Friday, September 2, 2011

The Outing of Bloomberg As A Media Manipulater

NYP: Demented Mayor

Bloomberg after Goldsmith real reason for leaving came out yesterday is still playing the public for suckers. He sees no need to explain why his office office spent the last month quietly promoting the notion that the ouster was a belated response to his bungled handling of the Christmas blizzard.  Bloomberg has no events on his schedule today, he did not have any yesterday either. Canceling his weekly radio show at first saying the host John Gambling was on vacation which he is not.  It is a public relations move to hid behind a long holiday weekend when you want to hid bad news.  Bloomberg has said many time that the public has a short attention span.  He really counting on that now. 
Bloomberg in Hiding
 Bloomberg was in full bunker mode Thursday as the fallout from the Goldsmith Saga widened, abruptly canceling his Friday morning radio show. The reason Bloomberg was unavailable to reporters yesterday was because "we wanted to give him some time to catch up and work on the other parts of the job," a spokesman said. * Bloomberg Cancels Radio Talk Amid Furor Over Aide's Resignation(NYT) * Mayor's radio co-host says Bloomberg 'made mistake' in ducking questions about deputy's resignation (NYP) * Bloomberg Speaks! Talks Clean Coal, Schools on Twitter(NYO) * Saturday Tommorrow, Mayor Bloomberg: No public events scheduled

The Papers That Push For Third Term Offer Excuses
The NYT tried to somewhat explain the mayor's cover up as his need to protect.  The Daily News Bloomberg clearly acted out of empathy.  What the papers avoided was the fact that Bloomberg poll numbers are very low and the mayor knew that if this story came out it would drive them even lower.  By covering up Goldsmith arrests Bloomberg was doing all can not to add to the growing public perception that his third term has been a disaster.  Cathy Black, the CityTime and NYPD ticket scandals and the continued decline in the city's economy is not what the press sold us when they pushed for a change in term limits to allow the mayor to run for a third term.  

Why Is the Press So Gullible to Bloomberg Spins? . . .  Unanswered
 There are no stories today why the press did not ask the mayor on Aug 4 for the reason for Goldsmith was leaving so abruptly.  Or why the entire media passively assumed the deputy mayor was leaving for his snow storm fuck up and bad relations with city commissioners. What else is Bloomberg spinning the press about?  Test scores, city officials involvement in the CityTime and NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal, The Haggarity Payments, Etc.

No. 2 figure in City Hall -- responsible for overseeing the Police Department, among other agencies -- spent 48 hours behind bars without the public being informed? The Post says NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly only learned Wednesday that former deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith quit his job after being arrested for domestic violence 

Mayor Bloomberg hammered over deputy-bust silence(NYP) * Bloomberg Hid Arrest Behind Deputy’s Resignation(NYT) * Deputy Mayor Resigned After Domestic-Violence Arrest(WSJ) * Assault arrest that led deputy mayor to resign was misunderstanding: wife(NYDN) * Goldsmith’s hometown newspaper caught up with his wife. * A.M. Roundup: Bloomberg silent on Goldsmith(TU) * In a letter, calls 's silence over "unacceptable" * On-air pal says Bloomberg 'made mistake' by ducking deputy questions(NYP)De Blasio to Bloomberg: You Lie!(NYO) * NYC official accuses mayor of misleading public(WSJ) * Race For 9th Congressional District Turns Dirty (NY1) * Bloomberg Is Chastised Over Silence on Deputy(NYT) * De Blasio Demands the Mayor Apologize(WSJ) * De Blasio: Bloomberg misled public(Newsday)

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The NYP and DN Editorial Attack Bloomberg While the NYT Talks Gibberish About A Yellow Cab Ride
No NYT Editorial on BloombergGoldsmithGATE
The Times says something - we can't figure out what - about the experience of riding a yellow cab in Manhattan * Mayor Mike’s snow job(NYP Ed)  * Mayor Bloomberg didn't shoot straight with public about ex-Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith's arrest(NYDN Ed)





A Race For Congress: Spys, Magicians, Witches + Panic

Team Turner says that the Weprin spies admitted to being as such when confronted

‘Spy’ furor for Weprin It’s getting ugly! Republicans are accusing Democratic congressional hopeful David Weprin of sending spies to “volunteer” for rival Bob Turner’s..(NYP) * In House Race, Democrat Leads in Fund-Raising(NYT) *  

Same-sex marriage a tricky issue for candidates vying for Weiner seat(NYDN) * Things are getting weird in the NY-9, magicians and whitches notwithstanding. * Gay marriage politics in NY-9. Panic is setting in among Democrats in the race, Politico reports.* Nancy Pelosi pouring money into ? Obama Ground Game? Wow. Nerves abound for Weprin!*  Obama for America Come to Weprin’s Aid; ‘Malarkey,’ Says Turner(NYO) There's a touch of Joe Quimby to David Weprin's voice. I can appreciate that.* So far, is winning the 's unscientific online poll, followed by Weiner and then Weprin * As race in Weiner's district closes in, stakes get higher  * Dem Accused of Sending "Spies" into Rival HQ(NBC)


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Ruben Diaz just told me, "I'm endorsing Turner. I can't support Weprin". Diaz will do a robo call & a radio commercial in Spanish for


Stringer Vs. Bloomberg
City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: Our weekly compendium gives a pass to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who could have been on both lists as he slid from storm hero to domestic-violence goat. That left winners Joe Bruno, Jonathan Lippman, David Paterson, Scott Stringer and Jay Walder, and losers Alec Baldwin, Byron Brown, Nan Hayworth, Mark Lynch and David Weprin




US Employers Added No New Jobs In August

 Nothing like starting Labor Day weekend with the news that the U.S. economy didn't add a single job in August

Job Growth at Halt in August; Worst Showing in 11 Months(NYT) * Job creation in U.S. comes to a halt in August(Wash Post) Austerity continues to sting. Government jobs down 17,000 jobs in August. Since peak in Sept 2008, local government has lost 550,000 jobs.



“New York would need 512,000 additional jobs today to return the unemployment rate to the 4.3% level that prevailed prior to the recession

Report: New York's Economic Recovery Nets Few Jobs  A new report on New York's economic performance during the recovery from the recession throws open the question as to whether the state has experienced much of an economic recovery at all. The recession decimated the state’s construction and manufacturing sectors, resulting in a combined loss of 124,700 jobs. (WSJ)

Between 1,200 and 1,5000 trees were knocked down in the city due to Hurricane Irene
FEMA has added Brooklyn to list of counties eligible for public assistance money.

In Parks and on Streets, a Toll of Thousands of Trees(NYT) * Port Jervis Train Line Will Take Months to Repair(NYT)* Companies Struggle to Restore Electricity(WSJ) * They're rich & powerless(NYP)


 NYFD Study Vs Fed Study on 911 Cancer Links

Study Points to WTC Cancer Link(WSJ) * Study Suggests Higher Cancer Risk for 9/11 Firefighters(NYT) * First comprehensive cancer study sheds needed light on effects of exposure to Ground Zero toxins (NYDN Ed) * FDNY cancer risk(NYP) * Ground Zero & cancer(NYP Ed)

Wilpons have Plan B to save Mets ownership(NYP) * Fed-up fans watching the wily Wilpons play 'Take me out to the $tall game'(NYP) * David Einhorn Experiences an Inevitable Mets Meltdown First Hand (NYO)



Anger At the Toll Booth

Crain’s New York calls the Port Authority toll hike a “shell game” that won’t be forgotten by voters.



U.S. Sues Big Banks Over Losses On Subprime Bonds

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages(NYT) * Fresh Scrutiny of BofA(WSJ) * Feds to sue major banks over mortgage mess: report(NYDN) *  Newsday cheers Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for holding up a national settlement with big banks about mortgage wrongdoing while he investigates their role in the financial crash: * U.S. Sues Big Banks Over Losses On Subprime Bonds(Huff Post)




 Cantor: Hurricane Relief for Me Not For You 

Eric and Irene Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, wants any aid for Hurricane Irene victims to be offset by cuts in other spending. He had other ideas in 2004 when Gaston(Krugman, NYT) * As upstate continues to dry off from Irene, a political storm in Washington could be on the horizon.


Driver in Deadly Bus Crash Knew He Was Dangerously Tired, Prosecutor Says(NYT) * Bus Driver Is Indicted(WSJ)




DA aide's flub trouble A senior Bronx prosecutor may face disciplinary action from the Bronx district attorney for blowing deadlines that freed a parolee accused of trying to kill an NYPD cop,(NYP)


Law and Order

 Defendant’s Plea Bargain Leads to Buyer’s Remorse(NYT) * Construction worker who attacked nurse in bathroom gets 16 years(NYDN) * A stupid defense from SI cop killer (NYP) *DSK's packing it in(NYP) * The NYPD has blown a deadline to issue a report on school arrests. * double homicide in Queens 2 Dead, 1 Injured In Early Morning Queens Shooting(WPIX) 


Queens couple shot execution-style inside their home, son wounded(NYP)


Police Search For Queens Cell Phone Thief(NY1)



Washington Post Closing Several Regional Bureaus(Huff Post)




The GOP War on Voting   In a campaign supported by the Koch brothers, Republicans are working to prevent millions of Democrats from voting next year (Rolling Stone)