Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wall Street Hookers; Bloomberg Fails; Will Koch Send A Message to Obama in the 9th

Did Someone Just Send Boyland A Message Not To Rat to the Feds?

The world economy is cratering, mobs are burning London, No Jobs ...and Mariano Rivera fails for the 2nd straight time. Is there NOTHING left?

Wall Street and Hookers Interesting Connection NYP

Dow closes down 520.82 points, or 4.63 percent, at 10,718.95


What a ride! Stocks rise & fall & rise(NYP) * Its Forecast Dim, Fed Vows to Keep Rates Near Zero(NYT) * Half-Measures From the Fed(NYT Ed) *The Revenge of the Rating Agencies(NYT) * Markets Sink, Soar After Fed Speaks(WSJ)* Wall Street fears rub off on shoe shiners losing business(NYDN)* Update 11:25  U.S. Stocks Resume Their Slide After a One-Day Rally(NYT) * Anxiety Hits Shares of French Banks(NYT)

Wall Street and the NY Budget

Despite the Wall Street downturn, Cuomo still believes the state budget is “fundamentally” on track.

Dowd Bangs Obama"Can't Learn From His Mistakes"
Withholder in Chief President Obama has turned out to be the odd case of a pragmatist who can’t learn from his mistakes and adapt.(NYT)


Sex and the City's Schools  - 20 years later, sex ed is back in NYC schools

How to Put On A Condom; Parents Mixed Reviews

Schools' sex ed. mandate(NYP) * New York City Will Mandate Sex Education(NYT) * It's mandatory: High schoolers will receive pointers on proper way to use a condom * As with the district’s HIV/AIDS curriculum, a parental opt-out will be offered for specific lessons involving prevention and birth control – but not those dealing with risky sexual behaviors.* Schools: "when we look at the biggest disadvantages that kids in our city face, it is blacks and Latinos that are most affected by the consequences of early sexual behavior and unprotected sex," said Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs* Sex Ed Becomes Mandatory For City Middle, High School Students(NY1)*New York Archdiocese Criticizes Sex-Ed Mandate(NYT)

 Charter school students made big gains in NYC this year, vaulting 5 % points in proficiency to 68%





Daily News Get Over Yourself About Bert and Ernie Getting Hitched 

Calls mount for Bert, Ernie to tie the knot on 'Sesame Street' * Folks who want a gay marriage for Bert and Ernie of 'Sesame Street' need to get over themselves


Gambling In New York: Here Come the Campaign Contributions from Malaysian

 What Ever Happen to the AEG Investigation?

Source for revenue and upstate jobs Cuomo Weighs Ending State Limits on Casino Gambling(NYT) * This comes as the state’s racinos are preparing a big lobbying push to allow development of full-scale, Vegas-style operations

 Gambling: Won't solve "this year's" fiscal problems. [Teri Weaver / Post-Standard] * Gambling: "Casino mogul Donald Trump…donated $38,000 to Cuomo in 2009 and 2010, while Trump's daughter, Ivanka, donated another $8,000 to Cuomo." [Joseph Spector / Democrat and Chronicle] * Revenues Keep Dropping In Atlantic City Casinos - Levon Putney reports * Cuomo Holds Off On Praise For Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward..(NYDY) *IG Report: Casino Inspector Received Gifts, Didn’t Know Ethics Rules(YNN) * Las Vegas Hilton reports loss, skips interest payments on loan

Cuomo Success Meets Bloomberg and Obama Failures 

Words that describe Cuomo? According to a new Quinnipiac poll, "good," "competent," "trying," "honest" and "OK" 

Andy's dandy: Cuomo better leader than Bloomberg, Obama, poll says(NYP)

 NYS political A-listers attended the late Gov. Hugh Carey’s wake in NYC. His funeral will be tomorrow.* Remembering Carey: A scribe gets a chance to write speeches; ends up in the White House. [Hendrik Hertzberg / New Yorker]

Bloomberg 3rd Term: Education Black; Snow Storm Deputy Mayor Gone; ACS Commissioner Gone; CityTime and NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal and Now NYCHA

EMBATTLED NYCHA FACES EXODUS AT THE TOP: The six top officials at the New York City Housing Authority have left for new jobs or are leaving this month, leaving a dozen high-ranking management slots vacant as NYCHA struggles to maintain apartments for 400,000 residents: 

 Upset in the Weiner Queens?

Koch Send A Message on Israel to Obama Could Win It For Turner

Race for Weiner’s Seat Tightens, Siena Poll Finds  48% for Weprin 42% Turner

 Koch vs. Obama

Poll shows Weprin losing Brooklyn but winning the race for Congress (and the Jewish vote) * "[Ed] Koch is as popular as Cuomo in this district" said pollster Greenberg

Turner and Weprin Deserve to Lose NY9( * NY-9: "[A] Democratic loss here would be disheartening for the party." [Rachel Weiner / Washington Post] * NY-9: "[T]his is a race Democrats had expected to win easily." [Joel Siegel / ABC News] * NY-9: "[T]he poll shows the Jewish vote is still firmly in Weprin’s pocket." [Jonathan Tobin / Commentary Magazine] * NY-9: Turner has more support among GOP than Weprin has among Democrats. [Caitlin Huey-Burns / Real Clear Politics] * NY-9: So much for Weiner's support in the district. [Andrea Shiell / Washington Examiner] * NY-9: "While most New York House Democrats voted against the recently-passed law, the Siena poll shows a strong majority–61 percent–of voters in NY-9 said they would have wanted their representative to vote for the bill." [Ashley Killough / CNN]


Carl Kruger DisneyLand Government Newsletter

An official (taxpayer-funded?) update from Sen. Carl Kruger makes no mention of his legal troubles. 




2012: Rangel says Obama is the reason he's seeking another term. [Alec Hamilton / WNYC] 




If you care about NYC democracy, worry--50% drop in primary turnout since '89

The Next Mayor? You Don't Care, Do You? (Village Voice)

 Quinn Protesters

NYPD No-Shows At Court For NYFD Tickets 

NYPD cops no-shows at ticket hearings for FDNY firefighters, helped Bravest skate on summons(NYDN)

First Parks Dept Pink Slips in 20 Years  

City Readying First Flurry of Pink Slips(WSJ) The Bloomberg administration is preparing to send layoff notices to 465 parks employees this week, marking what would be the first pink slips for the department in 20 years * "More than 1,000 layoffs citywide are slated for the fiscal year that began July 1

Michael Barbaro(Twitter)

Leaked threats of NYC layoffs whose chances of occurring are unknown

Taxi Driver from Hell
Cabbies - surprise - rated road's worst(NYP) * New York cabbies are a menace but bus drivers are a delight: Poll(NYDN)

Cuomo Your Done Pedro . . .  Get Out Now

Breaking  Former State Sen. Pedro Espada's Bronx clinic ordered off Medicaid by Cuomo administration(NYDN)

Andy tainting my jury pool: Espada(NYP) * Espada Vows Funding Fight(WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo out to get me for years, Pedro Espada claims(NYDN)

Will A Proposed Toll Booth Increase Deep Six PA Director Ward
The Times endorses a $2 toll-increase at the Port Authority, as well as another $2 increase in 2014, and chides Cuomo and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie for feigning shock at the proposal:* Cuomo called the PA plan a “non-starter,” and said this isn’t a good time to start raising tolls, but he didn’t completely rule out future fare increases for commuters. * The NYTimes’ Jim Dwyer sings the praises of Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward, who is believed to be on Cuomo’s chopping block, for the rebuilding progress at Ground Zero. * Toll Hikes: WTC costs are behind it. [Andrea Bernstein / WNYC]

Michael Powell (Twitter)

Cuomo/Christie audition for role of Captain Renault in Casablanca - Shocked, SHOCKED! to find toll hikes going on:


Rangel Unique Voice and Experience Soldier On . . .  And He Still Having Fun

Rangel at Rest: Twenty-One Terms Later, Can Charlie Keep Going?(NYO)





Moving ny primary to June puts it at end of legislative session, when most issues r voted on

June primary from September in order to comply with a new federal law passed by Sen. Charles Schumer Earlier Primary Eyed in New York(WSJ)


 If the NY Pols Did Not Use the 2010 Census Jobs As A Patronage Mill It Would Have Been Done Right the First Time

Mayor Bloomberg Submits City’s Formal Challenge to 2010 Census Results * City Says Census Missed 50,000 People in Brooklyn and Queens(NYT) * Filing Challenge to Census, City Says 50,000 Weren’t Counted in 2 Boroughs(NYT)








The New Battle of Britain: Army of riot cops storms the streets

London Police Use Flickr to Identify Looters

Army of riot cops storms the streets(NYP) * Unrest Spreads Far From London on 4th Night of Violence(NYT) * Rioting Prompts Fears Over Soccer and Olympics(NYT) * London Sweeps Up as Riots Head North(WSJ) * London riots continue to rage as record number of cops try to stem tide (NYDN)



NYPD Monitoring Facebook and Twitter for criminal activity

NYPD is Following London Closely 

FDNY Commissioner defends minority recruiting practices

FDNY minority report(NYP) * In Court, the City’s Fire Commissioner Defends Efforts to Diversify the Ranks(NYT)


Swimming in the Hudson is Sometimes Swimming is Shit

Sewage Frequently Fouls Hudson River, Report Says(NYT) * Sewage Plagues Hudson(WSJ)





DiNapoli: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Tom's Assembly Friends Voted DiNapoli in Office After Hevesi Resigned

The friends of Tom DiNapol The Post accuses State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli of moonlighting for the tort-law lobby, or falling under the influence of his top deputy, a former state environmental commissioner, for recommending an industry-paid fund to pay for potential damages related to hydrofracking(NYP) * DiNapoli Proposes 'Fracking' Fund(WSJ)


Andy puts kibosh on PA toll surge(NYP)


Cuomo: there is a generation of children who don't recall or understand 9/11.






Another Fat Cat Caught in Play to Play

Chamber boss quits in $candal   Jeffrey Bernstein, chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, abruptly quit yesterday after he was accused of embezzling $2.3 million from a nonprofit (NYP)





NYT Eats Up Baldwin's Mayoral Crap 

Baldwin Says term limits vote "positively disqualifies" Quinn. "She totally betrayed a huge constituency here in the city."

No Plans for 2013, but an Actor Seems Focused on the Mayor’s Office(NYT) * Actor Alec Baldwin is indeed planning a NYC mayoral run, but not likely in 2013. He wants to establish permanent residency in the city and learn more about the job first.


 The DN endorses a modest pay raise for judges – “somewhere shy of $174,000″ – but warns the compensation commission not to go off the deep end.


Redefining the Hot Dog, a Cart at a Time(NYT)

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Serving Shareholders and Democracy The Supreme Court’s reasoning in allowing unlimited campaign spending by corporations is proving to be wrong. The S.E.C. should step in with new rules on campaign donations. (NYT Ed) * Here Come the Super PACs (Politico)




McConnell, Boehner Make Deficit Committee Appointments(Huff Post)



Armed Queens Man Shot By Police Officer; Investigation Underway(NY1)




 Groper Charged

'Serial groper' arrest(NYP) * Hunt Ends for Groping Suspect, but 12 Lineups Must Follow(NYT) * East Side Attacks Suspect Arrested(WSJ) * Manhattan Groping Suspect Charged In Three Attacks(NY1) * Suspect Charged in Groping Attacks(NYT) * 3 Pick Suspect in Gropings From Lineup(NYT)

 Second Former Cop Acquitted Of Rape To Serve 60 Days(NYP) * Ex-Officer Receives Two-Month Sentence in Rape Case(NYT) *  2nd Ex-Officer in Rape Case Is Sentenced for Misconduct(NYT)

Experts: Boro good as gold for accuser(NYP) * Strauss-Kahn Accuser Seeks More Than Money (WSJ)* 'Bronx effect' may help DSK accuser in civil trial(NYDN)


Leiby Kletzky's alleged killer has personality disorder, psych exam shows: (NYP)\
Biggest revelation out of Levi Aron's psych evaluation: his sis died while institutionalized for schizophrenia (a genetic disease) * Psychiatric Disorder Found in Defendant(NYT)

 Victim rips her stabber in court(NYP)


Law and Order

Booze clouds singer's memory of beating(NYP) * 'IJacker' teen hood get 6 yrs.(NYP) * Cop-slay conviction tossed(NYP) * Three stooges' 'robbery' crash(NYP) * Sweep Nets 65 Alleged Gang Members(WSJ) * Judge orders 'Psycho Ex Wife' website creator to take down blog(NYDN) * Mobster pleads guilty to $50K Yeshiva heist(NYP) * City worker admits masterminding $7M food-stamp fraud(NYP)* NYPD cop pleads not guilty for shooting gal pal's ex-boyfriendNYPD cop pleads not guilty for shooting gal pal's ex-boyfriend(NYP) * Bronx man fatally stabs wife, police say(NYP) * NYC prisoners call their standard-issue footwear “Air Patakis.” They don’t mean it as a compliment, but the former governor takes it that way.


 Hasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer releases song, video in honor of slain 8-year-old Leiby KletzkyHasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer releases song, video in honor of slain 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky(NYDN)

In Wisconsin, a Big Recall Push Comes Up Short(NYT)

Two GOP senators lost their seats in Wisconsin’s recall elections yesterday, but the party retained control of the chamber – a victory for Gov. Scott Walker and his conservative policies.  * Undaunted, Wisconsin Democrats are now going after Gov. Scott Walker.


Jon Stewart Defends Rep. Michele Bachmann: ‘Shame On You, Newsweek’ 

Joe Scarborough To Tina Brown: You Used That Photo To Make Bachmann Look Crazy * Tina Brown's wild-eyed Bachmann cover smells like desperation. (Slate)


Mad As Hell: Dylan Ratigan Goes On Epic Rant Over ‘Trillions Extracted From U.S.’




Battle Breaks Out Among Manhattan's Weeklies (The Atlantic)

Al Sharpton Suffers Teleprompter Fail; Conservatives Point And Laugh

Limbaugh: An Accredited Black Journalist ‘Sabotaged’ Al Sharpton’s Teleprompter




Lawyer Overseeing News Corp.’s Internal Hackign Probe Is Old Pals With US Attorney Leading Investigation

 The man tapped by Rupert Murdoch to oversee News Corp.’s internal probe of alleged cellphone hacking, Viet Dinh, is best friends with US Attorney Preet Bharara, who is leading the US investigation into the company.




Table Available at Elaine's(WSJ) * Elaine's dining room fixture up for sale after closure of iconic restaurant(NYDN)