Monday, September 26, 2011

Not One Story Today About the Start of the Haggerty/Bloomberg Trial

NY's Media Conspiracy Reality . . .   Missing Haggerty Coverage to Protect Mayor

A court case that could produce criminal wrong doing by the mayor is starting today and not one paper is covering it.  The case is also a teaching lesson how corrupt NY's political parties are.  The media behavior is more about containment than efforts to get at the truth.  And they are not alone.  The DA has only gone after Haggerty who got the money, not the Independence political party who acted as bag men or the mayor and his staff who planned the payment for ballot security which is really a vote suppression operation. A crime in itself.  We live in the media capital of the world. We have all these new tech ways to get news out yet information is being hidden from the public. Just like the NYPD Ticket Scandal case where will still do not know which councilmembers and city officials got their tickets fixed.  A crack in the news (Blue) wall of silence occurred yesterday when the Daily News public a story in it paper by Barbara Ross that explained why the mayor hid the money he delivered to Haggerty.  It was the first investigative analysis story on the trial.  All the other stories just repeat what authorities say about the case.  
9:27AM  Opening statements due this morning in Haggerty trial * 2:00PM  Mayor Bloomberg committed campaign fraud, accused thief John Haggerty's lawyer claims at trial(NYDN)At Haggerty Trial, Defense Tries to Shine Spotlight on Bloomberg (NYO) * Prosecutor: Consultant stole $1M from NYC mayor (WSJ) * John Haggerty Campaign Fund Trial Underway(Huff Post) * 3:00PM Haggerty's defense says Bloomberg was no victim in campaign theft case (NYP) * Kevin Sheekey under oath: “I did not particularly enjoy my first two years at City Hall.” (CHN) * Bloomberg on the edge(Politico) * A defense attorney says the mayor and key staffers were given immunity when they testified before the Grand Jury in the John Haggerty trial.(WSJ) *  Bloomberg Spox: ‘Haggerty Lies’ (NYO) * Former Deputy Mayor Testifies In Political Consultant's Trial(NY1) * 10:00 PM In Consultant’s Trial, Defense Attacks Mayor(NYT) * Defense Strikes at Bloomberg(WSJ)

Ballot Security = Voter Suppression
Mr. Bloomberg’s Democratic opponent in 2005, Fernando Ferrer, threatened to say that the mayor’s ballot security operation was akin to voter suppression, said Raymond R. Castello, the lawyer for the consultant, John F. Haggerty Jr.  “The last thing Mr. Bloomberg wanted in 2009 was a claim of voter suppression,” Mr. Castello told jurors during his opening statement in Mr. Haggerty’s trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, adding that the mayor had already been criticized for having term limits extended. 

This Article was Published in Yesterday Papers And Placed Today at 1:59PM On the Daily News Website
Not only was this article published a day late but Bloomberg was taken out of the Title and Sub Title.
Sunday: Fund Day In Court for Mike(DN)  Bloomberg Donations Loom in Haggerty Fraud Trial
Today: Checkered donations to Mayor Bloomberg's campaign loom in consultant John Haggerty fraud trial (NYDN)

City Hall News (Twitter)  Prosecutor promises Haggerty jurors they will hear from Kevin Sheekey, Patti Harris and Alison Jaffe. * And: “You will hear from the mayor.” Who will say he never gave Haggerty money for a house.* Haggerty prosecution: “Follow the money.” Defense: “No victim, no crime.” * Haggerty lawyer brings up term limits; judge allows it over objections. 

Team Bloomberg Granted Immunity  
This will be an interesting trial. * Tidbit: Haggerty's lawyer says Bloomberg 2009 campaign went to Indys, not GOP, cuz they didn't want to work with GOP Chair Ed Cox. * With two competing theories of who broke law, Vance's office gave immunity to Bloomberg, not Haggerty. * Counter-theory has always been Bloomberg broke law by spending $1.1M for re-election outside official campaign fund. * Bloomberg and his staff got immunity from prosecution when they testified to grand jury, Haggerty lawyer says. (That's huge.) * kevin sheekey about to take the stand at haggerty trial * Harry Siegel "In the Bberg world hard to keep track of which hat people are wearing" - defense looks to shift focus from John Haggerty to * "Bberg has paid a lot of $ to just about every prosecution witness... many of them on leave (in 09 race) from taxpayer-funded public jobs" 

Why Haggerty's  Money Was Hidden
Ballot Security
The money was to be used for "Ballot Security" on Election Day.  The money was to be hidden in the Independence Party housekeeping account.  This method of payment let Bloomberg delay disclosure of a potentially embarrassing ballot security operation until January.  Instead of revealing it hours before the election.  Aggressive ballot security workers can create chaos by challenging voters.  This can create long lines and discourage people from voting. 

Investigators: Cops' racist talk caught on ticket-fixing wiretaps

Ticket-fixing scandal: NYPD cops' racist talk caught on wiretaps(NYDN) The wiretap recordings at the heart of the probe captured conversations rife with racist and inflammatory remarks, sources told the Daily News. * Racist talk on tix-fix wiretaps(NYP)

Black staffer slams ASPCA brush-off after finding 'noose' on premises(NYDN)

Danny Hakim (Twitter) Racial divide continues for in new Siena poll. White NY’ers: 41-56 fave/unfave; black NY’ers 94-4.

Cops Stop More Brooklynites Than Others. Even Bronx Gets Fewer Stops. (Brooklyn Ron)


Taxi Industry Owns the City Council and Now is Buying Albany

The News knocks the yellow cab industry's efforts to kill a bill allowing outer borough hails of livery cabs

Yellow-cab lobby roadblocking efforts to improve taxi service for all (NYDN Ed) But the yellow cab lobby cowed the City Council into dodging the issue. Bloomberg then went to Albany and got a bill through both houses of the Legislature.  The yellows have counterattacked. Using the clout of their lobbyists and hefty campaign contributions, they've been picking off lawmakers, even turning some of the bill's sponsors against it. * Staten Island livery drivers worry Bloomberg’s bill will inadvertently wipe them out. *** Update 9:35AM Cuomo Plans to Put People In A Room To Reach Deal on Mayor Bloomberg's Taxi Bill(NYDN) * Sampson: Time To Negotiate On Taxi Bill(YNN) * Cuomo Urged To Sign Livery Bill; Reject Livery Bill (YNN) * DSCC Received $22,000 From Yellow Cab Industry(NYDN) * Cuomo Vows to Broker Deal for Hailing Livery Cabs(NYT)

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter)  On John Gambling Show, asked about livery bill: "We want to get the bill done...but there are some issues."


MTA Cash Poor

The cash-strapped MTA is finally ready to part with some of its real estate holdings, including a former subway HQ in Brooklyn. 




NYPD can take down terror planes from skies in 'very extreme' situations, Ray Kelly says (NYDN)

Josh Robin (Twitter) Bloomy: anti-aircraft nypd gun doesn't necc mean we could have prevented 9/11.


Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. billed taxpayers for his travel expenses in Albany while he was in court in Manhattan

Boyland’s Magic Trick Indicted assemblyman claims Albany expenses when he’s nowhere near Capitol (CHN) * The honor system of per diem expense claims clearly isn’t working – indicted Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. made claims when he was nowhere near the Capitol, even on the day he was being arraigned in NYC. But there hasn’t been an audit by the state comptroller in years.* RT : First Roger Green, now William Boyland. Why doesn't DiNapoli audit legislators' expense reports?

If PEF Members Vote Down Contract 3,500 Lay Off Coming 

Andy waves an ax Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to lay off 3,500 state workers if members of the Public Employees Federation reject a bare-bones contract negotiated between the administration and the union (NYP)Andrew Cuomo is threatening to lay 3,500 public employees if their union doesn’t accept the deal his administration struck with PEF leadership. “The state employees have their destiny in their own hands,’’ said state Operations Director Howard Glaser.


 The Same Poll That Show Bloomberg 16% Ahead One Week Before He Won By 5%

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads mayoral field: poll(NYP)

New poll places Bloomberg 18 points ahead

* Bloomberg holds a 16-point lead over his Democratic rival as the New York City mayor bids for a third term in office. -Marist Poll


Christie Blocks Tax Credit for ‘Jersey Shore’(NYT)





We've heard this before

City Cracks Down On Illegal Apartments (CBS)


Wall Street protesters Battle and Hold Their Ground

Is This The First Battle of the Class War Riots Bloomberg Was Talking About?

Videos Show Police Using Pepper Spray at Protest on the Financial System(NYT) * Protest Has Unlikely Host(WSJ) * 'Wall Street' protesters jailed after scuffle vow to keep fighting for reform (NYDN) * Wall Street Protests Continue As NYPD Remains Mum On Pepper Spray Use(NY1) * NYPD’s protester arrests boosting mob’s numbers? (NY Metro) * Numerous videos show a police office confronting four Occupy Wall Street protesters and sending a blast of pepper spray into their face. The protest has an unlikely host. *  Why I Was Maced at the Wall Street Protests (Boston Review) *  Wall Street Demonstrations Test Police Trained for Bigger Threats (NYT)

 What About Free Speech and the Right to Protest?


Bill Maher: "if government shuts down, who's in charge of taking all the poor people's money and giving it to the rich?”



With High Tolls Drivers Are Switching to NJ Transit and PATH Trains

‘Tolled’ you so! drivers shun NYC(NYP) Thanks to the hikes, buses are now packed to the gills, NJ Transit and PATH trains are standing-room-only, and dust is gathering in Manhattan parking garages that used to be filled with commuters’ cars.



The Most Conservative Borough Has the Most Residents on the Government Payroll 

Staten Island Gets a Boost From City Jobs  About 23% of Staten Island workers was employed by the government in 2010, by far the highest rate of all the boroughs and higher than the city's overall rate of 14.1%, according the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey.(WSJ)


Bloomberg Failed Tech Management Record Noticed

Ben Smith (Twitter)  These mismanaged tech projects really cut to heart of Bloomberg's rep. It's what he was supposed to be good at.


NY's infrastructure is fraying, with no consensus how to fix its bridges and dams, much less pay for a new generation of improvements

 Under Construction The infrastructure that holds New York together is falling apart. How can it be fixed?(CHN) * More than one-third of New York’s bridges are in need of repair by the state’s own standards.





 Cuomo Good For Business

For the first time in memory the state Business Council is enthusiastic about a Democratic governor, with leaders saying Cuomo cares about business (TU) 

Cuomo reached out directly to voters on his policies in his first online chat Saturday morning, but he shared a bit of his personality too. Live from his Westchester kitchen table, the governor commented on the wet and hazy weather, the "magic" of the governor's mansion and the few surprises he's had since coming into office. "I don't know that anything has surprised me because I've been in and around government for many years," he posted. 

"But, I would say that we have made more progress in a shorter period of time than I expected when this journey began. I was also pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support for flood victims by their fellow New Yorkers. And I am surprised by how fast the summer disappeared this year." The governor took a few softballs from the hundreds submitted ("What do you enjoy most about being Governor?" "Helping people."), but also defended the 2 percent property tax cap, his opposition to higher taxes for the wealthy and his administration's approach to hydrofracking. Among the 16 questions during the hour-long chat, the governor took two about the flood response and continued to blast Washington for politicizing disaster relief.(CHN)* The Cuomo administration is launching a pilot program to try to curb the readmittance rate of the mentally-ill and drug users into area hospitals by increasing follow-up care * During an online chat on Saturday, Andrew Cuomo said he has no doubt that a replacement energy source to Indian Point could be found if the nuclear plant is closed.

Thomas Kaplan (Twitter)  Cuomo says he will announce his position on legalizing full-scale casino gambling in January.

Redistricting Games Have Begun

Quiet conversations about redistricting are starting to occur between the camps of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislative leaders, sources say, and already there are conspiracy theories about whether Cuomo will follow his vow to veto any redistricting plan unless it is drawn by an independent commission. When Common Cause's Susan Lerner published an op-ed last week saying the commission isn't the only key to fair redistricting, some saw it as an opening for Cuomo to follow suit. And when Gotham Gazette, Citizens Union's online news source, got the scoop on the governor's new transparency website, some saw it as a way to win favor with Citizens Union head Dick Dadey. But Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto denied it all in the strongest terms, saying,"The theory that this is related is fictional." Dadey said he had no involvement with the Gotham Gazette story, and expects the governor to keep his word about a veto. Former Mayor Ed Koch, a leader of the nonpartisan redistricting fight, said he is still confident the governor's veto threat is real. (CHN)


Pay Day

Not yet out of recession, city bureaucrats paid $12 million in rent subsidies to dead people(NYDN)




Chancellor Dennis Walcott's middle schools initiative is vital to education in N.Y.C. (NYDN Ed) * Mayor Bloomberg pledged to support the Obama administration’s plan to give state’s relief from the reading proficiency requirement in “No Child Left Behind.”




Four subway stations in Manhattan will get cell phone service this week

 From the Department of Be Careful What You Wish For

Wired Platforms at Last. Oh No, the Boss Is Calling!(NYT)



Perhaps the only thing the two sides in the hydrofracking debate can agree on: The spin is getting out of control* A long-awaited public hearing on the latest DEC hydrofracking report is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Expect fireworks. 



Have They No Shame?

Congress Must Stay as Shutdown Looms Congress was scheduled to be off this week, but lawmakers must stay in Washington because they made no progress over the weekend in settling a dispute over spending that threatens a possible government shutdown. (WSJ)



Catholic parishes selling off properties, combining congregations (NYDN)




Jewish ‘siren’ ladies A group of women in Brooklyn is trying to break through a decades-old barrier bv joining an all-male volunteer ambulance corps run by Orthodox Jews(NYP)


Tackled By Cops, Foy Mulling a run for Council

City Aide in Spotlight After Being Detained Kirsten John Foy, an aide to the public advocate who was handcuffed by the police, is emerging as a vocal advocate for racial justice. (NYT) * Kirsten John Foy, the aide to public advocate Bill de Blasio who was wrongly arrested at the West Indian Day Parade earlier this month, has emerged into the political spotlight, leading to speculation about what his next move might be. An aide to NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and former aide to the Rev. Al Sharpton, into the spotlight – a not unwelcome development for the would-be NYC Council member.

In a Bronx Complex, Doing Good Mixes With Looking Good(NYT)



A Campaign Finance Ruling Turned to Labor’s Advantage(NYT) * National labor unions are preparing to get more involved in politics, and may not always back the Democratic incumbent.


Cops probing fatal rape-drug OD tied to 'King of All Pimps'(NYP)



An Abused Wife? Or an Executioner?(NYT)



Welcome to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York (NY Magazine)

 Law and Order

Girl Stabbed to Death(WSJ) * Dying teen's last call was to cops -- after someone slashed her throat(NYDN) * Teen Dies From Stab Wound To Head Following Brooklyn Attack(NYDN) * Machete Attack, Then Fire(WSJ) * 'Stinky' suspect assaulted man after swiping his cell phone, cops say(NYDN) * Copper bandit jacking subway cables for cash since 2005(NYDN) * Two Men Hospitalized Following Bronx Fire, Stabbing(NYDN) * Bar in ‘rape-cops’ case could be closed(NYP) * In another sign of a sinking economy, cocaine-related emergency-room admissions, overdoses and requests for rehab have declined since the economy started its 2008 decline.


Possible SEC move vs. S&P may be first legal shot(Forbes)





A More Centrist Fox News? Five Revelations From Newsweek Profile Of Roger Ailes