Thursday, September 1, 2011

Botched blizzard response didn't spur Goldsmith's abrupt depart frm Bloomberg admin, domestic violence arrest did

Mayor Press Cover Up
The Media never asked the mayor why Goldsmith left on Aug 4th. The NYT,  NYP and DN spinned false reasons

Breaking Friday

Bloomberg Hid Arrest Behind Deputy’s Resignation(NYT)

The NYT speculated it had something to do with the city's snow storm fuck up.   The NYP said:  "From the snowstorm to Cathie Black to CityTime to now this," said the first official. This is something every Council member has been saying for years...that this is an administration totally adrift."  The official said Goldsmith didn't leave of his own volition. Stephen Goldsmith, mayoral aide who bungled city's Christmas blizzard, resigns after just 15 months(NYDN) * Deputy Mayor Arrested Before Resignation (NYT)

One hours after True News Posted the story of the Mayor Cover Up the NYT Tweeted 

NYT Metro Desk(Twitter)

When Bloomberg's dep. mayor resigned, no mention of arrest for domestic violence. (9:30AM

WSJ Greater New York (Twitter)

Bloomberg administration failed to disclose the domestic-violence arrest of former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith:(11:30AM)

It Not Just About Goldsmith Departure That New Yorkers Are Getting Spinned By the Media/Bloomberg Agreement to Misinform

Goldsmith in Jail
Former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith quit his job after he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife at their Washington, D.C. home and spent two days in jail Deputy mayor quit after being busted for domestic violence(NYP) * The Stephen Goldsmith Arrest Report(NYDN) * Bloomberg Administration Failure to Disclose Alleged Spousal Abuse Goldsmith, What Else? CityTime SAIC, Kid’s Test Scores?, ECTP, NYPD Ticket Fix Who at City Hall Got Their Ticket’s fixed?(Suzannah B. Troy Artist)  * The Goldsmith Fallout(Gotham Gazette) *  Deputy Mayor Was Arrested Before He Resigned (NYT) * .: "appears the Mayor was not upfront w/ NYers" re: & that Bloomberg should "level w/ the City"* Lawmakers demand answers from mayor over Goldsmith's bust, resignation(NYP) * Bloomberg had nothing to add to the Goldsmiths’ account of the domestic violence incident that cost the former deputy mayor his job.

The Media Downplays the Rise in Crime Under Bloomberg
Last night a  Dad & son, 9, shot in B'klyn.  A couple of days ago two other children were shot.  When Dinkins was mayor and a child got shot the media attacked him and demanded he do something. * Subway crime is up 17% from theft of cell phones, iPods, gaming devices.


Turner "superior" to Weprin


The Daily News endorses Bob Turner over David Weprin for Congress to replace Anthony Weiner(NYDN Ed)  Turner has a real-world sense of the country's fiscal distress and of the pressing need to jump-start employment opportunities. The DN says Turneris focused on reducing the federal deficit but willing to raise taxes as well as cut spending. . .   Where Turner is a self-made office seeker, Weprin is a product of the Queens County Democratic Organization. The bosses slipped him into the City Council and the Assembly through noncompetitive primaries and special elections. 

Queens chief Joseph Crowley and Brooklyn ruler Vito Lopez did the same for Weprin in making him the Democratic candidate in this race. As for Weprin on the issues, he purports to believe that - no tough decisions needed - the deficit will somehow fix itself if the U.S. brings troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Weprin proved clueless as to the size of the national debt. He pegged the amount at $4 trillion - a mere $10 trillion less than it actually is. 


Brooklyn Boss Lopez Lives in Queens and Queens Boss Crowley Lives in Virginia

Desperate Dem Weprin: O, no! Candidate runs away from prez In advance of his debate against Republican Bob Turner last night, Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin sent voters a new mailer featuring a slew of Democratic endorsements but no mention of President Barack Obama

Clueless bond pro is going to be the 'debt' of us

. Weprin spent many years working for a number of big Wall Street firms as an investment banker specializing in selling municipal debt. His job was pretty simple: Secure lucrative underwriting assignments for his firm from the New York state government and its vast network of agencies by working his political connections, starting with his dad, Assembly Speaker Saul Weprin. The more debt issued by governments around New York, the more money Weprin and his firm stood to make.  

David Weprin, Bob Turner take off gloves at debate(NYDN) * A debate last night between Weprin and Turner got heated*  LGBT Councilman, Activist Blast Ed Koch for Turner Endorsement; ‘F@#! Those Guys,’ Mayor Responds (NYO) * “Dammit, get it straight,” Bob Turner shouted at David Weprin during their debate last night after the Democrat accused him of wanting to slash aid to seniors. * A Gay Marriage Play in Special House Race(Gay City News) * Video of the Debate * Turner Vs. Weprin - In Their Own Words  (Jewish Press)  * Juniper Civic livid after Weprin cancels debate (Queens Chronicle)  * A Republican-commissioned poll shows Bob Turner and David Weprin tied 42%-42% in -- More to follow on the Daily Politics Here’s the executive summary of that poll, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, which suggests Turner could be the next Scott Brown. * Weprin has raised more than $550,000 over the past six weeks, according to his campaign. * Turner has raised $204,000 so far and loaned himself $65,000. (H/T The Brooklyn Politics blog).*  Weiner Keeps Sticking It to Dems (Slate) * In House Race, Democrat Is Far Ahead in Fund-Raising(NYT)

Jeff Greenfield(Twitter)

Dems in Brooklyn Fear Challenge From Golden if His District is Cut

Golden Seat is Being Saved Because of Fear

DEMOCRATS NOT COMING UP GOLDEN IN SEARCH FOR SENATE CHALLENGER: On paper, Marty Golden is at the top of the list of Senate Republicans that Democrats are expected to target in 2012. But the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee may have to face up to a difficult reality: You can't beat someone with no one (CHN)






The NYT calls on the state to appeal a portion of a court ruling that would not let schools label teachers with the worst student performance as "ineffective" 

A Blockage on Teacher Evaluations It was unwise for a New York State court to block a part of an evaluation system that could dock teachers who do a poor job of improving student performance. (NYT Ed)

Inspectors found bedbugs breeding in a closet last winter in an Astoria, Queens elementary school, but the Education Department never told parents (NYDN)


"More than 317K ppl were stopped, questioned & sometimes frisked from 1/1 to 6/30, NYPD stats show

Judge Declines to Dismiss Case Alleging Racial Profiling by City Police in Street Stops(NYT) * Frisky NYPD cops near record for stops, records show(NYDN)

Even the Clintons had trouble getting their power restored (at a Hamptons rental) after Irene

now reports that only 181,598 customers are without power statewide. (88% of outages have been restored) * Days After the Storm, Many Are Still in the Dark(NYT) * River, at 100-Year High, Ravages a City That Once Thrived on It(NYT) * Storm May Cost New York $1 Billion, Cuomo Says(NYT) * Cuomo Sets N.Y. Damage at $1 Billion(WSJ) * A Wet Month in the City Became the Wettest(NYT) * 19 Have Died of Heat This Summer, City Says(NYT) * Hurricane Irene damage upstate could hurt farmers markets in the city(NYDN) * Cheap political grandstanding by Rep. Eric Cantor shows how much U.S. needs disaster relief fund(NYDN Ed) * Metro-North line damage is 'catastrophic'(NYP) * LIPA acknowledges communications problem(Newday)


Gov. Christie Slams Congress Over FEMA Budget Debate: ‘People Are Suffering Now’


Breaking: Speaker has "respectfully invited the President to address a Joint Session of Congress next Thursday at 7pm"

Joe Scarborough: Nobody Politically Fears This President At All Right Now

Prez to switch address on jobs after clash with GOP(NYP) * Another cheap stunt (NYP Ed) * Obama to Move Jobs Speech After Skirmish With Boehner(NYT) * Obama Moves His Speech Amid Dispute(WSJ) * Obama caves to Boehner's wishes: Prez moves economy speech to same night as NFL opener(NYDN)




Obama’s overall job approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, as American voters disapprove 52-42

Obama's approval numbers in the toilet -- and GOP hopefuls STILL can't pull ahead in poll(NYDN)Poll: Obama approval on economy dips(Politico)

 A FEMA Jewish Connection?

Brooklyn pols were apoplectic yesterday when FEMA's list of counties eligible for disaster aid included every New York City borough but theirs. Borough President Marty Markowitz pronounced himself "dumbfounded." City Council Finance Chairman Domenic Recchia asked, "Are they kidding?" Waterfront sections of the borough were flooded from end to end, part of the seawall facing the Atlantic Ocean collapsed, and soil was weakened under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn Heights. City and federal disaster officials said the omission was simply a bureaucratic lag, and Brooklyn will surely be added within days. Still, some wondered whether President Barack Obama's administration might be miffed with Brooklyn, where Orthodox Jews angry about his Israel policy hope to flip a congressional seat that was once solidly Democratic. One Democratic officeholder wondered about Obama: "Maybe he realizes that [Assemblyman] Dov Hikind lives in Brooklyn?"(CHN) * All Boroughs Except Brooklyn To Receive Federal Aid Following Irene(NY1)

Mets end talks with David Einhorn for him to buy minority stake in team(NYP)

Mets' sale to Einhorn falls through(Newsday)


Vatican Blasts New York's Sex Ed Program(Huff Post)

High Line and dry  Mechanic: Park driving me outta biz (NYP)

Union study reveals state's labor pains New York's "real" unemployment rate is close to 15 percent -- nearly double the "official" rate claimed by the government(NYP)

Few companies in NYC availed themselves of post9/11 federal tax credits, and the unused money will likely never reach the city. 

InfoGraphic: A Breakdown Of New York’s Black Unemployment By Area (Newsone)

Study Suggests Higher Cancer Risk for 9/11 Firefighters(NYT)

Driver in Tour Bus Crash That Killed 15 Faces Manslaughter Charges (NYT) *  Report: Driver In Deadly Bronx Bus Crash Indicted (NY1) * Driver In Bronx Tour Bus Crash Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter Charges (NY1) * Driver in Deadly Bus Crash Knew He Was Dangerously Tired, Prosecutor Says(NYT)

Cyclist's death blamed on construction debris littering bike lane(NYDN)

Muslim Leaders Criticize Police Response to Scuffle(NYT) * Hijab well done Many parks allow Muslim scarves, unlike Rye(NYP)

Union Says Peninsula Hospital Will Remain Open (NY1)



Teen punk yanks elderly man by neck from East Harlem bodega(NYP)

Softie judge pulls an about-face(NYP)



Two Men, One Boy Shot In Brownsville(NY1)





Teen Drags Elderly Man by Neck Chain in Harlem Robbery(DNAINFO)



Jamaican Kingpin Pleads Guilty in New York(NYT)


 Law and Order

Man Is Charged in Bronx Shooting(WSJ) * Busted firefighter has ties to Bonanno mob family, sources say(NYDN) * 'Sextortion' rap vs. friend(NYP) * Driver slay rap in bus crash(NYP) *  Feds eye Madoff pal $pree (NYP) * Honey, I stole the hard drive (NYP) * VIDEO: Thief brazenly steals necklace from elderly man's neck(NYDN) * Accused Chelsea Drug Dealer Allegedly Sold From Daughter's Stroller(NY1) * City to Release Documents in Police Shootings, Dropping Its Appeal(NYT) * 12 in NYC charged with selling drugs in restaurant(NYP) * Jockey Desormeaux charged after NY cop is struck (NYP) * Victim in brutal sex beat cries at brute's sentencing; tells Post: 'I'm blessed(NYP)


We Belong to Mutual Admiration Society

 Spitzer, Paterson and Sharpton - Guys Always in Trouble . . .
What You Going to Do With Them . . .  Give Them A Media Show?

Al Sharpton Didn’t Know MSNBC Rules Regarding Campaign Endorsements



Whoops! New York Times And Washington Post Use Same Front Page Image


The Government Is Going To Sue The Big Banks For Swindling Fannie, Freddie, and Others On Crap Mortgages (Business Insider)

U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages(NYT)