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Bloomberg 911: Heroes No, Political Bums Yes

Our Forgotten Heroes

WTC honor belongs to more than politicians(NYP)

A letter from the actor Jon Voight who want to see the mayor make 911 2011 into a spiritual event, not a political event.   He asks why is there no room for the first responders and clergymen who understand how to heal hearts of pain?  Is this an attempt by the pols to make this less about an attack on America and more an international commemoration?

Katrina vandenHeuvel (Twitter)  Mayor Bloomberg! Invite first responders to 10th anniversary memorial service. They are heroes of 9/11.

Midnight Plea for First Responders and Clergyman Inclusion  

New York Prepares to Fight Next Fire(WSJ) * Trade Center Station Opens(WSJ) * Stuyvesant High to Host 9/11 Event(WSJ) * New York's New Must-See the National September 11 Memorial(WSJ) The attacks on 9/11 have left an indelible mark on the city's tourism industry, with over nine million visitors to ground zero and twice the number of hotels in downtown Manhattan in the last 10 years* Bloomberg: Drop 'Ground Zero' name call World Trade Center(NYDN) * NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds 9/11 Is Indelible Memory For Almost All New Yorkers(NY1) * Mayor Touts Downtown's Resilience In Years Following Attacks(NY1) * Cuomo Displays New 9/11 Flag(NY1) 

US Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta toured the 9/11 Memorial yesterday, becoming the first Cabinet-level official from the Obama administration to visit it.* The former NYC mayor worries Americans will become complacent about terrorist attacks with 9/11 so far in the rearview mirror.* Silverstein Confident WTC Site Has New Lease On Life(NY1) * Stuyvesant alums granted permit for 9/11 vigil(NBC) *  The graphic adaptation of the 9/11 Commission Report is still amazing (Slate)* 9/11 Security Increased For Tenth Anniversary(Huff Post) * Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will ring the opening bell at the NY Stock Exchange Friday in remembrance of the Sept. 11 victims.* NY1 Political ItCH Alert: Bloomberg Defends No Speeches On 9/11 (NY1) * September 11, 2001: Our Worst - and Best - Day - Rudy Giuliani, USA Today * President Bush on His Visit to Ground Zero - Time

NYP Editorial talks about last weekend crime wave but their front page is about a Las Vegas shooting . . .  An Effort to Keep the Heat off the Mayor?

NYP Editorial says The Post says that Bloomberg is "howling into the wind" by demanding tough gun control legislation from Washington, arguing such policymaking will never happen

She feared the parade Bullet that killed mom eyed as crook’s or cop’s (NYP) * Mayor takes aim at federal gun laws(NYP) *Dodge City redux (NYP Ed) * Shot Dead on Her Stoop, Caught in a Rush of Violence Over a Holiday Weekend(NYT) * Police Shoot Man Interfering With Arrest in Upper Manhattan(NYT) * Debate Begins on Parade's Location (WSJ) * Nearly 100 shot in one bloody week(NYDN) 98 people were shot in New York City last week - yet the crime rate citywide was only up .1% through Sunday

Gun Fire At the Parade

Only 9 summonses for alcohol are there different rules for Brooklyn pardes than Manhattan?

Illegal booze sales on parade route(NYDN) * Horrific outbreak of gun violence over the weekend was reminder of worst part of the bad old days(NYDN Ed)  *  A Google map of this weekends city shootings* In Crown Heights, Residents Reflect on the Deadly Shooting (WNYC)


The NYP Editorial Talks About the Crime Wave and CM Jumaane Williams

Councilman Jumaane Williams, not surprisingly, credited his brief detention to racism -- “If we were white elected officials, this would not have happened,” he whined.  That’s arguable, but it also displays a shockingly selfish and shortsighted take on the week’s violence.
That is:
* Of the 112 victims, 105 were minorities.
* All of the suspected shooters are black or Hispanic.
* And aggressive patrolling of the parade areas led to the confiscation of 15 illegal guns.
All of this suggests that the principal policing problem right now has very little to do with cops paying too much attention to young minority men.


Ray Kelly: "I don't know what led up 2 the arrest & hopefully we'll be able 2 get that information quickly"

Cuff stuff racial: Carib-bust pol(NYP) * City Councilman Denounces Police for Detaining Him(NYT) * Race Blamed for Detention(WSJ) * Council Member: Parade Arrest Part of NYPD's Race Problem (WSJ) * Gonzalez: Black-and-white police intolerance in Williams case(NYDN) * NYPD must get to the bottom of the seemingly senseless arrest of City Councilman Jumaane Williams (NYDN Ed)* detective union: "If he had simply ID'd himself & acted like an elected official, he would have been treated like 1"(NYT) * Here’s video of NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s aide, Kirsten Foy, who was with Williams, being taken to the ground by the NYPD. The WFP circulated the link.* A columnist said these sorts of injustices are "so appallingly routine in this town it rarely makes news anymore … It took the arrest of a City Councilman to remind us that black and Latino men deserve more respect from police on our streets. [Juan Gonzalez] *

Bloomberg Wants A Beer Summit

Mayor Bloomberg suggests NYPD, Councilman Jumaane Williams can smooth over arrest flap with a beer * Mayor Suggests Parade Arrest Could Be Settled Over Beer (NBC)

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  . & respond 2 : "this is bigger than the 3 of us over a beer." prefer mtg

Democrat Hikind Endorses Turner in the 9th

During last night's debate, David Weprin said he would support President Obama for re-election, while Bob Turner stumbled over a question on corporate tax loopholes

Race Tighter Than Expected, Democrats Aim to Bolster Candidate for Weiner Seat(NYT) * Hikind Set to Endorse Republican(WSJ) * Weiner seat winner may be redistricting loser(NYDN)  The Ninth Congressional district's likelihood of disappearing after redistricting has prevented big donors and outside political groups from spending heavily on the race, 

Rowdy Debate Shows Intensity In Special Congressional Race(NY1) * Jewish Press is expected to endorse David Weprin, according to a campaign source. [Twitter] *Silver made his call the * Race to Replace Weiner Down to the Wire (NYT) * Fight For Jewish Vote In NY-9(YNN) * Nate Silver thinks N.Y.–9 (Anthony Weiner's old seat) could go Republican (NY Magazine) Silver thinks Weprin has money and troops on the ground, so he's "a modest favorite * Why the House race to replace Weiner is a close one (Wash Post)* comes to . Turner camp accuses Weprin of "saying no" to 54K new jobs bc he's too "politically correct" and beholden in WFP. * Dov Hikind: Bob Turner is a mensch (Brooklyn Political Blog) *  Weprin Campaign Ad(video) * The Republican Jewish Coalition is urging NY-9 residents to “Vote No to Obama/Weprin” in mailers featuring Ed Koch and a Holocaust survivor. * NY-9 candidate forum 9-6-11 p.1Here are Part II and Part III * Torah law forbids you from voting for David Weprin

Azi Paybarah (Twitter)  "really shows is in trouble" WOR710's John Gambling says of Dem Hikind endorsing Republican .

Queens Ledger (Twitter) All Politics is Local – We Endorse David Weprin For Congress:


Queens City Council Race Hopeless  

 In Queens Council Race, Wills Seeks Finance Probe of Rival. Council Member Ruben Wills's campaign called on the Campaign Finance Board to investigate rival Allan Jennings for allegedly using "questionable loans." (WSJ)


Gail Robinson (Twitter)  AD23 Democratic candidate Phil Goldfeder says he doesn't know how he would have voted on same-ex marriage because he hasn't read the bill.

Sen Kruger Misses the First Day of School 

Not surprising state Sen. Krueger thought yesterday was first day of school - it should have been(NYDN) Unfortunately for 1.1 million kids, the tweet was 48 hours early. The children start tomorrow because the school year is shorter than it should be. The teachers contract mandates opening after Labor Day, and the Education Department has to squeeze teacher prep into an absurdly short time.

New Yorkers Say Schools Still Suck

New Yorkers Say Mayor Has Not Improved Schools(NYT) City residents remain dissatisfied with the quality of the public schools, according to a New York Times poll. Only 34 percent of New Yorkers approve of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's handling of education, with the majority of residents broadly dissatisfied with the quality of the city's public schools * Watch and debate education reform on * City Teachers Cram In New Learning Methods Before School Year's Start(NY1) *  NY1 Exclusive: City Schools, DOE Chancellor Get Mixed Reviews In New Poll

Poll: 30 percent of New Yorkers say they've lost their job in last four years(YNN)

NYT Cleans Up David

Introducing David Paterson, Drive-Time Radio Host(NYT) *Paterson didn’t exactly grill his former boss Spitzer

The Forgotten Paterson

Dave Paterson WOR NYU Violence Towards Women Politics No Spitzer As Suzannah Troy Confronts





Another Media Clean Up: Pension Crook Bill White 

Bill White is back - thanks to the same guy who cost him a million bucks. The former president of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum paid $1 million last year to settle a probe into his pay-to-play deals involving state pension fund investments, led by Cuomo when he was attorney general. Yet Cuomo's successful push for same-sex marriage as governor gave White a new platform for a public comeback. Soon after the law was signed, White made a splash in the Post and in online gossip columns with plans for a lavish wedding to his longtime partner Bryan Eure. The coverage so far has featured his star-studded guest list and a celebration at the Four Seasons restaurant, but nary a word of his past legal troubles. The latest addition: In an email to invited guests who haven't yet responded, he promises a performance by Aretha Franklin

Hi Ho Silver: Is the Longest Serving Man in the Room Getting Left Out in the Cold?




NYC Housing Authority account for over half of the city's top overtime earners last year

Piping-hot plumber leads city OT kings(NYP) "At least 17 workers took in more than $100,000 in overtime last year."  24 in Transportation Department and 12 in the fire department.





City's leaner workforce racks up whopping $1.2 billion in OT(NYDN)



Borders under Siege in Brooklyn Neighborhoods(The Brooklyn Ink)





 The leader of the Seneca Indians said the tribe was willing to work with local officials to bring a casino to the Rochester area, the Democrat and Chronicle reports:

Make Way for Lobbyists Freddie In MTA Chair?

Riders: Pick politically-savvy MTA chief next time around(NYDN) * TA, Straphangers: Next MTA head should know the transit (Second Ave. Sagas) * Where Does Your Fare Go? Increasingly, To Pay Off MTA Debt(





Law and Order

 Fury over bandit’s last score(NYP)  *Scarf thief wraps deal (NYP) *  Veep robbed Citigroup blind $22M netted cars, homes(NYP) * Plea Deal for Killer of Woman, 92(NYT) * Suspected bank robber 'Willie Sutton Jr.' busted by FBI (NYDN) * Manhattan Man Shot By NYPD Detective Dies(NY1) * Man Shoots Himself While Being Evicted(Bensonhurst Bean)

 I put my dead roommate in a suitcase - but I did nothing wrong!(NYDN)



Schneiderman successfully defends the state's concealed handguns law, calling it a "major victory." [Casey Seiler]


Terrorism Last of 4 in synagogue bomb plot gets 25 years(NYP)


Jon Stewart Challenges Right-Wing Hypocrisy On Hoffa Tea Party Rhetoric



 Dicker Vs Paladino: Take Out I

Roger Stone email: Lib press hypocrisy. When Paladino said he would "take Fred Dicker out" libs went nutz, when Hoffa sez it it's about "votes."

Goldman Probe Widens(WSJ) * In Euro Zone, Mounting Fear of Bank Default Feeds on Itself(NYT) * Why the Stock Markets Are Losing Hope - Charles Gasparino, New York Post




Is James Murdoch Toast? (Daily Beast)






TV Remembers 9/11 (Daily Beast)





How Magazines Covered The Attacks (PHOTOS) Huff Post