(NYDN) *Brooklyn trio arrested for string of convenience store robberies(NYDN) * Murdered Bronx tot's stepfather to be arraigned(NYDN) * Qns. man beaten to death(NYP) * Police: Thief Steals SUV With Child In Back Seat(WCBS) * Protest over police-involved shooting in Inwood(WABC)* Volunteers try to get guns off streets in the Bronx(WABC) * Stepfather Arrested in Death of Bronx Girl(WNBC) * Arrest Made Following Queens Hit And Run* Three shot dead in B'klyn, Queens(NYP)


Slain High School Basketball Star Laid To Rest(NY1) * Funeral Held For Slain Hoops Star(Fox 5) * H.S. Basketball Star Laid to Rest(WNBC)

Saturday Bail Bid Denied In Son's Death(WSJ) *  Drug mule caught with almost a kilo of cocaine INSIDE body at airport(NYDN) * 9/11 hero gets three years in jail for taking bribes(NYDN) * Free to resume your life’(NYP) * Charges Dropped for Man Jailed for 13 Years(NBC) * Slay bro ‘cops’ an attitude(NYP) * Police Search For Suspects As Wake Is Held For Young Basketball Star(NY1) * S.I. Toddler With Facial Gunshot Wound Narrowly Avoided Brain Damage(NY1)

CBS News/NY Times Poll: Perry 23, Romney 16, Bachmann 7, Gingrich 7
* Cynicism, the GOP's Most Destructive Weapon - Robert Reich, Salon * Democrats for Romney? - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * The Right Wing Is the Stupid Party - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * McGinniss Plays Race Card Against Palin - Toby Harnden, Daily Telegraph * Republicans Call Obama’s Tax Plan ‘Class Warfare’(NYT)

Mark Knoller (Twitter)  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said today if Warren Buffett feels he's not paying enough in taxes "he should send in a check."


 Republicans: Killing Jobs and Making Us Sick - NYT *
 Obama's Magical Thinking on Green Jobs - OC Register* GOP Hates Gov't, But Not the Death Penalty - Slate * Book Portrays Dysfunction in Obama WH - Wash Post *

O to propose special 'Buffett Tax' for rich(NYP) * Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires(NYT) * Make 'em pay! Obama to propose 'Buffett Rule,' new tax for millionaires(NYDN) * Obama to offer his own debt reduction package(AP) * Why Obama Shouldn't Fire His Staff - Matt Bai, New York Times * What Went Wrong With Obama's Brain Trust? - Tim Cavanaugh, Reason


Bill Clinton: ‘Right Now [Obama's] Just Out There Running Against Himself And People’s Misery’





As a TV Host, Sharpton Is Like No Other(NYT)





Ever-increasing tax breaks for U.S. families eclipse benefits for special interests (Wash Post)




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