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Power and Privilege

When the Mayor’s Management Style Becomes a Study in Arrested Development (NYT)

Now 10 years into his mayoralty, Michael R. Bloomberg still tends to view the office of the mayor as akin to a hallway at Bloomberg L.P.

Rules apply as the boss prefers. He wants a deputy mayor to run his foundation, which in turn ladles out dough to constituents’ nonprofits? Done. With precious little input, he wants to pick a Park Avenue friend as schools chancellor? Done.  Goodwin: Hizzoner dishonors us all with lies and indifference(NYP) * Defiant Mike 'fesses(NYP) * Bloomberg Defends His Handling of Aide’s Arrest(NYT) * At City Hall, a Mayor Acting as if He Owns It(NYT) * Bloomberg Defends Goldsmith Decision(WSJ) * Lupica: Bloomberg's pals get a pass but all others pay the price * Mayor Bloomberg: I'm not sorry I didn't reveal Goldsmith arrest(NYDN) * City Columnists Bash Bloomberg Over Goldsmith (NYO) * Bloomberg Again Defends Handling of Deputy’s Arrest (NYT)

 Hizzoner dishonors us all with lies & indifference
Face it, New York. Our mayor is just not that into us anymore. Bloomy Dearest has checked out and moved on. The job of mayor is beneath him, and it's no longer worthy of his full attention. Besides, there's no point being a billionaire if you have to follow the same rules as everybody else.

Cop and Possibility 43 New Yorkers shot this weekend WERE ARE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS? All of them not just the mayor and police commissioner

Breaking Park Ave & Franklin, 4 People shot, 3 Are dead. 1 24 year old NYPD Female officer in serious condition. * Violence amid revelry at NY West Indian Day Parade(AP)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) officer shot tonight, visiting officer @ hospital in . how many people shot in since Saturday?

Weekend Crime Wave 43 Shot

Bulletfest in Big Apple 25 shot citywide in bloody 24 hours. 39 for the weekend(NYP) * Suspect Is Sought After 8 Are Wounded in Bronx Shooting(NYT) * Bloody weekend: 24 shot in 24 hours ahead of Labor Day(NYDN) * Teen Sought For Questioning In Bronx House Party Shooting(NY1) * Police Investigate Multiple Weekend Shootings(NY1) * Nine people shot in 12 hours in Brooklyn(NY1) * Bloody Weekend Spills Into West Indian Day Parade(NY1) * Labor Day weekend carnage: At least 43 shot in NYC over holiday weekend(NYDN)

Media Double Standing On Crime Is Racial Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Crime Than White Pols? (True News)



Councilman Arrest At the Parade

Councilman Jumaane Williams arrested after altercation with NYPD at West Indian Day Parade: cops(NYDN) *  Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, de Blasio Staffer Arrested at West Indian Day Parade (NYO) * Councilman Is Handcuffed at West Indian Day Parade(NYT)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  arrested @ parade today: Councilmember & , former aide to now w/ . NYPD reviewing

John Liu Hires A North Korea Supporter

Liu rehires N. Korea fan(NYP)  Comptroller John Liu has hired back former top aide John Choe, who had resigned amid controversy over his alleged support of North Korea.

NYP's Dicker Says Some Dems Think Hope is Fading 

O, what a drag he is for Dems(NYP) *  Obama Calls On G.O.P to Put Country First(NYT)



Forcing would-be judges to raise money, shake hands at subway stops and cozy up to clubhouse pols is hardly conducive to building a high-quality judiciary
For Civil Court: Manhattan and Brooklyn(NYT) Though filling Civil Court seats by election makes no sense, it’s our current system. In the Sept. 13 primary, we recommend Tony Cannataro in Manhattan’s Third District and Cheryl Gonzales in Brooklyn.

Closing Hospitals Kills New Yorkers - 6 in Danger
Six city hosps in critical conditionSix city hosps in critical condition(NYP)

Remember the Unemployed on This Labor Day

It's a bleak Labor Day for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who have no work to celebrate(NYDN Ed)

Lots of New Yorkers Moving to Charlotte NC

Charlotte has NYers in its web Migrants find NC cheap & charming Italian-Americans from Brooklyn, African-Americans from The Bronx and New Yorkers from the suburbs are flocking to the once sleepy town of Charlotte buoyed by big business like Bank of America and lots of Big Apple transplants. (NYP)



Odd couple tours flooded NJ Waterlogged prez buoyed by Christie(NYP) * It's the Cuomo after the storm(NYP) *  In New Jersey, Obama Vows Federal Help, Not Washington Politics(NYT) * City Learns Lessons From the Storm, Many of Them the Hard Way(NYT)* Obama promises Hurricane Irene aid to New Jersey(NYDN) * Obama views New Jersey hurricane damage, promises aid(NYDN)* It's the Cuomo after the storm(NYP)* Cuomo’s volunteer campaign got an “overwhelming response” – so much so that some people were asked to take a rain check.

Passaic River Always Flooded


Why Do We Keep Rebuilding on Flood Plains?

On Flood Plain, Pondering Wisdom of Rebuilding Anew(NYT)


Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel(NYT)


10,000s of Thousands American Jobs Will Be Lost As U.S. Downsizes 
Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount(NYT)
Jeff Greenfield(Twitter)


First Responders Walk To Remember 9/11 Heroes(NY1)




Back in France, Strauss-Kahn Is Eye of Media Tornado(NYT)

Bloomberg Rolling the Press
Bloomberg's Art of Manipulations Says He Was Protecting Goldsmith Privacy

Bloomberg Breaks Silence But Does not Answer Why He Let the Press Be Misled
Why Bloomberg Snowed Press Again   No live coverage of mayor press conference plays into the mayor's hand of limited coverage with his most loyal reporters.  Where is NY1? Truth comes thru when you can watch it live.

Last week local TV news was on for 48 straight for a rain storm that did very little damage.  The local TV stations do not even have clips of reporters speaking from the church.  Last weekend we had jerky reporters reporting live from unflooded streets all over the city.  The public is left with nothing but the mayors sound scripted sound bites and no way to tell if the press was upset with his answers. Bloomberg understands that if you can control information, you can control people.

Thomas Jefferson said: "Information is the currency of democracy.  Bloomberg runs the city like it was a corporation. He decides what the public needs to know. James Madison a signer of the Constitution and author of much of the Federalist Papers, was an advocate for open and transparent government, and he believed that only when the public has access to information about how its government is run can the governed truly accept the decisions of its leaders.

City Hall News(Twitter  . to press corps: You want to ask me about Goldsmith? Then come to Flatlands at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. * "There were 25 shootings" in last night, said .

Orwellian News Conference

Media Filters the Outrage of A Hiding Mayor At A Hidden News Conference

Bloomberg not sorry for not revealing ex-deputy mayor's arrest(NYP) *  Bloomberg Won’t Apologize for Concealing Arrest of Deputy Mayor (NYT) * Mayor Breaks Silence On Top Aide's Arrest (NY1) *  Mayor Bloomberg: I'm not sorry for hiding arrest behind Stephen Goldsmith's leaving office (NYDN) *  Bloomberg: If Goldsmith Hadn't Resigned, I Would Have Fired Him(NBC) * Bloomberg Speaks Out About Ex-NYC Deputy Goldsmith’s Arrest, Resignation (CBS)* Bloomberg Makes No Apologies; Stringer Calls for Hearings (NYO) * Bloomberg and Goldsmith Make First Comments on Deputy Mayor’s Arrest (NYT) * Bloomberg Defends His Misleading the Public on Aide(NYT)

Local Reporter Azi Tweets City Hall News and NY1 Producer Retweets His Reports
Azi Paybarah (Twitter) . walks into church w/ Rev. AR Bernard, Schools Chancellor Walcott & top aide .   "I make no apologies," said , re: * "Always assumed it would come out"* @MikeBloomberg said @s_goldsmith would still be employeed w/ nyc if not for his arrest..: "...public officials are all too willing 2 humiliate the people that work 4 them whenever it's politically convenient..."

 A Very Friendly Church  

Members see a lot of member items and Bloomberg charity $$

Mayor Bloomberg expected to speak today on deputy's scandalous exit(NYP) *Daly: Bloomy blundered big time by hiding deputy's arrest(NYDN)


Is Sen. Jeff Klein the “new Pedro Espada?”

Bronx Dem Deserter's Reward Klein: $1M Staff(NYP)

Republican state Senate Majority Leader Skelos created a separate payroll for a turncoat Democrat that allows the legislator to keep a $1 million staff, The Post has learned.

Bronx Teachers Visit the Hood Before School Starts

Before the First School Bell, Teachers in Bronx Make House Calls(NYT) A month before school started, a group of teachers from a South Bronx school canvassed poor immigrant neighborhoods to meet students and their families on their own turf.

Lousy Brooklyn public school wants to hire press agent to enhance appeal(NYP) * City schools flunked 2010-2011: Report card(NYDN) * In Private School World, a Rush to Be 'International'(NYT)


Ed. Dept. report card rivals jobs report in depressing news: City schools are giant failure in 2011(NYDN)


Imagine if at Gettysburg, President Lincoln was told he could not give a speech, because to do so would be too "political." Imagine if instead, he was handed a poem to read

Many families of 9/11 victims have yet to receive 10th-anniversary invites(NYP) * A 9/11 family member urges the President to speak at Ground Zero on 10th anniversary(NYDN)


Andrew Cuomo(Twitter) POWER UPDATE: Total customers without power (statewide): 19,580 (99% restored to date)

 Deadly Bike Rides

Brooklyn man is 10th cyclist to die in city this year(NYDN) * Cyclist run down on Williamsburg street (Brooklyn Paper)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)



Going out of stile: Turnstile in Columbus Circle subway named 'most used' with 1.4M swipes(NYDN)




Fort Green Park: Forgotten American Hero's Alone

Memorials and the Forgotten The Prison Ships Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, is heavily visited, but few of its guests are aware of its history. (NYT)


Au Revoir! DSK leaves New York for France after sex scandal(NYDN)
* Strauss-Kahn Appears Headed Back to France(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn back home in France (CBS)

Silver: Gambling Only Good Where I Say It is Good

Joseph Mercurio Assembly Speaker Sheldon backs placing full-scale casino gambling in resort areas like the Catskills and Saratoga Springs.

  Where is Bloomberg?

Breaking Tomorrow, will hold first Q& A since the Stephen Goldsmith scandal broke. 8:30 a.m. at Brooklyn Christian Cultural Center Church.   

 Staffers knew he was fool's Gold(NYP) Top aides to Mayor Bloomberg were gunning to get rid of former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith long before he did himself in by getting arrested in Washington, DC, after his wife called the cops in the heat of a late-night dispute.

Bloomberg Is Chastised Over Silence on Deputy(NYT) * De Blasio Demands the Mayor Apologize(WSJ) * Ally rips Bloomberg cover up of Goldsmith's arrest  * Bloomberg Under Fire Following Goldsmith Scandal(NY1) * Officials Want Mayor Bloomberg To ‘Come Clean’ About Deputy Mayor’s Resignation(WCBS)

Adam Lisberg(Twitter)

More Important What Else is Bloomberg Hiding: CityTime, NYPD Ticket Scandals, Fake Test Scores, Real Crime Rate, Cover Up of the City Council Slush Fund Investigation

The Press Can Start By Asking?

1- Does anyone know exactly where the mayor is hiding out?
2-Can anyone remember a mayor doing this?
3- Did  Bloomberg  or any of his friends or staffers call the Washington papers to cover this up?
4-How do the D.C. papers usually cover such arrests?
5-So what if the wife doesn't want to press charges? that happens a lot in such cases. remember the girl friend of our ex- cop friend who slashed her face?
7-teachers have to report an or  they get fired.  when did Goldsmith tell the mayor?
8 -Will any New York or national reporters stay on the story? 
9 - Why did Bloomberg wait 5 days once he learned of Goldsmith arrest to announce he was leaving?
10 - Which members of your staff were told about Goldsmith's arrest on Aug 4th


Obama Yes Obama No

Weprin’s 'double play' with Obama Democrat David Weprin is trying to have it both ways when it comes to President Obama, his opponent charged yesterday.  Distancing himself publicly from Obama, congressional hopeful Weprin is taking behind-the-scenes help from the struggling commander-in-chief’s political operation.(NYP)* Missing Rep. Weiner(WSJ) * Op-Ed: Can David Weprin Serve As An Orthodox-Jewish Representative? (YW) * O, what a drag he is for Dems(NYP) * Weprin, Turner: A Lose-Lose Proposition(Bay Ridge Journal) * Politics in Bushwick El Diario La Prensa * David Weprin getting late help from Dems (Politico)

Josh Robin(Twitter)


NYT Leaves Out: The Possibility that the Two Latino Candidates in the 54 Split the Vote Allowing the Black Candidate to Win . . . Was It Done on Purpose?

The NYT did an analysis of the Assembly race in the 54AD which has two political power houses, the Towns and Lopez machines backing candidates against each other and an independent reform candidate back by New Kings Democrats.  What the reporter Liz Robbins does not understand the splitting of the Latino vote is the only way that Deidra Towns has a chance to win.  

The biggest mistake the NYT reporter Robbins made is not understanding the politics behind congresswoman Velázquez decision to back the reform candidate Gonzalez against her family friends who helped her get into politics Ed Towns.  Without Velázquez helping to split the Latino vote in a district which is about a third black and lost black voters like most neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Deidra Towns would have not chance in running. If the reporter Robbins investigate she would find a Svengali style political media manipulator Hank Sheinkopf who could put such a deal together. With the WFP and two congressional representatives working together.  Brooklyn Special Election Could Upset Politics as Usual (NYT) A 54th Assembly District race, whose three candidates are all Democrats, is upending decades of uneasy political peace.


Hospital Saved

New Plan Likely Saves Peninsula Hospital From Closure(NY1) * Peninsula Hospital Center To Stay Open, Reaches Deal With(WCBS)


TERRORISM  Feds warn of small airplane terror threats (WABC) * What Remains to Be Done The 9/11 Commission says significant shortcomings persist in national security. (NYT Ed) *  MTA sees something - says stop! Fights slogan knockoffs(NYP)

President's net August job growth is nil(NYP) * Dismal Jobs Report Puts Policy Makers on the Spot(NYT) * Zero Job Growth Is Bleak Sign for U.S. Economy(NYT) * Hope, Fear and Insomnia: Journey of a Jobless Man(NYT)




 If You Out of Work Were in A Double Dip Recession

Hiring standstill points to growing recession risk(Yahoonews) * Stocks Lose for Week as Recession Fears Grow (CNBC) * Zero Job Growth Latest Bleak Sign for Economy - NY Times * What Obama Should Say Next Week - John Nichols, The Nation * Obama's Economic Policies Have Failed - Larry Kudlow, National Review * U.S. Can Rediscover Its Awesome Self-Belief - Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail * The Great Recession & Government Failure - Gary Becker, Wall St. Journal * No New Jobs Means No New Growth - Investor's Business Daily

Congressmen Skip Out On Town Halls After Facing Voter Opposition(Huff Post)



Thomas Kaplan(Twitter)


Before Release, a Hydraulic Fracturing Study for the State Draws Skepticism(NYT)

A Bad Call on Ozone President Obama’s decision not to proceed with stronger air-quality standards governing ozone is a setback for public health and the environment. (NYT Ed)

 No Classroom Supplies

Teachers Lament Loss of School-Supply Funds(NYT)

Johnson: Cash crunch could cost Mets(NYP)

Gerson Borrero(Twitter)



Feds Sue Big Banks Over Mortgages(NYP)

Census release: State & local govts employed 16.6 million FT equivalent employees in 2010; 203,321 fewer than were employed in 2009.


'Boardwalk Empire' Train on Track(WSJ)







Bronx mom on 'fatally stabbing' violent, obsessed fiend(NYP)



Bill-collect 'con artists'(NYP)


DSK arrives at airport for flight home(NYP) *  Strauss-Kahn Appears to Be Headed Back to France(NYT)


Cops eye wounded son in bizarre slaying of couple in Queens home(NYDN) * Killed Queens mom got brunt of gunman's rage(NYDN) * Sons eyed in slays(NYP)





 Cops release new sketch of Brooklyn rapist wanted for string of attacks(NYDN) * Police Seek Suspect In Brooklyn Attempted Rape(NY1)* Sunday Update  New perv attack in B'klyn(NYP)


Law and Order

New York says 'bon voyage!' to Dominique Strauss-Kahn baggage(NYDN) * College professor led meth-dealing motorcycle gang: cops(NYDN) * Suspect wanted for robbing elderly man(WABC) * Parents Executed in Bedroom, Son Speaks(NBC) * Brooklyn Man Charged In Triple Shooting(NY1) *  Three men open fire on man and his 10-year-old son; lead police on wild chase through South Bronx(NYDN)Strauss-Kahn Leaves NYC, May Be France-Bound(NBC) * The frightening ordeal of a robbery victim(SI Advance)* Brooklyn Man Charged With Assaulting Officer(NY1)
Gunfire Erupts Inside Bronx House Party; Eight Wounded(NY1)What the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama(Fox 5) * 8 shot, including kids, at Bx. house party mayhem(NYP) * Decomposed body found stuffed into suitcase in the Bronx(NYDN) * Police Seek Driver In Deadly Bronx Hit-And-Run(NY1)

Police Return Fire In Bronx Shootout; Two In Custody  (NY1)

Gerson Borrero(Twitter)


Jennifer Levin’s Mother Remembers ‘Preppy Murder’ Case(WCBS) 





New Paterson Radio Show On WOR

Former Gov. Spitzer to be first guest on David Paterson radio show(NYDN) * Paterson will also moderate a half-hour debate between NY-9 opponents: Assemblyman David Weprin (who helped the ex-governor while they were both at Hofstra Law School) and Bob Turner.

A Radio Show We Would Like to See: The Gang of 4 Hour

The Hosts will be Pedro Espada , Hiram Monserrate, Carl Kruger and Rev. Diaz.  The first guest will be former Assemblyman and head of the Central Labor Council Brian McLaughlin on skype from Federal prison.  Later in the first show the gang will try to contract the spirit of the late Fat Tony Seminio by Ouija board. Sponsored by the Acme Bronx Bail Bondsman Company and the Parkside Group.

Top Secret America’: A look at the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (Wash Post)


The super committee’s K Street connections(Wash Post)





The Week’s Best Reads From the GOP’s unprecedented, big-money-backed crusade to keep Democrats from voting next year to the trail of human wreckage left by reality television, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week.


Blogger Report  Video: Weprin, Turner Debate For 9th Congressional District(Sheephead Bites) * Weprin, Turner: A Lose-Lose Proposition(Bay Ridge Journal) *  DUMBO: Jane's Carousel Almost Ready(McBrooklyn) *  What if it gets loud? State says police "will seek to control unruly behavior," but expect "significant adverse noise impacts" from traffic (though they didn't study impact on plaza nor effect on pedestrians)(Atlantic Yard Report) * NYPD Appoints New Chief to Head Patrol Borough Brooklyn South (Kensington Prospect)