Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How the Mayor Tried to Hide the Money For Voter Suppression

A Crack In the Hidden World of Bloomberg's Campaign $$$

Even If Haggerty loses and goes to jail this trial is giving us a very clear picture of our very secret mayor.  We have learned so far that mayor wanted to use voter suppression at the polls to keep down the black vote expected to turn out in high numbers for Comptroller Thompson.  We is known is the  mayor tired to hide the money by paying Haggerty thru the Independence Party to protect his campaign and image. What is not known is that was only the beginning of the cover-up.  

Bloomberg's Money Mule?
When former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey testified Monday that he had no direct contact with the state's Independence Party that was also part of the cover-up.  Bloomberg's lawyer Martin Geller set up a company called Manhattan West to pay for campaign activities like Haggerty's operation.  Bloomberg paid Allison Jaffin and two other city employees a second double dip salary for working for Manhattan West. Haggerty lawyers questions of  Jaffin who is on the list to testify should shed more light on how the mayor violated campaign finance laws.  Mayor's Assistant Jaffin Helped Arrange Cash (WSJ)


Defense Says Bloomberg Lost Control of the Street Money When It Was Given to Independence Party
Ballot Security
Haggerty Lawyer Costello called the $1.1 million “a never-disclosed campaign expenditure,” designed to keep his minority opponent from raising ballot security as an issue. * Minders keeper$: Mike aide(NYP) Arguing that the mayor himself was the lawbreaker. The mayor could have simply paid for the operation directly and declared the $1.1 million as a campaign expense, Haggerty’s defense argued. Instead, he shunted the donation to the housekeeping account of the Independence Party, where it wouldn’t be declared until two months after the election -- but in doing so, he by law lost all control of the loot. * In Consultant’s Trial, Defense Attacks Mayor(NYT)


Bloomberg who is expected to say he was duped by the veteran GOP consultant when he takes the stand next week

Ballot Security = Voter Suppression
Mr. Bloomberg’s Democratic opponent in 2005, Fernando Ferrer, threatened to say that the mayor’s ballot security operation was akin to voter suppression, said Raymond R. Castello, the lawyer for the consultant, John F. Haggerty Jr.  “The last thing Mr. Bloomberg wanted in 2009 was a claim of voter suppression,” Mr. Castello told jurors during his opening statement in Mr. Haggerty’s trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, adding that the mayor had already been criticized for having term limits extended. * Defense Strikes at Bloomberg(WSJ) * At the trial of John Haggerty, the defense portrayed the defendant as someone scapegoated by the mayor to avoid the appearance of disenfranchising minority voters. Interesting Executives Expect Scandal From Undisclosed Campaign Donations (Bloomberg) * Haggerty Defense Turns Tables On Bloomberg (NYDN)* Mayoral aides to take stand in campaign larceny trial(NYP) * Mayoral aides take stand in campaign larceny trial (NYP) * Mayor's Charity Pipeline  Bloomberg Builds His Private Foundation's Staff With Administration Stalwarts (WSJ) * John Haggerty trial: Kevin Sheekey defends mayor in fraud trial of ...(NYDN) * Aide at political operative’s trial: NYC mayor wasn’t trying to hide poll-watching plan (Wash Post) * Bloomberg Aides Defend Boss In John Haggerty Trial(NY1) * Mayor's aide slammed by political operative in finance trial (AM NY)
* Haggerty lawyer attacks Patti Harris about spending Bloomberg's money, doesn't(Capital NY)

Haggerty Trial Reported By Twitter

Azi Paybarah (Twitter) "Freddy [Ferrer] often said things that were not true" Sheekey said, referring to 05 race where Ferrer complained of voter supression. * "That is ground for a mistrial!" Defense lawyer says, jumping up from table. Judge says no. More info later. * "John was somewhat of a loner" and "didn't work well with others" said sheekey, at trial. * In 2009, Sheekey said he worked about 60 hours a week for NYC & 5 for the campaign. * Sheekey says "there was no ballot security" in 2009. * After saying he was done, defense lawyer in trial, vacco, has more Qs for sheekey. RT: Dep Mayor Patti Harris takes stand in trial. Hearing her speak today more than I have in entire tenure * Deputy Mayor Patti Harris: "I volunteer my time at the foundation."  * Deputy Mayor Harris said she "resigned" from govt in '05 to work on 's campaign. Didn't take a "leave." * How much did Patti Harris get paid by campaign in 2005? $450,000, she said.   * Sheekey and Harris Testify (Capital) * lawyer asks if Patti Harris has, in writing, the authority 2 spend 's $. Harris: "I can't answer that Q yes or no" * lawyer asks if Patti Harris has, in writing, the authority 2 spend 's $. Harris: "I can't answer that Q yes or no" * So Patti Harris took a leave from NYC in '09 with stipulation it ended immediately if something happened to Bloomberg.* Judge will lift gag order in trial, to "level the playing field" after defense complains of "hired" PR man 4

Adam Lisberg (Twitter)  Manhattan DA's office used to ask public officials to waive immunity when testifying to grand juries: Funny thing about Haggerty trial: Bloomberg didn't want it. Haggerty didn't want it. Now not sure if Vance wants it either.

Erin (Twitter)  Sheekey on stand in haggerty trial: "a lot of democrats try to inject race" into campaigns. *  Defense lawyer: "u won...U got ur ballot security & u didn't care." Sheekey: "I suppose." (Re: 2005 race) * Sheekey adds: it's not uncommon for dems to suggest that ballot security is something that it isnt-- attempt to stop people from voting * Sheekey: haggerty was "somewhat of a loner... didn't necessarily work well w others" on campaign. * Sheekey: no contribution the mayor has ever made has ever been made w/o the approval of a lawyer. * Patti Harris is now on stand, under oath. * Haggerty lawyer accuses patti harris of trying to "skip through a loophole" in getting waiver to work for foundation. * Defense attorney asks how long was 's presentation describing ballot-security operations. Patti Harris: "5 minutes...very brief." * Correction: announcement on PA system at trial was from people running courts. * Patti Harris says is paying for her lawyer, who is also the lawyer representing Sheekey. * lawyer Vacco asks judge to include Jason Post in gag order.
Grace Rauh (Twitter)  Sheekey on stand in trial: "I think my political instincts are quite good." * Sheekey on : "John was quite frankly something of a loner. He didn't necessarily work well with others inside the campaign." * Sheekey on 09 ballot security: "I believe it has been well established that John did nothing." Judge strikes statement. * lawyer Dennis Vacco gets heated w Harris. "You don't need to yell at me," she sez. Judge tells Vacco to keep his tone down. * acco says Post is putting spin on what happens in courtroom. * Vacco asks judge to include Jason Post, who is acting as spox for Bloomberg in case, to be included in gag order.   * Judge lifts gag order in trial. Says he thinks this will "level the playing field."

More on Patricia Harris

Deputy Mayor to Bloomberg Will Also Run His Charity - NYTimes.co *  City Hall aides yesterday declined to reveal how many hours Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris devotes to the $1.6 billion Bloomberg Family Foundation while on the taxpayer dime, insisting that a 2-year-old retroactive Conflicts of Interest Board ruling cleared her. City Hall stingy on aide's charity hours (NYP)  * Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor to Also Run His Charity -- Daily Intel * Bloomberg Pays Costly Tribute to an Aide, Patricia Harris - NYTimes 


Boss Vito Lopez Makes Some More Judges, Nobody Opposes Him 

How A Brooklyn Democratic Functionary Became A Brooklyn Judge (The New York World) 

Carl Landicino wiped a bead of sweat from his head as he emerged from a small room into Founders Hall at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights to wave to 117 Democratic judicial delegates. The leadership of the Kings County Democratic Party was there last Thursday, including party leader Assemblyman Vito Lopez perched five rows from the back, shrouded in darkness.

Where Was the City Council on CityTime?

Now the council is investigating its own failure to be a check on the mayor

Now they are investigating cost overruns and delays in the Bloomberg administration’s project of modernizing the personnel system for the municipal work force.Council Plans to Investigate Digital Effort by the Mayor(NYT)



NY1 Exclusive: New Poll Finds Voters Favor Quinn As Mayoral Candidate, Low Support For Bloomberg Endorsement * Bloomberg’s endorsement – expected to go to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn – won’t mean much in the race to replace him in 2013, an exclusive NY1 poll (conducted by Marist) found.*

Teamsters Prez Greg Floyd Files for Mayor's Race(NYO)






The NYPD is Better Equipped to Shoot Down the Red Baron Than al Qaeda

Ray’s flight of fancy NYPD can take out small plane -- at best(NYP) * NYPD probably couldn't take down a jetliner, key police source says(NYDN)

Subway Crime Up NYPD Blames IPads

Subway crime spikes(NYP) * Thefts of Electronic Devices on Subways Rise(NYT) * NYPD plans extra police patrols on subway amid crime spike(NYDN)

MTA Budget Problems

34th Street Sped Up Bus Lanes

MTA's plan to sped up 34th St. bus service must be allowed to succeed (NYDN Ed)

The Chief-Leader (Twitter) In today's Chief-Leader: says management failures to blame for more rats in . Thechiefleader.com

 Judge limits Madoff-related suit against Mets (NYP) 



Home Depot Founder, North East GOP Leaders and Bush Family Pushing Christie

Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President(NYT)Wealthy, Influential and Pushing Christie for President(NYT) * Christie Blocks Tax Credit for ‘Jersey Shore’(NYT) * Gov. Christie vetoes $420,000 in tax credits for producers of 'Jersey Shore'(NYDN) * Christie says U.S. exceptionalism under threat in Reagan library speech(NYP)

NO NO NO  Running? Chris Christie's many 'no's (Politico)


  Axelrod calls Obama re-election effort "Titanic struggle" 







 New Bike Lanes Are No Longer On A Roll 
Pols bid to slow down bike lanes(NYP) The Department of Transportation will soon have to ask neighborhood community boards for their blessing before installing bike lanes under a new proposal in the City Council.

Cuomo pledged to work through the “issues” blocking agreement on Bloomberg’s taxi bill

Cuomo hails cab plan(NYP) Cuomo made it clear yesterday he wants to expand street-hail taxi service to the outer boroughs, and net the city $1 billion in the process. * Cuomo Vows to Broker Deal for Hailing Livery Cabs(NYT) * Cuomo Wants to Broker Deal on Livery Cab Bill (City Room)


The resistance continues at Liberty Square, with free pizza ;) 
Hack attack on NYPD officer(NYP)  The hacker group Anonymous leaked the personal information of a deputy inspector they claim maced a group of Wall Street protesters Saturday. * Activists post identity of NYPD officer who pepper-sprayed the crowd(NYDN) * Wall Street Protests Test Police Trained for Bigger Threats(NYT) * TimesCast: Wall Street Protests Continue(NYT) * NYPD: No New 'Occupy Wall Street' Arrests(WSJ) 


Haggerty and Turner Support Ognibene Over Queeens GOP leader Ragusa
Ognibene Supported Bloomberg in 2009

There’s a vote tonight in the ongoing fight for control over the Queens GOP. The whole mess is likely to end up back in court. *The Queens Republican Party is all but certain to emerge Wednesday night with two different men claiming to be party chairman: Phil Ragusa and Tom Ognibene. And even before the county leadership election is held, another man is also suddenly claiming to have won a disputed 2009 party election against Ragusa, with the validity of his claim perhaps determining who wins this year. After Ragusa, widely seen as the current chairman, called for a county party leadership vote Wednesday night, longtime nemesis Bart Haggerty, who is backing Ognibene, called his own separate meeting. Haggerty (whose brother John is on trial this week for allegedly stealing Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign money) claims he has the authority to do so because he won the 2009 vote and is actually the party chairman. 
Councilman Eric Ulrich, who supports Haggerty and Ognibene, said a separate vote this year is necessary, because the current Queens leadership will commit election fraud, as Ulrich claims it did in 2009. “All we want is a judge who is an impartial referee, because we know we have the support of district leaders and state committee members,” said Ulrich, who believes the matter will be solved by litigation. But Robert Hornak, a spokesman for Ragusa, said a 2010 court decision affirmed Ragusa’s election and gives him the power to call a leadership vote. “For Bart Haggerty to purport to be something that he’s not is fraudulent to say the least,” Hornak said. “We’ll be reporting this to the proper authorities.” At the separate meetings Wednesday night, both camps are likely to unanimously vote for their favored candidates, declare victory and let the courts decide the rest. Meanwhile, Ulrich said newly elected Congressman Bob Turner had been dragged into the affair, making calls to party regulars on behalf of Ognibene. *A(nother) Brawl For Control Of The Queens GOP(NYDN)

* Ed Cox unanimously elected to a second two-year term as state GOP chairman.

 The Albany Gerrymandering Fix

Inside the Albany gerrymandering machine: How N.Y. pols rig the game (NYDN)

Staten Island Has City's Roughest Roads (Staten Island Advance)

The NYT deems NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s directive on small marijuana busts “too little, too late,” and calls for a DOJ investigation. 

PA's top cop puts drivers on low road to better jobs(NYP)






Senate Reaches Deal to Avert Shutdown(NYT) * Stopgap Fix Ends Impasse On Budget(WSJ)





Behind the Mickey Masks A community of immigrants—largely undocumented—ekes out a living taking pictures with tourists on Midtown's street corners while dressed as characters such as Mickey Mouse and Elmo. (WSJ)



MTA Begins Subway Cell Service On Select Platforms  (NY1)



The NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal, The Movie??

NYPD's ticket-fixing scandal could come to silver screen(NYDN)

Exclusive: More Than 100 Cops Involved In NYPD Ticket-Fixing Probe(CBS) * Grand Jury Begins to Vote in Bronx Ticket-Fixing Case (NYT)


The Post challenges Cuomo on his insistence that replacement energy for what’s generated by Indian Point wouldn’t be hard to find. 

 Bronx Building Whites Only

Bx. bldg. bosses snub blacks: feds(NYP) * Bronx Landlord Sued For Discriminating Against Prospective Black Tenants(NY1)





Leaders of Labor Coalition Deny Bat-Swinging Extortion(NYT) * Extortion Charges Hit Labor Coalition(WSJ)

Breaking:  PEF Rejects Cuomo Contract

The Chief-Leader (Twitter) members reject contract and face , but union president hopes Gov. Cuomo will delay them. thechiefleader.com* reax to PEF vote: "I urge them to reconsider." * Howard Glaser, the governor's director of state operations, said layoffs of 3,500 state workers begin today due to PEF's contract rejection. * New York Employees Reject Wage Concessions*NYT) * PEF’s rejection of their contract has thousands of state workers worried they are going to get laid off. * The announcement dominated the news cycle, cutting into Cuomo’s major jobs announcement and speech from Former President Bill Clinton. * Public Labor Union Rejects Deal With State(NY1)


US hero’s Brave move (NYP) The courageous Marine from Kentucky who was awarded the military’s top honor has declined a chance to join the FDNY -- as a matter of principle. * Truly the Bravest(NYP Ed) * Medal of Honor Recipient Gets Extension for F.D.N.Y. Application(NYT) * Medal of Honor recipient wants no special treatment to become firefighter(NYDN)* Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer refuses shot at FDNY(NYDN Ed)

 No FDNY On Zadroga Panel
The Chief-Leader (Twitter)In today's Chief-Leader: More injured after engine crews are cut. Thechiefleader.com

Eviction days before Rosh Hashanah(NYP) ah, chumbug. A powerful rabbi is acting like the Grinch who stole Yom Kippur -- slapping the congregation of Lubavitch World Headquarters with an eviction notice right before the high holy days.


 I can’t be sued: DSK(NYP) *  Lawyers Say Strauss-Kahn Is Covered by Immunity(NYT)



Eight siblings kidnapped from foster care by biological parents found in PA: police(NYDN) * Eight Children Abducted By Mother Are Located In Pennsylvania(NY1) * Abducted Foster Children Found in Pennsylvania, Police Say * Parents Of Eight Children Abducted Await Extradition(NY1)


 Law and Order

Animal gets 6 mos. for cat slay(NYP) * ‘Victim’ KOs rape charge(NYP) * Heroin bust highlights disturbing trend: Drug mills in residential nabes(NYDN) * Slain teen deserved better future: teacher(NYDN) * Dead cop’s 9/11 rages Forced wife to view gore (NYP) * Woman on trial for killing husband showed up to work with injuries(NYDN)


Salon CEO Calls For 'American Spring' With Site's Relaunch




Get Out The Vote? Not So Much: MTV Reportedly Staying Out Of 2012 Obama Campaign


The Birdcage: Times Square's bright billboards are hazards to pigeons(NYDN)