Monday, September 19, 2011

No Fed Investigation Cover Up By DOI and Feds on Quinn's Slush Fund

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NYPD ticket-fixing scandal: Bronx DA seek indictments for 17 cops(NYDN)

Bronx DA will ask a grand jury Tuesday to indict 17 cops in a massive ticket-fixing scandal - and many of the targeted officers are officials in the city's largest police union. . .  "It's going to be the biggest scandal this department has seen in a long time," said one source close to the investigation.

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)

Cleaning the Way For Quinn's Mayoral Race

You knew that the at some point the city's establishment would clean up Quinn's slush fund scandal that blew up in 2008.  That efforts has begun today in a very unclear cover up article written in today's NYP by sally Goldenberg. 100G slush-fund hangover(NYP)

Goldenberg wrote that Quinn has said she discovered the scheme in the fall of 2007 and ordered it stopped. What the reporter failed to state was that that it was not stop and that in a Daily News story on November 11, 2008 the speaker admitted the slush fund help her politically

The investigation has been essentially dormant since late 2008

The NYP article state the tax payers have paid 100,000 on defending Quinn and the rest of the council staff.  Goldenberg article did not state that Quinn hired the lawyers after it was reported she was a target of the investigation.  The NYP reported on April 13, 2008 that Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn  In 2008 the NYP reported the feds Feds probing the City Council budget scandal are weighing wire- and mail-fraud charges against those who helped send millions into a secret slush fund.  Today's NYP article said the slush fund investigation morphed into a larger probe of individual cases of fraud among council members that had slush fund. 

Three members and two staffers have been indicted for misusing council funds. Former Councilman Miguel Martinez is in jail, and Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) is awaiting trial.  The NYP did not list the third member of the council indicted.  Is there a 3rd?

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation? (True News)

The Last Great Hope Hope to Get to the Bottom of the Slush Fund is a Lawsuit Civil Rights Attorney Norman Siegel 

Seigel started special inquiry under an arcane law, would require a parade of public officials to publicly testify under a grant of immunity.Seigel is trying to invoke a a rarely used City Charter provision to combat Tammany Hall corrupt in the 1870s. After a lower court rejected his inquiry Seigel has yet to get a decision on his appealed which he argued over a year ago.  Siegel Sues Over Slush Fund Scandal (Updated) (NYDN May 2, 2008)


Jury selection in John Haggerty’s trial is scheduled to start today

Haggerty Defense See Exposes how Bloomberg mixes his millions and non profit in politics as their path to a not guilty plea

Mayor Bloomberg's star wattage may blind potential jurors in John Haggerty case: experts (NYDN) * Jury selection due in NYC political theft trial(WSJ) * Jury selection due in NYC political theft trial(Newsday) Update 12:30 PM  Jury selection begins for ex-Bloomberg campaign aide alleged to have stolen $1.1M in funds (NYP)

Bloomberg Trial Damage Control

Reporters who show up in Manhattan Supreme Court this morning for jury selection in the John Haggerty trial will see a familiar face - former City Hall First Deputy Press Secretary Jason Post. Haggerty is accused of stealing more than $1 million from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2009 mayoral campaign, and the mayor's lawyers have hired Post - through his new firm, Teneo Strategy - to represent Bloomberg's interests when reporters have questions. Post declined to comment, but he may be busy - Haggerty's lawyers are itching to put the mayor and his top aides on the stand, and believe Bloomberg's cash transactions before the election violated campaign finance law. (CHN)


New Congressman Meets Veteran Mayor at Queens Diner (NYT)





In the Bronx Above the law is Not Just A Movie 

Embattled Bronx prosecutor in DWI can keep driver's license(NYDN) Embattled Bronx prosecutor Jennifer Troiano dodged a one-year driver's license suspension - despite her refusal to take a Breathalyzer test after her drunken-driving arrest, the Daily News has learned. Cops shunning ticket-writing need to get over themselves and start enforcing the laws(NYDN Ed)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)


The Chief-Leader (Twitter) In tomorrow's Chief-Leader: After an officer's suicide try, president says cops at 'breaking point' over -fixing probe.


Koch: God Put Jews In Swing States(YNN)





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  • Evan Stavisky
  • Anthony Weiner
  • Gary Ackerman
  • Ed Towns



Senate GOP considering adding a 63rd district in the GOP-rich area outside of Albany

 To avoid the possibility of a divided chamber post-redistricting

Deal Sought on Districts WSJ says there is pressure on Cuomo to surrender his demand for an independent redistricting commission and instead negotiate a compromise that would preserve legislative control over the secretive redrawing of political boundaries. * State Senate Republicans mull adding extra seat to 62-member body(NYDN) * Even the most vociferous supporters of an independent redistricting commission (like, say, Ed Koch) are willing to accept a reform compromise at this point. 


The Public Spoke in the 9th and Silver Could Care Less

It Does Not Matter to Silver That Public Spoke Strongly in the 9th? 

“I don’t think the vote in the 9th has any impact on redistricting,” Speaker Silver

Mayor Laguardia Smashes Slot Machines . . . Today's Big Government Budgets Needs the Gambling $$$

Casino gambling in New York has gotten the sign-off from Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who both said they would support a constitutional amendment to allow slots and table games in the state  


Top politicians will back NY casinos (Dicker, NYP) * The Times-Union says casino gambling is no silver bullet to local budget problems, despite what some officials may say: * Bloomberg doesn't like gambling, but is resigned to its legalization in NYS (Capital)

Squeegees make their return in sign of (desperate) times(NYDN)

One guy said he's squeegeeing because he was fired from his supermarket job when his boss found out he has a criminal record. And his wife has cancer.

GOP operative Roger Stone, dressed in a black pinstripe suit and sporting a spotted bow-tie and wire rim glasses, was in fine form yesterday sitting on a panel of consultants at the "Candidate College" event sponsored by New York Civic. Among the many Stone-isms was the operative's simple advice about Anthony Weiner's downfall: "If you tweet your meat, you lose your seat." Stone also claimed to be the "father of the [campaign] yard sign" in Ukraine -- where he worked on a campaign two years ago -- and inexplicably compared himself to fictional mobster Hyman Roth from "The Godfather II." Stone concluded by telling the audience of would-be candidates and consultants to read the 1963 book "Confessions of an Advertising Man." "It changed my life, and it will change yours," Stone said.


Governor Andrew Cuomo attended a breakfast marking the African-American Day parade in Harlem. 

Andrew Cuomo said it's cheaper to send a kid to Harvard than to prison. [Sam Levin and Erin Durkin]


Danny Hakim (Twitter) Cuomo has opposed increasing taxes on wealthy NY'ers, but says ok federally "to create jobs, balance the budget and lower the deficit"

Recent School Discipline Incidents Highlight Crazy New Approach(Gabe Pressman, NBC)



Turner campaign manager will now help the NY GOP:

 Party post for Weiner winner(NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg is meeting at 8 a.m. with newly-minted Rep. Bob Turner at the Cross Bay Diner in Queens. Reporters are invited, but only to take pictures. * Councilman Jimmy Oddo said, "The city still has a ways to go until it can be considered business-friendly." [Tom Wrobleski]


Anthony Seminerio, the veteran Queens lawmaker boasted to a felon on the line that "(expletive) Dave Rosen kisses my feet

The 'sad' business of Albany (TU)


Time Expired on City's Stand Alone Parking Meters

The city will begin removing the last of its single-space parking meters today, in a year-long process that will eventually replace them all with solar-powered boxes that can handle eight spaces.

The Last Days of the Old Parking Meter(NYT)



Dead Taxi Bill?

 Gov. Cuomo said support for the bill “appears to be dissipating.”

Taxi Bill Dying In Albany(NYDN)

The Post bashes Comptroller John Liu for hiring as his policy director John Choe, a former Council candidate who promotes trips to North Korea



Drivers Seek Way to Avoid New Tolls  As toll hikes took effect Sunday on bridges and tunnels between New York and New Jersey, drivers complained they would look for alternate routes to save money. But there appeared to be little they could do to escape higher costs except stay home. (WSJ) * Drivers Irked By Higher Port Authority Tolls(NY1) * Commuters Faces Higher Hudson River Crossing Tolls For Start(WCBS) * Drivers: Get Ready to Pay More at Tolls(WNBC) * Angry drivers rip P.A.(NYP)



Milk Prices Shoot Up 

New Yorkers are cowed as milk prices shoot up 11 percent(NYDN)






A supersize straphangers' iPad" at the Bowling Green station debuts today


Stranford U New York

Stanford U. is leading the charge to establish a high-tech genius magnet school in N.Y.(NYDN Ed)

For a Governor Partial to Corvettes, a Chance to Indulge His Inner Gearhead(NYT)




Too rigid? Four NYPD officers disciplined for tossing around football with young boy(NYDN)


Murder Trial Hinges on Questions of Domestic Abuse(NYT)



Search For Suspect Underway After Bronx Man Fatally Struck By Vehicle(NY1) * Arrest Made Following Queens Hit And Run(NY1)



Law and Order

Car Is Stolen With Boy Still in the Back Seat(NYT) * Deadly drive-by shooting in Queens(WABC) * Man Shot Dead in Atlantic City Casino Carjacking(WNBC) * Judge Considers Pledge for Jurors on Internet Use(NYT)

2 Shot by Feds in Undercover Operation in Bronx (NBC)


Strauss-Kahn: Encounter Showed 'Moral Failing'(WSJ) * Strauss-Kahn Acknowledges Sexual Encounter, Admits "Moral Failing" In New Interview(NY1) * Strauss-Kahn Acknowledges ‘Moral Failings’ In TV Interview(WCBS)



Despite ban, city issues only three tickets to park smokers(NY Metro)








The protest on Wall Street that drew hundreds of demonstrators over the weekend could continue to restrict access to certain streets in the Financial District today





Obama Plan to Cut Deficit Will Trim Spending by $3 Trillion(NYT) * Military Health and Pension Benefits Could Face Cuts(NYT) * New Obama Deficit Plan(WSJ) * Jury selection due in NYC political theft trial(WSJ) * Bam expected to announce $1.5 trillion tax revenue plan to reduce deficit(NYDN)




Obama on way to New York amid personal, world crisis(NYDN)






The Tsuris Is Barack Obama good for the Jews? Bibi Netanyahu and the constituents of New York’s Ninth Congressional District don’t think so, which is troubling for the president—but even more so for Israel. By John Heilemann (NY Magazine)





Mayor Bloomberg Calls President’s Deficit Plan ‘Class Warfare’(WCBS)




Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Arrive In NYC Monday(WCBS)

Josh Marshall (Twitter)  This should be a delightful trainwreck. Gov. Perry to hold "pro-Israel" rally in NYC tomorrow

Marine One landing at Wall Street heliport for Pres Obama's 2-day UN visit.