Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Besides Sounds Bites What Are the Pols Doing to Stop the Violence?

Superficial Answers to A Serious Crime Outbreak

The NYP Leaves off their front page the fact that almost 50 New Yorkers were shot during a very violent weekend.  Bloomberg Blames Guns For Post-Parade Shootings (Fox 5) di Blasio who aid was in an incident with Councilman Williams see it as an opportunity to make the morning shows.  Brooklyn Councilman Arrested At West Indian Day Parade To Hold News Conference. We have no idea what plans the candidates for mayor have to stop the shootings. What are the DA's doing? Is it realistic to believe that community outreach programs is all that is need to stop a man in an argument on Park Place in Crown Heights grabbing a gun and killing a mother Denise Gay in front of her child?  Has it become politically incorrect for the media to ask who will stop black and black crime? Police Commissioner Kelly says black youth make up 3% of the city's populations but 40% of the city's murder victims.  Is it racist for the pols to let blacks die by gun shot?

Gerson Borrero (Twitter) GM world. NYC wakes up with at least 47 shootings. Miguelito passing the buck to federales. Cafe please.


Who Will Demand that the Mayor and Others Pols Take Responsibility for the Crime Wave?

Labor Day Blood Bath

Gun terror rocks Carib fest Famed Brooklyn parade hit by city's violence wave(NYP) * Mom killed, 2 cops hurt in shootout(NYP) * 3 Fatally Shot and 2 Officers Are Wounded(NYT) * 10 Killed, Officer Shot in Weekend Violence(WSJ) * Two cops shot in Brooklyn gun battle, latest in series of NYC Labor Day weekend shootings (NYDN) * Daly: Paradegoers won't let guns ruin festival(NYDN) * Holiday weekend horror: 3 days, more than 3 dozen shot across city(NYDN) * Shootings, Confrontation Mar Celebrations At West Indian Day Parade(WCBS) * Police Officer Shot, Three Killed In Brooklyn As Bloody Holiday Weekend Ends(NY1) * Cops injured in B'klyn shooting released from the hospital(NYP) * Mom killed by stray bullet during parade feared gun violence at event(NYDN)

Witnesses to the dispute on Monday between City Councilman Williams and NYPD officers, during which Williams was thrown to the ground and placed in handcuffs, question whether race had played a role
Jumaane williams presser underway w liu deblasio stringer sampson more We r quickly moving to an apartheid situation" in , said Rep. Yvette Clarke re: arrest of & .

City pol blasts cops for handcuffing councilman at parade; City Hall staffer downed; Assemblyman suggests race role Pol in cop dustup (NYP) * Police Detain Brooklyn Councilman at West Indian Parade(NYT) * Brooklyn Councilman Arrested At West Indian Day Parade To Hold News Conference(NY1) * Police commissioner Ray Kelly met with Brooklyn City Councilman Jumaane Williams after he was arrested at the West Indian Day Parade.  * City Councilman Jumaane Williams: NYPD Lying About West Indian Day Parade Incident(NYDN) * Jumaane Williams and the Police(Gotham Gazette) * Councilman says he was detained because of race (WABC)



Paul Cosgrove, the mayor's IT commissioner, sounded a warning about the fraud-ridden CityTime payroll system more than four years ago, but was ignored

Aide gave mayor CityTimely warning (NYP) The warnings came from Paul Cosgrave, the mayor’s commissioner of information technology and telecommunications at the time, according to three people with direct knowledge of the discussions. Cosgrave “was of the mind that, frankly, they should have just shut the project down,” one source at the meetings in 2007 told The Post. 

The Mayor and DOI Knew in 2003 That The CityTime Contract Was A Fraud 

Why did the papers and bloggers miss this today?

Bloomberg, DOI all knew about CityTime in 2003, when the former head of the city's Office of Payroll Administration Richard Valcich wrote a letter to SAIC complaining of waste and bloat in the main contract.  In 2003 Valcich wrote: the city had spent "approximately $35 million on CityTime and does not have a tangible system to show for it.* Ex-payroll boss blew whistle on CityTime in scathing 2003 letter and nothing was done(NYDN) " Letter found by Liu reveals shady CityTime job offer pitch in '02 from main contractor to Valcich.(NYDN) A second reason why the city knew was a CNN IRerort in 2009 by an anonymous city worker who said that the project was corrupt. 2 of the three people mentioned in the report have been indicted

The CityTime Cover Up (True New) The DOI Cover Up (True News)

Liu Joins Stringer and diBlasio in Calling for Bloomberg Cover Up of the Reason for Goldsmith leaving

City comptroller John Liu calls for Council probe into Bloomberg's handling of Goldsmith's arrest(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg's pals get a pass while all others pay the price(NYDN) * Christine Quinn disagrees * Andrew Cuomo said of the way Bloomberg handled the crisis, “We all bring our own management style and values to office, and the people who elected us are the judges. I think that’s the way it should be and that’s what will happen here.” * Tom Allon Tells Mayoral Hopefuls to Pipe Down on Goldsmith (NYO)

Quinn Mini Me: No Goldsmith City Council Hearings Hearings

 Bloomberg cover up Complete

Bloomberg + Media and Quinn

CM Wills' Controls An Angry Mob
 Last week, a volunteer for former City Councilman Allan Jennings' campaign in the 28th Council district wandered into enemy territory, and almost didn't make it out. The volunteer, Frank Perero, was passing out negative literature about the current councilman, Ruben Wills, at South Jamaica Houses, where Wills grew up and some of his family still lives. According to a source from Wills' campaign, a group of angered residents surrounded Perero and demanded that he stop. Eventually, Wills had to make a call to the angry mob to tell them to let Perero pass. Perero has also lent $20,000 to Jennings' uphill campaign.

The News blasts AG Schneiderman for using his opposition to a 50-state settlement deal over mortgages with the major banks as a fundraising tool

State AG Eric Schneiderman shouldn't have used negotiations with banks as fund-raising tools(NYDN Ed) * The Washington Post urges state Attorneys General, specifically NYAG Eric Schneiderman, to make a deal with Wall Street banks quickly to put the mortgage crisis scandal behind us.* Members of debt panel have ties to lobbyists(Wash Post)

Calling Weprin a "career party hack," the Post "strongly" endorses Bob Turner

NYP Endorses Bob Turner for the 9th(NYP) * The Weprin campaign plans to release this video [http://bit.ly/oLD133] today showing an FDNY chief recounting comments made by Bob Turner about the Zadroga 9/11 health bill as he campaigned for Congress last year. In the video, Michael McGrath, a battalion chief for 33 years, says that Turner, who was running against then-Rep. Anthony Weiner, came to his door and, in response to McGrath's question about the Zadroga bill, said "rather flippantly, 'Oh yeah, I heard of that, I would vote against that.'" Turner has recently gotten into some hot water when he told the Daily News that he thought some 9/11 volunteers shouldn't be eligible for benefits under the bill, comments he later walked back. Turner's campaign has since said that he supports the bill, and notes that he has firefighters and 9/11 volunteers in his family and neighborhood. 

Washington $$$ for Weprin

Is the DCCC panicking over potential loss by David Weprin in NY-9? * Gov. Cuomo is going to appear in TV and radio ads to help out his fellow Democrat Weprin.* Bringing Out the Big Guns: Pataki for Turner, Schumer, Cuomo for Weprin(NYO) 


 Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer , and Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Israel having given a late influx of cash to David Weprin.* NY-9: It's All About Turnout(NYDN) * Pataki Formally Endorses Turner(YNN) *  Dem Mailer Whacks Turner on Zadroga, Cuts to Seniors (NYO) *   Joe Crowley: We Must Immediately Raise $25K for David Weprin(NYO) * Wow RT : Latest independent poll from Magellan has us ahead of Weprin by +4%! * Weprin and Schumer Begin Turner Reality Tour(YNN)* Turner has “the momentum” in the race for the NY-9. * Bob Turner is an Obamacare opponent, but doesn’t mind Romneycare, reports The Brooklyn Politics (actually for any NY-9 news junkies, BK Politics is a must-read).

Bob Turner (Twitter) Even Nancy Policy is raising money for Weprin to prevent a humiliating defeat.

NYDN Daily Politics(Twitter)  A source tells me Dov Hikind will endorse candidate Bob Turner in the race tomorrow.

82% of people disapprove of how Congress is handling its jobs in the NBC/WSJ poll — the highest number in the survey ever


The Assembly Democrats released a study that shows that several upstate Senate GOP districts would lose over 5,000 residents without the inclusion of local inmates

Democrats could gain from inmate-counting law May decide which party controls the state Senate next year.(NYDN) * Big line shift likely (TU) * Assembly Democrats will unveil a study today showing that 12 upstate GOP Senate districts and one suburban Democratic district will each lose at least 1,000 people now that prisoners are counted in thier home districts. * Prisoner-adjusted Senate/Assembly districts (TU) * Prison Count Law Could Change Senate Complexion(YNN)



Hosp funds $hock A former executive of the city's hospital system has filed a sensational lawsuit, claiming that medical affiliates ripped off millions in federal funds that should have gone to the city system and that senior officials ignored her warnings when she tried to blow the whistle. (NYP)





Feds Concerned Over the Recent High Turnover of MTA Managers

MTA honchos jump tracks Top managers on mega-MTA projects -- who haven't had raises in four years -- are bolting at an alarmingly high rate, leaving crucial positions vacant and prompting concern from federal regulators.(NYP)



Former Paterson to former Spitzer: "i finally got a job that you didn't have to give me" * Governor David Paterson Interviews Governor Eliot Spitzer - WOR News Talk Radio *   THE PEREZ NOTES: David Paterson on THE PEREZ NOTES * The Spitzer-Paterson Ticket Reunites(YNN)



Public school kids should be in class already, as many of their successful charter school peers are(NYDN Ed)








Docs: NYPD eyed 250-plus mosques, student groups(WSJ)





PACs send bill on detour (TU)



NYS Race Tracks Look to Gambling $$$ To Stay in Business 

Vegas-style gaming pushed for state racetracks (BN)

Elected in 9/11 shadow, NYC mayor deepens the link(WSJ) * Elected in 9/11 Shadow, Bloomberg Deepens the Link(NBC)





Rebirth Seen on Brooklyn's Hip Streets In the past few years, scaffolding and stop-work orders have been as common a sight on the streets of Williamsburg as popular new restaurants and bearded young hipsters. But in a dramatic turnaround, at least eight stalled residential developments are coming back to life. (WSJ)



Solo living drops in Manhattan, rises elsewhere(WSJ)

City gives rule-breakers a breakThe city cut backdoor deals with a handful of misbehaving principals last year rather than seek stiffer penalties through disciplinary hearings. (NYP)

Defending the Accused, and Herself, With Vigor(NYT) In taking the case of Levi Aron, who is accused of murdering Leiby Kletzky of Brooklyn, Jennifer L. McCann has been harassed — but she sees her client’s constitutional rights clearly.

Inside look at NYPD's $49M nerve center for fighting crime(NYDN)

WSJ: 7 states will decide 2012 Presidential race. CO, FL, IA, NV, NH, OH, VA.

Democrats have 247 electoral votes, Republicans 206. CO, FL, IA, NV, NH, OH, VA will decide winner

Are Blogs Obsolet? Tweeter Nation
Politico's Ben Smith says Twitter is "sort of draining the life from the blog."(AdWeek)

New Era: Jill Abramson Begins As New York Times Executive Editor Today

Bloomberg: Don't call it "ground zero" anymore. Call it wtc and nat'l 9/11 memorial and museum

.@MikeBloomberg: "revival of Lower Manhattan..1 of the greatest comeback stories in American history."

Mayor Touts Downtown's Resilience In Years Following Attacks  (NY1) *  Bloomberg Hails Lower Manhattan’s Revival Since 9/11 (NYT) *