Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hugh Carey Would Never Win An Election Today

Never Kiss Ass to the Press . . .  Like to Drink . . . Had  A Sarcastic Irish Wit Which He Shared With Everyone . . .  Was Not GQ  . . .  Breslin Called him Society Carey

Yet everyone is telling us that this guy was a great governor and Indispensable In City's '70s Fiscal Crisis Before Taking on Albany, Raising 14 Children in 1960s Brooklyn(NYT)Bickering politicians could learn from former Gov. Hugh Carey(NYDN) * Dad's financial woes pushed Carey to fix NYC: biographer(NYDN * For Bill Hammond, Carey’s legacy as a House member highlights the lack of bright lights in the state’s current congressional delegation.* The funeral for former New York Governor Hugh Carey will be held on Thursday (NBC)

Sex Ed Back
NYT EXCLUSIVE: NYC to mandate sex ed in schools for first time in a decade(NYT)

One of politics' oldest rules: Run positive if you can, run negative if you must. In bad times, incumbents "must"

Triple-A nation(NYP) * Obama 'hopeful about our future' as Dow Jones plummets(NYDN) * Wall St. panics as Washington dawdles and the wheels come of the economy(NYDN Ed) * Wall Street Experts And Politicians React To Battered Stock Market(NY1) * Rangel: Obama Should Call Congress Back [Video] * A new Marist poll found seven in ten U.S. residents – 70 percent – believe the nation is moving in the wrong direction.* The most powerful man on Earth?(Wash Post) *  Withholder in Chief (Dowd, NYT)

No Pol Wants to Deliver the Bad News  On How Wall Street Fall Will Hurt NY
During the 2008 Melt Down 30,000 Jobs Lost on Wall Street and the City and States Pension Costs Climbed Thu the Roof
The specific impact of the federal fiscal troubles on New York and its municipalities remain unclear, but higher interest rates could be in the offing for the state and local governments.*State employees on the cusp of retirement have a longer life expectancy than originally projected, but it’s unclear what that will do to insurance costs.* How will the S&P downgrade affect New York and its municipalities? They are concerned (Gannett Albany) A Pol or Comptroller? DiNapoli optimistic in Wall Street crisis(NP)

Jon Stewart Evaluates America’s AA+ Credit Rating Disaster: ‘Are You F*cking Serious?’

Colbert on the Credit Downgrade: 'Don't Panic!'; Some Things In America are Still AAA -- VIDEO

 Rape Cop Goes to Jail

Yes! Hero jurist KO's cop's excuses(NYP) * Ex-Officer in Rape Case Gets Jail Term for Misconduct(NYT) * After Acquittal in Rape Case, a Prison Term(WSJ) * Disgraced cop Kenneth Moreno in cuffs is jarring spectacle(NYDN)* Ex-cop Kenneth Moreno, cleared of rape, gets one year in jail(NYDN) * Criminal ex-cop Kenneth Moreno gets off easy with a jail sentence that is too light(NYDN Ed) * NY1 Exclusive: Juror In Trial Of Former NYPD Officer Acquitted Of Rape Speaks Out


NYP: Cuomo & Christie Bait-and-Switch On Tolls

 Will Christie Be Looked At As A Hero If the Fare Hike is Only $2?

The Post is curious why the Port Authority proposed such drastic toll hikes, when Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie are almost certain to reject them, arguing that "juvenile" move if it was intended to take the heat off the two governors:    Christie slams mayor, PA over toll hikes(NYP) * Um, about those toll hikes . . .(NYP Ed) * Port Authority Toll Hikes Could Open New Congestion Pricing Push (CHN) * Anonymous sources insist both Cuomo and Christie knew for months about the PA’s toll hike plan, despite the fact they claimed to have been blindsided by the proposal.* Toll Hikes: Staten Island lawmakers want to “freeze” current discount and extend them to more bridges. [SI Advance]* Cuomo: Toll Plan A "Non-Starter"(NBC) * Exclusive: Port Authority $1 Billion Toll Hike Was Ruse To Give Governors Cover (WINS) * Neither Cuomo nor Christie has ruled out toll hikes altogether, although Cuomo did call the PA’s proposal a “non-starter” today.  

It Takes A Liar to Know a Liar

David Paterson Not Buying Chris Christie's Line On Not Knowing About Port Authority Toll Hikes(NYDN)* So Christie knew but not Cuomo? .. Paterson Not Buying Christie's Line On Not Knowing About PA Toll Hike. (NYDN)

* Cuomo says reports he knew of port authority's plan to hike tolls "not accurate."

Padro's Hard Fall

Espada's Nonprofit Faces Loss of License(WSJ)

 AP reports that NYS is seeking to revoke the medicaid license for former senate majority leader Pedro Espada Jr. * Pedro Espada accuses Gov. Cuomo of political attacks to poison jury pool of Espada's federal trial; says his clinic was fully cooperating.* Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., still defending his old amigo, Pedro Espada Jr. and his Soundview HealthCare Network.






Another Corrupt City Contractor . . .  Who Has Oversight Over Contracts? Mayor, Comptroller or City Council

CityTime II

The Times reveals another potential city contract scandal: Seedco, a job placement group with $15 million in city contracts, may have forged its clients' job history to squeeze more money out of the city, which in turn may have turned a blind eye:* When Scandal Is Outsourced (NYT)


 Who Will Lead the Dangerously Underfunded MTA?

Cuomo Appoints Panel to Choose New Transit Chief(NYT)

One name not on the 20-member MTA Search Committee announced by the Cuomo administration yesterday? John Samuelsen, president of the 38,000-member TWU Local 100, which currently is in tense contract negotiations with the agency. Samuelsen said no one from the governor's office reached out about the committee, but he didn't sound worried. "Denis Hughes and Vinny Alvarez will do a fine job representing TWU's interests," Samuelsen said, referring to the presidents of the New York AFL-CIO and Central Labor Council, respectively. He accused departing MTA chairman Jay Walder of having "an anti-union bent from day one" and of "holding a gun to the head of transit workers" - and promised Walder's successor will have to deal with a union determined to fight. * Cuomo Forms Search Committee For New MTA Head  (NY1)


Back to the Future on Poverty Policy

Mayor Bloomberg’s latest program is a greatest-hits package of failed ideas(City Journal)






 Another Society Fat Cat Gets Caught in Pay to Play Scam

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce chairman quits over $2.3M-plus 'scam'(NYP)




Test Scores: NYP: Weep, NYDN: NYC Students Outpace State, WSJ: Great Job Charter Schools

35 percent passing rate for eighth-graders, a 2.5 percentage-point drop since last year

City's test scores: Read ’em & weep(NYP) * Students Make Small Gains on Tests(WSJ) * NYC students outpace state on reading, math tests(NYDN) * (NY1) * The Journal praises charter school operators Eva Moskowitz and Geoffrey Canada, whose students out-performed their public school peers on state test scores * When Buffalo, etc. had bigger gains on tests than NYC, Bloomberg ignored it. Now, he says, NYC vs. Big 5 is what counts. Test Scores: Better than Buffalo(Gotham Gazette) * Hard to figure how after 10 yrs, Bloomberg can see 56% of NYC student not reading well -- and say the news is 'good.'

State Senate: “Cuomo has not shared a podium with any Senate Democrat since June.” [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]


3,593 in Queens, where 2 million people live

On A Gurney:
Potential Closure Of Hospital Will Stretch Boro Medical Services Thin (Queens Tribune) * Lack of beds is a problem across NYC. Lower West Side of NYC: 385k people, 0 hospital beds




Judge overrules city objections and demands Commissioner Cassano testify about hiring practices

Judge insists Fire Commish Cassano testify on FDNY hiring practices(NYDN)FDNY big admits pals get personnel boost(NYP) * Fire Dept. Reduced Bias Unit While Being Sued for Bias(NYT) * Fire Commissioner Defends Effort To Diversify FDNY In Discrimination Suit(NY1) * In Court, the City’s Fire Commissioner Defends Efforts to Diversify the Ranks(NYT)


 A Real NY Casino in NY

Cuomo says state has to "take a step back" and consider allowing casino gaming.  (Twitter) Non-Indian casinos?  floats idea today, and there's already Senate support. Here's '11 bill to amend const: * Cuomo spox on gambling: "Right now the system is disjointed and we don't have a coherent policy. So we're actively looking at it." * Cuomo Weighs Ending State Limits on Casino Gambling(NYT)


 2 Unemployed Americas

 "Unemployment among 1/3 of Americans w/ the highest incomes is barely 4%, while for lowest third it's > 4X that level"(NYT)


 Marty Gives Turner A Show

Stung by charges of political favoritism, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz yesterday said he’s allowing Republican congressional candidate Bob Turner to speak at an upcoming summer concert event in Coney Island. Marty lets GOPer hit the stage(NYP)


Campaign HQ Robbed

34th AD candidate Jesus Gonzalez says HQ "target of armed robbery." 2 computers, cell phone stolen by 2 men at 9 pm yest. 1 staffer there. * etails: Robbery At Jesus Gonzalez Campaign HQ(NYDN) * NY-9: AFL-CIO endorses Weprin. Goldfeder and Simanowitz too. * Fallout: Biggest winner from Weiner scandal is Rep. Crowley. “[H]e’ll be freer to play kingmaker in the mayor’s race” and “he’s likely to inherit much of Weiner’s district.” [CHN]


2 on Judicial Pay Panel Press for Big Raises(NYT) Two members of the seven-person commission on judicial compensation pushed for big pay raises for judges; the final decision could come down to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s appointee, James Tallon. 



No $$$ For the Arts

Groups Advocating for the Arts Feel the Pinch(NYT)


City hiring private snow plows to clear side streets for future blizzards(NYDN) * After Last Year's Debacle, NYC Seeking Private Plows to Help in Snowstorms (NBC)




Finally Toxic School Closed

The city knew for at least six months that a Bronx school was contaminated with toxic chemicals before finally shutting it down, the Daily News reports:


DiNapoli: Industry Fund to Pay For Environmental Damages
As the Cuomo administration seeks to lift a moratorium on hydrofracking, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli plans to introduce a bill today that would create an industry-supported fund to pay for any environmental damages caused by the controversial drilling method, the New York Times reports:




 Lights Out on the Bowery It's not quite curtains for the lighting district in Manhattan, but the outlook is dim for business owners in one of Manhattan's declining specialty areas.(WSJ)



 No Volunteer Here

New York reportedly ranks last in volunteerism. 






City Has Push Food Trucks From Midtown Manhattan  

 Food Trucks Seek Salvation in Queens Parking Lot Amid a tough summer for food trucks, which have been largely forced out of Midtown, an experiment with a food-truck lot in Long Island City holds hope of a new business model.(WSJ) * PARKED! Food Truck Festival Taking Over the South Street Seaport on August 20 




Groper Caught

Police Nab Manhattan Serial Grope Suspect (NBC) *Police: UES Groping Suspect In Custody (NY1) * Hunt Ends for Groping Suspect, but 12 Lineups Must Follow(NYT)


Maid Law Suit Indication DA Case Will Be Dropped

DSK maid is out to clean up $uit filed as criminal case wavers (NYP) * Hotel Housekeeper Sues Strauss-Kahn(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Sued By New York Maid(WSJ) * Former IMF Chief's Accuser Files Suit(NY1)


By Helping a Girl Testify at a Rape Trial, a Dog Ignites a Legal Debate(NYT)




Police officer shoots and paralyzes unarmed man - and then sues NYPD for damages Officer Daniel Hernandez is suing the NYPD for denying him overtime while he's stuck on desk duty. Meanwhile, he is being sued by Ahmed Evans, the suspect he shot.(WSJ)



 Hit-run driver gets the max(NYP)

 Law and Order

Drugged driver hits kids: cops(NYP) * Burglar killed in plunge(NYP) * Going from ink to clink(NYP) *Toner Scammer Now Headed to Jail(WSJ) * Crash Involved City Worker(WSJ) * Singer Gavin DeGraw brutally beaten, then hit by cab after night out drinking(NYDN) * E. Side thugs beat pop star(NYP) * Cops would not respond to calls about perv in building, mom says(NYDN)* Suspect questioned in NYC groping attacks(ABC)  * Bike stabber sentenced to 25 years (NYDN)

Romney's Mystery Million

Perhaps It Was the Campaign Tooth Fairy Federal officials should quickly look into the mystery $1 million donated to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign before such opaque gimmickry becomes rife. (WSJ) * Obama Plans to Destroy Romney: Report: Campaign will undermine candidate’s character (The Daily Beast)*  Mitt Romney still leads the Republican field 24% and Rick Perry takes 17%, Ron Paul second with 14% and Michele Bachmann at 13%. USA Today and Gallup poll



CNN’s Richard Quest Ties U.K. Riots To Market Woes, Economy




Murdoch to Face Wall Street(The Daily Beast)

Eliot Spitzer will discuss the News Corp. cell phone hacking scandal with Keith Olbermann tonight. 

Rupert Murdoch on the riots in England: "These people are criminals. If you don't believe me, listen to their voicemails."




Hacked and Attacked: How Piers Morgan's Fabricated Story Almost Ruined This Reporter





Newspaper giant Tribune Co. developing tablet device (CNN)



Panama Trade Deal Would Undercut Efforts To Get Rich Americans To Pay Taxes (VIDEO)(Huff Post)

Washington: 200-year-old Page program ended, made obsolete by blackberry and smart phones. [AP]