Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Bronx grand jury will decide the fates today of 17 New York cops nabbed in a ticket-fixing scandal

NYPD Ticket Scandal Indictments Expected Today

17 scandal cops facing indict today(NYP) * Grand Jury Is Set to Act in Ticket-Fixing Inquiry(NYT) * 'Biggest scandal in a long time': DA to seek indictments for 17 cops(NYDN)

So Far the NYT is  Not Covering the Haggerty Trial
Jurors: We like Mike Judge springs three Bloombackers(NYP) * Jury Selection Begins In Trial Of Mayor's Former Consultant(NY1) * Prosecutors say they want to grill a campaign aide who may have had an affair with John Haggerty while he was working for Bloomberg’s re-election campaign.  * Mayor Bloomberg takes center stage in campaign larceny trial (NYP)



NYP Does A Very Incomplete Editorial on Member Items 

NYP does not talk about the end of the slush fund investigation or how the member items $$$ help incumbent city council members build their political machines like Vito Lopez, Lew Fidler and all the others.   


 Councilmember Put Lipstick on Member Items

Get yer free money here!(NYP) The Post blasts a proposal by four City Council members to democratize the member item process even more reckless than the process already in place

Taxis Still Not Going to Brooklyn

Governor Taps Brake on Mayor's Livery Plan(WSJ) * Queasy rider Cuomo takes dig at Bloomberg taxi plan(NYP)

In the Democratic Party Run Off John Liu Won with 2% of the Vote of All The Eligible Voters in the City

Voter Apathy Is Leaving Much of the City on the Sidelines of Democracy (NYT) "It is hard to recall when labor unions last turned the tide in a major NY election" writes

The United Federation of Teachers once boasted great pull in Queens. Today, as the Queens-born academic Mitchell L. Moss notes, it most likely has more members in Boca Raton than in Kew Gardens.  * Last Tuesday, the WFP troops challenged the Assembly candidate of the Brooklyn boss Vito J. Lopez. Sustained though their challenge was, their candidate, Jesus Gonzalez, a young community organizer, lost.    New York's Decreasing Voter Turnout (True News)


Federal government is preparing to force New York to hold 2012 primary elections in August

tJustice Department Asks Judge to Move Up N.Y. Primary Date(WSJ) * Summer in the City: Beaches, Barbecues -- and Ballots?(Gotham Gaezette)



Next Storm Pols Will Be On TV 24/7 to Drive Up Their Poll Numbers
Cuomo approval rating of 66% is all time high for him or any NY governor, Q poll finds * Cuomo hits highest rating in office at 66 percent(NYP)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of Tropical Storm Irene has sent his poll numbers soaring to a new high, with 66 percent of respondents approving of his direction of the clean-up effort, a new Quinnipiac poll * Q-Poll: Storm Response Boosts Cuomo(YNN Liz)

A federal appeals court delivered mixed news to the Seneca Indian Nation, upholding PACT which bans the shipping of cigarettes through the mail, but also leaving in place an injunction blocking the collection of taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian lands.


Cops handed out 13,843 tickets to cyclists for the first part of 2011 - a 48% jump from last year
As bicycles are about to be made free and plentiful in the city, more bikers are getting injured, a report found. 

Squeegee guys gotta go : Mayor Bloomberg(NYDN)

 Dov Hikind on Inside City Hall, Discussing the Jewish Vote and Obama

With a diverse pool of 59,000 applicants, FDNY must now give them a fair test (NYDN Ed) *  Union boss gives Bloomberg third degree over spike in burned FDNY firefighters (NYDN)

Fears Of Overcrowded Classes Are Reality For Brooklyn Elementary School(NY1)

Nobody Watching MTA Books

City contractors cheats MTA workers out of MILLIONS, files for bankruptcy(NYDN)

Walcott Middle Schools Fix Up

Walcott outlines middle school turnaround plan(NYP) * Chancellor To Open 50 New Middle Schools, Close Struggling Ones(NY1)

Top Eateries Face Disability Review(WSJ)








Pearson Education could teach someone a few things about how to play one state off against another

Moving Jobs Across Hudson, Company Wins Tax Breaks From Both Sides(NYT)  The Financial Times, said Monday that it would move about 650 jobs to Manhattan from suburban offices in New Jersey and Westchester County. Some of the cost of moving will be offset by at least $13.5 million, and possibly as much as $50 million, in tax breaks and other incentives offered by city and state agencies in New York.  (NYT) * Public Funds Let Publisher Shuffle Jobs(WSJ)




Obama Begins His Campaign to Collect More Taxes From the Rich

No Extra CreditThe real problem isn’t taxes or the deficit. It’s the lack of lending (NYT Ed) * A Call for Fairness(NYT Ed) * NO MORE MR. NICE GUY: Obama mulling negative campaign for shot at beating GOP(NYDN) * Obama defends tax hikes on rich: 'This is not class warfare, it's math.'(NYDN) * President Barack Obama is campaigning, not leading, with his no-pain debt reduction plan (NYDN Ed) * President Pushes End Of Millionaires' Tax Cuts But GOP Bashes Deficit Plan(NY1)

 City Enforces 1800s' Law Against Masks Protests

Rare Charge Is Unmasked New York City police monitoring a social media-fueled protest in Manhattan's Financial District have charged demonstrators with violating an obscure, 150-year-old state statute that bans masked gatherings. (WSJ) * Wall Street Protesters Plan to Stay Awhile(WSJ)

Accidental Look At Mayor Pad Removed From the Net

A Glimpse of a Mayor’s Baronial Side, at Home(NYT) Until they were removed Monday night, photographs of the inside of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Upper East Side and London townhouses were in plain view on the website of his longtime decorator * The designer for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “baronial” home briefly had interior shots of hizzoner’s living room on his website before yanking them.* A Rare Look Inside Bloomberg's Home(s)(Huff Post)

Rep. Charlie Rangel “crashed” Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s trip to Harlem yesterday
* Rep. Rangel crashes Perry event in Harlem (The Hill)* A Manhattan Visit for Rick Perry(NYT)
Perry's Israel Rally
Bill O'Reilly(Twitter) Cong. Bob Turner will speak at Governor Rick Perry's news event on the UN/Palestinian vote question this morning in NYC #ny9 * Dov Hikind is at Perry presser on Israel

Israel: Turner Hikind and Perry 
We might have seen a 2012 presidential election preview today when Republican front runner Rick Perry held a news conference bashing President Obama’s policy on Israel, just blocks from the United Nations where Obama is attending the UN General Assembly. *   CONGRESSMAN BOB TURNER & NYS DOV HIKIND SPEAKING TO JEWISH LEADERS(Video) * One Obama backer says Israelis would “pay in blood” if Rick Perry’s policy on the Middle East were adopted. * Perry accuses Obama of 'isolating and undermining' IsraelPerry accuses Obama of 'isolating and undermining' Israel(NYP)

Josh Robin (Twitter)  Koch: Obama has been "magnificent" on UN Palestine vote.

Obama Security Presence Being Felt On East Side(NY1)

The Democrat and Chronicle says the state should strengthen its oversight of local development corporations to prevent taxpayer money from being wasted


Terrorism   How-to spot a terrorist: NYPD teaches nightclubs anti-terrorism lessons(NYDN)

I kept shooting ’til he couldn’t hurt me: wife Sobbing testimony in trial for killing ‘violent’ cop husband (NYP) * Queens Woman Testifies She Killed Her Husband in Self-Defense(NYT) * Sheehan testifies: Murder of ex-cop hubby was self-defense(NYDN) * Prosecutors question vacations of wife accused of husband's murder(NYP)


Law and Order

Lawyer for Accuser Calls Strauss-Kahn's Interview a 'Publicity Stunt'(NYT) * 12 Charged With Sales of Illegal Pesticides(WSJ) * Mob snitch 'Frankie Blue Eyes' was murdering while informing FBI (NYDN)


Police Show New Sketch of 3rd Suspect in Brooklyn Sex Attacks (NBC)


Hat ‘thief’ is wrongheaded(NYP)

S.E.C. Ethics Inquiry on Madoff Ties Is Sent to Justice Dept.

The conflict-of-interest case involves David M. Becker, the former general counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who had financial ties through his family to an account with Bernie Madoff.(NYT)

Mariano Rivera makes history at Stadium Monday, sets all-time saves record at 602(NYDN)