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The Toll Hike Two Step Worked - Govs Heros

The Govs Dance the Media
Most the Media Today Play Up the Govs As Rolling Back Hikes

The toll-hike dance It’s hard to believe, of course, that either governor was actually kept in the dark about the plan until it was floated. One theory: The huge hikes were meant to soften the public for the somewhat lower ones that are expected to be passed today. And to give the govs something to roll back -- so they can look like heroes. If that’s true, was it disingenuous?  Absolutely.(NYP) * These bumps are lower than what the PA originally sought. Said one NYC lawmaker: “They probably thought they could get away with putting the $4 out there and then they could come and rescue everybody.” Update 10:10AM After PANYNJ vote to raise tolls, commissioners decline to comment to mob of reporters. * Higher Bridge, Tunnel and PATH Rates Approved(NYT) * Port Authority approves new tolls(NYP)



The DN excoriates the 12 Port Authority board members who skipped all of the eight public hearings on the increases
Port Authority big shots ditched public hearings about toll gripes The Port Authority's fat cat board members didn't bother to attend any of the public hearings on proposed increases, the Daily News has learned.(NYDN) * Port Authority bigs showed contempt for the people by skipping public hearings on toll, fare hikes (NYDN Ed)


One of the biggest Port Authority bridge and tunnel toll hikes in NYS history

Cuomo and Christie propose $1.50 hike in September, 75-cent hikes in 2012 and 2015. $2 penalty for those paying cash.

Cuomo & Christie sign off on $1.50 hike(NYP) * Port Authority Proposes Less Drastic Toll Increase (NYT) * As the Tolls Keep Rising, Some Still Pay Nothing(NYT) * Port Authority Tolls, Fares to Rise(WSJ) * Govs. Cuomo, Christie cut toll increase plan down to size(NYDN) * Governors cut toll increase plan down to size (NYDN) * Cuomo, Christie reach deal on huge bridge, tunnel hikes(NYP) * Port Authority To Vote On Governors' Plan For Lowered Toll, Fare Hikes(NY1) * PA fare hike scaled-back version means PA bus terminal overhaul will be done w/ public-private partnership and plans to replace terminals at LaGuardia & Newark airports will be deferred at least a decade * Mayor Bloomberg voiced support for the Port Authority toll/fare increases, where were approved in a 9-0 vote this morning.* Senate GOP To Push For More Hearings At Port Authority(YNN) * Lawmakers Begin Port Authority Pile On (Updated)

Toll Free Gateless Toll Lanes costing the PA $6.8 million in 2010

As the Tolls Keep Rising, Some Still Pay Nothing(NYT)  As the Port Authority prepares to raise tolls by $1.50 today, 1 in every 50 cars using its gateless toll lanes don't bother paying




Pols Desiring More Attention At 9/11 Ceremony Get Pushy

Bloomberg Spars With Cuomo And Christie Over 9/11 Memorial Speeches(NY1) * Mayor: Event Marking 9/11 Is Finalized(WSJ) * Christie's 9/11 memorial bluster(NYP) * 9/11: Christie wants Bloomberg to invite Port Authority chairman to anniversary. [Josh Margolin and David Seifman / NY Post] * 9/11: “[S]ource close to Cuomo. ‘We’re going to give a speech in the middle of a reading? That’s just what we want to do, piss off 3,000 families.” [Daily News] * This may be last year names of 9/11 victims are read at memorial service: mayor *9/11: Bloomberg predicts "the papers will make a big deal" out of whatever happens with the ceremony. * The dispute between some 9/11 family groups and NYC continues.

Michael Barbaro (Twitter) Bloomberg on 911 ceremony squabble: "It's a quite news cycle so people are trying to make a big deal over this". Fued? "No," he said.

Michael Powell(Twitter) Christie-Cuomo whine about 9/11 ceremonies earns gold medal for self-involvement. Maybe it not about them?(NYT)

Liu vs Bloomberg: "The mayor is welcome to conduct his own thorough research and publish it as my office has," Liu said.  

Queens Democratic Machine And GOP Peter Koo Joined At the Hip

GOP councilman Peter Koo back Democratic Weprin is not shock to Queens political insiders.   John Choe John Liu's Chief of Staff was defeated in the 2009 primary in the 22nd council district by Vito Lopez connected Democrat Yen Chou.  The Queens organization who for years protected GOP State Senator Serf Maltese is no stranger to putting it resources behind the scenes behind a GOP candidate. In the 2009 general election Crowley and the machine backed Koo against Chou the same way they back Maltese until democratic nominee candidate Albert Baldeo within 1% of knocking off Maltese.

Flyers Connect Weprin to incorporation of books such as 'Heather Has Two Mommies' into the school curriculum

Weprin's vocal support for same-sex marriage is not the only problem he faces in a congressional district with a substantial Orthodox Jewish population. Anti-Weprin flyers circulating in Brooklyn also call out Weprin for voting in the Assembly to support the "Dignity for All Students Act," an anti-bullying law that the flyer claims has led to the "incorporation of books such as 'Heather Has Two Mommies' into the school curriculum." The flyer, whose author is unknown, also hits Weprin for telling the Stonewall Democratic Club during his 2009 comptroller campaign that, "Since I was elected to the City Council in 2001, I have been a co-sponsor of just about every bill of concern to the LGBT community." * Weprin, Turner Get More Endorsements As Congressional Race Becomes Closer (NY1)* * Weprin On Koch Call: Bob Turner Is The Liar(NYO)


Turner Rained Out of His Markowitz's Concert Appearance 

After all the squabbling over whether Weprin's Republican opponent Bob Turner would be able to address the crowd at Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's Coney Island concert series, he showed up last night but was rained out. Turner and Weprin both worked the crowd but couldn't make the usual greetings from the stage amid the downpour and lightning.

 Ed Koch Robo Calls For Turner





54th A.d. Special Election Forum(Video -The Brooklyn




Quinn Funds Vito Lopez Corrupt Organization and Now Endorses Ruben Wills Who Faces Misdemeanor Stealing Charges 

Moral Leader Not Here

 Quinn Backs Council Member Accused of Stealing Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsed Council Member Ruben Wills for re-election, one day after he appeared in court to face a misdemeanor stealing charge.(WSJ)



City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: Even in a slow week, some people rise to the top ... or sink to the bottom. This week's crop includes winners Danny Donohue, Michael Bloomberg, Eric Schneiderman, Marty Markowitz and Bill Bratton. The losers are Iris Weinshall, John Liu, Andrew Cuomo, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Spiers *  Capital New York Snags Yahoo's Joe Pompeo In Mini Hiring Spree (Huff Post)

Elizabeth Spiers – The New York Observer editor lost two of the city’s best political writers, Azi Paybarah and Reid Pillifant, to the growing Capital New York website. Filling their shoes won’t be easy, and more competition in political media will make it even harder for her organization (or anyone else’s) to stand out.


America has become a nation of dissatisfied grumps, alarming new Gallup poll finds(NYDN)




 Toxic School: Here Come the Lawsuits

The air at a Bronx elementary school may have been contaminated by dangerous chemicals for 20 years, the Daily News reports, but the Department of Education didn't test for toxins there until January

 Toxic mess! Bronx school closed because of dangerous chemicals(NYDN) * Parents Unsettled By Cancer Scare At Bronx Elementary School(NY1)

 Mislabeled, mispriced and misweighed items are filling New Yorkers' grocery carts

Groceries' label errors a real sticker $hock

Violations Found in Nearly 60% of Supermarket Inspections Violations, large and small, include failing to place price tags on individual items, not making scales available, inaccurately pricing goods, taxing products that should not be taxed, and improperly scanning items at the register, which could result in overcharging. (NYT) * DCA Commissioner Proposes "Shop Act" To Combat Overcharging(NY1) * Duper' markets in Apple(NYP)

Bodega Bust! State nails city shops for selling booze to kids(NYDN)



Theft shuts filthy cart(NYP)








 465 Park Jobs Saved by Union Givebacks

City Reaches Deal to Avert Parks Layoffs(WSJ) DC 37 and the Bloomberg administration reached a deal to save $16 million and avoid 465 Parks Department layoffs by letting full-time workers shift to seasonal jobs, * The Bloomberg administration reached a deal with the city’s largest municipal union, DC37, to avert 465 layoffs in the parks department.




What Are NY Leaders Doing About Those Unemployed  

Jobless Rate Holds at 8.7%, but Many Have Given Up Looking(NYT) * Jobless Rate Remains Steady(WSJ)


Campaign Money: $100,000 is new limit for donations to political parties. [Times Union]


 Why is the Restaurant Still Closed?

Oiling Up a Bid for Tavern on Green(WSJ) The intellectual-property rights over the defunct Tavern on the Green restaurant drew a $1.3 million opening bid from a business that wants to sell frozen food to home decor under the brand name.




Sharpton withdraws from “State of Black-Jewish Relations” 

Al skips out on riot talk(NYP)



 Schneiderman Uses Martin Act to Investigate Gas Drilling

New York Subpoenas Energy Firms(NYT) * AG Eric Schneiderman is using the Martin Act to investigate natural gas drilling companies 


Mets Owner In Court Today Over Madoff Trustee Lawsuit (WCBS)







Off-duty officer arrested and charged(NYP)




Husband Arrested for Role in Shooting that Killed Wife in Front of Son (NBC) * Kashif Pervaiz taken into custody after wife slain in NJ: report (NYP)

Killing Shocks and Puzzles a Quiet New Jersey Town(NYT) * Shot Pair Had Rocky Union(WSJ) * Man who survived wife's fatal shooting may have been cheating(NYDN) * Hubby going to kill me: wife(NYP)


New Wrinkle in Strauss-Kahn Case(WSJ) The lawyer for the hotel maid accusing former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape may have told his legal team that he would make sure the criminal case stalled if they could reach a civil settlement

Law and Order

Man's Body Found on Brooklyn Beach After Fight; Brother Wounded(NYT) * Man's body found floating in water hours after brother was stabbed (NYDN) * Truck Driver Is Charged in Rush-Hour Crash(WSJ) * Cops looking for unhinged bank robber who is threatening to 'shoot anybody'(NYDN)* Car break-ins rampant all over Queens(Queens Crap)* Man, 72, Accused of Plotting to Kill Girlfriend(NBC)

Terrorism Plea in Bomb-Link Case(WSJ)


The Wrong Idea An insistence on austerity is threatening economic growth in Europe and the United States. Voters on both sides of the Atlantic need to demand more from their leaders.  (NYT Ed) * Gloom Carries into a 2nd Day in European Markets(NYT) * Economy Sinks Markets(WSJ) *  Bank of America Set to Slice 3500 Jobs(WSJ * Will Europe Come Tumbling Down? - Shawn Tully, Fortune


Rick Perry on evolution: It's a 'theory' with 'some gaps in it'(NYDN) * Rick Perry catches fire and huge attention in his first week on the campaign trail (The Hill)

mike murphy (Twitter)


 Thousand Wait On Line for Jobs in the Heat in Atlanta



Obama Must Get Bold, Tell GOP "It's On" - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg * Sorry Excuses for a Flailing Presidency - Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post * Obama's Job No. 1: Create Jobs - Fareed Zakaria, Chicago Tribune * Essential Ingredients of a Jobs Program - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic * Obama Deserves Vacation, But the Forecast Is Cloudy - Boston Globe




How the Richest Member of Congress Got That Way (NY Mag)

Security tightened for Dave(NYP)


Smells Of New York City Compiled In Scratch-N-Sniff Book ‘New York, Phew York’(WCBS)

Jon Stewart Defends The Poor From Fox News’ Repeated Claims Of ‘Class Warfare’