Sunday, August 14, 2011

True News Suday Update

Bronx DA Now Says NYPD Brass Knew Nothing About the Ticket Fixing Scandal

Containing an Investigation
Councilmembers and City Hall Insiders Get Their Tickets Fixed And Nobody Knows Nothing

Bronx prosecutors had initially targeted about 40 cops, but sources said they're focusing primarily on officials in the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, patrol officers and two sergeants. All of the cops were caught on wiretapped phone calls fixing summonses - some in exchange for gifts.
No high-ranking members of the NYPD are expected to be charged, the sources said. The grand jury will likely vote whether to indict sometime after Labor Day.


20 Years After the Riots Crown Heights is A Different Community

Gentrification Watch

20 years after riots, Crown Heights is a mixed racial haven(NYDN)

Rep. Nydia Velazquez has not sponsored one bill, amendment or resolution this year

Nydia Velazquez is most inactive New Yorker in Congress; Carolyn Maloney is most active: survey(NYDN)

Rep. Grimm part of the GOP freshman wave, sponsored 17 measures, including a controversial change to whistleblower protections at the SEC

Espada Fights to An End that is Coming 
Embattled ex-pol Pedro Espada vows to keep his clinic open(NYDN)

New Ridgewood Bushwick Board Are All Vito Lopez Sock Puppets
New Board Same As the Old

All have received $$$ from Vito Organizations

Agency's new board gives Lopez Vito power(NYP) The city ordered a shake-up of the board of the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council last year after investigators were aghast to discover a panel so hapless that some members couldn't identify the center's programs and others signed contracts they didn't understand because they spoke only Spanish.

Law and order Rep. Michael Grimm helped out by convicted felon

Business associate of Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm is convicted felon Carlos Luquis(NYDN)

Luquis was convicted for setting up fake bills made out to a company co-owed by Grimm for work never done.


 Pawlenty we hardly knew ye

Tim Pawlenty Quits Presidential Race(Huff Post)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

The city's second-highest ranking jail official quit Saturday night under the cloud of a criminal probe into allegations he used underlings as his personal valets

Department of Investigation began looking into allegations that Davis took vacations that were paid for by his subordinates.”  Department of Correction Chief Larry Davis quits under cloud of criminal probe (NYDN) * Jails chief sprung(NYP) * Correction Department Chief Reportedly Steps Down(NY1)


Hot Dog Vendors Name Change Game

'Cart' blanche: Fined street-food vendors in ID switch

Health Department officials say they're investigating identity switches by licensed food sellers who have accumulated thousands of dollars in fines but have been able to laugh them off by peddling their hot dogs, gyros and other tasty treats under different guises.

New statewide English and math test results show again what a great job charter schools do(NYDN Ed)

The Week’s Best Journalism(Huff Post)

WSJ confirms widening DOJ investigation of News Corp--potentially RICO

Young son of drowned NYPD officer seen wearing T-shirt with words 'Dad's No. 1 Draft Pick'(NYDN)

Council Rents Too Damn High

 Seabrook Has Expensive Tastes- Highest Rent

Larry Seabrook under indictment for his pay to play activities in addition to his $177 Bagel order, pays the highest rent for his district offices in the council.  Seabrook has the city paying 68 thousand a year while the average rent is 3100 a month.You would think the budget cuts would have the council cutting back on rents and shopping like the rest of us.  last year CM Diana Reyna from Williamsburg moved to a larger office and pays $5,000 a month. Seabrook open his second office last year while under indictment collecting rent from non profits for the use of his office among other things. What Seabrook did in his two offices is another question.  The councilman dead last introducing bills last year. Disparity Surfaces In City Council Rent Budgets(NY1)


NYP: Barron, to his credit, is honest about it: He says meetings and hearings are a waste of time. He may have a point

Why not let the entire council play hooky? The more often, the better! Just think: Less Corruption
MIA Councilmembers  Records from the last fiscal year show that indicted Councilman Larry Seabrook missed 27 percent of council hearings and meetings. His Bronx colleague Joel Rivera -- the alleged “majority leader” -- missed fully 19 percent. The absence king: Brooklyn’s Charles Barron, who managed to be AWOL for 28 percent of council business.


PA Hides It Hearing and the Public Must Seek Them

Toll-hike hearings E-Z to miss(NYP) The hearings will be held in out-of-the-way locales most people would pay to avoid, like the Port Authority's dank Holland Tunnel administrative building in Jersey City at 8AM.


NYT Says Car Guy Cuomo Must Pick Troubled MTA Head

The City's Corrupt Pols Will Attend Ceremony But Not FDNY Heros?

City snubs finest! 'No room' for the brave at WTC 10th anniversary ceremony(NYDN)






Peninsula Hospital is Owned by Medisys Network Which Bribed Senerio, Kruger and Boyland 

Queens Residents Rally Against Proposed Hospital Closure(NY1) * Berger Commission, take 2 From the Times Ledger:

David P. Rosen of MediSys Health Begins Bribery Trial -



Are NY Polls Built Wrong?

Survey Says: Don’t Trust Mayoral Polls Faulty sampling methods and a changing electorate explain a history of blown calls in New York (CHN)



Why Does Both the NYP and Daily News Report A Candidate Robbery That Was Reported On the Internet 4 Days Ago?

Thugs steal laptops from candidate's office(NYDN) * Thugs rob assembly candidate's office(NYP)






Truth has become a cash commodity in the business of packaged journalism

The Whore in the Night (Soho Journal)

”If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.” 
  —Hunter S. Thompson



Power to the Corporation! In the Iowa heat, Mitt breaks a sweat. It’s almost human (Dowd NYT)





 City Surrenders to the Gangs

Residents outraged as city shuts down block party over crime concerns(NYDN)

Sunday Daly: Fear of gangs is lousy excuse for cops to stop block party(NYDN)



 Mayor: Don't just pick on the rich, hike taxes on everyone!(NYDN)

Pink Slip Delayed

NYC delayed sending pink slips to 465 park workers; may send next week if deal with labor union isn’t achieved. City Parks Pink Slips Delayed(WSJ)




A year after the post-Dominican Day parade celebrations spiraled out of control—with a rowdy group hurling bottles at police—more officers will work to ensure this year's party is trouble-free, police said Friday. Parade Revelers Warned (WSJ) * Strict Police Presence To Accompany Dominican Day Parade(NY1)



Pol Can't Blow These Jobs for the Bronx

Daily News:  Good News Borough President Ruben Diaz and the City Council kill these slots, as they did in nixing 2,200 positions that would have been generated by the Kingsbridge Armory mall. It is great news that a developer plans a shopping center for the former Stella D'Oro site(NYDN ed)


'My Brooklyn: The Battle For The Soul Of A City' Documents Brooklyn Gentrification (VIDEO)



Text-case scenario for reforming 911 The feds have launched a major push to upgrade the 911 system across the country -- including the Big Apple -- with the vital ability to receive text messages, videos and photos during emergencies.(NYP)




 An American Japan Style Lost Decade

Global Crisis of Confidence(WSJ)  * This Time, Maybe the U.S. Is Japan(WSJ) * Goldman Sachs economists new analysis: Economy growing below 'stall speed', another way of saying beware deflation and lost decades






A Trailer Park Grows in Brooklyn

A Campground Grows in Brooklyn  Floyd Bennett Field is the only campground for the general public inside any American city's limits that belongs to the National Park Service. And for $20 a night, anybody can rough it legally in New York City. (WSJ)




Yet another bus from NYC overturns  (Huff Post)



 Bratton Faces A UK Police Force in Revolt
Police revolt against David Cameron's reform agenda (Guardian)
Britain Turns to Ex-U.S. Police Official for Aid(NYT) * Britain Turns to Former New York and Los Angeles Police Official for Help(NYT) * William Bratton takes gang-fighting gig with Scotland Yard(NYDN) * UK burning: Deadly violence spreads across Britain (Amsterdam News) * England at a Turning Point - Will Hutton & Henry Porter, The Observer * More on anger among British police chiefs over appointment of Bill Bratton, from the Independent.(NYT)

They Were Happy for Me to Die

Woman who leapt from blazing apartment in iconic London riot photo speaks out Says thugs 'were like animals--greedy, selfish animals who thought only of themselves.'(NYDN)

Terror cops aid Verizon(NYP)






A Starbucks Strike: No Coffee $$$ for You Washington 

Boycott Campaign Donations! Howard Schultz of Starbucks has come up with a Grand Idea to get a Grand Bargain out of Washington. He envisions a total strike on political contributions.  (NYT)


The Dumb Down Pols Acts Like Machine

We, Robot Campaign pledges make politicians more like robots, built to respond to the fluid, complicated world in simple, unchanging ways.(NYT)



Goldman Sachs economists-best in biz- see possible "vicious cycle of weaker income & weaker demand" 20% chance we're in recession now. * Gretchen Morgenson important interview w Fed board member Hoenig. Very critical of Dodd-Frank failure to regulate





Breaking: There were 16,892 votes cast: Rep. Michele Bachmann wins the Straw Poll

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll; Ron Paul came in second (CBS) * Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll(NYT) *  RESULTS: Bachmann 4823, Paul 4671, Pawlenty 2293, Santorum 1657, Cain 1456, Perry 718, Romney 567, Gingrich 385, Huntsman 69, McCotter 35 *  Behind Bachmann’s Iowa Victory (The Daily Beast) * Chris Wallace To Rep. Bachmann: If Elected Would You Be Willing to Compromise With Democrats?


All Eyes on IOWA Ames Straw Poll

It costs $30 to vote in Iowa straw poll. Funny, I thought we outlawed the poll tax... *  Why Ames Actually Matters (NYT) * Lots of buzz about the surprising Santorum crowds, reports campaign says in part, it tapped into Iowa's homeschooler network * Game Has Changed for Front-Runner Mitt - Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald


Perry: America is not broken, Washington DC is broken 

"Amen, brother." Romney, Bachmann have hands full. Perry's speech is Tea Party on steroids. * An Obama-Perry contest would be black-and-white, and I'm not referring to race. Diametrically opposed visions of federal govt. * Rick Perry Enters G.O.P. Race for President(NYT) * Rick Perry enters presidential race with Obama broadside(CBS) * (Twitter) Paul describing an abortion in which a living "baby" was removed frm the womb, put in a bucket "crying" and everyone pretend no one heard it * A Great Country Requires a Better Direction - Gov. Rick Perry

Obama Needs to Change the Debate - The Nation

Police Search For Two Suspects Who Allegedly Stabbed Young Boy(NY1)




A Summer Idyll, and Then Three Bullets(NYT)

 A shooting at Morningside Park in Upper Manhattan has tested the value of social media and public outrage in a neighborhood trying to break its bonds with a violent past.


Lawyer For Brooklyn Boy's Accused Killer Blasts Daily News


 Stray bullet in Stapleton didn't wound aspiring filmmaker's spirit(SI Advance)

Law and Order 


Police Search For Upper East Side Rape Suspect(NY1)

Robbers pretend to be social workers, steal loads of cash, jewelry(NYDN) * Court decisions have opened dangerous loophole in law meant to protect public from sex offenders(NYDN Ed) * Hot GPS ices duo(NYP) * Dad foils thug who snatched chain from tot(NYDN) * Neighborhood On Edge After Alleged Rape On Upper East S …(WABC) * Con men rob Bronx apartment(WABC) * Man Climbs Through Window, Rapes Woman on UES(WNBC) * Police Seek Robbers Who Impersonated City Workers(WNBC)

Saturday    Butt-slasher strikes again! Three more victims speak out(NYDN) * Bronx man indicted in subway hijacking, threatened to kill with screwdriver(NYDN)Brazen duo steal teddies from sacred religious ceremony(NYDN) * Sanit hero sweeps up 'thief'(NYP) * TAXI TERROR: Cabbie brawl over fare leads to stabbing death(NYDN)

Tutu thieves swipe $17K in ballet gear(NYDN)



Woman Sexually Assaulted in Upper East Side Apartment(DNAInfo)


Effort to Fight Police Misconduct Is Imperiled(NYT)


Terrorism Qaeda Wants Toxin for Bombs, U.S. Officials Fear






Homeless men squatting in Curry's $2.9M UWS fixer-upper(NYP)




18th Avenue Feast Hangs On In A Changing City – For Now(Bensonhurst Bean) * Coney Events: The 21st Annual Sand Sculpting Contest(Kinetic Carnival)  *Should the city fund private police forces? (Brooklyn Daily) * Catching Up With AY Rats(No Land Grab) *  Hugh Carey Was Pretty Much Responsible for Brooklyn Heights and Empire State Park (McBrooklyn) * Q&A: Finding Common Ground, Even as Neighborhoods Change(Fort Green Blog) * One Million Dead Trees (