Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Daily News Calls Weprin A Fiscal Idiot, the NYT Call Him An Expertise

Former City Council Financial Chairman

Daily News Proved Weprin Was A Fiscally Clueless Idiot

Was it Irene or a Daily News editorial that made David Weprin duck a debate with Bob Turner? (NYDN Ed) The Daily News takes credit for Weprin ducking Monday night's debate in the district, saying he was likely avoiding crowds after telling the paper's editorial board the national debt is $4 trillion instead of $14 trillion


NYT Endorsed Weprin Because of his Expertise and Fiscal Rationality?

For Congress in New York’s Ninth District  We endorse David Weprin, who would represent his constituents with far more expertise, sensitivity and fiscal rationality, in the Sept. 13 election. (NYT Ed)


 NYP Calls Weprin the Queens Dem Boss's Sock Puppet Who Fears Public Debates

Victim of Social Promotion Pushed By His Family and Corrupt Crowley

David Weprin, shrinking violet(NYP) The Post says Weprin's debate no-show is a function of having his nomination handed to him by Democratic party bosses instead of fighting for it in a primary.

During Turner’s Time As TV Mogul, A Sharp Drop in Profits (CHN) * Inside City Hall will host a debate between candidates David Weprin & on Thursday 9/8 * DEFEATING OBAMA AT THE POLLS IN 2012: BOB TURNER FOR CONGRESS (Jewish Voice) * UFT endorses David Weprin in citing support for Medicare, education funding. * Gaffes Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner’s Seat (TPM)

NYT says Gov. Andrew Cuomo's experience with disaster recovery as fed housing secretary guided his response to Hurricane Irene

NYT Helps Build Cuomo Image As Disaster Response Leader Which Got Off To A Slow Response Thanks to Media Master Bloomberg

Old Hand at Hurricanes, Cuomo Leads Response(NYT) * Hurricane Cost Seen as Ranking Among Top Ten(NYT) * Irene Keeps One Million in the Dark(WSJ) * Passengers at JFK stranded by monster backlog of flights(NYDN) *Obama provides Assistance to individuals and households to New York, Queens & Richmond Counties, but not Kings (Brooklyn) * Cuomo: $1B In Damages For New York(YNN)

 Passengers still grounded at JFK Terminal awaiting flights(NYDN) * Hurricane Irene kicking up new storm in Washington A partisan battle erupted in D.C. over how to pay for the damages, estimated to be in the billions.(NYDN) * Con Ed Crews Work On Irene's Last Remaining Outages(NY1) * Queens Nursing Home Tight-Lipped On Botched Evacuation(NY1) ***Breaking President Obama Declares Major Disaster Status For New York State Post-Hurricane Irene(NYDN) * One politician noticeably absent from touring flood damage in NY has been Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is on vacation in Europe.* Oneonta Daily Star takes issues with those who are suggesting that Hurricane Irene was a dud. * NYC, nonprofits try crowdsourcing storm damage * Live! Andrew Cuomo and Janet Napolitano Tour Storm-Ravaged Upstate Region(NYO)



Cuomo Vs. Bloomberg?

Insiders said the failure of Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo to appear jointly at press conferences related to the hurricane preparations and aftermath highlighted a tense relationship between the two. 


The number of NYC residents on Medicaid is likely to hit 3 million next year
As more employers drop health coverage and force low-wage workers to seek government care

City Medicaid near critical condition The number of city residents qualifying for Medicaid has hit a record that's likely to go even higher next year when enrollment will almost certainly reach the milestone 3 million mark -- or more than 37 percent of the population (NYP)

Espada Blames the Bean Counters
Disgraced former Sen. Pedro Espada plans to defend himself on corruption charges by saying accountants approved all the personal expenses, including pony rides, he paid with taxpayer fund(NYDN)


PA Head Is Going Down Fighting: Blaming Partisan Washington for Americas Poor Infrastructure

PA Head Also Says Tolls to Low Even After the Hikes

Toll hike too low: PA boss(NYP) * Toll hikes were too LOW according to Port Authority boss(NYDN)

Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward is going out with guns blazing. In a fiery speech at a Building Congress luncheon yesterday, Ward criticized the polarization in American politics today that he said has led to a sharp decrease in infrastructure spending. "Reagan launched a darker strain in American politics, that somehow government itself is the problem, and that you can always do more with less," Ward said. "Today, we are truly seeing the consequences of that slow deterioration of that social contract." Later, Ward said he wished governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie had approved larger toll increases. Rumors are rampant that Cuomo wants to push Ward out of his job after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so tongues were wagging after his speech about what message Ward was trying to send with his speech - or whether he was positioning himself for his next job. Ward gave no hints about his own future, but said he had no desire to run for office. * Port Authority Head Rips Gingrich, Reagan & Tea Party In …(WCBS)

When It Comes to Gambling Silver Has His Hidden Agenda
In 2004 a casino company that wants to expand into New York aloud Silver to stay at its Las Vegas hotel on the cheep. 

Silver Could Tarnish Mayor's Golden Idea - New York Daily News May 27, 2002 – But there is a stumbling block: Sheldon Silver. ... Silver promoted casinos in the Catskills and western New York last year, but refused to allow them here(NYDN) * Assembly Speaker Silver tells the Daily News he would support casino gambling only in resort areas, not in NYC(NYDN)

City Saves $27 M When Feds Drop CAP SIGNS Regs

Regards to BROADWAY The feds yesterday put the kibosh on draconian rules that would have required all of New York City's 250,900 street signs to be changed from all caps to upper-and-lower-case lettering by 2018 -- a sudden reversal expected to save the state about $27.6 million.(NYP)

NYPD Spy Unit Sounds A Lot Like Moynihan Book "Beyond the Melting Pot"

Inside the Spy Unit That NYPD Says Doesn't Exist The Demographics Unit, a squad of 16 officers fluent in a total of at least five languages, was told to map ethnic communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and identify where people socialize, shop and pray(NBC)



Inside The Demographics Unit, The CIA Spy TeamTheNYPDSays Doesn't Exist(Huff Post)



Poking Fun at the Mayor, El Leadero in el Stormo(NYT) A blogger was inspired to create a parody of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Twitter feed after hearing his hurricane warnings in Spanish, heavy American accent intact. (NYT)

Michele kibitzes with key NY Jews(NYP)


UFT Back in Court To Stop Teacher Rating; Verizon Urged to Give Back Corrupt $$$; Parents Demand Toxic School Tests

City Teachers Union Seeks to Appeal Ruling(WSJ) * Ama Nyamekye became a teacher -- and a confirmed believer in the value of standardized tests (NYDN Ed) *  Verizon urged to give back $800,000 from Dept. of Education scam(NYDN) * Parents demand 31 schools be tested for toxins before school starts (NYDN)

In giving the city the go-ahead to release teacher data scores to the public, the courts have "significantly narrowed the rights" of all public employees in New York State, the United Federation of Teachers argues in a memo to the state Supreme Court released last night. Last week, the Appellate Court ruled the city can release teacher ratings data to news organizations. The UFT argues in the memo that the court "failed to consider the subjective nature" of the ratings data, and "erred in finding that the information ... would not constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy." Based on these questions, the union is requesting that it be allowed to appeal the decision. But because the Appellate Court ruling was unanimous, the teachers union's chances of appealing the decision are severely limited.

New 911 Cancer Link; Compensation Fund Expanses; Action Plan Still Not Finished

'9/11 cancer' link FDNY's study in clash with feds(NYP) *  Zone for 9/11 Compensation in Lower Manhattan Is Expanded(NYT) * 9/11 Commission Says Its Action Plan Unfinished(WSJ)


Dubious Title: 14-year-old boy is the city's youngest murder suspect of 2011(NYDN)

Bronx tykes shot over pot debt(NYP)

Poison 'ivy' jailed Columbia dealer gets 3½ mos.(NYP)



'Set 'Em Free' Feinman hates her job, hoping for transfer: source(NYP) * Bad old days(NYP Ed)

Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland over amusement park's head scarf ban; 15 arrests made(NYDN) * Fight in N.Y. Amusement Park Over Head Scarves(NYT) * 15 Playland Arrests Over Headwear Fight(NBC)

Law and Order

Victim battles iJacker(NYP) * Cop killers could walk(NYP) * Slay teach school bid(NYP)  * New Claims Against Man Accused of Framing His Ex-Girlfriend for Robberies(NYT) * Driver Arrested in Fatal Wreck(WSJ) * Subway crime rises as thieves target iPads, other gadgets (NYDN) * Visit me in prison, boy says on Facebook before turning himself in for slay(NYDN) * 2-year-old Patience Boyd still fighting for her life after shooting(NYDN) * Driver In Fatal S.I. Crash Faces Homicide Charges(NY1) * Hit-and-run driver remains at large(NYDN) * Bronx tykes shot over pot debt(NYP)* Suspect Arrested in Bronx Shooting (Fox 5)* Police Investigate String Of Brooklyn Robberies(NY1) * Authorities: NYC dealer hid drugs in baby stroller(WABC)

Obama Sets Jobs Speech That Collides With G.O.P. Debate(NYT)

 Romney camp not panicking over Rick Perry — yet(Politico)

SEC Lawyer Blew Whistle Before The SEC lawyer who accused the regulator of improperly destroying thousands of documents is a proven whistleblower: He received an award of $2.7 million for exposing possible fraud in a previous job. (WSJ)





Companies Pay More to CEOs than Taxes(The Daily Beast)







Wonderful Montage Shows Nearly Every Film Appearance Of The Twin Towers