Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Clueless Soundbite Professor Press Enabler Get an F on Democracy


Feds probing possible anniversary attack(NYP) * Possible 9/11 Anniversary Terror Plot Probed (NBC) * US sees credible but unconfirmed terrorism threat(Reuters)

Obama Exhorts Congress on Jobs Plan(NYT) * ‘Pass This Bill Right Away,’ He Says of $447 Billion Package (NYT) *Urges Congress to stop 'political circus'(NYP) * ‘You should pass this jobs plan right away’(Wash Post) * Obama makes aggressive stance(Wash Post)


Weprin Loss Can Restore Democracy

For years clueless unqualified reporters who cover politics look for Doug Muzzio and a couple of others to give them a soundbite to affirm what they are writing about.  Today Muzzio says Democrats purposely picked a weak candidate became they knew NY-9 wouldn’t be long for this world. Says Baruch College’s Doug Muzzio: “It’s only a mistake if he loses.”  What Professor Doug fails to understand that a loss by the Dems in a district they have a 4 to 1 advantage is a canary in a coal mine warning that there is something very wrong with the majority party in NYC.  The Professor also fails to understand that the loss by Weprin will start a public discussion on the corrupt machines run by Vito Lopez and Joe Crowly. What is Quinn, Stringer and de Blasio trying to will Lopez and Crowley support if they can't deliver the voters?  Can it be possible professor Doug that a GOP can reform the NY special election law that gives the power to Democratic Party leaders to control who gets elected in their county.  Imagine professor Doug that both Lopez and Crowley are pushed out of office by a reform movement led by the newspapers started by a Weprin loss.  So Professor Muzzio what you call a mistake can help restore Democracy to NY. * NYT Calls NY's Special Elections Scams and Undemocratic * Requiem For Heavyweight Political Machines? (True News)

Ever Notice How the NYT Tailors Their News Stories To Support Candidates They Support

NYT Team: Weprin and Quinn

The NYP and DN are more the paper of record in the 9th CD but the NYT still tries to help Weprin by connecting Turner to Springer.  The NYT also published another puff piece for Quinn today they candidate for mayor in 2013. The NYP calls David Weprin's $260,000 TV ad-buy has local Democrats nervous that their party is on the verge of losing the race a Desperate Dem’s TV blitz for votes * TV Executive Behind ‘Springer’ Tries to Win House Seat for G.O.P.(NYT) * Quinn Backs Israel at Ceremony for Kidnapped Soldier(NYT)


Turner Mails Connecting Weprin to Obama

From Last Nights Debate
Weprin lists every statewide and citywide official supporting him, audience member asks about Obama, Weprin smiles and says nope. 

David Weprin is “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” in NY-9, says a prominent Democrat, and spending at least $260,000 on a last-minute ad blitz in hopes of pulling off a win.  * Gas drilling a hot topic for Weprin, Turner in candidate debate(NYDN) * Israel Continues To Be Major Talking Point In Turner-Weprin Race(NY1) * Desperate Dem’s TV blitz for votes(NYP) * Bob Turner says bringing The Jerry Springer Show to TV is “not exactly my proudest moment.” Springer returns the favor with a sorta endorsement for the GOP hopeful.*

The Spanish-language paper’s endorsement editorial in the heavily Latino 54th Assembly District, entitled “Jesús González para la Asamblea Estatal” argues that the Jesus Gonzalez’s progressive agenda on key issues like education, affordable housing, tenant rights and youth employment programs demonstrates a clear understanding of the community’s needs.

The 911 Mayor

Mayor: 9/11 Families "Don't Need Political Lectures" At WTC Ceremony(NY1) * How 9/11 Shaped The People Who Make Government Run (CHN)* Silver Recounts Sept. 11, Praises Downtown Development(YNN)

Kelly Stands His Ground

The Post also cheers NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly for refusing to apologize for controversial anti-terrorism tactics that some have accused of being racial profiling, arguing that his first job is to keep New Yorkers safe * NYC mayor: NYPD not unfair in surveillance(WSJ) * The city is leasing about 600,000 square feet in the 2.3 milion-square-foot [Tower 4] building." 600 police officers will be based there. [Bob Kappstatter and Doug Feiden]

More than 600 NYPD officers assigned to police Ground Zero will be housed at 4 WTC.* New audio provides a real-time recollection of the events on 9/11. * 10 Years Later: Enumerating the Loss at Ground Zero (Gotham Gazette) * What Al Jazeera Is Doing For 9/11(Huff Post)



USS New York Arrives For Memorial Service(NY1)


 Son of cop who died on 9/11 takes father's number as he joins NYPD(NYP) * Residents lament weekend downtown lockdown(NYP) * Attacks Prompt City To Boost Radio Technology(NY1) * New NYPD house by memorial(NYP)


 58% New Yorkers Expect New Terror Attack

Fifty-eight percent of NYers expect another big terrorist attack on the Big Apple, a new Q poll found, but they don’t let that slow them down. 

Is there A Crime Wave NYPD Minority Community Disconnect?

Two separate shooting incidents not started by NYPD and an incident between CM Williams and cops is opening or creating a very large wound.  The NYPD sees themselves as protecting the community and reducing crime and justify stop and frisk and other tactics as needed to help the community.  Some of the minority community see the police as the aggressor.  The only discussion on how to reduce the weekend crime wave is by the mayor who says have congress pass new gun laws which everyone knows is not happening.  What the media much now find out is what ideas the minority community has to stop the shooting. Bloody Weekend Shows Intractable Gun Problem(NYT) * Bronx's bloody week sees 138% spike in gun violence (NYDN) * “Nine years into Mr. Bloomberg’s tenure, and more than five years after he first labeled unlicensed guns the city’s Public Enemy No. 1, it remains difficult to discern what effect his administration’s gun control efforts have had.” *West Indian-American Parade Not Synonymous With Violence (Epoch Times)


Family Members Speak Out Following Manhattan Man's Death At Detective's Hand(NY1) An Inwood resident died Wednesday from a gunshot wound he received from a plainclothes detective during an alleged neighborhood drug bust, and as the investigation into the incident continues, family members said the victim thought the arrest was an attack on a neighbor. 

No Beer Summit 

Michael Bloomberg's suggestion that Councilman Jumaane Williams work out his differences with the NYPD over a beer was not well received by Williams, who says he does not even drink beer * NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams’ response to Bloomberg’s beer summit suggestion? Thanks, but no thanks. He doesn’t even drink beer.* Mike’s suds a dud Pol nixes beer summit(NYP) * We would rather have a meeting with the mayor and Commissioner (Ray) Kelly where young African-American and Latino New Yorkers can talk openly and directly about their experiences with stop-and-frisk and other police interactions,” said Williams and Kirsten John Foy.

Chancellor Walcott remains largely unknown, and those who do know him aren’t thrilled with his performance to date . . .

 Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott " indicated that this would be a year focused on public relations, not policy shifts."

A Gentler Touch Atop the Schools, After Years of a Hard Push for Reform(NYT) * Activists Find Contaminated Caulk in City Schools(WSJ) * Hundreds without school seats as academic year begins(NYDN) * City Teachers Cram In New Learning Methods Before School Year's Start(NY1) * ‘Shelter student’ crisis(NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: City Schools, DOE Chancellor Get Mixed Reviews In New Poll  * Chancellor Walcott's Whirlwind First Day(NYT)

DN Liu A Tool of UFT

Controller John Liu seems to think even dud teachers should get jobs in the classroom(NYDN) The News calls City Comptroller John Liu's latest audit of the Department of Education a "disingenuous" attempt to curry favor with public employee unions * They grow up so fast RT : Dropping my kid off at school. Can't believe he's now a sixth-grader! Sigh.

Only the FBI and Feds Can Catch Corrupt Albany Pols Like Carl Kruger, Brian McLaughlin and the Late Tony Seminerio

Yesterday was the last day on the job for about a dozen staffers at the soon-to-be-defunct Commission on Public Integrity, which will be replaced by the new Joint Commission on Public Ethics later this year. "I think we have done a good job and I think those of us who are leaving are doing so with our heads held high, proud of the work we've done," said Walter Ayres, the outgoing spokesman for the oft-criticized office. Some employees are staying on to process lobbyist registrations and financial disclosure reports, but investigations will cease and complaints will be held for the new commission. The outgoing staffers said their goodbyes over coffee and bagels in the morning, but Ayres said he couldn't share what they talked about - and that nothing else noteworthy happened on his last day on the job: "Notable, other than talking to you? No."

New details on the NYC abortion rate.  
NARAL’s response: “This release represents a shameful effort to judge New York City women for making personal health care decisions, instead of getting to the heart of the real problem facing this city: the high rate of unintended pregnancy.”  

Lower Manhattan's Big Shift Lower Manhattan has undergone a significant shift into a fast-growing residential area. Adding 26,800 residents over the past 10 years, it has nearly doubled the population it had in 2000.(WSJ) * Lower Manhattan has added more than 26,000 residents over the past 10 years, nearly doubling in population size.* Hotels Helping Lower Manhattan's Revival(Huff Post)


 Sunnyside, Queens may no longer be “Archie Bunker land,” but some immigrant groups have a problem with same-sex marriage. 




Number of visitors to New York reaches record level since lows after 9/11(NYDN) A record 48.8 million tourists brought $31.4 billion in revenue to New York City last year.

A Ride in Ford's Boxy New Yellow Cab(WSJ)

Straphanger bitten by rodent while waiting for J train downtown(NYP)

Obama's future on the line(NYDN) * Major Partisan Battle To Follow Obama's Jobs Speech(NY1) * Podhoretz: Perry shows he has 'it' quality with impressive debate performance(NYP) * Experts See Limited Impact From Tax Cuts in Obama Plan(NYT) * Obama is looking to hit the reset button with this speech.* Obama Calling for Expansion of the Payroll Tax Cut (NYT)Says Congress should stop 'political circus' in much-hyped speech(NYP)

Jeff Greenfield (Twitter)  In case you're missing the subtle theme: "pas this jobs bill..right away." That "right away"line plays to people's disgust with DC's pace. * BREAKING NEWS - 2 rental trucks from Budget GMC and Penske GMC missing from St Louis, Mo being sought in connection with poss terror plot

Perry, Romney trade blows at debate(NYP) * Romney and Perry Clash, Drawing Lines in G.O.P. Sand(NYT) * Perry and Romney Clash at GOP Debate(WSJ) * GOP presidential debate: Mitt Romney stands out with attacks of Rick Perry, President Obama(NYDN) * Highlights from the GOP debate (Wash Post) * Perry made no effort to modulate his language on a range of topics." [Maggie Haberman]


Jon Stewart Ridicules Romney For Simply Envisioning America As A ‘Job Machine’


Campaign Coverage in the Time of Twitter(American Journalism Review)





Report Outlines Rewards and Risks of Upstate Natural Gas Drilling(NYT) * Hydrofracking to spur job boom: state(NYP) * Reports vary on the number of jobs the DEC estimates will be generated upstate by fracking.


Family of slain Yale med school student files suit against school(NYDN)





Juror in 'rape cop' trial dishes on post-acquittal dinner with Moreno (NYP)


Laffer pleads guilty to murder, lawyer says he wants to spare families a trial(NYP)

14 years for thug who robbed day-care drug den(NYP)

Terrorist with an * Judge rips feds while sentencing ‘bomber’(NYP) *  Judge won’t suppress statements in subway terror case(NYP)

Chris Cuomo (Twitter) BREAKING NEWS - ABC NEWS HAS LEARNED at least two individS entered US in aug by air with intent to launch vehicle attack IN dc OR ny.


Judge Rejects Lewis For Ballot Listing(WSJ)






Mogul Plans Another Run, to Succeed Lieberman(NYT)