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Today's Most of the People who Report News Act More Like DJ or VJ Than Journalists

DJ Cousin Brucie
Copycat DJ Reporters In
Investigative Reporters Out

Disk Jockey Murry the K used to spin the same records over and over and decide which songs were hot by listening to other rock radio stations throughout the city and county.  Today's news is the new 45 rpm record.  The same story appears over and over not only on different news outlets but on the same news program.  The Internet and its easy access to the competitions work is the prime cause of this epidemic of copycat journalism.   The cutback in newspaper staffs and the buyout older experienced reporters who received higher pay has dumb down the journalist who now cover the city.  Today newspaper journalist copy stories from other news organizations and present them as their own, mush like local TV has always done. That has not only meant less informed news stories, it has changed the way newspaper reporters define their role and are hired. At least half of the local stories in the NYT each day were broken by bloggers and other news outlets the day before.

Murry Kemption Cared
While the last generation of journalist like Jack Newfield, Murry Kempton and Pete Hamill saw their job as investigative reporters and had government institutional memories whose professionalism  demanded they find the truth on how government and the pol were screwing the public.  Today's reporters and their corporate employees see no such role. Major stories like the City Council slush fund, the NYPD ticket scandal and the corrupt CityTime contract are never the subjected of journalistic investigations and only reported on when the U.S. Attorney indicts someone.   The Newfield's of journalism with their investigative skill and knowledge of government were not replaceable.  Today reporters who job is to copy other news organizations stories are very easy to replace since they mostly write about topics they have no expertise in. They rely on public relations smart elected officials and their lobbyists for information and story ideas, who they protect and even flack for.

Dumb Down Newspapers Has Forced Local TV News To Turn to Fluffer Reporters
The thinness of the newspaper news and reporters has made local TV news into unwatchable chatter wasteland.  TV news operations have always used newspapers as de facto tip sheets and news gathering surrogates - longtime broadcasting's dirty little secret.

Less Experienced Newspaper Reporters Means More Sexy Women and More Happy Talk Banter on TV

Daily News: Time For TV News to Get Serious or Go
The Daily News TV reporter Ricard Huff said this past winter that local TV news was turning to much to jokes.  This trend is so strong that it's time he said for the two local 10 p.m. newscasts to get serious and cut back to half-hour reports.

Murrow: Wires and Lights in A Box
Today, most Americans say they get most of their information from local television news. How well are local broadcasters living up to the public interest promises they made in order to get their licenses? Edward R. Murrow answered that question 50 years ago. “This instrument can teach (TV  now the Internet), it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box."

TV News consultants design sexy reporting "happy talk" news formats not with the idea to inform but with the goal of attracting high ratings. That role for TV news was not as dangerous, with strong newspapers fulfilling the role of informing the public with what they need to know. As print fades, the fallout promises to hasten broadcast news' descent as well -- from "Rip and read" to simply "read it and weep." Our Democracy is in serious trouble.

"An Enlightened Citizenry is Indispensable for the Proper Functioning of a Republic."

Thomas Jefferson


WSJ: Cuomo and Cuomo Schneiderman: "A fraught relationship - civil on the surface but rippling with unease"

Cuomo Digs, Schneiderman Parries Interviews with the two Democrats' closest aides and friends suggest a fraught relationship—civil on the surface but rippling with unease. (WSJ) At suggestion Cuomo is trying to upstage AG Eric Schneiderman, Josh Vlasto attacks: “Anyone who thinks the governor hasn’t been doing the job of governor is living in a different state – namely the state of delusion.”* The CSEA contract vote result is expected today


How About Calling It the Carl Kruger Ethic Bill 

 Gotham Gazette - The Wonkster Cuomo Signs Ethics Reform * Outside Income: State lawmakers have to disclose more info.









Schneiderman repay himself for a $550,000 campaign loan with money he raised since he took office in Januar

For A $5000 Donation You Get . . .  

  It's legal, but wrong, for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to pocket campaign cash (NYDN Ed)


Cuomo & Paterson Insiders Don't Think Much of DiNapoli

Former Governor Paterson and current Cuomo administrations refer to State Comptroller DiNapoli as "chipmunk balls."

The Post says state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is regularly referred to in the Cuomo administration as "CB" - short for "chipmunk balls" - for not standing stronger with the governor:* DiNapoli casts doubt on consolidation effort by state Criminal Services agency 
Azi Paybarah(Twitter)

comptroller gets standing ovation after defending union pensions @ firemen's confrnce 
 DiNapoli Pushback

Nick Confessore(Twitter)

by adamlisberg


Cart Before the Horse?

Cuomo Use of State Aircraft Detailed(WSJ) * Cuomo pledged his administration would be the most transparent in recent memory, but not, apparently, when it comes to his use of taxpayer-funded aircraft.* Transporting Cuomo: "Cuomo used state aircraft for more than a dozen flights to or from his home." [AP] *  Transporting Cuomo: Using state facilities for "private gain" is prohibited by state law. [Erin Durkin / Daily News] * Transporting Cuomo: Cuomo's spokesman Josh Vlasto said, " It’s outrageous that due to an apparent lack of news, The Associated Press has now decided to fabricate stories." [AP] * Transporting Cuomo: Records obtained via FOIL. [AP] * A Brief History Of ‘Air Gov’(YNN) * Politics on the Hudson recalls the late Gov. Hugh Carey had a plane problem, too. * APNewsBreak: Cost of NY gov's fligh (AP) * Transporting Cuomo: Copies of his fight records. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]


TU report on aides to Cuomo, who investigated others' use of state aircraft, concealing from press his own itineraries.


 Hillary Vs Cuomo 2016

Former Pennsylvania Gov./DNC Chairman Ed Rendell, a friend of Bill Clinton’s, says Cuomo should “look elsewhere” – not the White House – in 2016, because Hillary Clinton is going to run. However, he didn’t say why he believes that.  * Andy has upHill fight to win in '16: top Dem(NYP)


 Liu's helmet may be like Dukakis in tank

John Liu Vows to Defend Worker Pensions, Gets Standing Ovation(NYO)





 Giuliani Endorses Turner in the 9th Today

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is expected to endorse Republican Congressional candidate Bob Turner today, a campaign source said, with a formal event to follow closer to the Sept. 13 election. The endorsement will come at a time when Giuliani continues to poll strongly in a theoretical 2012 matchup with President Barack Obama, even though the former mayor appears to be leaning against a run. Recently, Turner has battered Democratic opponent David Weprin for supporting an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero, which Giuliani vocally opposed last summer. "David Weprin wants to keep defending that mosque, so we're very happy to have Rudy Giuliani in our corner," said the Turner source. Weprin spokeswoman Elizabeth Kerr said Turner "is trying to politicize 9/11 for his own personal gain." * Assemblyman David Weprin’s campaign sent out a video of seniors questioning Turner’s commitment to protecting Social Security to mark the 76th “birthday” of the entitlement program. (Video) * Giuliani for Turner, Officially(NYO) * Weprin ‘Deluded’ On Park51, Says Turner(YNN) *Giuliani endorses Republican candidate to fill Weiner's House seat(NYP) * Joe Lieberman, Shelly Silver To Raise For Weprin(NYDN) * Social Security Offices Shutter Early; Weprin Blames Tea Party (NYO) *  NY-9: "Most voters appear to have made up their mind with the race less than one month away." [Adam Dickter / Jewish Week]


More Insiders Ripping Off the Hospitals and the Sick

Boss of struggling Brooklyn hospital gets $4M Head of a tiny Brooklyn hospital, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in East Flatbush. Dr. Linda Brady's significant salary tops that of any other hospital president in New York, 2009 tax records show. (NYDN) * The head of a Brooklyn hospital facing closure was paid $4 million last year.








Media Never Asks 2013 Mayoral Candidates How They Will Create Jobs In NY 

NYC has nothing in cupboard if another recession hits ... :

 Fears of a  double dip recession; "If we were to back into recession this quickly…we wouldn't have some of the benefits we had last time," said IBO's Lowenstein.

Divining New York’s Fate Should a Double-Dip Recession Hit Renewed Recession Talk of Wall Street layoffs has prompted concerns of a new economic plunge, and this time the city wouldn’t have the benefit of piled-up surpluses.(NYT) * Another round of bank layoffs has prompted new concerns about the stability of NY’s already-fragile financial industry. *  NY’s double-dip risk No Padding this time(EJ MaMahon Empire Center) Double dipper   New York City weathered one downturn surprisingly well. How will we fare this time? (Crains NY)

 Schools Try to Save Pennies

 Where is the Green Energy in our schools ? With Post-Its and Checklists, Schools Cut Their Energy Bills(NYT)

Everyone Knows the WTC is Forcing the PA Books into Deep Red

 PA Money Pit

Downgrade Fears Sparked Move on Tolls  Fears of a debt downgrade are behind the Port Authority's proposed toll and fare increases, which were first presented to Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie almost a year ago, the Wall Street Journal reports: (WSJ) * The Port Authority Bus Terminal is on track to lose $100 million this year, part of a $131 million annual real estate loss forcing the agency to raise tolls and fares, the New York Post says: * PA's biggest lo$ers  Facilities swallow up cash(N

FDNY official says minority members subjected to harassment(NYP)



NYP Explains the Constitutional Complexities to Open Up Casinos in New York

 A NYS Constitutional Convention Might Be the Best Way To Allow Gambling in New York * The Post isn’t sold on the expansion of gambling in NYS, but thinks it’s a good time to have the conversation.* The TU editorial board thinks five Indian casinos plus the VLT parlors is “quite enough,” thank you Let gambling grow?(NYP Ed) * Study first, then roll the dice(TU)



Albany You Can't Touch the MTA Fund Again

 MTA “lockbox” bill awaiting Cuomo’s signature

Bill to protect MTA funds from gov't raids is good(NYDN)


Tell Albany to Stop Stealing Dedicated Funds from the MTA ...Albany shortchanges the MTA again « Permanent Citizens Advisory ...*

NY Readies For London Style Riots



How Come Nobody is Report That the City Is Committed to Move Many of Its Offices into the WTC in 2015 at Very High Prices?
Brooklyn Municipal Building To Be Developed Into Retail Destination.  (NYDN) * City To Rent Office Space at WTC 4 in 2014 Despite Excess Space ... * WTC developer will force city to rent space - New York Post

Rats Moving In On the Plaza Hotel 

Oh, rats! Rodents as big as 'rabbits' overrun famed park(NYDN)

Aqueduct VLT Opening Delayed To October Due to Bird Droppings(YNN)


Shocking: Politically Appointed Tisch is Political

Klein, Black: Education is Highly Political

Dissenting members of the state Board of Regents tell the New York Times their 13 research fellows, like other initiatives under Chancellor Merryl Tisch, seem driven by a political agenda * The Board of Regents is taking heat for its so-called “free” advisors, who are actually paid with private cash.

After the School's Special Investigator Said Verizon was in on the scheme To Rip Off $3.6 Million from the City Schools . . .  We Give Them $60 M More

On heels of Verizon scam, $60 million VZ contract to hook up New York City schools hotly protested(NYDN)


Michael Powell(Twitter)

NY Daily News, oblivious to countervailing data, claims NYers opposed to bike lanes--interfere w drive from 'burbs?: * Daily News/NY Post editorial brds claim NYers oppose bike lanes, but polls suggest otherwise:

No Subway, but a Little Silence on Second Avenue(NYT)

Behind-the-scenes NYC power players: REBNY’s Jim Whelan, Tishman Speyer’s Michelle Adams, Carpenters’ Steve McInnis, former Bloomberg campaign manager Bradley Tusk – and others. The Influentials(CHN)

Bridging the Town-Gown Divide Hunter College, which in a few weeks will welcome students to its Silberman School of Social Work's new East Harlem campus, is trying to use architectural design to help bridge the town-and-gown divide. (WSJ)



Seems the City Jails Are All About Special Favors

Lots of Goodfellas?

Jails Chief Steps Down Amid Inquiry(NYT) * Correction Chief Resigns in Inquiry(WSJ) * Perks for pals: Rikers guards have, pass out plum gigs

Planes: The Birds Are Coming 

FAA shrunk buffer around La Guardia runway for bird-attracting trash facility(NYP)

A preponderance of pigeon poop has delayed the opening of Aqueduct racetrack’s casino.

Stop arresting me! Deli worker shares same name, birthday with notorious drug dealer(NYDN)

Law and Order
Grieving father praises song about slain son Leiby Kletzky(NYDN) * Drug fiend busted in Upper E. Side rape nightmare(NYP) * JFK cop tried to ground eatery: suit(NYP) * Man Charged With Upper East Side Rape(NY1) * Dead Pastor Had White Powder: Sources(NBC)

Jeff Jarvis: Google Buys Rat Poison(Huff Post) * DOMINATE: GOOGLE SWALLOWS MOTOROLA... * Google to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion(NYT)

The Texas Unmiracle Rick Perry will likely campaign on claims of an economic miracle in Texas, but the miracle is a myth. (Klugman, NYT) * Latest GOP pretender Rick Perry believes he is second coming of Dubya (NYDN) * DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Rick Perry Shouldn’t Be Taking Credit For Texas Job Creation* Bill Clinton: Rick Perry is a ‘Good-Looking Rascal,’ But His Platform ‘Is Crazy’ | PolitickerNY* 2012: Did Perry "stumble" into Texas' economic boom?(NYT)


Political Buzz  Rudy Giuliani speaking at National Press Club in early September. Wonder what he'll talk about. * Iowa Governor Offers Mitt Romney Advice: 'Better Get To Iowa Before It's Too Late' (video) CH

A Jobs Agenda, Anyone? Without more jobs, both the economy and the federal budget will deteriorate further. It is past time for President Obama to send a jobs plan to Congress that has popular appeal. (NYT Ed) 

China Turns to Robots Are Workers Finished?

Cheap Robots vs. Cheap LaborFoxconn will deploy one million robots to its plants in China by 2013 to do much of the work now performed by human hands. (NYT)

Standard-ly Poor (S&P)by Gary Ackerman





Warren Buffett calls on Congess to increase his taxes 
Warren Buffet writes an op-ed in the New York Times calling on the rich to be taxed more.






SEC accountant who bungled Madoff Ponzi probe gets bonus!?!(NYP)






Society Silver: Shelly ad Elton John At the Same Party - All About $$$
Cindy Adams finds Bloomberg and Schumer at Leon Black's swank Hamptons party with Elton John flown in to perform(NYP)  and catches Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in a deadpan moment. 

Reality Show Ricochets Through Brighton Beach(NYT)