Sunday, September 25, 2011

Only the Daily News Reported on the Haggerty Trial Where Bloomberg is expected to Take the Stand Tuesday, True News Sunday Update

No News From the NYP and NYT on the Mayor's Trial

Fund Day In Court for Mike(DN)
Bloomberg Donations Loom in Haggerty Fraud Trial(Barbara Ross, NYDN, No Link)
The Plan is Set By the Mayor
Just before Holloween of 2009 Bloomberg and Haggerty sat down to finalize plans to spend $1.2 million of the mayors money to win a third term.
Bloomberg's Negotiators
Court records show Team Bloomberg Brad Tusk, Keven Sheekey and Pattie Harris took weeks to nail down the deal with Haggerty.

Why Haggerty's  Money Was Hidden
Ballot Security
The money was to be used for "Ballot Security" on Election Day.  The money was to be hidden in the Independence Party housekeeping account.  This method of payment let Bloomberg delay disclosure of a potentially embarrassing ballot security operation until January.  Instead of revealing it hours before the election.  Aggressive ballot security workers can create chaos by challenging voters.  This can create long lines and discourage people from voting. 

Bloomberg Hid the Ballot Security Operation Because of the Embarrassing Racial Message it Sent
Bloomberg was trying to stop Comptroller Thompson, a black candidate who was rising in the polls.   Many blacks in the south lost their lives fighting against voter suppression in the 50's and 60's.  Dr. King pictured in Alabama, march for voting.

Did the Mayor's Team Break Campaign Finance Laws? Yes
Haggerty $$$ were campaign expenditure not a party housing keep donation as the mayor claims, according to election lawyers.  Election lawyers say Bloomberg money he sent to the Independence Party were not really donations because they has strings attached to them.  Bloomberg expected the money to be spent in accordance with the Haggerty's detail budget.

Mike Bloomberg in Court Tuesday Haggerty Trial NYDN Exposes Major Corruption Bloomberg Campaign Article Not on Website!(

HaggertyGate(True News) * Old Gray Lady’s Alzheimer’s Bloomberg to Testiy

Pols Have A Yankee Member Item Slush Fund

Shady Bronx community groups get Yankee charity cash(NYP)

The nonprofit in charge of doling out nearly $1 million a year in New York Yankee cash to Bronx charities is throwing it away on shady organizations, for-profit businesses and barely effective but politically connected community groups.

More Charity Rip Offs

'Felonious' monk flap ‘Charity’ shops’ proceeds probed(NYP) * Bosses at health-care charities pulling in six-figure salaries(NYDN) * NY Post discovers "shady" groups get cash from Yankee Stadium CBA; what about the Atlantic Yards CBA?(Atlantic Yards Report)



"Meeks One of Most Morally Corrupt People in Washington"

Meeks’ moral morass (NYP Ed)   A DC-based watchdog group has come to the same conclusion that Post readers likely reached some time ago: Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) is one of the most morally corrupt people in Washington. Which is truly saying something.  Feds probing Katrina charity set up by Rep. Gregory Meeks and state Senator Smith * Rep. Gregory Meeks sought favors for friend from Ponzi-linked * Circle of friends now threatens to become a circle of felons * Rep. Meeks May Have Violated Federal Law With $40000 "Loan * Meeks Denies Ties To Druggie Duo, Dirty Aqueduct Deal 

 AEG and Meeks (True News)



Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during 'inequality' march (NYDN) * Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim(NYDN) * 80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North(NYT) * NYPD Silent On Pepper Spraying Of Downtown Protesters (NY1)

NYPD Silent On Pepper Spraying Of Downtown Protesters (NY1) *  Video Appears to Show Protesters Being Pepper-Sprayed (NYT)


Mayor Bloomberg doesn't want to pay any more taxes -- and doesn't like Warren Buffett's call for higher taxes 

Billionares Fight It Not For Us

Mayor Bloomberg slams Warren Buffett's tax claims; 'The Buffett thing is just theatrics' (NYDN) *  Mike rips Buffett Rule as 'theatrics,' says wealthy pay their share(NYP)


Gail Robinson (Twitter) Bloomberg thinks we should feel good NYC has less poverty than Detroit! Lower the bar enough & you always get over it.


Liu’s City Council legacy

NYP Calls Liu A Jobs Killer for His Opposition to the Kingsbridge Armory When He Served On the Council

Lousy Jobs Won't Lift Economy - Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle

Is Second Avenue is the New Boothill?
Where Business Go to Die
Construction on 2nd ave. subway is digging grave for businesses(NYDN)

Is the Malaysian's Genting the New Bugsy Siegel?

NYS Says Video Lottery Parlo, Operators Are Marketing Their Betting Mecca as A Casino

"What's going on at Aqueduct mocks the spirit of the Constitution," says the Daily News

New Aqueduct casino thumbs computerized nose at N.Y. gambling laws(NYDN Ed)

Justin N. Feldman, 92, Dies; Opposed Tammany Hall  A lawyer and liberal Democrat, Mr. Feldman helped manage Robert F. Kennedy’s successful 1964 campaign to represent New York in the United States Senate.

Perry Loses Florida Straw Poll to Herman Cain

Florida GOP straw poll: Cain - 37%, Perry - 15%, Romney - 14% 

Christie feeling the prez-ure(NYP) * Herman Cain is stunning Florida GOP straw poll winner * Breslin: Rick Perry has own Troy Davis headache(NYDN) * Rick Perry 2012: Texas Governor Works To Show He's Strongest GOP Contender(Huff Post)* Honeymoon Over for Front-Runner Perry - Beth Reinhard, Nat'l Journal * How Cain Won the Florida Straw Poll - Byron York, Washington Examiner * Mitt Romney Is a Very Lucky Man - So Far - Michael Crowley, Time *  George Will: The Republican Party Has Become Too SouthernMichael Bloomberg: ‘I Think [Chris Christie] Would Be A Credible, Formidable Candidate’

MARK SIMONE (Twitter) George Will- " the Republican party is too Southern. Last 5 elections, 79 % of their electoral votes came from the South. It’s too much.”

Obama To Congressional Black Caucus: ‘Stop Complaining, Stop Grumbling, Stop Whining’





SNL Presents The 7th Or 8th GOP Debate With Host Fox’s ‘Shepard Smith’

The Week's Best Reads(The Daily Beast)

Silicon Boro  Tech talent toils in Queens (NYP)






The Associated Press BREAKING: Saudi king: Women given right to vote for first time in next nationwide local elections. -RAS

Saudi king gives women right to vote



60 Minutes Looks At NYPD Anti-Terrorism Force

Kelly: Police could take down a plane(NYP)

AP Investigates NYPD Spying On Muslims Amid Tabloid Swipes, Scant NYC Media Follow-up(Huff Post)  

Fighting terrorism in New York City (60 Minutes Video)



For A City That Wants to Be the Tech Capital of the World It Runs Computers System Like Armatures  

More City Computer Problems (NYP) Plan’s senior moment Rent-aid foul-up.  Plagued with massive problems, despite claims by the Finance Department that it has corrected computer glitches that fouled up thousands of property-tax bills last July, according to members of the City Council.




I Want Taxis in Brooklyn (Facebook)







Sunday Ticket Fix Arrests Update

‘Fix’ is in: Wrist slaps for previous tix cops(NYP) * All 17 indicted cops reject plea deals in ticket-fixing case(NYDN)

Tix fix: 17 cops indicted(NYP)

The cops, including policeunion delegates, allegedly fixed tickets issued to officers and their relatives or friends. Some allegedly took cash, liquor and other gifts as gratitude for getting the tickets tossed. * 17 Officers Indicted in Ticket Probe(WSJ)

111 School's Graded With D's and F's; Schools to Close and School Cheating Crackdown

Another Son of CityTime Outsourcing Contract

For Bloomberg, Waste Mars Another Digital Project(NYT)

NYC's electronic personnel system, Nycaps, is so far nearly $300 million over budget, and the work is incomplete.

Mayor, Council at Odds Over Outside Contracts Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration is contending that the City Council will actually increase government inefficiency and bureaucracy if, as expected, it approves legislation aimed at reining in the billions of taxpayer dollars spent annually on outside contracts.(WSJ) * City Personnel System Reportedly $300 Million Over Budget(DNAINFO)

Kruger Supports Same Redistricting Bill he Help Kill Last Year, As Part of His Long Goodby
Jail Soon

Being in the Senate Minority Changes Everything
Kruger newsletter alerted constituents that he planned to testify this week at a hearing. “He’ll make a strong case for an independent redistricting commission to correct population shifts that shortchange New York City in favor of upstate communities,” the newsletter says.  But last year, when Democrats controlled the Senate, Sen. David Valesky (D-Syracuse) had a bill to do just that. The bill cleared the Senate Investigation and Government Operations Committee as well as the Elections Committee. It was sent on May 25 to Kruger’s Finance Committee, where it died.  Kruger: Do As I Say, Not As I Do(NYDN)

The Carl Kruger Scandal (True News)

 Subway Crime Wave

Subway Crime Up Nearly 17 Percent: NYPD(NBC)


Cuomo Rejects Bill Legalizing Fireworks Sales(NYT)




 Still no deal on a stopgap budget/FEMA funding bill in Washington.


Payoff pitch on Mets suit The $1 billion federal lawsuit against the Mets’ owners over their Bernard Madoff money is reaching the bottom of the ninth(NYP)




Push for Hotel Near Yankee Stadium Faces Obstacles Experts are raising doubt over proposals to develop a full-service hotel and conference center near Yankee Stadium. (WSJ)






Ray Kelly Orders The NYPD To Ease Up On Marijuana Arrests

Police Memo on Marijuana Warns Against Some Arrests(NYT) * Commish tells cops to weed out small-pot busts(NYP) * NYPD Reminded To Avoid Improper Marijuana Arrests(NY1)




Man slashes neighbor, sets self on fire(NYP)




Two newbie cops make career-setting $667k coke bust in broad daylight(NYDN)



Chinatown Arrests Shed Light on a Black Market in Pesticides(NYT) 

Law and Order

Sunday Man killed over iPhone(NYP) * Hubby busted in NJ mom slay(NYP) * N.J. man arrested for murdering, hiding wife in cement-filled drum(NYDN) * Writer accusing DSK of rape to have legal faceoff(NYDN) * Nonviolent perps can choose jail or church in Alabama(NYDN) * Brooklyn Teen Dies From Stab Wound To Head(NY1) * Queens teen fatally stabbed in head(NYP) * 16-year-old calls 911 with slashed throat after attack on street corner: cops(NYDN) *Madman machete attack in Bronx(NYP) * Girl, 16, Fatally Stabbed on Brooklyn Street (NBC)

Saturday   Borough President Seeks Limits on Stop-and-Frisk(NYT) * Toddler recovering after getting shot in the head(WABC) * Family of Girl Shot Fears Returning Home(NBC) * Millionaire developer guilty in wife slay(NYP)Cop shoots B’klyn man, ending wild foot chase(NYP) * Ex-NBA Player Charged With Fraud(WSJ) * Prison for Day-Care Fraud(WSJ) * Detective warned cops months before L.I. pharmacy massacre(NYDN) * Officials: Queens Mom Of 8 Missing Kids May Be In SC(WCBS) * Mom of Missing N.Y. Kids in S.C.? (Fox 5) * Shootings claim 2 in the Bronx(NYP)


Clintons plot a mulligan(NYP)

 Obama tees off with Bill Clinton(NYP) * Help Wanted: Leadership(Friedman, NYT) *  Small Donors Are Slow to Return to the Obama Fold(NYT)




'Occupiers' cuffed in Union Square chaos(NYP) *Days of Rage Over Big Government & Wall Street - Forbes  * 80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North(NYT)


One year in: Justice Kagan establishes herself as a force on the court (Wash Post)

The Countrywide Fraud Machine Michael Hudson tallies up dozens of allegations that executives retaliated against whistleblowers(Columbia Journalism Review)

Obama Should Embrace Class Warfare - Washington Post

 Lawyers trying to bring News Corp. hacking suit to U.S.(NYDN) * Trust in the press is at an all-time low.* New Infrastructure Spending Is a Necessity - Ed Rendell, NY Daily News

PM’s visit to 9/11 memorial(NYP)

Palestinian Prez. gets bigger applause at United Nations(NYDN) * Netanyahu Blasts UN As ‘House Of Lies,’ Implores Abbas To Drop Application, Resume Talks * Palestinian Proposal Receives Divided Response At United Nations (NY1) * Palestinian UN Bid Will Hurt Efforts to Negotiate Peace - Boston Globe * Abbas Must Lead His People in a Different Direction - Bloomberg

* Palestinian President Abbas must face facts on statehood and negotiate with Israel(NYDN)

Olbermann, Michael Moore Rip Media(Huff Post)
Bloggers Report  Pete Hamill feted by Green-Wood Cemetery (Courier Life) * Safe Walk Starts Next Week(Windsor Terrace) * Asian-Americans Ask For Unified State Assembly District(Bensonhurst Bean) * Crowley campaigned on taxpayer time(Queens Crap) * SoHo Politics— September 2011 Elections(Soho Journal) *  Two booths at San Gennaro serve food, with a side of history(Downtown Express) * Seabrook Funneled Money to Family and Girlfriend (Bronx Political Chatter)Want to know how to defeat the Harlem political establishment? Ask Marisol Alcantara El Diario La Prensa(Perez Notes)Video: Local Principal Speaks Out About Budget Woes(Sheephead Bites)