Friday, August 12, 2011

Will the Public Ever Learn the Details of the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal?

 Investigation Seems to Have Shifted From DA to NYPD Internal Affairs

A penalty system before a trial? The NYPD has laid out a new penalty system for cops whose moving violations get tossed in court due to faulty paperwork, the Post says. The penalties range from lost vacation days to departmental charges, according to an internal memo * Bad tix will cost cops Days docked for tossed violations.  The public is left to wonder if we will ever learn who in City Hall, which council members and which VIP got their tickets fix.



If the police have no witnesses or suspects how do they know the shots were random? 

Shot That Hit Assemblyman’s Vehicle Was Random, Police Think(NYT) * Pol's lucky duck(NYP)





Outrageous toll hikes pushed by the PA are needed to cover their wild cost overruns at the WTC

Port Authority estimates that rebuilding Ground Zero will cost an additional $2 billion, as compared to a financial plan announced three years ago PA plays $2B hide and sneak at WTC * Christie "Unlikely" to Back NJ-NY Toll Hike (NBC)






Turner TV Commercial Says Weprin Supports the Building of the WTC Mosque

Bob Turner’s first TV ad in NY-9 hits Assemblyman David Weprin for his support of the so-called Ground Zero mosque. *  GOP hopeful Bob Turner pushes budget cuts in race to replace Weiner, admits to 'blatant pandering'(NYDN) * Turner Tells Obama to Put Jerusalem Back in Israel (NYO) * Queens Dem Condemns Turner Mosque Ad, Demands Apology(YNN)

 Liberal Party Going for Turner
Twitter MT : Exclusive: The Liberal Party will endorse Bob Turner in Starquest just told me...  The Liberal Party does not have a ballot line in his year special but has been has been expressing its preferences in recent years, Mangano over Suozzi.  The LP sends out letters to enrollees, former enrollees and independents, reporting the LP’s choice and the reasons for that decision *  Liberal Party To Endorse Republican Bob Turner In NY-9... But What Does It Mean?(NYDN) * Bob Turner To Claim Liberal Party Endorsement, Worth To Be Determined(Village Voice)



Alec Baldwin to NYP: I Played An Airline Pilot I Can Play Mayor

The Post bashes Alec Baldwin's mayoral aspirations, saying the "30 Rock" actor still has much to learn about the city before he jumps in the ring: 






Valone Continues Bloomberg Press Hits, Announcing Another Bill That Will Never Become Law

City Council Eyes More Budget Scrutiny(WSJ) The mayor should be prohibited in the future from inserting multimillion dollar expenditures into the budget at the 11th hour without public scrutiny, as Michael Bloomberg did with his initiative to help minority youth(WSJ)

Three city schools face Ed. Dept. scruitiny for cheating(NYDN) * Regents cheater probes(NYP)






Warning: Bike Thugs on the Manhattan Bridge

To Commissioner Sadik-Khan: Unruly cyclists are turning Manhattan Bridge into pedestrian perdition(NYDN Ed)


Ex NYT Reporter Says the Paper Blamed for the Riot Was Politically Correct Not the Truth

Telling It Like It Wasn’t Former Times reporter looks back on coverage of the event, and what went wrong. (The Jewish Week)

NYT 20 Years Later
 NYT bureau chief: Deep alienation helped feed London riots (MSNBC)

Espada Trying Going Out As A Street Fighter to The End

Hasta la vista, baby  Took long enough! Disgraced ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada is finally kicked off Medicaid gravy train (NYDN Ed) * Shutting Espada’s ATM(NYP Ed) * Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. vowed to go to court to try to block Cuomo’s “political terrorism” (in other words, his effort to shutdown the Soundview health clinics). * Even as he was under investigation for misusing funds from Soundview, Espada got a new contract from the health network’s board. * The DOH is working to provide Soundview patients with “suitable options” in the event the clinic does close. 



CFB Should Require Candidates to Post A 25,000 Bond Before They Get Any City Money

 A February court ruling that New York City candidates can no longer be held personally liable for wasting taxpayer-provided campaign matching funds is starting to take its toll. Yesterday the Campaign Finance Board said Councilwoman Helen Foster owed the city a $65,000 repayment from her 2009 campaign, but Foster had only $42,000 left in her campaign account, and the CFB can no longer compel her to make up the difference. A CFB audit found Foster had misused campaign funds following her successful re-election campaign - including $4,000 spent by Foster's campaign treasurer at Embassy Suites - but the CFB now has little choice but to eat the expense.  Councilwoman Helen Foster Has Worst Attendance in Council(Bronx Chatter)


Carey Remembered for Financial Stewardship(NYT) * Former Gov. Hugh Carey Laid to Rest(WSJ) * A who's who of N.Y. political figures mourn Hugh Carey at governor's funeral * Carey me home(NYP)



Kruger Loser
CITY HALL NEWS' WINNERS & LOSERS: They don't make 'em like late Gov. Hugh Carey anymore, so instead we have this week's crop. Winners are John Bonacic, Steve Israel, Bob Master, Charlie Rangel and Bob Turner; losers are Michael Bloomberg, Pedro Espada, Carl Kruger, Rob Walsh and Chris Ward: 


Butcher Levi Aron won't apologize for slaughter

EXCLUSIVE JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW: Confessed killer won't apologize for carnage * Brooklyn Boy's Accused Killer Speaks Out, Says He "Panicked"(NY1)



PEF’s executive board has ratified the tentative five-year contract union leadership struck with the governor. Now it’s up to the rank-and-file, who have until Sept. 26 to decide. 



Nearly 25 percent of N.Y. families with kids need food(Democrat and Chronicle)





New Yorkers back fracking, 47-42.  





NY1 Exclusive: New Yorkers Warming Up To Wal-Mart, Poll Finds

on Walmart...64 percent supported having one in their neighborhood, 31 percent opposed..., and nearly three in four adults would shop there.



New documentary called "If These Knishes Could Talk," relates the story of local accents through a kaleidoscope of New Yorkers.

Tracing New York's Mosaic of Accents







After 91 Years No More Coney Island Bialys 

Coney Island Bialys and Bagels closing




Debate Jolts Republican Race to Life(WSJ) * Sour Mood Threatens Both Sides' Incumbents(WSJ) * GOP hopefuls wrestle for spotlight, kick off blame-Obama-thon at debate(NYDN) * The latest buzz-inducing candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, was not present.



WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Ames Straw Poll Circus





Stephen Colbert Salutes Romney’s Position On Corporate Personhood: ‘Dr. Martin Luther, Inc.’


Q poll: Obama approval tanks in NY. 49-45 from June's 57-38. 1st time prez has negative numbers in Dem-dominated state.

Obama rubs shoulders with Anna Wintour, Harvey Weinstein in NYC(NYDN) * NY turns negative on Bam(NYP) * Guests at the NY $$$ included Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin; comedian Jimmy Fallon, designer Vera Wang, singer Alicia Keys, and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Cuomo was also there. * Obama Visits NYC For Yet Another Fundraise* Americans Still Don't Blame Obama for Poor Economy



It Zigs, It Zags: U.S. Market Rises 4% After a Down Day(NYT) * Small Investors Recalibrate After Market Gyrations(NYT) * Wild Trading Is Little Help for Banks(WSJ)





Dunaway battling eviction from rent-stabilized apartment(NYP)The Less Famous Faces of Housing Court(NYT)



Breaking (AP) Former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says he is in talks with British Gov't about becoming an advisor on violent riots

Leading U.S. police officer Bratton would help Britain if asked(Reuters)

Politicians and Protesters Assail British Police(NYT)

Bill Bratton To Monitor U.K. Gangs(Daily Beast)

Former NYPD commish Bill Bratton accepts job to help Britain control gang violence (NBC)



Machine Gun Sahiah

Teen girl called 'Uzi' busted for gang slay; cops say female shooters are rare(NYDN

Law and Order

Mother Remains in Jail(WSJ) * Boy admits role in friend's shooting death(WSJ) * Butt-slasher strikes again! Three more victims speak out(NYDN) * Creep's response to sex harassment suit : She's not hot enough to harass(NYDN) * Lawyers for Gigi Jordan want prosecutor booted from case(NYDN) * Gal raped on visit to city: cops(NYP) * A 'shoplifter' 'strikes' out(NYP)

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein loses $52M in one week(NYDN)

SEC Looking Into Insider Trading at S&P, Just in Case(NY Mag)

 Energy Senator, But You Have Much More in Washington

Schumer touts tax incentives for manure energy(WSJ) * Schumer wants the Coast Guard to help coordinate law enforcement agencies on the Hudson. * Escaped Cow Makes Mad Dash In Queens (NY1)



WATCH: Hudson River Just Got A Little More Sewage(Huff Post)





Jon Stewart: Megyn Kelly’s Maternity Leave Flip-Flop Due To ‘Post-Partum Compassion’