Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Team Bloomberg Big Lie

Haggerty Lawyer Vacco's argument in court. "You can't believe the prosecution's witnesses! They won't tell the truth! They are being paid by the alleged victim!

“It was hogwash,” Sheekey added of Ferrer’s insinuations that ballot “security” was interchangeable with “suppression.”

Mike’s aides grilled(NYP) Vacco, a former state attorney general, suggested in a series of questions to former deputy mayor and Bloomberg LP exec Kevin Sheekey that in 2009 the mayor was still smarting after taking a public-relations hit over ballot security in the 2005 campaign.  Back then, mayoral opponent and former Bronx Borough President Fernando “Freddy” Ferrer accused the mayor of funding a million-dollar ballot-security operation through similar back channels, and implied that for Bloomberg, “security” was interchangeable with “suppression.” * Former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey admitted he has no idea how much his legal defense costs.

First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris told defense lawyer Dennis Vacco, “Don’t yell at me”

It’s sweet justice for term limits(Goodwin, NYP) Rocked by scandals, snowstorms and a diminished legacy, Bloomberg now faces the indignity of having to explain publicly, and under oath, something he tried to keep secret. He and his campaign team are spinning like tops as they try to make the $1.2 million payment to the Independence Party seem honest. * Bloomberg has a lot of work to do to realize his goal of being remembered as the greatest mayor in NYC history. (More here) *  Barbaro at the Gate: Bloomberg’s Times Gadfly Lands on Romney (NYO)



Ballot Security Bloomberg's Embarrassment
Defense lawyers convincingly argued on the first day of the trial that Bloomberg made the payment secretly because he was embarrassed about its purpose. The charge packs a special punch when leveled by minority candidates, as both Ferrer and Thompson were.* Bloomberg Aides Defend Boss In John Haggerty Trial(NY1) * The mayor is picking up the legal costs for his current/former top aides who are testifying in his defense during the John Haggerty trial.* Friends and allies present a different view of “old school” Haggerty than the one being offered in court.*  Minders keeper$: Mike aide (NYP) * As a Consultant Stands Trial, Bloomberg’s Style Comes Under Scrutiny (NYT)*  Mayor Bloomberg defends choice to pay legal bills for City Hall workers testifying in Haggerty trial(NYDN)

Travel Cover-Up Droped To Take Advantage Of Limited News Coverage and Readership During the Jewish Holiday
Quinn Covers Up Bloomberg Out of Town Travel

Mayor Bloomberg’s out-of-NYC travel will remain private, thanks to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. *  Quinn Allows Mayor’s Personal Travels to Remain Private (WSJ) * Council Will Not Require Mayor to Disclose Travel (NYT)

In 2011 Democratic County Leaders Still Make Judgeships Under Old Tammany Hall Rules

Daily News Tries To Help Silver Whose Judicial Candidate Was Iced Out By Wright

Manhattan Democratic leader Keith Wright shouldn't play games with judgeships (NYDN Ed) Manhattan Democratic leader Keith Wright has begun to play faster and looser with picks for judgeships. He needs to hold to standards that have enabled his organization to boast it had found the way to infuse patronage with quality. 


Boss Vito Lopez Makes Some More Judges, Nobody Opposes Him 

How A Brooklyn Democratic Functionary Became A Brooklyn Judge (The New York World) 

Carl Landicino wiped a bead of sweat from his head as he emerged from a small room into Founders Hall at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights to wave to 117 Democratic judicial delegates. The leadership of the Kings County Democratic Party was there last Thursday, including party leader Assemblyman Vito Lopez perched five rows from the back, shrouded in darkness.

Breaking Queens GOP  Tom Ognibene has just been unanimously elected the new chair of the Queens County Republican Party

Breaking: As Expected PA Head Rolls

Director Said to Be Leaving Port Authority Next Month(NYT)* Ward leaving his position at end of Oct.(NYP)

Ticket Fixing Grand Jury Is Very Slow . . . Why?

Grand Jury Begins to Vote in Bronx Ticket-Fixing Case(NYT) * Charges likely for even more NYPD officers in ticket-fixing scandal(NYDN) * Bx. cop who tried to kill self over tix fix scandal admitted to psyche ward(NYP)




Rejected Contract: Cuomo First Real Test

3,500 layoffs rest on union revote(NYP) * State Workers’ Union Rejects Contract, Risking 3,500 Layoffs(NYT) * Public-Worker Union Refuses Deal(WSJ) * Union Deals Surprise Rebuke to Cuomo (WSJ) * Public Labor Union Rejects Deal With State(NY1) * The governor made it clear he’s not joking about layoffs in the wake of the PEF contract vote. Pink slips went out within hours. They would take effect within 21 days.* The layoffs – the largest wave in two decades – will take place across the state, but should hit hard in the Capital Region – home to some 17,000 PEF members. There also are about 5,000 in New York City and 4,200 on Long Island. * Cuomo’s Director of State Operations Howard Glaser said the vote represented “a failure by P.E.F.’s leadership to effectively communicate the benefits of the contract to its members.” He insisted layoffs could be avoided if the union “clearly articulates” the need for a revote.* PEF President Ken Brynien urged the administration to return to the bargaining table.* The DN says PEF members made a “big mistake.” The TU urges all sides back to the table, insisting: “There are jobs to be saved.” * Brynien: ‘Our Members Have Spoken’(YNN) * 11:00PM As State Issues Layoff Notices, Union’s Leaders Stand by Vote Against a Contract(NYT)

Cuomo's New Tech Deal For Upstate Buried By Union No Vote and Possible Layoffs

The PEF contract failure bumped what the Cuomo administration hoped would be the news of the day: A $4.4 billion high-tech investment announcement and economic development pep talk from former President Clinton.  * NY gets high (tech)(NYP) * High-Tech Companies to Invest $4 Billion in New York State, Cuomo Says(NYT)*  Clinton was in Albany for a economic development conference sponsored by Cuomo, in which the governor announced that a $4.4 billion high-tech research project involving global companies like IBM and Intel will create 6,900 jobs statewide.

   State Overpaid $$$42M Health Department Overpaid Nursing Homes $42M(YNN)


Wayne Barrett rails on Cuomo’s widely-acknowledged “favoritism” of the Post’s Fred Dicker.

NY Lawmakers Are In No Way Prepared To Protect New Yorkers From Coming Cuts From Washington and Wall Street

New York Lawmakers Are Braced for Cuts New York lawmakers say Washington's so-called super committee—charged with reducing the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion—could make deep federal funding cuts to the city for everything from health care to homeland security. (WSJ) * Rep. Nydia Velazquez worries New York’s “entire economic well-being could be fundamentally shaped for the next decade” by the supercommittee’s spending cuts.


Bloomberg CityTimes the Dead and Now Seniors

Where was the City Council Oversite. . .  Now the Complain

Finance Department bungled $125 million in rent subsidies for seniors (NYDN) Furious council members Tuesday ripped the Finance Department for bungling the city's $125 million rent subsidy for seniors - the same program that led to $11.8 million in breaks to dead people. (NYDN) * City money man grilled(NYP) * Council Enraged Over Payments To The Dead(NYDN)


BREAKING: Anthony Weiner Won The 9th Congressional District… Among Write-In Candidates(Sheephead Bites)



Goo-Goos Split Over Redistricting

Groups Split, Rumors Fly as Redistricting Reform Remains Elusive(Gotham Gazette)




New standard for mental health: "I don't want to be president and you can't make me."

Podhoretz: Christie's speech prez-worthy(NYP) * Chris Christie bashes President Obama as 'bystander in the Oval Office'(NYDN) * Gov. Chris Christie Tears Into Obama, Presidential Rumors In Reagan Speech * JP Morgan honcho Jamie Dimon, once a Wall Street Obama supporter, met privately with Mitt Romney yesterday morning.* GOP Power Outsiders Souring On Perry, Warming To Romney(Huff Post) * Chris Christie bashed Barack Obama at a speech at the Ronald Reagan library, calling him " bystander in the Oval Office."


What About Having Balls Does the NYT Not Understand . . .  Cheap Shots Against Christie

Gov. Christie vs. ‘Jersey Shore’  When Gov. Chris Christie blocked a tax credit based on his dislike of the show’s subject matter, he crossed a constitutional line. (NYT) 


Crisis: Congressional Drug of Chooice

Governing by Crisis A standoff over the financing of FEMA may have been averted, but the next threat of a government shutdown is coming in seven weeks.  (NYT Ed)

Whiz-kid grad took SATs for LI teens: DA(NYP) * 7 Long Island Students Charged in SAT Scheme(NYT)


 Private School Fights Tutoring Firm’s Tactic(NYT) * DOE Begins To Consider Closing 20 More Public Schools(NY1) 

 Azi Paybarah (Twitter)   editor of local Queens paper quits school board, says it's a "human shield" & deflects anger away from @mikebloomberg.


    Church Puts Faith in Court A New York City church is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to assert its right to hold religious services in public schools.  (WSJ)




    As Subway Crimes Against Cell Phones Increase the MTA Gives the Crooks Fishing Hole

    Outgoing MTA head cites budget crunch for widespread service cuts during tenure (NYP)





    Fighting Terrorism

    Report: Feds Have Stinger Missiles In NYC(WCBS)




    To Hail a Livery Cab in the Bronx, Go to Albany(NYT) * Livery Cab Drivers Demand Governor Approve Five-Borough Taxi Plan (NY1)




    PA gave driver cops EZ-Pass(NYP)

    NY Senate seeks ideas to privatize infrastructure(WSJ)


    Why is the Media Limiting Coverage of the Wall Street Protesters? 

    Day Twelve 

    Some Wall Street protesters wonder: Who is Susan Sarandon?(NYDN) * Police Department to Examine Pepper-Spray Incident(NYT)Inspector May Have Used Pepper Spray on Others, Video Shows(NYT) * Privacy for the people: Wall Street protesters use social media app Vibe to communicate anonymously (NYDN) * NYPD To Investigate Use Of Pepper Spray On Wall Street Protesters(NY1)




    Times Square up for redesign featuring pedestrian Theatre District area Architects behind 9/11 Museum unveiled a multimillion-dollar redesign to spruce up the area.(NYDN)





    As the Post Office Cut Services Maybe Back to the Future 

    The Post Office might be a thing of the past in two days - and it's not the Internet's fault(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Postal Service crisis is bogus(NYDN)





    Daily News Reports Court Decision May Let Mets Off the Hook, NYP Says No Decision

    Mets no-decision(NYP) * Madoff Victims' Trustee Allowed To Sue Mets Owners For $295M(NY1) * Judge rules team could owe up to $386M over Madoff(NYP)

    Qns. ‘kidnap’ brood found in filthy van (NYP) * Abducted Foster Children Found in Pennsylvania, Police Say(NYT) * Children Found, Parents Arrested(WSJ) * 8 Abducted Children Found With Their Parents in Pennsylvania(WSJ) * Hunt for 8 kidnapped NYC siblings took cops from S.C. to Pennsylvania(NYDN) * Mother Claims She Took Eight Children From Foster Care To End Abuse(NY1)

     ’70 fugitive busted(NYP) * New Jersey Fugitive Is Caught in Portugal After 41 Years(NYT) * Hijack Arrest, After 41 Years(WSJ)



    Police Investigate Queens Playground Torching(NBC)


    Elderly Man Caught in Crossfire of Deadly Shootout(NBC)

    Shocking video shows attempted murder of teen outside Brooklyn McDonald's(NYDN) * Thug opens fire at close range, hits target four times(NYP)

    Tricking people in pot busts is no-no, Commish reminds NYPD officers(NYDN)

    Law and Order

    Granny killer jailed(NYP) * JFK drug case in the bags (NYP) * 2nd negligence claim filed in NY pharmacy slay(WSJ) * To the rescue Saved gal in ‘sex attack’(NYP) * Granny killer jailed(NYP) * Man gets 2 yrs. in W. Village gay bar attack (NYDN) * Vigils Held By Site Of Teen's Fatal Stabbing(NY1)* Brooklyn Residents Vow to Stop Sex Attacks(NYT) * Ex-cop pleads guilty to carrying drugs for B'klyn ring(NYP) * Manhattan jury gets lesson in gang bang slang(NYP)


     Health insurance premiums jumped 9 percent in a single year, and could go even higher in NY.* * Benefits Tax Hits Businesses Twice(WSJ)