Thursday, September 22, 2011

NY again was ranked the second-worst state in the nation to do business by corporate executives and 1 in 5 Residents Live in Poverty

Marie Antoinette: Let Them Eat Cake

NY'S Rich Get Richer the While the Future Dims For the Rest

The poverty rate grew faster in New York City than it did in the rest of the nation last year, according to census figures released today. Small businesses being taxed out of business.  The Big Crabapple  Execs trash NY as biz site in survey(NYP) *  One in Five New York City Residents Living in Poverty(NYT) Over 20 percent of New Yorkers are living in poverty, a 1.4 percent increase from 2009 and the largest annual increase in nearly two decades * Household Incomes in City Fall 5%  Personal incomes in New York fell by almost 5 percent, with Staten Island the only borough to record gains in median income(WSJ) * Census: One In Five New Yorkers Lives In Poverty(NY1) * The Economic Development Corp. failed to spend more than $9.3 million collected from private developers for job creation and training, John Liu wrote in a new audit. * Census: Recession Turning Young Adults Into Lost Generation(Huff Post)

Made $1.5 Billion Last Year

 Bloomberg Getting Richer

Mike’s drowning in new billion$ Filthy rich mayor is cleaning up (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg’s wealth ballooned by a staggering $1.5 billion last year, which can be attributed to his financial-information firm’s expansion around the globe in Islamic banking law, Chinese derivatives and fantasy football.

Jon Stewart Wants To Save America’s Millionaires Right Alongside Bill O’Reilly

The News dubs Deputy Mayor Robert Steel a "knucklehead" for failing to realize that New Yorkers care in which state their government official's live
Critics rip public servants for working in NYC, but not living there(NYDN) * Deputy Mayor Robert Steel was a Knucklehead to insult city's dogs (NYDN Ed) Another Knucklehead Award Former NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith’s domestic violence arrest and subsequent resignation didn’t stop him from writing his monthly on-line contribution to “Governing” magazine’s Website. * The Bloomberg administration residency requirement does not extend to family members – or dogs.

Not one story in the papers today about the Haggerty Trial

What is Going On With the Bronx Grand Jury and Ticket Fixing?

Cop tried to help 'clown' get out of paying summons, but he just couldn't zip his lips at hearing (NYDN)

NY'S Redistricting War: Recruiting Down, Koch Mad And Extra Senate Seat Bad

Redistricting Complicates Senate Dems’ Recruiting Effort (CHN) Senate Democrats are struggling to find strong candidates to help them retake the majority in 2012, and they have redistricting to blame for it. It has pushed a number of strong Democratic candidates to wait before making a decision, and it has made life more difficult for the few challengers who have emerged * The News also calls on the State Senate to forgo any plans of creating a new, GOP-controlled district, accusing the Republican majority of making up the rules as they go along * Koch blasts panel on New York state redistricting(NYDN) * State Senate GOP should rule out adding a seat during redistricting(NYDN Ed)

The Rush To Finish Redistricting

The Department of Justice's request that New York move up its primary date to no later than Aug. 18 could upend the timeline for the legislative redistricting process. Some Board of Elections officials around the state are saying that if primaries are held in June-as Democrats are seeking-districts would have to be finalized by January in order for elections to come off. If they're held in August, as Republicans suggest, districts might need to be finalized by March. Either scenario would put pressure on the Legislature to quickly pass a redistricting plan when it reconvenes in January. * State leaders will ask a federal judge to once again let them hold primary elections in September next year, promising to move the election date up into the summer starting in 2013, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said. * We may learn the fate of NY’s primary on Oct. 20 when there will be a hearing on the subject.


For Brooklyn Racial Change Is Normal

Black population growing in southern Brooklyn, biggest percentage jump in NYC (NYDN)

CUNY Mapping Service Director Steven Romalewski said the growth is part of a bigger eastward shift in the borough: "There's a general eastward shift of the white population," he said. "The black population ... is also moving eastward."   White residents are moving from brownstone Brooklyn into traditionally black neighborhoods like Bedford-Stuyvesant, while black residents move further east to East New York, Canarsie, Flatlands, and traditionally white enclaves like Old Mill Basin.


Vito Lopez Makes Some More Judges

The Brooklyn judicial nominating convention today, like so many things in Brooklyn these days, is being seen as a proxy war between party chairman Assemblyman Vito Lopez and the reformers from the New Kings Democrats. Carl Landicino, who has long served as the Brooklyn Democratic Party's lawyer, is one of the Brooklyn Democratic Party's nominees, according to a staffer at Lopez's office. He's virtually guaranteed a seat by virtue of his connections to Lopez, despite having no judicial experience. The other potential nominees, confirmed by Lopez's office, include Judge Peter Sweeney, Judge Rachel Amy Adams, Judge Betty Williams, and Judge Jonny Lee Baynes. Williams and Adams are favorites of the reform Democrats, according to a source within the New Kings Democrats. (CHN) . The eventual nominees were: Lawrence Knipel, Betsy Barros, David Friedman, Carl Landicino, Rachel Amy Adams, and Johhny Lee Baynes.

 Cuomo's Transparency

Cuomo admin, criticized 4 lack of transparency, to unveil "town hall" site w/advance, past skeds 4 gov, commishs. 

Connecting Cuomo to the People(Gotham Gazette) * The governor, who has been criticized for his lack of transparency, plans to unveil a new Website – Citizen Connects – that will post advance and past schedules for himself and his commissioners and feature on-line chats. He’ll host the first this Saturday. * Cuomo Releases Schedules on New Transparency Site (NYT) * The Times has been frustrated in its FOIL attempts to secure the schedules of Cuomo (now posted on the governor’s new transparency site) and the state’s banking commissioner.

Gerson Borrero (Twitter)  Governor Cuomo going on Live again with his Communications Director Fred Dicker at 10:05


Minority Pols Push For Outer Borough Service

Minority pols pushing Gov. Cuomo to get on board with livery cab bill(NYDN) Members of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative caucus are pressuring Cuomo to sign the Mayor Bloomberg-backed bill that would allow livery cab street hails (NYDN) * Gabe Pressman writes about the downside of “taxi politics.”Update  Bloomberg Defends Livery Cab Proposal (NYT)

Cuomo and Christie Dined Prior To Toll Hike Announcement(YNN)


Many Brooklyn Hospitals Sick

Many Brooklyn hospitals are sicker than thought (CriansNY)  State task force is told that only a third of the borough's hospitals generate enough cash to invest in aging buildings and equipment. Another third are so bad off, their liabilities exceed the value of their assets.


Cuomo has just one more day to either sign or veto legislation that would retain health insurance for workers from defunct Off-Track Betting parlors(TU)

 Text Tickets Soar

Tix soar for text drivers(NYP)

Reading Reading Reading

Seven City Schools Get New Volunteer Reading Program(NY1) * UFT: Rising Enrollment, Budget Cuts Lead To Most Overcrowded Classrooms In A Decade(NY1)


MTA: Taking from Debt Services to Pay for Capital Plan Like 2nd Ave Subway

The MTA is proposing to take on nearly $15 million in debt services to fund its capital plan, which State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warns could lead to more fare increases, the New York Post says: * The M.T.A.’s plan to take in more debt than ever to pay for megaprojects like the Second Avenue Subway could lead to more massive fare hikes, according to a new audit from Tom DiNapoli.

 MTA Robbing Peter to Pay for Paul

New Beginning for East Side Subway Line(WSJ)


Return of Rat Subway

Oh, rats! Subways crawling with rodents after MTA cuts back on staff, transit workers say(NYDN)



Bill to Legalize Fireworks Awaits Cuomo’s Decision(NYT)











The nearly broke city housing authority is considering selling ad space on its buildings, even for fast food and booze

NYCHA is considering selling billboard space on the side of its apartment buildings in order to raise cash–ads that could promote booze and fast food.

Desperate times: NYCHA considers placing ads on side of its buildings(NYDN)



Wall St. Protests Continue, With Arrests at Morning March(NYT) * A group of 20-somethings says it will “occupy” Watt Street indefinitely.

Global Equity Markets Plummet(WSJ) *

Wall Street Down Over 3% at Close in Broad Sell-Off(NYT)





Stephen Colbert Becomes Frustrated With Reasonable ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters



 The Ground Zero Mosque opened without any protests.

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue a Seat at the U.N.(NYT) * Stand up against Palestinians' UN statehood bid: It's dangerous to Israel (NYDN) * President Barack Obama told hard truths about Israel and the Palestinians at UN (NYDN) * Update Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process (FP)

Top Fixer Glanz is Fixed

Probe hits jail rabbi’s landlord(NYP)  Investigators scrutinizing former Correction Department chaplain Leib Glanz have subpoenaed records from the giant United Talmudical Academy, Glanz’s landlord during a 15-year period where he’s accused of stealing more than $200,000 in federal rent subsidie (NYP)

Shun of a gun! Cop wife recoils from handling 2 slay weapons(NYP) * In Mother’s Trial, Man Tells of His Father’s Rage(NYT) *Son of woman accused of husband's murder secretly wanted dad dead (NYP)

Pervert terrorizes Park Slope women (NY Metro) * Residents On Edge With 2 More Women Attacked In Last 24 Hours(WPIX) * Yet Another Woman Was Attacked in Park Slope On Wednesday Night(Village Voice) * Police Investigate Two Separate Brooklyn Sex Assaults(NY1)

‘Bring kids back!’ Foster-mom plea (NYP) * Child Agency Defends Itself in Queens Abduction Case(NYT) * Routine Visit, Then Mother Took Children(WSJ)

Bronx Straphangers Keeping Eye Out For Subway Slasher(WCBS)


Why ya gotta call it ‘rape’? Cop ashamed only of ‘cheating’: sarge(NYP)

 Lurid Confession, Delivered In Calm Tones, Shocks Court(NYT)

Two Arrested in the Killing of a Student(NYT) * Two Arrested in Teen's Death(WSJ)

Spirited ‘drug’ defense(NYP)

* Teen stabbed in back in classroom brawl(NYP) * Four Students Charged With Queens School Stabbing(NY1)
* Staying With Children, and Out of Prison(NYT)
* Officer Denies Rape Charges(WSJ)
* 21 years in prison for man in Twitter-fueled rage slay(NYDN)
* Mobster cries to judge: Not my fault I'm surrounded by mafiosi(NYDN) * Convicted mobster claims its impossible to stay away from gangsters on Staten Island
* Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman says the state could lower recidivism rates and save money by trying nonviolent 16 and 17 years olds in Family Court. 

Halal Eateries, Barber Shops Watched in NYPD Ethnic Spying(NBC)


Yankees Win AL East Division Title(NY1)