Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bloomberg Secret Travel: Quinn Protects Mayor and Puts New Yorkers in Danger

L'Shana Tovah

Council What Snowstorm?

Speaker turns her back on the safety of New Yorkers as she blocks a bill that would require the mayor to disclose his travel plans.  It not Just the snow storm fuck up where even the deputy mayors were missing and nobody was in charge, we are a city that is the number one terrorist target.    Can you imagine what would have happen if Giuliani was out of town on 911? Council Will Not Require Mayor to Disclose Travel(NYT) * Speaker Halts Bill on Mayoral Travel(WSJ) * City doles out $1.5 MILLION in December blizzards settlements(NYDN) * A spokesman for NYC Council Chris Quinn insisted Bloomberg’s opposition to a bill that would require him to disclose his whereabouts had nothing to do with her decision not to let the measure more forward. 


Thompson Told the NYP He Did Not Want To Turn On His Base in 2009?  More Pro Bloomberg Spin on Damaging Info From the Trial

Sometime later to today or when the 2013 heats up Thompson will reverse his quotes in today's NYP Seifman story and claim he was the intended victim of the mayor's racially motivated ballot security plan.  The fact that Bloomberg payed $1.2 million for suppressing the vote will energizes his base. Which the uncharismatic and low key Thompson cannot do by himself. Mike’s money for nothing ’09 foe scoffs at ‘swiped’ $1M(NYP)Thompson told The Post he wouldn’t have made that explosive charge even if he was aware of what the mayor was up to two years ago. “I think with so much money being spent, I don’t think it would have been a big issue,” he said, of the $108 million Bloomberg shelled out. Thompson spent $9.4 million and came within 50,000 votes of a stunning upset. Bloomberg defended his decision to pick up the legal tab for current and former top aides testifying in his defense. 

 Why Or Who Told the NYP To Start the Haggerty Investigation?
The mayor’s campaign didn’t ask Haggerty for an accounting until The Post began asking questions about his situation.

Bloomberg Buys Tammany Hall Corrupt Parties . . .  Where is the Reform?
"Bloomberg actually abhors how politicians raise funds, said Sheekey.  “The basic view is it’s a corrupt system.”  The mayor is far and away the largest single contributor to both the GOP and Independence parties.

Nick Confessore (Twitter) "You'd hope your boss would pay your legal fees," Bloomberg told one reporter. "Someday, maybe you'll find out."

Ballot Security Intended to Keep Your Opponent Vote Down . . .  Why Else Spend $1.2 Million?
The stated goal - preventing voter fraud - is sometimes overshadowed by the tactics, targets and ulterior motives of those who engage in it. "The main concern about privately run efforts ... is they use tactics that suppress legitimate voters, intimidate voters and discriminate against them," said Wendy Weiser of the Democracy Center at NYU's Brennan Center for Justice.  John Haggerty trial: Ballot security is benign term with a controversial history (NYDN)

de Blasio Pays Poster Fines Will Liu And Thompson Follow? 
Bill de Blasio ponied up $300,000 in fines for illegal signs from his 2009 race for public advocate.

Illegal Posters (True News)

Congressional Redistricting Will Be A War

Ed Cox said that the 9th Congressional District belongs to the G.O.P. and “we cede nothing.”

The Haggerty's With Ognibene Claim Victory, Old Guard Ragusa Hangs On . . . To the Courts

Dueling Queens GOP Chairs(YNN)


Losing Two District Leader Seats Already Has Silver Banging the Pavement of His District for Votes

Silver visits New Amsterdam Market for first time(Downtown Express)

Trouble in Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's paradise as his hand-picked candidates get whipped (NYDN)


Another CityTime Type Tech Outsourcing Contractor Caught Stealing

DOE Contractor Is Cited for Fraud(WSJ) A technology contractor bilked the New York City Department of Education out millions of dollars, lying to investigators about shell companies it allegedly used to outsource work* Yet another mismanaged computer system implementation: This one bilked the Dept. of Ed for $6.5 million.

Reported departure of PA Exec Dir Ward leaves Cuomo with 2 big agency head slots to fill (MTA) 
Director Said to Be Leaving Port Authority Next Month(NYT) * Port Authority Chief to Resign(WSJ) * Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward, a Paterson administration appointee whose job has been viewed as in jeopardy for some time, will reportedly resign at the end of October. He doesn’t yet have another job lined up.

MTA graduation: Grading Jay Walder (NY Metro)


Subway Inspector Indictments Coming . . .  Where Was the MTA IG?

MTA Workers Face Indictment In Connection With Subway Inspection Scandal(NY1)



Union Leader Stand By Vote As Layoff Notices Go Out

As State Issues Layoff Notices, Union’s Leaders Stand by Vote Against a Contract(NYT) * Layoff Notices Sent to 3,500 State Workers(WSJ) * PEF president Ken Brynien said he called Cuomo’s office several times to get him to reconsider, but his phone calls were not returned. * PEF: We’re ready to talk again, Gov, if you are(TU)PEF Floats Plan To Avoid Layoffs In Wake Of Dropped Deal(NY1)


Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves praise for $4.4 billion upstate high-tech nanotech chp deal(NYDN Ed)

Cuomo Turns Down Bill Aimed At Transparency(YNN)


Assembly Democrats Hire Redistricting Consultant (YNN)


NY audit notes $42M in Medicaid overpayments(WSJ) * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli accused the Health Department of throwing money “out the window.”




The NYT calls on the federal government to provide financial support for the 9/11 memorial. 





DOE Begins To Consider Closing 20 More Public Schools(NY1)




The People on Wall Street Who Destroyed the World's Economy Stay Out of Jail As the Protesters Are Arrested and hit with Pepper-Spary

Is the Wall Street Protest Is Also Part of the Tea Party Movement? . . .  It is All About Protesting Government

Pepper-spray videos spark furor as NYPD launches probe of Wall Street protest incidents(NYDN) * Police Probe Pepper Spray Use(WSJ)

Gaining Momentum

Unions Join Wall Street Protest

; planning Oct. 5 march from City Hall to Zuccotti Park * Veteran agitators flock to Occupy Wall Street City's biggest unions, community groups queue up to join the fight as young amateurs using Facebook and Twitter make more waves than the pros. (CrainsNY)NYC Transit Union Joins Occupy Wall Street(Huff Post)  An American Spring?

Nicholas Kristof (Twitter)   I've just been interviewing people at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Reminds me of Tahrir Square. *  Wall Street protesters to target NYPD cops Friday (photos) (Wash Post Blog) *  Guess Where Former Gov. David Paterson Was? (NYO) 

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." —Thomas Jefferson  
  Occupy Wall Street? (Soho Journal)

How NYC Became the World's Banking Capital (True News)

Bernie Sanders (Twitter)  From 1998 to 2008 the financial sector spent more than $5 billion on campaign contributions & lobbying.


Pot and Shooting Down Planes:  Is They Any Way to Run For Mayor?
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was right to ease arrests for small amounts of pot (NYDN Ed) * Ray explains ‘shoot down’(NYP)




Hard times under the High Line for small businesses(AM NY)






In Fast-Gentrifying Bed-Stuy, a Celebration of Early Black Settlers(NYT)  A heritage center celebrates Weeksville, a 19th-century settlement in Brooklyn established by free blacks that was rediscovered only in 1968.




U.S. Mortgage-Aid Program Is Shutting Down, With Up to $500 Million Unspent(NYT)

Election 2012: the “Big Tease,” in which would-be presidential candidates are getting more attention than those who have already declared

Christie seriously considering presidential bid after GOP prodding(NYP)Analysis: Chris Christie knows he's not ready to run for President(NYDN) * Run, Chris, run -- Pt. II (NYP Ed)Romney Waits as G.O.P. Flirts With Alternates(NYT) * Not All Buy Christie’s Assertions of Bipartisanship(NYT) * The great 2012 primary shuffle is underway, thanks to Florida. *Herman Cain Tells Wolf Blitzer That He Could Not Support Rick Perry As Nominee * Romney Hopes Steady Wins the Race  Washington Post * Taking Herman Cain Seriously (WSJ) * GOP Establishment Doesn't Want a Conservative to Win - Rush Limbaugh * Jon Huntsman’s 2012 candidacy might not last much longer – unless he can score an upset win in the first-in-the-nation NH primary.* Russell Simmons sides with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.* NJ Gov. Chris Christie was in Louisiana today with Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a Rick Perry backer.


Cash-Short, U.S. Weighs Asset Sales(NYT)








Remember When Washington Led A War On Poverty Rather Than Caused More of it? 

Mike Bloomberg has told non-profits that work with the city’s poor that they will get no more money until Washington D.C. solves its budget issues, Dana Rubenstein reports.

Sharpton's Ratings Down
Sharpton Hands Ratings Win To CNN In Key Demo - Big Journalism

Crook busted after robbing same bank for third day in row(NYP)

Another Wild West Shoot Out

SHOCKING VIDEO: Teen shot at point-blank range outside McDonald's(NYDN) * Burgers and bullets(NYP)

Police Search For Gunmen In Fatal Shooting Of Andy Burke, 79, In Bed-Stuy(WCBS)

A Hijacker, a Longtime Fugitive and, Now, a Prisoner(NYT)

‘Surf’ before slay(NYP)


Law and Oder

Former Marine foils rape in wooded area on side of Queens road (NYDN) * Big-mouthed Manhattan parolee convicted of butchering elderly ex-model(NYDN) * 'Mob Wives' stars seen in picture getting comfy with slay suspect(NYDN) * Jury awards $1 million to NYPD informant's mother-- then takes it back (NYDN) * Federal gang roundup nabs eight in the Bronx(NYDN) * ‘Wives’ mingle with reality(NYP)* Old-timer shot dead at barber(NYP) * Authorities Release 911 Call Of Alleged Murder-For-Hire(NY1)*  Suspect Charged In Fatal Chelsea Stabbing(NY1) * Tainted Cop's Role in Drug Case Hidden by Prosecutors (DNA Info) * Police Show Jacket Similar to Sex Attack Suspect(NBC)


Bill O’Reilly And Jon Stewart Argue Class Warfare And Taxes In Unaired TDS Clip

Amazon's New Tablet: On Fire - The Economist

Bank of America to Charge Debit Users $5 a Month(Newser)