Wednesday, September 21, 2011

True News Update All Day

 NYT Forgetgetabout MIKE

 Where is the NYT Investigation and analysis of the Haggerty Bloomberg Affair.  All this NYT article tells us what is going on in court.  What the jury pool thinks of the mayor is a distraction. Unusual Question to Jurors: How Do You Like the Mayor?(NYT)   A good start would would be to investigate if any other campaign every paid for ballot security.  The NYT has not even explored if the mayor broke campaign finance laws when he funneled campaign money through the Liberal Party housing keeping account.  Mike Bloomberg Broke Election Law, Admit His Own Lawyers (Wayne Barrett, Village Voice) *  Bloomberg still Haggerty jury selection hot topic (nyp) * More Jurors Selected For Haggerty Trial(NY1)

HaggertyGate(True News)


Which Councilmember and City Hall Insiders Got Their Tickets Fix?

Grand jury eyes tix-fix(NYP)

 NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)



When confronted in the driveway of his Connecticut home, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Steel said, "I'd rather live here."

 In violation of an executive order, deputy mayor Robert Steel seems to live in Connecticut

Deputy mayor Robert Steel: I love Conn., um I mean NY(NYDN)

The Out Of Towners

Glen (Skip) Funk, appointed by Bloomberg to head the Office of Citywide Emergency Communications, lists Florida address as legal residence (NYDN)


Dennis Walcott announced that the city would open 50 new middle schools in the next two years

NYC's 50 Middle Schools Fix-Up Plan

Middle ‘class’fix-up  Plan for 50 new schools(NYP) * City Is Planning 50 New Middle Schools(NYT) * New Focus on Middle Schools(WSJ) * City to Open 50 New Middle Schools by 2013 (WSJ) * System's failing us, say kids held back in the eighth grade(NYDN) School Test Cheating  Ways to Prevent Cheating The steps taken recently by the Board of Regents would reduce opportunities for cheating in New York schools and would boost public confidence as well. (NYT Ed) * The NYT says the governor and Legislature must “find the money” to pay for the Board of Regents’ anti-cheating crackdown.

Pay to Play Meeks #1
Meeks yesterday earned the dubious distinction of being listed as one of Congress’ “most corrupt” members.

The Cuomo administration insists there’s no conflict of interest

Father’s Role in Bank Venture Poses Test for Cuomo(NYT) Former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo is a lead investor in a group aiming to acquire a small Long Island bank with a line of lending aimed at municipal governments in the state. * A group of investors that includes former Gov. Mario Cuomo plan to buy a small Long Island bank and create a new bank that will make loans to struggling local governments, presenting some thorny issues for his son, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Top advsr Del Giudice involved in buying bank to lend to NY govts. Vintage Vlastoism: “First, there is no bank. There is a group that has applied for federal approval to acquire an existing bank. That approval may or may not be granted by the federal government. So, there can be no ‘conflict’ as no bank exists.”


 Is any reporter going to ask Bloomberg what he thinks About His Taxi Bill Going Down?

Gov. Cuomo fares well as yellow cabs fight to knock out livery bill(NYDN) * The yellow cab industry pumped at least $30,000 into Cuomo’s campaign coffers as he considers a livery cab bill it opposes.


 TU: No 63 State Senator

The Times-Union says voters should deflate the Senate Republican trial balloon for a new GOP-controlled district, calling such a move "shameless"

Problems With the Panel . . .  Wait Till They Get to the Lines
At a Brooklyn hearing yesterday of the legislative task force on redistricting, several local Democratic lawmakers got into testy back-and-forths with capital region Assemblyman Jack McEneny, a fellow Democrat who co-chairs the redistricting panel. Councilwoman Letitia James scolded the panel in testimony for not having any African-American members, then made an inaccurate point about the panel, which prompted McEneny to blurt out, "You're wrong." That led James to compare McEneny to Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, of "You lie!" fame. Later, Assemblyman Nick Perry groused that the public could not attend the hearing because it was held at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. McEneny responded that nighttime hearings would end at 3 a.m., telling Perry, "What if everyone went over the five minute limit - as you did? ... Maybe we'll just have to end with elected officials next time." * Koch warns NY redistricting could be vetoed(CBS Albany) * Koch Angered By Redistricting Group Run By Politicians  (NY1)

 Common Cause is Carrying Albany's Water
Common Cause NY has split from its fellow goo-goos on redistricting reform, and is now seeking changes that don’t include an independent commission. * Common Cause’s Susan Lerner and 2010 AG contender Sean Coffey explain why pursuing an independent commission is “no longer realistic,” and has, in fact, stolen attention away from how fair districts can be drawn within the existing system.* Common Cause is breaking with other groups calling for an independent redistricting commission in favor of strict criteria over how lines are drawn.


Feds Want A June or August Primary to Allow Enough Time for Military and Overseas Americans to Vote

Summer Elections

Ballots Failure Is Widespread Justice Department lawyers are asking a federal judge to move up the date of New York state's primary election because, they argue, local election officials have abjectly failed to mail ballots in time to military personnel and other Americans overseas. (WSJ) * It’s looking increasingly unlikely that NY will get a waiver from the DOJ to keep its September primary, which means we’ll probably be covering election news in the summer.


 Park Wars

Moms vs. teens turns plaground into battle zone At Lincoln Place Park(NYDN)

A WWWF Senator Yet

New Senate Bid for McMahon(WSJ)






NYC Irene Storm Costs

Response to Tropical Storm Irene Cost $55 Million, City Says(NYT)




$80,000 a month for bridge pedestrian safety officers for taxpayers(NYDN) * Hunter College bike-pedestrian injury study shows need for tougher enforcement (NYDN Ed) * Bikes Vs. Pedestrians(fox 5) * trange Bike-Lane Ticket(fox 5)


Poor Man Files Lawsuit to Stop Higher Tolls

NJ Man Sues Over Toll Hikes, Claims Bias Against Poor(NBC) * NJ Man Files Lawsuit Over Port Authority Toll Hikes(WCBS)

Trying to Reverse Post-9/11 Slump in Chinatown, Jostling Hub of Gems and Foot Rubs(NYT)




Division in Sheepshead Bay  Lundy's, the huge fish restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, closed in 1979 but its sprawling, landmarked building is now the center of a dispute pitting the neighborhood's old-timers against newer ethnic communities who have no memories of the venerable seafood restaurant's history. (WSJ)

About 50 of Manhattan’s most popular restaurants are being forced to explain how they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.




Lionel(Twitter)  95% of Americans are learning disabled when it comes to news.

Turner Victory Bursts Bloomberg Wall Street Spin Bubble

The Demise Of The Luxury City (Forbes)

The Republican victory in New York City’s ninth congressional district Sept. 13 — in a special election to replace disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner — shocked the nation.  But more important, it also could have signaled the end of the idea, propagated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of New York’s future as a “luxury product.”

Walmart Nation Could Become Walmart City

Walmart Foes Predict NYC Invasion of 159 Stores 

NY1 Exclusive: New Study Predicts Up To 159 Walmarts In City Based On Nationwide Market Strategy

The report contends that more than 100 of the new urban "Express" stores would have to be built in New York City for Walmart to achieve a 21 percent share of the city's grocery market

The NYPD placed an undercover cop at a Ground Zero Mosque protest last year.

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue a Seat at the U.N.(NYT)

Obama says Mideast peace will not come through 'statements and resolutions at the UN'(NYP) * Obama, at U.N., Defends Stance on Palestinian Bid(NYT) * Op-Ed: Outrageous! Orthodox Jews Insult Obama To His Face(YW)

House G.O.P. Discovers a Bond With Netanyahu(NYT) * White House Faces Test on Middle East(WSJ) * U.S. hopes to head off major diplomatic showdown at UN regarding Palestinian statehood(NYDN) *  Rick Perry, Mitt Romney slam President Obama over Israel(NYDN)  * Rep. Bob Turner trashes President Obama’s UN speech on the Middle East, sounding a lot like Ed Koch.


Ed Koch outreach(Politico) * A look at what it would actually take for Barack Obama to lose New York.

James Carville on the Hillary in 2016 question: “My general view is once someone runs for president, they want to do it again, and that applies to everyone, her as well. But we’ll see in 2016.” * Formerly spotlight-shy former first daughter Chelsea Clinton now has a Facebook fan page, which drew 7,800+ “likes” in less than 24 hours. Do we smell a political career in the making? 

A road map for Chris Christie 2012

Focus on Goldman Ex-Director Federal prosecutors are moving closer toward bringing criminal charges against a former Goldman Sachs director who allegedly leaked inside information at the height of the financial crisis. (WSJ) * SEC charges ex-Goldman trader with insider trading(NYP) * America’s rich are getting richer, according to Forbes.* √Mayor Bloomberg (#12) is still not the richest NYer. That distinction goes to David Koch (#4). And George Soros (#7) managed to crack the Top 10 for the first time ever.

Battle breaks out at ‘peaceful’ Wall St. protest (NY Metro)

Poker site was a $440M rip-off: feds(NYP)

New Yorkers Support Gambling
Q poll: More NYers support casino gambling, 56-37, than , 45-41, 51-13 say drilling bad for environment. * Poll: NYers want casinos, gas drilling(NYP)

Village Residents Fume Over Dead Trees(NBC)

Thugs sought for Harlem basketball star shooting nabbed(NYP) * South Carolina Police Arrest Two Suspects In Harlem Student's Murder(NY1)

Qns. killer wife gets tripped up DA cites vacations (NYP) * Woman Shot Her Husband in Hatred, Prosecutor Says(NYT) * Queens woman describes shooting spouse 11 times; claims self-defense(NYP)

Two more faces of death LI detectives release new sketches of victims in hunt for serial slayer (NYP) * Pursuing Identities, Police Disclose Details About L.I. Victims(NYT) * Suffolk Issues a Call for Help in Bodies Case(WSJ)


In 7-Page Note, Drug Lord Asks a Judge for Leniency(NYT)


8 Children Abducted by Mother, Police Say(NYT) * Kin abduct 8 kids from foster care (NYP)  * NY police search for mom who abducted her own kids(WSJ) * Police hunting for couple suspected of abducting their eight children from foster care facility (NYDN) * Police: Eight Children Abducted From Welfare Agency By Mother(NY1) * 8 children with same name abducted by mother(WaBC) *  Child Agency Defends Itself in Queens Abduction Case(NYT)


Search For Person Of Interest Underway In Connection With Brooklyn Attacks(NY1) * NYPD releases video in sex attacks investigation (SI Advance) * Recent Sex Attacks Has Brooklyn Neighborhoods Worried(WNBC)


Law And Order

Bullets fly on ‘Pan Am’ set(NYP) * ‘Crack’ in case of Afrika beau(NYP) * New York Judge Seeks New System for Juveniles(NYT) * Lawyer for Man in Bomb Plot Sees No Conflict in Work for Undercover Detective(NYT) * CLOSE CALL: Cop's bullet nearly hits mom, baby through window(NYDN) * Officer busted in Rikers tryst with inmate(NYDN) *  New York Judge Seeks New System for Juveniles (NYT) * Texting-while-driving arrests are up 43 percent since a ban on the practice took effect.* Texting while driving tickets are going up. * Cop pleads not guilty to rape charge, claims he was 'cheating'(NYP) * Four Students Charged With Queens School Stabbing(NY1)


Stephen Colbert Makes Mockery Of GOP’s ‘Broaden The Tax Base’ Rhetoric




Rick Perry Dines with Murdoch(The Daily Beast)





Jon Stewart Celebrates End Of DADT (With Jason Jones In Daisy Dukes)


Facebook changes ‘annoying’; Google+ becomes ‘worldwide party’ public to all (Wash Post)

Jon Stewart: Why Does Wall St. Hate Obama When ‘They’ve Had It As Good As Anyone’?